Return Path

Need to find someone's new email address and all you have is their old one?
Or have you changed e-mail addresses and want old friends and associates to be able to find you via your new one?

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How it works:
Return Path helps keep you in touch with family, friends, business associates and online subscriptions after an e-mail address change. So how does the system work? Simply.

1. Register with return path for free
Our registration process is fast, free and as easy as entering your old and current e-mail addresses. We then send an e-mail to you so you can select your account options and get re-connected.

2. Return Path receives requests for your e-mail address
When a contact discovers that your old e-mail address is no longer current, Return Path's service helps locate you. The requester enters your old e-mail address and asks for your current one.

3. You decide who gets your new e-mail address
What happens next is up to you. Return Path will either automatically provide your e-mail address, or we will submit the requester's information to you for approval via e-mail. You determine your preferred course of action during the registration process.

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