Two Prophecies that suggest Spring of 2003 may be the second coming????

Jesus is God spelling himself out in a language that we can understand.

“Therefore Jesus said again . . . ‘I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD; I know my sheep and my sheep know me – just as the Father knows me and I know the Father – and I lay down my life for the sheep. I have other sheep [Gentiles] that are not of this sheep pen [Israel]. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and THERE SHALL BE ONE FLOCK AND ONE SHEPHERD. The reason my Father loves me is that I LAY DOWN MY LIFE – ONLY TO TAKE IT UP AGAIN’” (John 10:7-16).

“’All this I have spoken while still with you. But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, WHOM THE FATHER WILL SEND IN MY NAME, will teach you all things AND WILL REMIND YOU OF EVERYTHING I HAVE SAID TO YOU.

“’Peace I leave with you; MY PEACE I GIVE YOU. I DO NOT GIVE YOU AS THE WORLD GIVES. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid’” (John 14:25-27).

Word From Rabbi w/ Commentary From Timothy Snodgrass
December 19, 2002

Below is a word received from: Barbara Richmond, Prophetic Word & Visitation, Future Word Given Regarding Fulfillment Of Time... Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 For Your Glory Ministries - P.O. Box 724, Woodland Park, Colorado, 80866-0724

Powerful Prophetic Word: Apparently A Godly Jewish Man - Sealed Seven Powerful Prophetic Envelopes Before His Death In 1882, That Were Handed Down To Son And Grandson, Six Of These Envelopes Have Now Been Opened - The Prophetic Words Came To Pass Exactly As Written, Envelope Number Six Is In The Process Of Happening NOW! And Envelope Number Seven, Will Be Opened In April Of 2003, It Is The LAST Envelope Which Gives You A Clue To The Time Frame Of Things

After I send out the first e-mail regarding these seven letters to my prophetic list today, the following e-mail came in from my friend, Chelina. She had just received a audio tape, the tape was Barbara Richmond's latest tape called "The Book And The Sword." At the end of the tape she told about the Rabbi and the 7 letters. Here is the transcript I took from the tape, plus some additional information I added regarding letter # 6:

"A friend in the Old City of Jerusalem telephoned me [Barbara Richmond], to tell me about the 6th letter being opened. Here's the story: There was a very, very Saintly Rabbi, a Holy man who died in 1882. She said that when he died he left a letter to his sons with 7 envelopes, sealed. On the front of each envelope there was a date written. In the letter he said to his sons, "The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me things to come. I am entrusting these to you. Do not open any envelope until the day that is marked on the envelope.

1st Envelope: The son put them away because the 1st envelope said May 1, 1948 (60 plus years from the date the Rabbi died). The Rabbi's son died also before 1948. This Rabbi's grandson was entrusted with these envelopes, and knowing how Holy a man his grandfather had been, he guarded them. On May 1, 1948, he opened the 1st envelope. It said, "The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me that within the next 30 days God, HaShem, will restore our nation to us after all these years of exile." (14 days later the state of Israel was born) Hallelujah! They got real excited since it was a 60 year old letter. [The Ancient Homeland would be restored, and was basically accomplishedon May 14, 1948.]

2nd Envelope: The next envelope was dated October 1, 1956. They opened it on Oct. 1, 1956 and it said, "The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me that in this month, over a period of 8 days, Israel, will regain the Sinai Desert." (Just about a week later the Sinai Campaign started. In days, Israel was 16 miles from Cairo. They withdrew later with all of the diplomatic, political stuff, but it was fulfilled exactly as he had said). [Basically accomplished October 29, 1956.]

3rd Envelope: The 3rd letter was dated May 14, 1967 (which just happened to be the 19th Birthday of Israel). This one said, "The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me that within the next 30 days, the Holy City of Jerusalem will come back into our hands." (On June 2, 1967 the 6 day war broke out and Jerusalem was back in the hands of the Jews, for the 1st time since 70 A.D.) [The Six Day War, & the Temple Mount & Jerusalem came back into their hands.]

4th Envelope: The 4th letter was marked, The Feast of Rosh Hashanah 1973. They opened it on Rosh Hashanah, The Jewish New Year, The Feast of Trumpets, and it read, "The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me that immediately after this festival on the next feast, Yom Kippur, we will suffer a terrible invasion." (Exactly 10 days later the Yom Kippur War - (October 6, 1973), a surprise attack that nearly wiped Israel out, took place just as he had prophesied).

5th Envelope: The 5th envelope was dated January 1, 1991. When they opened it, it read, "The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me that Ancient Babylon will strike us this month". (On January 18, 1991 the 1st scud missile fell on Israel from Iraq - Ancient Babylon is Iraq.)

6th Envelope: The 6th envelope dated November 13, 2002 was just opened and it said, "The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me that before the end of this month, a terrible war will break out. This war will be a war leading to the coming of Meschiach [The Messiah]" (Keep in mind that all of the dates were written in Hebrew according to the Hebrew calendar. They were then translated into our modern calendar and English.)

