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  Alternators   : Built from Low RPM Motors at Other
  Alternators   : for Wind and Water Power      at Other
  Batteries    : Restore & desulfate while in use at Battery
  Batteries    : All about Battery Equaliser PDF document at Battery
  Batteries    : Medical Safety Data Sheet  PDF document. Acid safety at
  Batteries    : How to desulfate your Lead Acid Battery
  Batteries    : What is a Lead Acid Battery?  at Lead Industries Assoc. 
  Batteries    : Determinig your power requirements  at
  Batteries    : Monitoring Circuits at 4QD-TEC by Richard Torrens,
  Batteries    : FAQS Deep Cycle Batteries  at Oasis, Montana
  Batteries    : FAQS Deep Cycle Batteries 3.02  by Steve Spence
  Batteries    : Beyond batteries, the Fuel Cell.    Hydrogen, molten carbonate, solid oxide, etc.
  Batteries    : Electric cars, history 
  Batteries    : FAQS Car Batteries 3.0          by Roy Schmaus      %20schmaus@( Roy )ee(Schmaus)
  Batteries    : Manufacturers Specifications by Roy Schmaus      %20schmaus@( Roy )ee(Schmaus)
  Batteries   : Pulse charger for solar energy and electric car   at Solar Tech. Stahl, Daniel G., D.O.
  Batteries   : Extend battery life 5 to 10 times.  by Pulse Power Tech.
  Batteries   : Radio-active     at Enertek (Energy 21) by Geoff Egel
  Batteries   : Charger 12 volt/60 amp    at Other         
  Batteries   : Charger Sweeping Pulse   at Innovative Energy Systems   (no email address)
  Batteries Bedini, John  : SCALAR wave Battery charger and Tesla switch  
  Batteries Dyer, Jym      : "Myth of Battery Lead Acid Recycling."  Green Peace
  Batteries Innovative Energy Systems  : ck link Battery charging system  fixlink
  Batteries Naudin, J.   : SCALAR Wave Battery Charger
  Batteries Pulse Charge System  Battery charging system   fixlinks
  Carburetor Garrett, Charles H.  : Garrett Water Carburetor at Keelynet.
  Carburetor GASATOMIC  : magnetic gasoline treatment from NASA.      Carburetor
  Carburetor GEET   : Construction Plans by Paul Pantone 
  Carburetor GEET   : Construction Plans by Paul Pantone  BEST SITE AWARD! (March 2001)
  Carburetor GEET   : Carburetor Enhancer
  Carburetor Astrojet Enhancer           fixlink
  Carburetor Atomizer 2000 Enhancer      fixlink
  Carburetor Hydrino    : Run your car on Free Energy Feberrus Cell   (see also, HYDROGEN)
  Carburetor Hydrogen    : Run your car on Water  923 Hz resonance, by Penn Martin      Honorable Mention! April 2001.
  Carburetor Hydrogen    : Run your car on Water  $1/400 miles! Gov'ts. and Military know about this!
  Carburetor Hydrogen    : Run your car by Electrolysis of Water plus LINKS,
  Carburetor Enviro Max Plus     : Carburetor Enhancer.    Claimed 22% mpg increase on a '90 Cadillac.  emax@HUB.ofthe.NET
  Carburetor ERL LTD Water Injection method   fixlink
  Carburetor Felix, Robert  : Gunnerman's History of Patented Hi Mileage Carburetors. at Keelynet. Flanagan, Patrick  see "Electro-health Patents" above.
  Carburetor French, George W.       : Amazing Triple Charger Carburetor
  Carburetor Fuel Cells  : Energy Conversion, basic to advanced  with Dr. Bernhard Spang
  Carburetor Fuel Enhancer  fixlink
  Carburetor Hi Mac        : Carburetor enhancer  by Bruce McBurney      
  Carburetor LNS Technologies :Online Catalog of Electronic Kits  fixlink
  Carburetor Mileage Wizard Enhancer            fixlink
  Carburetor  : Super Carburetors
  Carburetor Triple Charger Enhancer            fixlink
  Carburetor Vitalizer carburetor enhancer                    fixlink
  Carburetor Wiseman, George   : Eagle Research Hi Mileage carb
  Carburetor Hurtak, James  : Hi Mac Research    
  Electric Vehicle  : Affordable Electric Car site "under construction"
  Electric Vehicle  : 12, 24, 36 volt motors for ALL appliances. Good site!
  Electric Vehicle  : EKO Systems go-cart Parts
  Electric Vehicle   : Boat Launch electric service connectors Boating use.
  Electric Vehicle   : DC Traction Motor Circuit Rail Road use.  
  Electric Vehicle   : Motor& electrical terms    
  Electric Vehicle   : Jon's LINKS
  Electric Vehicle  : North Texas EAA LINKS    
  Electric Vehicle   : North Texas EAA      
  Spark Plugs  : Super Sonic Plugs Saves 1/5 gas useage US05610470

AAS-RA  : Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association.  
Acoustic Levitation  : at Archaeological sites by J.C., Judith Paulson
Acousto-electric propulsion    : PDF doc.
Adams, Robert   : Home Page, Aethmogen
Adams, Robert   : Adams Motor at Mad Scientist's Lair,               
Adams, Robert  : Adams Motor at Michael Barrie Smith's site.   fixlink
Adams, Robert  : Adams Motor at Jim Leatherman's site  
Adams, Robert  : Adams Motor at Jim Leatherman's site  
Adams, Robert  : Adams Motor at Jim Leatherman's site   
A.E.I  : Alternative Energy Institute, Inc. Mostly conventional energy.  
Albertson, Maurice L.  : International Association for New Science     
Alchemy, complete : Everything about Alchemy ! BEST SITE AWARD! (June 2000)
Alchemy  :Alchemy Web Bookshop
Alchemy  :The Golden Elixir    
Alternative Energy Institute, Inc.    : Answering Vital Questions, and Promoting Solutions
Alternative Energy     : FREE Online Catalog  PDF zipped file
Alternative Energy     : Oasis, Montana
Alternative Power      : at Other  Resources for Home Power Enthusiasts
Alternative Science    : Make Known the Unknown  by Mr. Wizard
Andersen, Rick    : Philadelphia Experiment  
Anti-gravity     : Dedicated to Antigravity information
Anti-gravity     : Underground by Bill B.   
Anti-gravity Flying Craft  : 2 models for non-professionals or (see Petrus, Petar)
Amazing Devices  :  Anti-gravity Projects hover skateboard, flying saucer, etc.  
Anti-gravity     :  100 LINKS   
Anti-gravity     : 10 Articles on Anti-Gravity.      (no e-mail)
Anti-gravity      : TAMPERE Anti-Gravity Report. (no e-mail)
AquaLux Corporation   : Clean Air, Clean Water and Unlimited Energy    
A.S.I./I.B.R.       : Advanced Scientific Inquiries  Institute for Basic Research
Aspden, Harold  : Energy Science site.      Space, Energy and Creation.  BEST SITE! April 2001.
    : The Physics of Creation
    : Theory of Gravitation II
    : Aether Science Papers
    : Dr. Aspden's PATENTS
    : Physics Tutorial LESSONS  1-10
    : 2nd LESSONS on Aether Physics  11-20
    : Online BOOKS by Dr. Aspden
    : Anti-gravity NOTES
    : The Aspden Lectures   7 Lectures.
    : The Aspden LECTURES   26 Lectures.  
    : The ADAMS/ASPDEN Motor Patent
    : 3 experiments in free energy   or
    : at Mad Scientist's Lair      or
ASPR,   : Australasian Society for Psychical Research
AOL SERVER Overunity site 2, and Overunity site 3,    fixlink
Astro Networks VIC.   : Alternative Energy Sites    
ATA     : Alternative Technology Association   
Atlantis Rising Journal                 fixlink



