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One of the discerning factors regarding  whether or not planet X is coming is solar flare activity; as it's huge density greatly excites the sun it is accelerating towards. This page will keep you abreast of this activity.  It is the increased solar flare activity, increased sea water temperatures being recorded, increased frequency of earthquakes as well as the increased magnitude of these quakes , and the increased volcanism we are now seeing that is truly providing  the proof that Niburu is real and is really coming towards us.

Sunspot activity is interesting today because the numbers of solar flares being recorded is setting records. Whereas we used to see a single flare every few days; now we are seeing a flare every ten minutes.  The coronal mass ejection of these flares create high winds and storms on earth  several days later. 

Just to give you an idea of the size of these solar flares; here's a pic with a blue dot the size of earth for comparison.

Catch solar activity at   and an incredible site at 

for some great solar flare pics and history.

Solar storms and their effect on us 

The Sun and Coronal Mass Ejection Information:

Rusty's Solar Station has all of the links you could possibly need to evaluate and learn about the goings on of the sun.

Also see 

The NOAA Sunspot Page is where you can find the latest numbers on sunspots and a thorough history of sunspot numbers.   

Shooting Star March 21, 2003 - monthly cosmological newsletter by
Khoji Lang

The Sun definitely is strongly connected with what's going on down
here on Earth. As I have watched many times, short before big events
are about to happen the Sun produces intense flares, releasing X-ray
radiation far above average, ejecting Solar plasma as CME's (coronal
mass ejections) and exposing Earth to unusual strong Solar winds
which not only shake our planet's magnetic field but also charge the
ionosphere with extreme electric currents. It is quite obvious that
this also affects each one of us, pushing us to our limits, asking us
to deal with and adapt to those unsettling and bewildering energies.
Life then seems like a roller coaster, or a white-water raft,
throwing us into fast sequence of changing thoughts, feelings and
emotions. The best way to look at such challenging times is to take
them as device, as jumping boards for spiritual awakening. Already in
the early twentieth century the Russian scientist Chijevsky found
that during phases of increased Solar activity big political and
social changes take place.

Just lately, between March 17 and 19, the Sun has released enormous
amounts of energy. Two X-class and several M-class Solar flares have
been recorded by SOHO satellites. For more info visit

The 11-year Solar maximum was scheduled for 2000, but still the Sun
is in very turbulent states. Because so many people have become
sensitive to the issue, lately, in 2002, NASA started manipulating
data, to make it appear as if there were no extraordinary changes in
the Sun's behavior. To see what I mean, look at these NASA links, and And then
look into a different source, the Nobeyama Radioheliograph (NoRH), a
radio telescope dedicated to observe the Sun located in Japan. Click
this link and you
will see a graph showing the Number of Solar Flares Observed by
Nobeyama Radioheliograph between 1991 and now. Take note of the
obvious discrepancy between NASA graphics and NoRH, particularly for
the readings of past months. Even the NASA graph shows an exceptional
surge by mid 2002, whereas the NoRH graph reveals an unbelievable
trend that seemingly goes beyond all previous maxima. Again remember
that statistically the year 2000 would have been the peak in the 11-
year sunspot cycle, a rhythm which has been very steady over the past
four centuries, except for a 50-year period between 1645 and 1715 and
which show ever rising numbers of Solar events substantially
exceeding the readings of the year 2000, which would have been the
year of expected peaking in Solar activity.

By the way, Nobeyama Radioheliograph (NoRH) is a radio telescope
dedicated to observe the Sun. "Helio" means the Sun, "graph" means an
imaging telescope. It consists of 84 parabolic antennas with 80 cm
diameter, sitting on lines of 490 m long in the east/west and of 220
m long in the north/south. Its construction took 2 years and cost 1.8
billion yen. The first observation was in April, 1992 and the daily 8-
hours observation has been done since June, 1992.

A crazy Sun means there is something big entering the outer reaches
of the Solar system. This also means extreme weather patterns
becoming even more extreme over the coming months, and high stress
levels that make it essential to create a niche for daily spiritual
practice be it meditation, dance, or anything that brings silence
to your mind and connects you with your heart and being, "The power
of NOW", as Eckehardt Tolle puts it.

