updated 2-6-2006
Sign up to use PayPal at www.paypal.com   

My personal account at paypal is detailshere@safe-mail.net 
My premier account at paypal is berry@detailshere.com 
Read further for why you also might want both.

You can use www.goldxcash.net  to transfers funds from your egold and ebullion accounts to PayPal but NOT the other way around.
www.goldage.net will also transfer to PayPal (click on the "sell" button instead of the "exchange" button). 

PayPal is a payment system on line where you can pay for things via your US bank account and credit card and order from a merchant who doesn't have credit card handling capability on his own. 

PayPal is primarily funded initially via a bank transfer from your home bank account in the US. No other method.  Click on "help" at the top right of the homepage at www.paypal.com  for other areas of questions relating to paypal. 

Foreigners can use a credit card also but I couldn't get the system to accept  my prepaid visa electron information.

How PayPal Works

Sign up for PayPal at     www.paypal.com        It's free to join.

PayPal is an easy-to-use application that allows you to securely send money to any email user.

Paypal is international now; no longer open to JUST the United States.  BUT funding your account without a US bank account is difficult.

You can add monies to your account instantly via  bank transfers.  
And it's FREE to join!!

You can have a personal account or a business account. However, the personal account allows you to send and RECEIVE money free, while the business or premier account charges you about 2.9% plus 30 cents/transaction to RECEIVE money ; all for the privilege of being able to receive a credit card charge. Personally I think that part sucks. I have two paypal accounts; a personal account to receive money into at no charge and a premier account to receive credit card charges into that is rarely used. The personal account also has monthly limits on it; $500 to receive and $750 to send. If you need to deal with more than that you will be forced to take out the premier account. 

The following countries are now eligible to use PayPal:

Hong Kong
South Korea
South Africa
New Zealand

If you live in one of these countries, sign up for your FREE PayPal account today.

After signing up, you simply enter the recipient's email address and a dollar amount. You keep a credit card number on file with them and if there is not enough money in your PayPal account to send them the amount being transacted then the  difference is charged to your credit card.  The funds are thus forwarded to your recipient's PayPal account.   The transaction takes seconds to complete.

There's no problem if the recipient is not yet a PayPal user. He or she simply registers at PayPal after receiving an email notification,  and he/she is immediately credited with the amount in their new account. Funds may be withdrawn at any time by direct deposit to a bank account or a personal check from PayPal. Users may also opt to send the money on to others.

It's a slick way to transfer money rapidly. And there's NO fees if you stick with the personal account.

A Real-World Example:

Let's take a real-world example. Andy owes Betty $50 for an e-book and software program he wants to download on the net . Andy has a credit card. He decides to pay Betty using PayPal. Here's how each step of the transaction would work:

1. If Andy does not have a PayPal account he needs to register for one first.  He can do so   here   . With registration he enters in his credit card information as payment amounts  above his PayPal balance will be deducted from his credit card at the time he makes the transaction of payment to Betty. If he is already registered he can go to the next step.

2. When he goes to www.paypal.com  he  clicks on "log in " in the upper right of PayPal's homepage  and inputs the email address he is registered with and password. 

2. Andy next clicks on the  "send money " tab; inputs Betty's email address, amount he wants  to send her, her name, subject of payment  i.e. "my $50 payment ", adds some words to the comments box if necessary and sends $50 to Betty. 

3. Andy's credit card is charged $50 or the difference  between what WAS already in his account and $50 and a new account in Betty's name is created and credited with the $50 or it is sent to HER account if she already has one established. 

4. Betty receives an email notification ("You've got cash!") and clicks on a link which takes her to her  account.

5. If Betty does not have a PayPal account she then registers by entering her name and address and her credit card information also.  Then she can access her account and do the withdrawal of $50 Andy sent to her. 

6. Betty can withdraw her money by direct deposit to her bank account or by a personal check from PayPal. Betty also has the option of sending the money on to others.

It's that simple; not a complicated process. And PayPal doesn't ding you any transaction charges. They make their money by earning interest on money sitting in their account from the time it comes in to when it leaves. I would imagine they have a lot of money in their account people have never bothered to collect that grows with interest all the time.  This is a good deal for everyone all around.   They are not greedy like e-gold who charges a ridiculous 5.8% difference in the inexchange and outexchange rates when we put our money into e-gold and then  retrieve it later, not to mention the bouncing up and down of the price of gold itself.

Again - to sign up for a PayPal account simply go to   www.paypal.com 
There is no longer a referral program with them.