Bailey, Patrick, Ph.D.  : Free Energy, Theory, Devices and Progess
Bailey, Patrick, Ph.D  :Free Energy LINKS
BAT International   : Interesting New Automotive Technology (Water in crankcase, not oil)
Bare, Dr. James : Royal Rife web site.
Bayles, Jerry     : Electrogravity site.        (need MCad 7 to view formulas)
Bayles, Jerry     :Electrogravity site.         at AOL, Quark137
Beaty, Bill         : The Anti-gravity underground  Wallace, Torsion fields, Keelynet grav articles, Podkletnov.
Beaty, Bill         : Cool science, Wierd science
Beaubian, Britt  : "Alternative Method" Hamel device
Beaubian, Britt   : SMOT Simple Magnetic Overunity Toy  
Bearden, T.   : LINKS to Bearden's works  by Roger Kennedy  
Bearden, Thomas  : The Virtual Times       at
Bearden, Thomas  : Free  : Energy and electromagnetics 
Beck, Bob      : Electro-therapy devices for sale.
John Bedini.... Honorable Mention! February 2001.
Bedini, John  : SCALAR wave Battery charger and Tesla switch    
Bedini, John  : Aether powers the Bedini machine!     
Bedini, John  : How to build a Hamel Spinner      
Bedini, John  : Flux Gate Notes           
Bedini, John  : Flux Gate Ohsako principle     
Bedini, John  : SCALAR device that works    
Bedini, John  : Free energy generator from 1984.    
Bedini, John  : Early energy machine pictures     
Bedini, John  : Kromrey Brandt experiments      
Bedini, John  : Motor diagrams and Lab notes    
Bedini, John  : Free energy machines           
Bedini, John  : Free energy machines  home page.      
Bedini, John  : Free energy machines         
Bennet, Chuck  : Back yard Cold Fusion  experiment
Bennett, Chuck  : LIGHT IS THE GHOST OF MASS   at the INE site. 
Bennett, Chuck  : LIGHT IS THE GHOST OF MASS   at Ben's page.
Benson, Dick Polly (no listing) aka "Aram Churche,"    "ARC Time Machine Flying Saucer Book"
Bessler, Johann  : Free energy machines perpetual motion.  
Bergersen, Birger   : Physics 206, Mechanics  Formulas in HTML format.  
BisNet Texas : Anti-aging HGH  Human Growth Hormone.
Black Light    : New way to generate power?
Black Vault, the   : What is the Government STILL HIDING?   by John Greenewald, Jr.
BOOKS      : A - Z Science Books  Order Online,  Net Store USA 
BOOKS      : Basic Electronics, "Ample Power Systems" for Home Power, by Steve Spence  EXCELLENT!
BOOKS      : Free Energy  Order Online
BOOKS      : The Time Travel Handbook  Order Online, by David Hatcher Childress.  A manual of practical time-travel and teleportation.
BOOK, Online  : What is Gravity? 48 Propositions in PDF format, from Project Omicron
BOOK, Online  : Electrogravity Book download in pdf format, by Jerry Bayles
BOOK, Online  : 7 dimensional Model  non-mathematical description of Einstein's Universe
Borderland Sciences Journal     : Advanced science
Brown, Kedrick : Gravitational Engineering   Wallace, Morgan, Electro-gravitation.
Brown, Dr. Paul  : Internal Fission Fuels page.
Brown, Prof. Pete  : Theories of the Aether   at Mountain Man Graphics 50 Excellent articles!  BEST SITE AWARD! (July 2000)
Brown, Prof. Pete  : Project Mind Foundation.
Brown, T. Townsend   : All you ever wanted to know about Electro-Gravity by Nils Rognerud
Brown, T. Townsend   : Flying Saucer Technology  by Steven D. 
Brown, Vernon : New UFT 
Brown, Yull     : Browns' gas
Brown, Yull     : Browns' gas construction     by
Brush, C.  : Kinetic Theory of Gravity        from R. Muha's page.
Butterfield, David    : Theory of Ubiquity  Elementary particle model.  (no e-mail address)