10-25  Record Activity happening
Holy cow pies!!!
Take a look at the SOHO C2 pics of the EXTREME solar activity underway. If anyone has any doubts about NASA/SOHO trying to hide this activity, in the manner I described in the previous post, these pics more than prove it.

Most in the group is already aware of the EXTREME solar activity, OCT 24 & Oct 25, the Sun has been undergoing. At approximately 16:26 HRS UT, the 25th, there was a massive eruption/explosion at approximately the 8 o'clock position.  if or 

In my many years of watching the Sun, this is one very spectacular explosion, possibly the most spectacular I have ever witnessed. 16:50 HRS UT - Even more spectacular, is the ball of matter near the rim of the Sun at the 8:30 position, inside the explosion, which starts to become visible in this picture:  if or 

By 17:06 HRS UT, the object, still at the 8:30 position and that has moved very slowly away from the surface of the Sun, and which appears to have been ejected from the Sun, is becoming even more visible, and well defined. The object appears as a small circular orb.  if or 

At 17:26 HRS UT, the object is still moving slowly away from the Sun; slower than the rest of the explosion.

By 18:26 HRS UT another smaller explosion can be seen heading away from the Sun at approximately the 12:30 position. At the 8:30 position the object continues to slowly move away from the Sun.

In the picture taken at 20:06 HRS UT, the object is even more visible at the 8 o'clock position, and still moving away from the Sun. Of interest, is the cloud like particles that seem to be trailing away from the object at a slight angle.  if or 

21:26 HRS UT - The object continues to move slowly away from the Sun, much slower than the rest of the storm has moved. The object continues to trail a cloud of particles, and appears to have some sort of energy coming from it.  if or 

21:50 HRS UT - The object continues to be visible well below the rest of the ongoing solar eruption, and again is seen trailing a particle cloud of some sort, and appearing to be giving off some sort of energy.  if or 

I have some inquiries out as to what this object may be, since it appears the object may have been ejected from the Sun, and could very well be made of material(s) that is slowly hardening into solid matter.

Have we seen the outright birth of a new comet or planetary like object? Or, is the object some sort of matter made up of plasma-electrical energy? Either way - the object is pretty big.

If it turns out to be the birth of a new planetary like object, or even a large piece of plasma/electrical matter hurled into space, then a BIG HOLE has just been bashed into the side of the current astronomical & scientific axioms.

Something significant - I would say so.

Subject: Solar Storm Alert
A filament eruption and full halo coronal mass ejection occured on the Sun in the afternoon of September 5th. Yesterday, a proton storm began early in the day and about 3 hours ago a strong solar wind shock was observed by SOHO, when solar wind speed jumped abruptly from 360 to 600 km/sec. and the magnetic storm level abruptly jumped from level 3 to level 7. Major geomagnetic storming is likely for the remainder of today and the first half of tomorrow.
 This may affect electronic communications and cause a variety of effects in sensitive people, such as nausea, headache, tingling sensations, and possibly some disorientation.  It also may tend to affect current weather patterns.
Updated: 2002/08/29 at 0305 UT 

SOLAR OUTLOOK: After several weeks of fitfully high solar activity, the Sun will likely be quiet for the next few days. None of the spots on the Earth-facing side of the Sun pose a substantial threat for powerful flares.
Now that you read that NASA BS, look at this recent 1024 x 1024 pixel, EIT
304 image of the sun: 

The activity in that picture is anyhting but quiet!!! In fact, the sun continues to be very active. Quiet it isn't. Latest SOHO Images: 

July 31st
Updated: Today, 2002/07/31, at 0436 UT
SOLAR ACTIVITY: Solar magnetic fields became unstable and erupted on July
30th. At 0119 UT, this impressive prominence appeared near the Sun's southwest limb. The magnetic loop, filled with glowing-hot gas, stretches more than 50 Earth diameters from end to end. Image credit: the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. 

The latest SOHO EIT 171 image is worth looking at. The flare you see at the 4 o'clock position in the image, sunspot region 39, 44 & 50, has been flaring constantly for the last 24 hours solid, without any interruption. Notice the circular ring(s) structure surrounding the flare. Pretty impressive solar activity we are having. 

