Phone Tapping

How do you to tell if your phone is currently tapped or has been bugged in the past?

Call 101-073-2177-0988-9664

They will first repeat the phone number you are calling from and then repeat a bunch of zeros.    The number at the end of the zero's is what is important.  

If it is a 1 - you have never been tapped and are not presently tapped.

If it is a 2 it means you have been tapped in the past but no longer are tapped.

If it is a 3 it means you ARE being tapped presently and you need to be careful what you say over the phone.

Thanks to the shoelady for this little morsel of information!

I Received these comments from someone out there also:

Calling 101-073-2177-0988-9664, or other numbers given on that page are calls with a significant charge for dialing them it would be nice to say that.

Phone companies put penalty charges on using some numbers.

However, as to telling if your phone is tapped by a police or pvt investigator, those are not done by the phone company and their taps are not detectable by any method, for they put no load on the phone lines at all. They do such taps legally as long as they don't try to use the info in court. They can use it to home in on you with a legal tap though, or learn what you are up to and use that data to get you by other methods.

Only protection with phones is full voice encryption, OR never say anything you would care about police, or your worst enemy  hearing. Remember many phone conversations are broadcast by microwave towers, which satellites monitor all the time, as can anyone with a microwave receiver, and decoding equipment.  The coding is well known methods to pack a lot of channels onto a single microwave signal. Not hard to undo.

Anyway thanks for the effort to help keep uncle sam's finger out of our asses.