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CANCER CURES : Cancerolytic Herbs a History of Suppression.
CANCER CURES : Cancerolytic Herbs at Commonweal Oranization.
CANCER CURES  : Cancerolytic Herbs at Center for Alternative Therapies. 
CANCER Therapy  : Max Gerson Institute 
Carroll, Sean    : Theories on gravity
Cater, Joseph    fixlink
Cavusaglu, Ali    : High efficiency Motor and Turbine 
Childress, David H.  : Three Oaks Middle School  curriculum in advanced sciences.
Christie, Sylvester H.  : The New Physics
Christie, Wlm. H. F.  : Rotating Wave Theory of the Electron
Chubb, Scott and Talbot  : FUSION Theory site.
Cincinnati Group, the    : Combining Revelation and Science on Transmutation of Elements.
Clustron sciences corporation   : Nucleon Cluster Model
CNU Research Institute   : Various sciences 
Coanda, Henry     : H. COANDA (1886-1972), the Coanda Effect. by Cornel I. Sultan   
Coanda, Henry     : Jetfan Technology Limited,  the Coanda Effect.
Cockerill, Tim      :  All about the Vortex Tube (dead link)
Cold Fusion    : Britz's Bibliography  
Cold Fusion    : Duplicate the F&P experiment  by Garrett Young.
Cold Fusion    : Technology
Cold Fusion    : Times
Coler, Hans      : Magnetstromapparat     
Collins, John    : Free Energy Page       
Collinson, Jorgen,   : Advanced Flight Technology. Hover Tech, hover-boards
Colorado State University science fair projects           fixlink
Colossus       : Free Energy Links Page by William J. Eaton          
Compressed Air  : Vans mono powered. Zero pollutants.
Conroy, Robert   : Nature's Structural Elements
Cook, R.      : Inertial Propulsion System  
Cook, Roger : Space Drives archives.             Patented Space drives.
Cook, R.D.   SPACE DRIVES ARCHIVES            fixlink
Cool Science  : descrip.  
Cox, James and Dr. Patrick Bailey, ANTI-GRAVITY NEWS AND SPACE DRIVE TECHNOLOGY   fixlink
Cox, Samuel   : 7 dimensional Model non-mathematical description of Einstein's Universe
Cowlishaw, David  : GIT plain Theory and Explanation of Forces. The barrier between rotary force and linear force.
Craig, Robert     :  A.C.E., Australian Coverups Exposed or
Creative Science Research  : Fuelless powered engines  by Rick Harrison.    
Cramer, John G.  :Analog Science Fiction Fact Magazine "The Alternate View"
Cuthbert, Tony   : Centrifugal Uni-directional Accelerator



DATADIWAN : The Ultimate Database for Extraordinary Knowledge
De Biase, Ray    : Metaphysics, Metamath
De Palma, Bruce  : Home of Primordial Energy
De Palma, Bruce E.  : The Generation of a Unidirectional Force
De Witt, Frank  : 12 VOLT ALTERNATORS into 115 VAC  at Energy 21.
De Witt, Frank  : Lighting Plants, engine/generators for home
Dennard, David   : Whirl Power                   
Dennard, David  : Whirl Power at domeworld
Deyo, Stan  : Millennium Ark     [I will reclassify Deyo into UFO, metaphysical later.]
Deyo, Stan  : Visions from his past "Destruction of Sacramento!"
Deyo, Stan  : Visions of Atlantis
Deyo, Stan  : Cosmic Conspiracy Newsletter, 1997
Dillon, Jay      : Informagnet page. H. Wallace patent.
Dillon, Jay      : LINKS to Advanced Science sites.
Distillation : All about the art of distillation  with Dr. Bernhard Spang
Dolphin, Lambert  : Christian Perspective of Physics

Supporting documents for David Dennard (above), "Cosmological Constant."
Cosmological Constant,  : Chinese Academy of Sciences  PDF doc.           
Cosmological Constant,  : Einstein's Cosmic Fudge Factor  by Sten Odenwald    
Cosmological Constant,  : Where can I find more information about cosmology and the cosmological constant?  by Eli Michael    
Cosmological Constant,  : Observational results and theoretical models  by VARUN SAHNI,  PDF doc. 
Cosmological Constant,  : The Cosmological Constant is Back by M. Krauss and S. Turner,  PDF doc.     
Cosmological Constant,  : A repulsive cosmological constant. by The Relativistic Astrophysics Group        Cosmological Constant, : Statistical properties of gravitational lenses  PDF doc.  
Cosmological Constant,  : Study Web LINKS to  Good Links!



Eagle Research  : Energy solutions, carburetion
Earth Transitions    : New and Old Science  combined.
Eaton, William J.    : Free energy page Hyde, Meyer, MRA 
Ecklin, John      fixlink
ECO Systems Performance Products, Carburetion enhancement   fixlink
Edge of Science   fixlink
Egel, Geoff  : ADAMS MOTOR description (first part)
Egel, Geoff  : Energy21 F/E Site Joe Cell, Hubbard, Fuel Cell, Parr gravity, E.V. Gray.
Egel, Geoff  : Solaris F/E Site Hammel, Swiss ML, Orgone, Diamagnetics, Hubbard, J. Cater, Searle.
Egel, Geoff  : Bright Sparks F/E Site Joe Cell, Swiss ML, Paul Brown, wind power, battery and magnet power.
Egel, Geoff   : Experimenting with Aqua Fuel   at Energy 21. 
Egel, Geoff  : Experimenting with Hydrogen (water) fuel at Energy 21.
Egel, Geoff  : J.R.R. Searle at Energy 21.               
Egel, Geoff  : Easy to build and operate Induction Generator.
Eisen, Jonathan   : Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries 300pp.  MUST READING! Very good ground work!
Electro-health patented inventions  evolved from Patrick Flanagans' Neurophone. (see Bob Beck above)
Electromagnum  : The Swedish Association for New Physics 
Electromagnetics   : Historical  .pdf doc.
Elswick, Steve        : Exotic Research All Sciences.
Emergency Survival  : 72-hour & Longterm Survival  
Emergency Survival  : 72-hour & Longterm Survival
Emergency Survival  : Earth Quake Preparedness
Emergency Survival  : Free Outdoors com Good LINKS
Emergency Survival  : Food List at Survival Y2K
Emergency Survival  : Communications How to build and power your system. (BOOK)
Energy Advocate    : Energy Technology Newsletter      Monthly
Energy, renewable  : All Types of Projects   with Dr. Bernhard Spang
Entropy Systems   : High efficiency Engines Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and Compressors,
ESJ : Electric Spacecraft Journal.             Electro-gravitics
Esslingen, H.T.  :Alternative Energy   
EV (see Electric Vehicle)
Evert, Professor Alfred  : Evert Rotary Tech     ENERGY by INERTIA POWER BEST SITE AWARD! (January 2001) (Crop Circle Reality.)
Explor-a-Store  : Science and Educational Toys.
Explore Publications  : Homeopathy, Overunity   (Explore Magazine)