How interesting..........
I just checked the soho site and it claims the above document DOES NOT EXIST, or  NOT FOUND.  Boy, they scrapped this one fast didn't they...........sooo.. we had beeeettttttttteeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr pay attention.  Remember, it is the stuff they don't want to tell us that we need to worry about..............AND MORE!

On July 26 one of the most significant radio shows ever broadcast in regards to Planet X was aired on Mysteries of the Mind. This is Alex Merklinger's show. A week earlier on July 19th, I did another in studio radio interview in Santa Fe with Alex and and two others, including James McCanney. James participated via phone, not in studio. The show on the 26th was dominated by James McCanney and Neal Freer (whom I reference in my book). Although I was present and did comment occasionally I was not and did not need to be the focus.

Here's the two clinchers: 1.) Neal had just read James's book and did his own checking to verify that his hypothosis in regards to the plasmatic universe was correct. Neal said he checked Earth's weather records and everytime an object passed the sun that broke it's capacitor or rather magnetic field, there were subsequent solar flares which also caused earth's weather to change significantly. 2.) James explained that in order for the triple doctorates of the world and laymen to understand what is happening here, he chose to explain it like this. The sun is like a guard dog, when someone or something passes, it barks or sends out a solar flare. Now the solar flare activity has been unprecedented for the last couple years. The guard dog (or the sun) has been barking its head off, that something has entered its field and keeps sending out solar flares on a regular basis. What do you think this something is that has broken the capacitor or magnetic field of the sun, such that the flare counts are off the scale? LOOK TO THE SUN FOR YOUR EVIDENCE OF THE APPROACH PLANET X. The ancient Egyptians knew of this mega sun cycle that happened every 3600-3700 years. The process is simple. Break the suns capacitor or field of energy and it lets loose. Our earths weather is then directly tied to these solar flares.

The link to Alex Merklinger's archives of these shows can be accessed through the homepage of my website    Mark H.

June 29th
NASA Doctoring the Sunspot Numbers

Got the following a short time ago from Mark's read only group. I have to fully agree with what was written. I have been keeping track of the numbers and the activity. All of a sudden, as if by magic, the number of sunspots and related sunspot activity, has fallen off sharply. All of this came after a sudden solar burst [some sites and individuals not related to NASA are

reporting a possible flash over of the sun], and some strange looking stuff started showing up on the SOHO and solar observation satellite(s). NASA immediately took the SOHO satellite off line [for public viewing] for several days. NASA's explanation was some fried computer equipmant in the building. After NASA did put SOHO back on line, there was a sudden and immediate lull in solar activity. Sherwood

NASA hiding true sunspot numbers, you decide -- Michael Mandeville

Here's a small segment of Micheal Mandeville's latest earthchange report. Professor physicist James McCanney thinks that Planet X has pierced the capacitor of the Sun (the large magnetic field around it) which is causing the continuing high sunspot activity which should have ended in 1999/2000. James also says NASA employees are under contract to either keep quiet or lie. He says he's dealt with these NASA guys directly for quite some time.

Mark H

This is a segment of Michael Mandeville's latest report:

Two weeks ago I tuned into predicted numbers which had been predicted by NASA and different numbers which has been predicted by the IPS of Australia. I remarked upon the large difference, with NASA showing the clear drop of sunspots averages below 100 in June of this year while the IPS showed the drop coming

in December at the end of this year. I observed at the time that the IPS numbers seemed more accurate. When I went back on Monday to capture the IPS tables so I could graph the predicted curve, lo and behold they had changed the numbers to make their predictions look like NASA's, to be 98 for June. Or somehow I totally misread the orginal table. But I distinctly remember reading the numbers three different times to get them connected with dates, so I doubt it. I could ask them but I already emailed a question to them which they have not yet answered. Regardless of this, I don't know what kind of handicapping these guys try to do, but none of them correspond with the facts as written in the Sun this month.. Daily, averaged, smoothed, or slicked, those sunspot numbers for the month will be much higher than 100.


May 15, 2002     Winds of electrified gas rip through the solar atmosphere at nearly the speed of sound there, according to new observations from NASA's Transition Region and Coronal Explorer (TRACE) spacecraft and the European Space Agency/NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft.