7th Envelope: There is 1 envelope left and on it is written "Passover 2003". No one knows what is in that one yet. Passover will be in the middle of April in 2003. [The seventh and final envelope will be opened on Passover 2003, note that this is the last envelope.

(Note From Timothy Snodgrass: Look closely at letter # 6. In November, 2002, there was a divine interuption of the timeline of events (a divine interuption of war, and divine interuption of a great quake). In my opinion, it would be extremely unwise to call this rabbi a false prophet. Although one event was delayed, it will surely come to pass just as prophecied. In November, 2002, the world was on the brink of war with Iraq. In determining whether a major prophecy is true or false, you must closely look at world events which surround the prophecy, and NOT whether it came to pass according to the way you thought it should come to pass. If God chooses to delay a major prophetic warning which falls into a specific time frame, the word can be easily judged by examining the circumstances of how it was delayed. Was there any substance to the word? Was the resolve of the word followed by signs and major world events? Be extremely careful when judging the validity of a prophetic word. Two major events appear to have been interupted in November, 2002: War and a great earthquake. But these events may have not been delayed for long. Continue to intercede for President Bush as the 'Quartet' of nations continue to meet to discuss the creation of a Palestinian State.)


Amazing prophecy concerning Israel # 1 Jim Bramlett Dec 19, 2002

Dear friends:

A week or so ago I received from Bill Anderson in South Africa some amazing prophecies from a rabbi in the year 1882 concerning Israel. They reportedly came from Barbara Richmond.

Before passing it on, I decided to check with Barbara for confirmation. She asked that I wait until she got to Israel this week and was able to double check the details of the story from her source in Jerusalem.

In the meantime, before I could get the confirmation from the source that I sought, Timothy Snodgrass posted the story on his Web site at and someone else posted it on the Five Doves site.

Today I heard from Barbara in Jerusalem and there was only one correction to what Timothy posted. I will put the correction in ALL-CAPS below under "the SIXTH envelope."

The below account is taken from Gwyn Shaw's End-Time Handmaidens newsletter, and Gwyn had received it from Barbara. Timothy's account is slightly different but essentially the same. I do not know his source. If you are interested in this prophecy you may want to compare with Timothy's account at his Web site above.



(Jim refers to Gwyn Shaw's husband.)

When Jim and I were ministering at the "Israel My Beloved" Convention in Dr. Sandra Kennedy's beautiful church recently, we had the privilege of sharing the pulpit with one of the Lord's special daughters of Zion, Barbara Richmond. She informed us about a recent revelation concerning a series of prophetic letters that had been written by a very saintly Rabbi before his death in 1882. The Rabbi had left seven sealed envelopes with instructions that they were to be opened on the dates indicated. The dates were given according to the Hebrew calendar, but are here rendered for the western reader. He gave these letters to his son. After a while his son died also. Then they came into the hands of his grandson. An Orthodox woman who is a friend of Barbara's gave her the following report concerning these letters.

1. The FIRST envelope was opened on May 1,1948, and it read: "The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me that in the next few weeks, our ancient homeland will be restored to us on the land given to our father Abraham by the Almighty". [David ben Gurion read the declaration of the State of Israel on May 14,1948. Eleven minutes later President Truman officially recognized the State of Israel and was followed almost immediately by the USSR. The Jews had their own country].

2. The SECOND envelope was opened on October 1,1956, "The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me that in eight days our people will cross the Sinai and come to the very door of Egypt"...[In 1956 Gen Abdul Nasser, president of Egypt, expelled the British from the Suez Canal Zone. In October Egypt 's artillery at Sharm el-Sheikh prevented Israeli ships from going through the Straits of Tiran into the gulf of Eilat. Israel attacked. Between October 29 and November 1, 1956, Israel, under Gen Moshe Dayan, using fast armored divisions, outflanked, surrounded and routed the Egyptian forces in Gaza and the Sinai. The Arab world was stunned. In eight days Israel had taken all the Sinai Desert with its powerful fortifications. USA and the USSR both condemned the Israeli attack and ordered Israel to return to its previous borders. History tells the rest of the story].

3. The THIRD envelope was opened on May 14, 1967: "The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me that within a month there will be a very quick war and Jerusalem will once again be in our hands after nearly two thousand years"...[In June Jordan attacks West Jerusalem. In the ensuing war Israel takes possession of East Jerusalem, the "West Bank", Gaza, the Golan Heights, and Sinai. On June 7 IDF troops entered Jerusalem through St. Stephen's Gate. At 10:15 A.M. the Israeli flag was raised over the Temple Mount and the Kotel (the Western Wall). 'The Six Day War'. No one will ever forget the blowing of the Shofar at the wall, and the announcement over Radio Israel, "The Temple Mount is under our control!"] Jerusalem was reunited. This was known as "The Six Day War".