Finney, Dee   : SCALAR Physics, Alternative Energy
Finsrud's PMM   : (Perpetual motion machine)
Fluid Mechanincs and Rheology   : Newtonian and non-Newtonian flows  with Dr. Bernhard Spang
Flying Saucers,  : Real 
Flywheel Battery, underground    : Sustainable Technology 
Flywheel for vehicle propulsion  : PDF doc.      
Flywheel performance            : Various uses  .pdf format    
Flywheel Electricity System  : Superconducting   PDF format, good!     
Flywheel Basics  : Sustainable Technology 
FORUM at Alternative Energy Institute  : FORUM page  Cold Fusion, New Energy,
Fox, Jon Hilarion  : Inert gases , Aether and Aetheric body
FREE Energy LINKS  : Free by ? 
FREE Energy Devices  : Listing of by Jerry Decker    
Fringe Science Devices  : Listing of by Jerry Decker    
Frolov, Alex           : The Time Machine!  Gravitation, New Energy, etc.
Frontier sciences,   : Institute for  at Oakland, California.
Frontier sciences,   : Center for  at Temple University, Pennsylvania.
Fusion       : Colliding Fusion Beam Technology. at Irvine University (see also, Cold Fusion)
Future Horizons   : Advanced Technology


Gary ?  : Paranormal Observations of ORMES Atomic Structure at White Gold Web,
Gary, Wesley    : Nuetral Zone Motor  
  Generator  : Very good page on building homebrew equipment
  Generator   : Built From a Tape Drive Motor   at Other
  Generator  : page on building and operating from QSL.
  Generator  : page on building and operating Steam Powered generator with Butane as the working fluid.
  Generator  : page on building and operating 
  Generator  : The Homebuilt Dynamo 
  Inverter  : The 12kva Inverter to 120vac
  Generator : page on building and operating (dead link)
  Generator  : building and estimating power for  by Popular Mechanincs
  Generator  : Power Enhancing Device  at 8418
  Inverter  : Sizing and Installation  by Casa da Costa Ltd.
  Inverter 12dc to 220vac  : Kit Plans (Local file) 
  Inverter 5KW  : Kit Plans  by Rick Harrison.    

Germano, Frank  : Improvements on Tesla Turbine
Gibbs, Phil  : "Event-Symmetric Space-Time"  free web Book from Weburia Press.
Gibbs, Phil  : New and Alternative Theories of Physics
Glird           : Metaphysics of the Universe
Goeksel, Berkant  : Electrogravitation, Berlin. (dead link)
Graps, Amara L.  : Published Physics Papers
Gravitation, new laws of  : PDF format  
Gravitics  : and F/E devices : VERY interesting thread links
Gravitational physics and geometry,     : Center for
Gravity, Anti-gravity Devices  : Listing of by Jerry Decker    
Gravity is a Push  : USPN 5377936        (no author of site identified) Oppositely Charged Twin Monopole
Gravity Society    : Gravity Society home page. Podkletnov, Schnurer and Modanese's experiments.
Gravity, what is it?  : Project Omicron Gravitational control   
Gray, Edwin    : Free energy engine.             at Clear Tech Incorporated    
Green Energy News, : Alternative energy
Groseclose, Ben      : Physics page of Walter Russell
Grotz, Toby     : Wireless Engineering         Business Card page only.
Gulick, Joshua  : Advanced and Obscure Science.  
Gunnerman, Rudolph W.  : The Gunnerman Patent 5,156,114 at Keelynet
Gyroscopic      : Propulsion


HAARP  : Angels don't play this HAARP 
HAARP  : High-frequency active auroral research program 
HAARP  : Joint services program plans , activities.
HAARP   : Request to update final environmental impact statement 
HAARP  : Specific project goals with comments 
HAARP  : Special report
Heat and Mass  : Convection, Diffusion, Conduction  with Dr. Bernhard Spang
Hagberg, Aric    :Research : Multi-phased oscillatory systems, Los Alamos, NM.
Haisch, Bernard : New Atomic Math from H. Puthof, B. Haisch, A. Rueda.
Haisch, Bernard  : Research Articles   CIPA Publication Archives (Vacuum, Dipoles, ZPE)
Haisch, Bernard : Pre-released articles  CIPA PrePrint Archives (Vacuum, Dipoles, ZPE)
Hall, Randy     : A World of Anti-Physics
Hamel, David    : "How to build the Hamel Flying Saucer"
Hamel, David   : Project Magnet
Hartman, James  : Future Science (doesn't answer e-mail)
Hartmann, Stefan  : Overunity page
Hartwell, Ralph  : R.Rife,or "how to build a unit in 100 easy steps."
Haslam, Garth    : Anomalous Links
Hasslberger, Josef  : Economy, Physics and New Energy
Health                 : One stop source    at Light Force
Heat Exchanger   : Reduce home heating costs. (local file)
Heater, Fuelless     : Replaces Gas and Electric Furnaces  by Rick Harrison.
Hecht, Andreas   : Borderlands of Science (German)
Heim, Burkhard    :  Unified Field Theory.  (dead link)
Hi-voltage      : Hi-voltage Electrostatic Machines.  BEST SITE AWARD! (September 2000)
Hi-voltage      : Hi-voltage Machines. All types of H.V. devices (see also TESLA) DMOZ open directory.
Hoffman, David R.  : Ericsson Hot Air Pump, from the Civil War.
Hoffman, R.    : "All About Pumps", various animated Pump Gifs.
Holms, Bruce S.    R.P. LeBreton : Millennium Motor
Horizon technology    : Hydrogen engine
Home energy   : Home energy   devices for Y2K, from Troubled Times Online.(no email address)
Hoxsey, Harry   : Cancer Cure Home Page hoxsey.friends
Hoxsey, Harry   : History of the Hoxsey Treatment
Hover Tech      : anti-gravity, electric spacecraft, propulsion, Searle.  (no email address)
Hudson, David :  ORMES.     
Hudson, David  :  Patent, ORMES.
Hudson, David : Aids and Cancer cured by White Powder of Gold, ORMES.
Hudson, David : White Gold Home Page for ORMES.
Hudson, David  : World Wide Patents Listing, ORMES.
Hudson, David  : Psychic effects of ORMES.
Hudson, David  : David's Third Lecture on Alchemy 
Hurtak, Dr. James : Academy for Future Science
Hutchison, John   : Research Lab   home page   
Hutchison, John   : Research Lab   RIADED AT GUNPOINT! 
Hydrogen             : a very special type of gas
Hydrogen             : My Experiments with Hydrogen 6 parts, by Geoff Egel ,
How Stuff Works  : Welcome page. (no email address)