The new result, from a team of astronomers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) in Cambridge, Mass., shows that the winds and storms of the solar atmosphere -- at speeds up to 200,000 miles per hour (about 320,000 kilometers/hour) -- are so intense that they are more important than gravity in determining the density of the atmosphere. The Sun's gravity at its visible surface is about 28 kilogram) person would face an epic struggle to support 4,200 pounds (1,900 kilograms) if he or she could somehow stand on the solar surface. For the Earth's atmosphere to behave similarly, winds over 3,000 mph (4,800 kph) would be common on the surface.

"This discovery completely changes our understanding of coronal loops, immense, arch-shaped structures of electrified gas that comprise the Sun's outer atmosphere (corona)," said Amy Winebarger, lead author of a paper on this research published in March in the Astrophysical Journal. "We are excited about this because it increases our understanding of the corona, which is the location of explosive solar activity that occasionally disrupts high-technology systems at Earth." Winebarger, formerly at CfA, is a solar physicist for Computational Physics Incorporated, Springfield, Va., and is now with the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington.

The solar atmosphere is permeated with magnetic fields, generated by electrified gas, or plasma, churning violently beneath the visible surface. Solar astronomers have long observed loops of plasma, called coronal loops, which appear to trace out the corona's complex magnetic-field structure, much as iron filings reveal the invisible magnetic field surrounding a magnet. Coronal loops come in various sizes, but most are enormous, capable of spanning several Earths.

Solar astronomers know the particles comprising plasma are electrically charged and feel magnetic forces. Thus, scientists thought coronal loops were tubes of plasma trapped by and enclosed in the arch-shaped magnetic fields of the corona. The coronal loops have puzzling features, however. The strong pull of solar gravity led astronomers to believe that the plasma should be dense at the bases of the loop and thin at the top, just as the

Earth's gravity pulls our atmosphere close to the surface, causing it to thin with increasing altitude. In fact, coronal loops seem to be about the same density throughout their height, even though some of them extend several hundred thousand miles (over a million kilometers) above the solar surface. In their new observation, the astronomers saw bright blobs of plasma racing up and down the coronal loops in movies made from TRACE images. SOHO data confirmed that these plasma blobs were moving at tremendous speeds, leading the researchers to their new view that coronal loops are not static plasma-filled structures, but rather hypervelocity currents of plasma blasted from the solar surface and squirted between the magnetic structures in the corona.

"Rather than being tubes of plasma enclosed within a magnetic container, they are jets of hot plasma flowing along in the alleys between the strong coronal magnetic fields," said Leon Golub of CfA, a co-author of the paper. If coronal loops are indeed currents of plasma being propelled against solar gravity, they would have about the same density along their entire height, just like the arc of water from a water fountain.

The researchers observe plasma flows in approximately half of all coronal loops visible by TRACE. Flows may be present in the remainder, but they might be too faint for TRACE to detect, according to the team. New instruments will be required to determine if all coronal loops have high-speed flows, because some loops are too small, or are of a different temperature than what TRACE can see.

According to the researchers, the plasma current that forms a coronal loop is probably caused by uneven heating at the bases of the loop, with plasma racing from the hotter end to the cooler end. "The bases of a coronal loop are separated by many thousands of miles, and there is no reason to assume that the environment at one end will be exactly the same, and input exactly the same amount of heat, as the environment at the other end," said Golub.

The researchers aren't sure what causes coronal-loop heating in the first place, but their work may help discover the mechanism, shedding light on the long-standing mystery of why the corona is hundreds of times hotter than the solar surface. "There are many theories to explain coronal heating, but only a few of them can produce the hypervelocity plasma flows we see in coronal loops, so this discovery narrows the possibilities greatly," said Winebarger.

May 18th
IMPACT: A coronal mass ejection (pictured right) swept past Earth on May 18th at approximately 2000 UT (4:00 p.m. EDT). A minor G1-class geomagnetic storm is underway. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras after local sunset.

BIG SUNSPOT: An impressive sunspot spanning five times the surface area of Earth has appeared near the Sun's east limb. The active region (numbered 9957) has a twisted delta-class magnetic field that harbors energy for powerful X-class flares.