4. The FOURTH envelope was opened on Rosh Hashana, 1973: "The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me that in 10 days there will be a devastating attack against us. We will prevail by the Hand of the Almighty."...[Israel was suddenly attacked ten days later, October 6, 1973 on the most holy day of the year, The Day of Atonement from all sides. The fighting was extremely severe. Israel lost more than 2,500 soldiers. It was only when it was clear that Egypt was going to lose that the United Nations did anything; a cease-fire was ordered for October 22. Israel had come within 42 miles of Cairo. This war is known as 'The Yom Kippur War'].

5. The FIFTH envelope was opened on January 1, 1991: "The Holy One of Israel, Blessed be He, has shown me that very soon ancient Babylon will attack us once again." [The Gulf war began on January 17, 1991]. The first Iraqi scud missile fell on Israel within days.

6. The SIXTH envelope was opened on November 13, 2002: "The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me that very soon (TIMOTHY SNOGRASS'
"VERY SOON") there will be a terrible war, but that this war will lead us to the days of the Mashiach." [November 13 is in the month of Kislev which lasts from November 6 to December 5 (the seventh day of Hannukah)].

7. The SEVENTH envelope is marked to be opened for Passover 2003 (April 17, 2003).
Amazing prophecy concerning Israel # 2

Dear friends:

The below is copied from the Five Doves site, December 20, 2002. This story is also attributed to Barbara Richmond, and reported by Timothy Snodgrass.

About 2-3 years ago, Barbara had told me about Rosemary Schindler, Oscar Schindler's niece, and that she was a Spirit-filled Christian. But I did not know the story about the Christian Arab lady described below.

Both these two amazing prophecies concerning Israel point to the Spring of
2003.   /////////

November 2002, Prophetic Word & Visitation, Future Word Given Regarding Fulfillment Of Time - Transcribed from Barbara Richmond's tape "The Book and the Sword" - November 2002:

A few months ago, I was in California as a guest of Rosemary Schindler, Oscar Schindler's niece. She has a very good friend who is a spirit filled Christian Arab lady who just so happens to be related to some people in very high government positions in Jordan - today's Jordan. We stayed at her home, and she brought out a great big notebook and she said, "I don't share this with anyone unless the Lord allows me to, but I know that I'm suppose to tell you and you have my permission to share this as God leads you."

She said, "Years ago my great aunt, who was illiterate, just a peasant farm woman in the country side in rural Jordan loved God with all of her heart. She was filled with the Spirit in the 1920's. In 1933 my aunt had a series of visitations from the Lord, she couldn't read the bible, she couldn't write, but the Lord appeared to her 7 times altogether over a period of several weeks.

He spoke to her and she dictated to her son, who could write, for him to write down what the Lord had spoken to her. The Lord said to her on the 1st visitation, "In 15 years Israel will be born again". 1933 + 15 years is 1948. God is telling this to an Arab, a Christian Arab who loves God and loves the Word. He told her a number of other things, and I don't have the whole paper with me because I hadn't planned on doing this. But I have enough of it up here in my head.

The thing that is most important that I want to get to, in light of the prophecies from the Rabbi of 1882, is that the last visitation that this Arab woman had in 1933, in Jordan, in the Springtime. The very last thing the Lord said to her was, "70 years from now all will be fulfilled." 70 years from the Spring of 1933 is the Spring of 2003 - Passover is in the Spring.

Now time will tell if both this lady and the Rabbi are right, but the book of Proverbs says listen to the Prophets. In the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses shall anything be confirmed. I'll tell you what this girl is doing---I am living like HE is at the door!

From: - For Your Glory, Inc., P.O. Box 724, Woodland Park, Colorado,

Shirley Lise
Dec 19, 2002

Prepare for the days ahead. Do not be like the foolish virgins who did not prepare their lamps for the Bridegroom’s return. Have your lamp filled and burning, for the day of the Lord is at hand.

Inquire of Me if you are unsure of what you must do. Come to Me, sup with Me, and allow Me to speak to you and teach you what you need to know. I am humble and of gentle Spirit, so come and be blessed. I will turn away none who seek Me. All I ask is that you come to Me for the answers because I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life and there is none other. Man’s system shall fail, but those who come to Me will be secure, for I hold all things in My hands and I am able to sustain and give life.

Wars and rumors of war, these are to come, but understand that I am building a place of refuge for those who cry out to Me and I will house them, and I will keep them in safety. Expect turmoil in the nations, but expect divine intervention to ward off evil and bring protection to all who call upon My name.

Yes, the final battle is about to begin. It is the battle of all time, for in it a great harvest of souls shall come into My kingdom. Though the man of perdition arise to power, it is with one swift swing of My sword that I shall cut him off. So do not be afraid of the coming storm. Understand that the time of the end is at hand and the battle shall gather all the armies of the Earth against the Lord and His Anointed Ones, but the Lord shall overcome the Evil One and destroy his kingdom forever.

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