IASBS  : Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences
IBR      :Overunity fuels and energy   Institute for Basic Research
IEEE    : Connection.
Infinite Energy Magazine   : Back Issues Vols. 1-6 Index  
Infinite Energy Magazine   : Back Issues Index 
Infinite Energy Magazine  : Zero Point Energy
Infinite Energy magazine   : New Energy Technology  
Information ULTD.  : Anti-gravity Products    
In-Search-Of     : home page.             (no email address)
In-Search-Of     : Anti-gravity, the Science.(no email address)
In Search Of site  : Copernican Series of History.    Light, Stars, the Mind, the Continuum.
Institute for New Energy   : Free Energy Devices
Institute for New Energy   : Devices DATABASE- Interest Criteria  
Integrity Research Institute  : Energy research, future technologies, and public education.
Internet    : marketplace for scientists 
Internet    : pilot to physics
Isle of Avalon Knowledge Bank   : of General and Metaphysical Science    BEST SITE AWARD! (February 2001)
: Inside AT T's Brain Spin                           (no email address)
: International Guild of Advanced Scientists. BOOK Store. (no email address)
: International Space Sciences Organization.               (no email address)


Jade Mountain     : Renewable Energy Sources
Jeffry ?                : Free Electricity                      (no email address)
Jefimenko, Oleg  : Electromagnetic Retardation and Relativity Jeong, Eue Jin     : Gravitational Dipole Moment  Web site and papers.
Jensen, Paul Raymond  : UDT over-unity transformer construction plans. (locally viewed file) 
Jensen, Paul Raymond  : UDT over-unity transformer  sponsers email is
Jim's Free Energy page   : New Energy devices
Johnson, Duane C.    : Neat PATENTS!   EXCELLENT!
Jonsson, David    : ELEKTROMAGNUM.  Links to New Physics.
Johnston, Mike    : My Ideas for Hydrogen powered overunity "He's got the right idea. Just needs to develop it!" 
Journal of Ideas  : Issue 4  


Kaivarainan, Alex  :Heirarchic theory of matter and field
Keely, John E.W.  : Sympathetic Vibratory Physics  BEST SITE AWARD! (October 2000)
Keely, John E.W.   : Musical Dynasphere construction plans    
Keely, John E.W.  : A Breakthrough to New Free Energy Sources  online Book
Keelynet      : Free Energy and Anti-Gravity Page for 1996.
Keelynet      : Free Energy and Anti-Gravity Page for 1997.
Keelynet      : Free Energy and Anti-Gravity Page for 1998.
Keelynet      : Free Energy and Anti-Gravity Page for 1999.
Keelynet      : Free Energy and Anti-Gravity Page for 2000.
Kelly, Don A.   : Free Energy and Anti-Gravity Page.
Kemble, Paul    : Free Energy for Ever?
Kiehn, Dr. R.N.   : Differntial Geometry                
Kosanovic, Bogdan R.  : Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, and scientist N. Tesla
Krieg, Eric  : History of free energy claims (no email address)
Krieg, Eric  : "Skeptics" page.           (no email address)


la Rochelle, Dan  : David Hamel TECH
la Rochelle, Dan  : AOL mirror, David Hamel Scalar Generator
Lance, Turner   : Build a Savonius Rotor Windmill 
LASAR     : Build from household scraps for $5.  by Patick Jankowiak  
LeBreton, Paul R.  : Star*Net Global Science
Leatherman, Jim    : Free Energy Page Rotary Engine on Hydrogen
Lee, Dennis : Does Dennis Lee have free energy? by Eric Krieg   (no email address)
Lee, Dennis : Better World Technology  (no email address)
Lee, Laura  : all sciences and radio show. 
Levitation    : Magnetic Suspension Research  in England
Lindner, Henry    : A Theory of Aetherial Space   
LINKS       : Free    by ? 
LINKS       : Advanced Science Energy 21, at Terra Share 
LINKS to   : Exotic Research  at Alternative Science
LINKS to  : Noetics' Gravity sites        
LINKS to    : The strangest stuff on the net   at Anomalous
LINKS to  : White Gold Web  at ORMES Gold
LINKS to  : WebconX Renewable Energy Sources   by  Steve Spence
LINKS to  : to Energy Science by Robert Conroy
LINKS to  : to Energy devices at AquaLux      
Live Cam  : Loch Ness monster  
Logajan, John        :  Skypoint, Hot and Cold Fusion    : Alternate link , Logajan.
Loschmidt, Josef   : Negative Entropy 
Lucifuge Rofocale in GERMAN   : Free Energy and Anti-gravity


Mackem, Joe     : Suppression of Free Energy Devices
Mad Mac's      : Alternate Tech. Page, Searle.
Mad Scientist's Lair : home page Steve B.   
Magnetic Energy   : To Heal The Planet
Magnetic Levitation   : LINKS to all sites  from Bill Beaty
Mann, James      : Home page, advanced science.
Mann, James      : The Joe Cell
Math   : For Physics, Biology, Chemistry students  with Dr. Bernhard Spang
Math, advanced     : Bose/Einstein Condensation.
Math, advanced "The Wave Theory of Gravitation" by Thomas J.J. See  (no listings) 1866-1962
Math, advanced     : Books of T.J.J.See at Olympus 6581
Math, advanced     : Book Trading List mentions T.J.J. See
Math, advanced     : The Astrosurf Astronomer list mentions T.J.J. See
Math, advanced     : The Library of Congress  mentions T.J.J. See archives
Math, advanced     : New Wave Theory of the Field by Walter Cassani
Math, advanced     : New unified field theory      by Jack Martinelli  
Math, advanced     : New unified field theory    at Smart1234
Math, overunity    : Principles of Overunity       Simple by Kenneth Carrigan
Math, advanced     : Physics notes all fields.         PDF documents.      
Math, advanced   : Grand Unified Field Theory .pdf format, 38pp. 
Math, advanced   : Grand Unified Field Theory at Sylvester Christie's site. Word6 doc, zipped, 69pp.
Math, advanced   : Grand Unified Field Theory at SOARINDY
Math, Supersymmetry  : Unified Field Theory by T.L. Navarro 
Math, advanced   : Grand Unified Theorem        Oyibo, Professor Gabriel A (Post Script articles not available without authorization!) (THUMBS DOWN award.)
MathCad Explorer 7.0  : download site.              (needed for Jerry Bayles site)
Math Doctor     : Ask Dr. Math any math question.      Mathemeticians world-wide.
Mathews, Harry F. : Old Gas and Steam Engines page.
Matter : Hypothesis on
Maxwell's Equations : A sing-a-long memory lesson  in PDF format.   
Maxwell's Equations  : and Yang-Mills Theory of gravity. PDF        
Maxwell's Equations : and Zero Point Energy  PDF doc.             
Maxwell's Equations : and Gravity Unified automatic ZIP file download.
Maxwell's equations  : and Magnetics in PDF format.
Mc Carthy, Guy      : The Sourceworks, Twelve Star. Esoteric and Spiritual Sciences.
Mc Ginnis, JW         : The Spirit of Tesla page 
Minato       : USPN 5,594,289 Magnetic Motor.    or
Minato       : USPN 5,594,289 tested in Mexico City.
Minato       : USPN 5,594,289 view this patent.
Mitchell, Maurice    : USPN 5,377,936  Gravity is a "Push"
Moller Tech.   : Sky Car    M400 model current  
Moshier Tech  : Backpack Jetfan
Motors, Electric    : 12, 24, 36 volt, all H.P. ranges FOR SALE.
Mountain Man, Australia  (see Prof. Pete Brown, above)
Myer, Stanley      : Experiment by Dan Danforth  at Mad Scientists' Lair