Space Weather Message Code: ALTK05
Serial Number: 210
Issue Time: 2002 May 18 2320 UTC
ALERT: Geomagnetic K-index of 5
Threshold Reached: 2002 May 18 2318 UTC
Synoptic Period: 2100-2359 UTC
Active Warning: Yes

As with our current geomagnetic products, all will continue to be
based primarily on real-time data from the Boulder USGS Magnetometer, which can be taken as a proxy for other mid-latitude locations, and a general indicator of the trend in USAF "Planetary" values (based on a combined measure of several mid- and high-latitude magnetometer locations that are not available in real-time). Planetary K-index values of 5 through 9 correspond to the NOAA Geomagnetic Storm (G- Scale) for categories G1 through G5. Additional products based exclusively on the NOAA G-scale are under development for implementation at a later date, and will possibly be issued in conjunction with the K-index products described herein. Space Weather Alerts Description and Criteria

Solar Activity News Thu April 18, 2002 10:01 AM MDT ONGOING AURORAS: On April 17th at approximately 1100 UT, a coronal mass ejection (CME) struck Earth's magnetosphere. The impact triggered a G2-class geomagnetic storm that is slowly subsiding. High- latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras, especially during the hours around local midnight. Above: It wasn't dark yet in Finland, but Peter von Bagh spotted these pink auroras anyway at 10 p.m. local time on April 17th.

HERE COMES THE SUN (AGAIN): Twisted magnetic fields above sunspot 9906 erupted on April 17th (at 0800 UT) and hurled a lopsided coronal mass ejection toward Earth. The expanding cloud could ignite Northern Lights when it sweeps past our planet on April 19th or 20th. NOAA forecasters estimate a 20% chance of severe geomagnetic activity at middle latitudes. 

New Picture: Solar Eruption Among Most Complex Ever Recorded 04 January 2002: The SOHO spacecraft has been watching the Sun for six years. Never has it seen anything like this. 

Number of sunspots for 2002 has increased compared to 2001 - and last year was supposed to be the solar max. 

The earth is currently in the midst of another geomagnetic storm, which
struck a short while ago. See DST index.

The current SOHO Lasco C3 image, also reveals that a new CME has just burst forth from the sun and looks as if it is earth bound. There have been several CME's over the last few days.

More from the SOHO site 

There was a very high particle flare as well at 0020 GMT on Apr 18, 2002, that registered very high on the charts. It has been one of the highest particle flares so far this year according to statistics available at the site.

I believe this can be explained by the approach of Wormwood (Planet X). it's
huge gravity and magnetosphere effects will steadily increase until it
passes by us in May-June 2003. We may be about to see multiple volcanic
eruptions and quakes in a few months. The polar ice is melting from below
because of the pull of Wormwood, drawing the molten iron core of the earth
to subsurface levels.


