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Think a good home security system has to be expensive?  It doesn't. You can get some nice stuff here for $50 - $100
Wireless cameras, motion sensors, record to your VHS player, wireless door/window alarms, fish eye lenses, night vision cameras for low light on patios, see your place on the internet while away, have the system call you when entry has occurred , X10 has everything from simple to sophisticated and it's all easy to install. Forget the monthly fee systems.
See my story below.

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My story
I live in Mexico just outside Guadalajara where most people build huge fences and fortresses around their lots and enclose themselves in their own little prisons. It's sad you have to do that to keep low lifes from stealing your stuff but not only is it tradition here from many years previous, but it shows well the current state of people's finances. People use this development where we live as a weekend getaway from Guadalajara more than as a place to live everyday, so there are a lot of empty houses here during the week. It's not a gated community. Goat and cattle herds and horses graze here in the empty lots which brings in outsiders that don't actually live here. We are not rich people to be able to build a garrison around our home  and I like open space. I didn't want to do that. I like openness. Outside of a 4.5' high see thru yard fence we have little physical protection. Plus the high number of break ins in these well fortressed lots proved to me that a walled prison enclosure wasn't the answer. Some houses that have been broken into here had lots of iron work to prevent robbers from getting inside, but they did anyway. In fact it just made it where people outside couldn't see what the robbers were doing inside.  Systems that called the police weren't real effective because it is known the police are in on a lot of these robberies. They get paid under the table to look the other way or not respond until after the fact.  When it got to the point it was known who the robbers were and where they lived and the police wouldn't do anything about it, I decided to take other measures than relying on the police. The police kept saying that unless they had pictures of the robbers actually doing the robbing or caught them in the act, they couldn't apprehend them. And since they always took their time in getting to the scene so the robbers could escape, that wasn't likely. Inquiring into security companies around here brought sticker shock. I didn't like what I saw. The words are,  ineffective or way too expensive. So I started searching on the net and found this company X10 who makes really good stuff that is also highly affordable and simple to install. Click on the blue links above to see some of what they offer. 

I chose several ways to secure our home. I went to ebay and bought fake outside cameras to mix with the real ones so the robbers could see the cameras themselves and if they chose to disable them, the real ones which were better hidden would still take their pictures and record it on VHS. Second, I bought wireless cameras from the X10 site that are wide angle (120 degree coverage) , and low light vision capable also for nightime use when only a yard light provides the light. They work in the daytime too. They have motion sensors that go with them that trigger a VHS player to turn on and record the action as long as the motion detector is triggered.  The VHS player turns off when the people go away. I can sit at my computer inside the house and monitor all four functional cameras whenever I want to on my PC or a television screen. Using the Vanguard Internet Control Center Software you can even view what your security cameras are seeing from anywhere in the world using an internet connection. This lets me know what is going on outside my home. If some one tries to break in the outer perimeter I have  recorded footage of who that is. I will probably also add outdoor motion sensors connected to the control module in the house which will trigger an external siren outside. A skunk, opposum or armadillo walking through the yard may trigger it as the Cubster, our Rotweiler, gets to sleep on the couch inside the house at night.
Inside my home I installed simple wireless motion detectors and wireless door and window magnetic detectors which signal a control module with a built in loud siren alarm. If someone can open a door or window to enter the house an alarm goes off warning us. I may add a separate single camera system inside the house to see the living room on our TV upstairs in our bedroom inside the house but their pictures are probably already taken coming up to the house.

Warning Signs on the perimeter gates and two house doors that state that the robbers photos either will be taken or are already taken by breaching the gate and that the place is monitored by surveillance cameras and motion detectors which trigger recording their presence is probably a better deterrent than spending megabucks a month on professionally monitored security systems.  Just my opinion. So far we haven't been hit by the robbers; knock on wood.

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