Napier, Tom  : Free Energy with Wires and Magnets? (doubters page, see also, Eric Krieg)
Naudin, J.  : Home page INDEX. 
Naudin, J.  : Permanent Magnet Motors. 
Naudin, J.  : Johnson Motor Explained.           fixlink
Naudin, J.  : Swiss M/L Machine.       BEST SITES AWARD! for year 2000!
Naudin, J.  : SCALAR E/M page 4.        To J. L. Naudin !
Naudin, J.  : David HAMEL page 2.
Naudin, J.  : Advanced Propulsion Labs.
Naudin, J.  : Magnetic Paradox explained.
Naudin, J.  : F/E DEMONSTRATOR page 3.
Naudin, J.  : AOL mirror, Scalar Waves Research.
Naudin, J.  : AOL mirror, Index to Overunity 3 site.
Naudin, J.  :WarpZone Advanced Researches Site.
Naudin, J.  : Quantum Electrodynamics, F/E Motors.
Naudin, J.  :  new David HAMEL page with diagrams.
Naudin, J.   : AOL mirror, Parametric Power Conversion.
Naudin, J.  : AOL mirror, Hamel F/E device, David Hamel.
Naudin, J.   : AOL mirror, SMOT F/E device, Greg Watson.
Naudin, J.   : Time Energy Pump  Scalar Waves   
Naudin, J.   : Motionless Electromagnetic Generator  with 500% overunity  
Naudin, J.  : Electro-gravity Motor Tests or
Naudin, J.   : EM Vortex Generator 
Naudin, J.   : Testatika Generator 
Naudin, J.  : Gyroscope exp't.  
Naudin, J.   : Water as Fuel               The AquaFuel® generator 
Newman, Joseph  : Home Page     
Newman, Joseph   : Buy the Newman Book, 8th edition
Newman, Joseph  : F/E Machine
Newman, Joseph: : The Newman Page (In English from Germany). 
Newman, Joseph   : Home Page            The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman
Newman, Joseph   : The story of Joseph Newman's energy device
New Scientist       : the Last Word in Science, Q A's page.       
Nezus Magazine   : home page   
Nezus Magazine   : another home page 
Nexus magazine   : Magneto-Gravitic Drives Timeline (inactive link?)
NASA  : Observatorium, Movie Gallery.
NASA  : Observatorium site.
Noetic, : Gravity and Inertia control.
Nuclear Weapons : Nuclear Weapons, a guide to.



Oats, Callum      : Living Energy Patterns
Ohsako principle   : Magnetic Motor   or
Omikami, Martin   : Overunity, Free Energy
ORMES Gold  : White Gold Web  new developments.
Over Unity      : At Terrashare  (dead link?)
Owsley, Bert   : UFO Science page.     


PACE : Planetary Assoc. for Clean Energy site. 
Pantone, Paul Molley  : FREE Geet book construction plans.
PEA RESEARCH, (see Jensen, Paul for typed in article from PEA RESEARCH.)
Pea, LeRoy              : PEA RESEARCH home page.
PEA RESEARCH    : History of Suppressed Inventions
PEA RESEARCH      :  Home heat exchanger, reduces heating costs.
Perreault, Bruce  : Nu Energy Horizons
Petrus, Petar      : Anti-gravity Formulas  for flying craft.  : Philosophical writings of Walter Russell
Photonics          : Cause of gravity and mass  
Podkletnov, Eugene   : Anti-gravity machine
Podkletnov, E.  : Tampere article from Parascope 
Podkletnov, E.  : the OTHER 'Tampere' experiment
Podkletnov, E.   : Another collection of Tampere papers, but with diagrams
Podkletnov, Eugene   : Wired Magazine:Podkletnov's Antigravity 
Podkletnov , E.          : Meets w/NASA
Poliakov's Gravitonics Book  : Free Energy 
Pomona   State   University   : PHYSICS, CSU Pomona physics page.
Pond, Dale SVPRIL (see Keely, J.R.R., above) BEST SITE AWARD! (November 2000)
Porringa, Mark      : Zero Point Energy 
Prolov, Alexander V.  : time travel site.   (inactive site?)
Project Magnet      : Project Magnet
Project Omicron    : Gravity Control Research
Project Silver Bug  : Project Silver Bug    (inactive link?)
Pump  : Ball Piston, animated.      
Pyramid, Great  : of Giza Research Association  by John DeSalvo,Ph.D.


Quantum Mechanics   : Atomic Structure at University of Davis,  California. 
Quantum Theories      : and Gravitation Group (1990 to present).
Quant' Homme (French)  : List of INVENTORS 
Quasiturbine   : Patent US_6,164,263 Continous combustion hydrogen engine  


Research Triangle Ring  : Post your site
Rife, Royal         : Vibrant Health, R.Rife technologies.
Rhodes, William : Original Monoatomic Gas from Water Discoverer  at Keelynet (Wlm. Rhodes)
Rhodes, William  : Monoatomic Gas from Water USPN 3262872 (Patent unnavailable) (ref. 6 pats.)
Rife, Royal  at   : Home page
Rife, Royal  at   : RRR org. 
Rife, Royal  at   : Kalamark 
Russell, Walter  : University of Science Philosophy
Russell, Walter   : The Physics/Cosmogeny Ben Groseclose  
Russell, Walter   : on Transmutation of Nitrogen   USP@RICA.NET 
Russell, Walter   : Paired centrifugal and centripetal vortex system    USP@RICA.NET 
Russell, Walter   : Physics Page by Ben Groseclose