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Subject: re: Solar System

> 4/27/02 7:41:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time
> Mind-boggling Phenomena Reported by Russian Scientists by Drunvalo
> Strange things are happening in both outer and inner space. Scientists in
> Russia, most prominently a man named Dmitriev, are discovering that the
> Solar System, the sun, and life itself are mutating in totally
> ways.
> The Sun Let's begin with the Sun. The Sun is the center of our Solar
> and
> all life that is on this Earth came from the Sun. If there were no Sun, we
> would not be alive. This is simply scientific fact. And so any changes
> occur in or on the Sun will eventually affect every person alive.
> The solar activity during this last sunspot cycle was greater than
> ever seen before. Yet every astronomer that I talked to about this except
> one insisted that everything was "normal." That one person, who worked at
> NASA, claimed that what was going on within the Sun was absolutely
> incredible. She also said that she was not "allowed" to talk about it. But
> she talked anyway, because she felt that the world needed to know, but at
> the same time she asked that I not publicly discuss what
> she had said. Sort of a Catch-22. So the photo at left is just a hint
> (click on it for a larger view). It's a recent picture of the Sun from, I
> believe, the year 2000, showing multiple sunspots ringing the sun on the
> two latitudes of 19.48 north and south. Some of you will see the
> significance of this much energy's being emitted at this particular
> location.
> So let's look at the obvious question: What is normal?
> For scientists, the idea of "normal" is based on making a long-term study,
> then averaging the results. But in the case of the Sun, we have been
> studying it for only about a 100 years ?" and it was not until the
> last half of the 20th century that the study was done with instruments
> could be considered especially accurate. And so, since the Sun is at least
> 4.5 billion years old, our 100- or 50-year study of it is equivalent to
> writing about the final one or two seconds in the life of a man or woman
> lived for 100 years. Would you consider that biography reliable?
> We actually know nothing about the Sun that would enable us to say what is
> "normal."
> We do know, however, that the Sun's magnetic field has changed in the last
> 100 years. There's a study by Dr. Mike Lockwood from Rutherford Appleton
> National Laboratories, in California. Dr. Lockwood has been investigating
> the Sun, and reports that since 1901 the overall magnetic field of the Sun
> has become stronger by 230 percent. No one knows what that truly means;
> only an observation.
> And we do know that some of the sunspot activity in this last cycle was
> greater than anything ever recorded before in history. But we don't know
> what that means, either.
> The Solar System
> Then comes the information out of Russia last month, from the Russian
> National Academy of Science in Siberia, where scientists have come to the
> conclusion that we have moved into an area of space that is different and
> has a much higher energy level.
> The Russians are reporting changes that are being recorded in space that
> have never been seen before. We cannot verify this information "for
> certain," but we do know that the scientific body reporting it is real,
> that a Dr. Dmitriev does head this body. Also, I have personally been
> the Russian National Academy of Science, in Moscow.
> Speaking for the Academy in Siberia, Dr. Dmitriev says that the effects
> reported below have been observed (these are not quotes from Dr. Dmitriev,
> but extracts from his report).
> Changes to the Leading Edge of the Heliosphere
> The Sun itself has a magnetic field, and that magnetic field creates an
> "egg" around the Solar System that is known as the "heliosphere." The
> heliosphere is shaped like a teardrop, with the long, thin end of the drop
> pointing away from the direction in which we're traveling.
> The Russians have looked at the leading edge of this heliosphere, and they
> have observed glowing, excited plasma energy there. The Sun's heliosphere
> used to be 10 astronomical units deep (an astronomical unit is the
> from the Earth to the Sun, approximately 93 million miles) ?" 10
> astronomical units was the "normal" thickness of this glowing energy that
> used to see at the front end of the Solar System.
> Today, Dr. Dmitriev says that this glowing energy is now 100 astronomical
> units deep.
> The Russian National Academy of Sciences doesn't give us a time-line, but
> the change from what was known and accepted to the way it is now
> a 1000 percent increase.
> And the Russians say that this change in the Sun is changing how the
> function and what kind of life they could support. They even report ?"
> don't explain ?" that the DNA spiral itself is altering.
> They feel that the continued expansion of the heliosphere will eventually
> take us into a new level of energy, that there will probably be a sudden
> expansion of the basic harmonic wavelengths that the Sun emits as it
> radiates energy out of itself, and that this increase in energy emission
> will change the basic nature of all matter in the Solar System.
> That's a pretty bold statement, but it's followed by data to back it up:
> The atmospheres of five of the planets and the Earth's moon are changing.
> When the United States landed on the moon in 1969, it found no atmosphere.
> Since then, the earth's moon is growing an atmosphere that wasn't there
> before, made up of a compound that Dr. Dmitriev refers to as "Natrium."
> new atmosphere is now 6,000 kilometers deep.
> The earth's atmosphere in the upper levels is forming HO gas that was not