S.A.S : Society for Amateur Scientists defective.?
Sanders, Tony  : Hi-Spin Monatomic Research
Sanders, Tony  : on ORMES Research.
SANP  : Swedish Association for New Physics.
Sarfatti, Dr. Jack : "The Colonel Corso Project"  reverse engineering Alien Technology. Discussion Group, Library, etc. 
Sargant, Adams   :Aura Pictures Page         fixlink
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Buy Viktor's Books at   ( , most of Schauberger links below.)
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Knowledge Bank at Isle of Avalon  
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Windmill based on the Repulsine by Geoff Egel  
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Vortex Lab 1135      by Geoff Egel
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Real Audio talk shows   about Viktor S. (in German)
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Build a Tornado Generator by Harald Edens
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Schaubergers' Inventions   by Geoff Egel
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Vortex Lab  by J.L. Naudin
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Artificial tornado for propulsion   
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Centripete water vortex generator  by  Gudmund Rapp
Schauberger, Viktor    : About Vicktor Schauberger by Jen ?  (no email address)
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Implosion technology and Viktor Schauberger   (in English)
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Walters' Kupfer Auspuff    Construction plans (in German)
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Viktors free energy machine  Construction plans (in German)
Schauberger, Vicktor  : 10kv from Vortex  at Keelynet
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Buy a Vortex Water Purifier System  
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Water of Life      Buy a Schauberger Water Purifier 
Schauberger, Vicktor   : Water of Life       by Dan Winter  
Schauberger, Vicktor   : Water Purification
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Scientist-inventor
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Vortex water filter. by  Gudmund Rapp
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Pneumatic-Water-Turbine  by Evert, Professor Alfred
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Whirl Power by D. Dennard
Schauberger, Vicktor   : David Dennard's own invention (Mirror site)
Schauberger, Vicktor   : Pythagoras Kepler System
Schauberger, Vicktor   : at JLN Labs 
Schauberger, Vicktor  : at PKS      
Schauberger, Vicktor  : Water Man from Austria by Jens Landgré
Schauberger, Vicktor   : vortex world of Viktor   by Curt Hallberg 
Schmelzer, Ilja        : General Aether Theory
Science a-go-go : Science with Knobs On. [?]
Science Snaks     : Exploratorium, science experiments with food.
SEARCH Alternative Energy Institute  : SEARCH page
Searle, J.R.R.  : at Mad Scientists Lair            by
Searle, JRR    : Flying saucer technology by Berkant Goeksel          (dead link?)
Searle, JRR    : at Research Triangle  by Michael B. Smith
Searle, JRR    : John R. R. Searle Home page   D.I.S.C. Inc.
Searle, JRR    : at Serv Tech    D.I.S.C. Inc.  (MOVED) 
Searle, JRR    : The Searl Effect   also at DISC.           Website Feb. 1998. 
Sedona           : Journal of Emergence
SET               : Space Energy Technique.
Shifman, Jerry    : NEOETHERICS: Visualizing Gravity
Skeggs, Pete       : The Physics of Gravity and Inertia Control. Podkletnov effect.
Snell, J.              : Capacitive Discharge Enegine
  SOLAR POWER   : Glossary of Solar Power Terms  at
  SOLAR POWER   : Basics of Solar Power Systems  at
  SOLAR POWER   : Determinig your power requirements  at
  SOLAR POWER   : How to test Quality of Panels    at Other
  SOLAR POWER   : How to setup for home use        at Other
  SOLAR POWER   : GRID connected, what's it worth? 
  SOLAR POWER Alternative Energy     : Backwoods Solar Electric Systems  (nice site.)
  SOLAR POWER Electronic Projects   : SOLAR POWER, Solar Tracking, etc.  by Duane C. Johnson,   EXCELLENT!
  SOLAR POWER Water pump  : SOLAR Powered Pump  at Other

Spence, Steve   : WebconX Renewable Energy Sources
Spittler, Dan   : Free Energy Device  
Spirit Web Org.     : Free Energy Devices  
Stirling, Robert      : the Stirling Engine    
Stirniman, Robert  : Electrogravitics 
Stirniman, Robert  : Wallace, Henry Anti-gravity page. USPN 3626605 Sully, Paul
Stoll, Alex  : non-American Future Aircraft photos
Stoll, Alex  :The "X" Series Planes
Szymanek, Justin : Underground Science Hamel, Hinthorne, magnetic water.
Supressed Inventions   : by LeRoy Pea Chronology of Suppressed Inventions
Supressed Inventions    : & Other Discoveries 300pp., by Jonathan Eisen. MUST READING! 
Supressed Inventions   : List of 
Speculative Science Papers. : Speculative Science Papers.
Patriots  : Supreme Law Library, for patriot research.  Report from "We The People."
Sweet, Floyd (Sparky)   : VTA device free energy.


Tattva Viveka Journal  : Scientific Research  (in German)
Temporal Accelerator Project  : Time Travel, Anti-Gravity, UFT  T.A.P.- T.E.N (no e-mail)
Terra Server    : get a geodetic skyshot of your home neighborhood
Tesla, Nikola   : Vedic Philosophy & Tesla  at 
Tesla, Nikola   : Books by N. Tesla  at 
Tesla, Nikola   : Autobiography  in PDF format, at    
Tesla, Nikola   : Nik Williams' Tesla site
Tesla, Nikola   : Don's Tesla Coil LINKS
Tesla, Nikola   : Don's Tesla Coil Page
Tesla, Nikola  : Mark Finnis' Tesla Coil Page 
Tesla, Nikola   : Listing of Devices by Jerry Decker
Tesla, Nikola   : Richies Tesla and Hi-Voltage LINKS by Richard E. Burnett
Tesla, Nikola  : Richie's Tesla Coil Page by Richard E. Burnett
Tesla, Nikola  : Build a Solid State Tesla Coil by Richard E. Burnett
Tesla, Nikola  : The Glow Discharge Plasma Tests by J.L. Naudin
Tesla, Nikola  : Test Reports and Updates by J.L. Naudin
Tesla, Nikola  : Single-Wire Energy Transmission test by J.L. Naudin
Tesla, Nikola  : Avramenko's Free Electrons Pump by J.L. Naudin
Tesla, Nikola  : New Free Electrons Pump by J.L. Naudin
Tesla, Nikola  : Free Electrons Pump by J.L. Naudin
Tesla, Nikola  : Longitudinal and Transverse Waves by J.L. Naudin
Tesla, Nikola  : Magnifying Transmitter by J.L. Naudin
Tesla, Nikola  : Tesla page by Phil Hamilton
Tesla, Nikola  : Tesla page by Brent Turner
Tesla, Nikola  : Tesla page by Bill Beaty.
Tesla, Nikola  : Tesla Engine Builders Assoc.    (fix link)
Tesla, Nikola  : Build cheap coils, 18" spark!
Tesla Transformer  Tips   : Construction and Measurement  DMOZ open directory project. (no e-mail)
Testatika        : in Italy (in English)
Testatika LINKS  : Letters and Updates
Testatika LINKS  : At Colossus diagrams, pictures.
Testatika        : Testatika Generator at Solaris
Testatika        : Testatika Generator 
Testatika, Swiss ML Machine, Phoenix site, construction plans and videos            (fixlink)
Text  : Top Secret Project Silver Bug, U.S. Gov't Saucer.
Text   : Teslev electromagnetic products. Formerly E.M.D. company.
Text  : Tesla Power Company, the Counter Rotation Device.
Think Quest articles on centrifugal motion  fixlink
Thermodynamics   : PDF document Elementary Mechanics Principles   
Thermodynamics   : First, Second law, Entropy  with Dr. Bernhard Spang
Thompson, Caroline   : Caroline Thompson's Physics
Tomes, Ray   : Cycles in the Universe     
Trupp, Andreas    : Josef Loschmidt's Laws of Entropy
Trupp, Andreas    : Twin Paradox of Relativity
Truthnet International    : The Truth Hurts  by Jason Zerr   
Turner, Glenn     : Gyroscopic Propulsion Researcher.


U.A.S  : Unarius Academy of Science home page.
UFO engine    : descrip.
UFO's,  : Who's Who?  by Andy
European Patent EP00720788B - : Electro-gravitic Motor in French  by Patrick Cornille
usPatents        - : going back 20 years or so are available
uspn4,344,831 - : Method and means of generating gas from water for use as a fuel  : Letter from Pres. GHW Bush  READ!   
uspn5,159,900 - : Method and means of generating gas from water for use as a fuel
uspn5,435,274 - : Electrical Power Generation Without Harmful Emissions
uspn5,692,459 - : Pollution Free Vehicle Operation
uspn5,792,325 - : Electric Arc Material Processing System
uspn5,826,548 - : Power Generation Without Harmful Emissions  

Value Logic  : meta-Science Interesting "survival" information. 
van Tassel, George  : web site. (under construction) Varghese, Nainan . K .
Vectors, Physics Notation   : PDF doc.   TEST     
Vortex Tubes   : How they work Low-cost home heating 
Vortex Tubes   : How they work Low-cost home heating 
Vortex Tubes   : How they work Low-cost home heating   
Vortex Tubes   : Hilsch Tube    Low-cost home heating 
Vortex Tubes   : Hilsch Tube    Low-cost home heating  text file  
Vortex Tubes   : Conservation of Angular Momentum  in a vortex (tornado) 
Vortex Tubes   : Ranque-Hilsch Tube by Tim Cockerill 
Air Amplifier Net.... Honorable Mention! February, 2001.


WALLACE'S PATENT  : Kedrick F. Brown Improvement on uspn3626605 site "under construction"  
Warren, Henry C., Jr.  : Spatial Gravitational  SINK Model.
Waterwheel Power  : Generator  at Other
Watson, Greg  : A Free Energy Demonstrator
Watson, Greg : Pmod, Rmog, Smot F/E devices
Weins, Ben I.  : Encyclopedia of Energy Science 
Weins, Ben I.  : Other Books by Ben
Williams, Paul   : Alternative Energy, anti-gravity, flywheel power  
Willis, Paul  : Correx Archives. 101 ways to abuse science.
Wind Energy  : American Wind Energy Association for all of your wind power needs.
Windmill Power  : Generator  at Other
Wind and Water Power   : Alternators  at Other
Winter, Dan : home page.
Winter, Dan  : The Physics of PHI
Winter, Dan  : Black Holes, Bardo Quest, Heart of Orion.
Winter, Dan  : Healing Water using Geometry in Flow Form
Winter, Dan  : San Graal School of Sacred Geometry
Woodward, Dr. James  : Gravitation, Inertia, Impulse engines.
: Windows to the Universe, introduction.
Wright, Ned  : Cosmology Tutorial    
: Womplex, formulas for gravity reduction in large masses. USPN 5280864. use Delphion site, not Womplex
: "Word is Truth" home page.



York, Dan  : LIGHT FORCE home page anti-aging links
Yost, Charles     : Electric Spacecraft Journal 


Z Power      : Revolutionary Energy Technologies
Zahornin, ?  : Antigue Iron Webring. Steam engines, gas engines, generators, etc.
Zazerskiy, Alexander S.  :SubQuantum Paradigm!

end....... SCIENCE LINKS

NEW LINKS..... (Not working yet, are under construction)
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: descrip. text,

INTERNET RADIO SHOWS, Archives: Reguires REAL AUDIO or Media Player.
Geet 2hr. show, 3-25-99 on Laura Lee radio.
Geet 1 hr. show, 3-27-99, Laura Lee.
Archives at Exotic Research.
"Truth Radio" from GEET, Global Environmental Energy Technology.
Talk Spot, leader in interactive broadcasting.
Laura Lee Radio Show.

MAILING LISTS, Chat groups:

Anti-gravity message group.
Project Magnet mailing list.
Bio-Energy for 1998. sponsored by Anders Evald
Keelynet      : Researcher Mail List DATABASE by Author.


Ask Jeeves Online Encyclopedia.
Phool Proof Physics. Centri, Centrepi, Gravi, Keni forces, etc.
Funk and Wagnall's Online.
Nasa's online definition of Centrifugal Force.
Compton's Encyclopedia Online.
CAS General Subject Vocabulary Helper.
CAS General Subject Vocabulary. BEST science terms!
CAS General Subject Vocabulary.
Complete information guide to Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones.
National Inventors Hall of Fame INDEX of Inventions.
Beta Version of Relational Database Management System Interface.
Complete information about the World Wide Web.
"What hold the Universe Together?" from Lambert Dolphin.
"Faster than the Speed of Light?" from Lambert Dolphin.
"What is Light?" by Lambert Dolphin.

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