> there before.   It simply did not exist in the quantity that it does now.
> The Russians say it's not related to global warming and it's not related
> to CFCs or fluorocarbon emissions or anything like that. It's just showing
> up.
> The Martian atmosphere is getting sizably thicker than it was before. The
> Mars Observer probe in 1997 lost one of its mirrors, which caused it to
> crash. This happened because the atmosphere was about twice as dense as
> had calculated. Basically, the wind on that little mirror was so high that
> it blew it right off.
> The atmospheres of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune also are changing,
> to the Russians, but they didn't explain.
> The brightness of the planets is changing.
> Venus is showing marked increases in its overall brightness.
> Jupiter's energetic charge has risen so high that there is actually a
> visible tube of ionizing radiation that's formed between the surface of
> Jupiter and its moon Io. You can actually see the luminous energy tube in
> photographs that have been taken recently.
> Uranus and Neptune also are becoming brighter.
> The magnetic fields are changing.
> Jupiter's magnetic field has more than doubled.
> Uranus's magnetic field is "changing" -- no explanation.
> Neptune's magnetic field is increasing.
> All three of these planets are becoming brighter, and their atmospheric
> qualities, say the Russians, are "changing," but they do not explain what
> meant by this.
> What's truly amazing, since some people here on Earth have been expecting
> and predicting a pole shift for some time now, is that the Russians report
> that Uranus and Neptune appear to have had recent pole shifts. When the
> Voyager II space probe flew past Uranus and Neptune, the apparent north
> south magnetic poles were sizably offset from where the rotational pole
> in earlier recordings. In one case, it was 50 degrees off, and in the
> case the difference was around 40 degrees.
> Earth Changes
> Let's talk about Earth now.
> The Russians report two more facts:
> On Earth, the overall volcanic activity increased 500 percent from 1875 to
> 1975, while the earthquake activity has increased by 400 percent since
> 1973.
> Dr. Dmitriev says that comparing the years 1963 to 1993, the overall
> of natural disasters ( hurricanes, typhoons, mud slides, tidal waves,
etc. )
> has increased by 410 percent.
> The Earth's magnetic field has been decreasing. This decrease actually
> 2000 years ago, but the rate of decrease suddenly became much more
> rapid 500 years ago. Now, in the last 20 years or so, the magnetic field
> has become erratic. Aeronautical maps of the world ?" which are used to
> allow airplanes to land using automatic pilot systems ?" have had to be
> revised worldwide in order for the automatic pilot systems to work.
> (This is very easy to check. Simply look at an aeronautical map prior to
> 1990 for any particular city airport, and then compare it to a present-day
> map.)
> Late last year, the Arctic ice cap on the exact spot of the North Pole
> completely melted for the first time in known history. Green Peace
> that, relative to the winter ice pattern, the cap had previously melted
> 300 miles toward the pole, and that late last year both military and
> civilian ships were able to actually pass directly over the
> North Pole. It was water. Until now, as far as we know, there has never
> a time where the ice was less than ten feet thick.
> In contrast, the South Pole has an ice cap that is about three miles deep,
> and yet huge pieces of ice continue to break off and melt.
> What Is Going On?
> Since 1900 we have gone from riding horses to landing on the moon. From
> sending letters by horseback to firing them off with instantaneous email,
> videophone, and satellites.
> On the negative side, we have gone from warring with primitive weapons to
> atomic bombs and bioterrorism.
> And perhaps even more significantly, in 1900 the Earth had 30 million
> species, species which took billions of years to create. Now, we have less
> than half that number -- fewer than 15 million species. And this all
> happened in 100 years: a geological blink of an eye.
> If someone from another planet were watching the Earth, they would say it
> was dying.
> But now it seems something is going on that is beyond "business as usual."
> In their report, the Russians say that these same kinds of phenomena were
> occurring when the dinosaurs became extinct -- a time that marked a
> shift in the earth's climate and weather patterns, and
> perhaps a pole shift, as well.
> ==================================================================
> This link gives similar information, but the author is hawking a work on
> Planet X flyby and thinks it is symptomatic of incoming red/brown dwarf,
> Planet X (he does include information about how the atmospheres of the
> planets in solar system are also being affected, which would preclude
> warming from industrial pollution as a cause):
> So, all in all, what we're seeing is a lot more than just what they call
> Earth Changes. Very, very few people are aware of the work that is being
> done in the Russian National Academy of Sciences in Siberia, specifically
> Novosibirsk, where they are doing this research.
> The glowing plasma at the leading edge of our Solar System has recently
> increased 1000 percent. That higher-charged energy is in turn exciting the
> plasma and causing more of it to form, so you see more luminosity, more
> brightness. This energy is then flowing into the Sun, which in turn emits
> the energy and spreads it out along its equatorial plane, which is called
> the Ecliptic. All this is happening all at the same time and it's all
> working up to a crescendo where there is going to be a sudden shift.

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