A stark viewpoint of big brother's actions against internet programs.

Government Interference with the Net and HYIPs.

This is an update on the present state of affairs in this corner of
the Internet. Many of you have asked me which SERIOUS programs are
working and paying at this time. The fact is ... there are NOT MANY
LEFT! As we could all witness over the last years, but mostly over
the last few months, there is a MASSIVE denigration campaign going on
on the Internet, run by several agencies of the US Administration,
with the clear purpose of discrediting and annihilating this kind of
business completely ON THE INTERNET. When a WORKING AND PAYING
program is based in the USA, they close it immediately and they have
no problem closing it because the laws of the USA allow them to do

Several REAL programs had this destiny because their leaders had no
knowledge of the very laws of their own country and totally ignored
the warnings sent to them by people who have seen this so many times
before... When a WORKING AND PAYING program is based and run from
OUTSIDE the USA, the Establishment has other means ... they start by
finding the BANK ACCOUNTS, and BLOCKING THEM with the money inside,
money which is never and will never be returned to the members. Then
they spread rumors that the program "does not pay" which is no wonder
if they have blocked their funds... This action has no legal cover
and in fact it is a breach of several INTERNATIONAL laws and
agreements but ... when did "certain" US agencies ever care about
such "details"?

Should this not be enough to annihilate a PAYING program, "agents
provocateurs" of those "certain" US agencies are sent to the MESSAGE
BOARDS on the Internet (of which many are OWNED by those agencies) to
spread fake rumors, and threats among the members at which point,
with the help of the thousands of "Calibans" who's "natural place of
birth and domicile" is on those message boards, the program is killed
FROM INSIDE. Not only does the Establishment kill each and every
single PAYING PROGRAM one after another BECAUSE IT IS PAYING, while
never caring about the REAL SCAMS and never trying to protect the
customers from losing their money in those real scams as they
officially state, but I am absolutely sure that AT LEAST HALF of
the "e-gold scams" proliferated on the Internet at a rate of 4-5 per
week ARE SET UP BY THESE AGENCIES OF THE ESTABLISHMENT THEMSELVES in order to discredit the whole business and to create total confusion.

And they are very good at that; they ARE professionals. The result IS
TOTAL CONFUSION and TOTAL PARANOIA ... to a point where new REAL
programs have no chance to survive because everybody starts
complaining based on their previous experiences with the scams set up
by the Establishment even BEFORE the new REAL program has a chance to
prove that it is real. Add to this the REAL SCAMS set up by REAL
SCAMMERS of which there are also a lot ... and add to this the huge
degree of stupidity and lack of knowledge of the majority of the
participants in these programs (referred herein as "Calibans"), who
can easily be (and as a matter of fact ARE permanently and
successfully) manipulated by the Establishment ON EACH AND EVERY
PUBLIC MESSAGE BOARD in order to make them serve the purpose of the

Put all these facts together and you will have to admit: THE INTERNET
Establishment goes to such an extent against these programs on the
Internet because the VERY BEST PRIVILEGES OF THE ESTABLISHMENT, the ESSENCE OF THEIR POWER and in fact THEIR OWN EXISTENCE is at BIG RISK if they allow WORKING and PAYING programs like these to really work and pay. By the speed of the Internet, and with millions of new
Internet accounts being opened every month, even supposing that only
a few of the REAL programs would be allowed to function, the whole
planet would find out about them in a matter of months (at most) and
than the Establishment would have lost EVERYTHING! Not only would
nobody deposit money in the banks of the Establishment anymore for a
5% or even 10% a year when they can make 10% or 20% A MONTH in such
programs, but in a longer run, millions of "simple people" all over
the planet could become REALLY WEALTHY working such programs and they
would therefore become FREE. They would not need a CREDIT anymore ...
they would not need to GO WORK anymore ... The Establishment can NOT
AFFORD a planet of FREE PEOPLE! Can you imagine what this would mean
for the present rulers of this world who's power is based on the
PERMANENT FEAR of the billions of "simple people" of losing or of not
finding A "JOB"? No need for a job anymore and no need for credit.

No, there is no wonder for me why the FBI the SEC and other official
and unofficial agencies of the Establishment go to such extents in
order to annihilate this "danger" and to a certain degree I can even
understand. They act within their GIVEN PARAMETERS because THIS IS
THEIR point of view. It is THE JOB of such agencies for which they
are VERY WELL PAID (with YOUR tax money, BTW) to protect the
Establishment from EXACTLY these kind of "dangers".

So it should be very clear for everybody that they will NOT STOP!
They will GO ON this way until they totally kill the INTERNET as a
business place for these kinds of programs and until they eliminate
this "risk" completely. And as I already said, and as everybody can
see with their own eyes, they have already almost finished the job.
At this time, there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE for a program of this
kind (and I mean a REAL ONE) to be left alive if it has AN INTERNET
PRESENCE! It is the INTERNET ITSELF and its particularities that made
it possible for Big Brother to win the fight for the Internet! YES,
But ... Big Brother did NOT win the war.

Now, let's sit down and think a little about this "war". It is in
fact a CONFLICT OF INTERESTS but a VERY STRONG ONE. Looks very much like the situation at the beginning of last century as workers began
to organize themselves in unions and to fight for their rights. Also
on that occasion, the Establishment has mobilized all its forces and
fought with all its power using legal and illegal methods to suppress
this movement. The Establishment is even more scared today due to the
power of the Internet, which they can not control. But do we have a
REAL CHANCE to beat the Establishment on the Internet? NO. ABSOLUTELY
NOT! This is due to the VERY NATURE of the Internet which, like all
the genial inventions, can be used for good or for bad. They
can't control it but they can use it FOR THEIR PURPOSE and they have a lot
more resources than we have, to do that. Do we have a REAL CHANCE to
beat the Establishment AT ALL? Well ... we might ... BUT the
Establishment has so much to lose this time that it is to expect that
they would fight with all their power (of which they have more than

While our only weapon is the TRUTH about the EXISTENCE of
such "trades" and the impact of this truth on the public opinion..
Supposing we manage to PROVE that such programs exist, than we could
beat the Establishment. But ... we would also beat ourselves this way
because these programs would cease to exist once proven. They can
only work in total privacy and with a LIMITED NUMBER of participants.
So using this weapon is similar to a nuclear attack ... we would be
killed too. If we chose war, this would be one of those bloody wars
where in fact nobody wins in the end. We would ask ourselves: Was
this really necessary? Who won this war anyway since everybody is
dead and everything is destroyed? No my friends ... I see only one
solution out of this situation FOR BOTH PARTS INVOLVED! And I write
this KNOWING that my e-mails usually reach also the agencies of the
Establishment sooner or later being forwarded by either infiltrated
agents or by Calibans with "good intentions".

There is ONLY ONE WAY to solve this conflict of interests in a way
which is acceptable for both parties: These programs have to go back
where they belong and where they have always been before the INTERNET
was invented: IN TOTAL PRIVACY! We should only spread such programs
within a RESTRICTED AND PRIVATE CIRCLE of friends who already KNOW
about such deals. This way we would no longer be a threat for the
Establishment who would not need to go on with the war anymore,
mostly KNOWING that we also have the "nuclear weapon" of the TRUTH.
They also think to know that we will not dare to use this weapon
because it would fall on our heads too. But they also know that at a
certain moment, if we see that we have nothing to lose anymore ... we
WILL use it. So they should be also interested in a peace agreement
at this time.

There are maybe 100,000 people who found out about these programs
through the Internet by now and who KNOW that they can work. OK, this
might be a little more than what the Establishment used to allow in
the past but these people know already anyway. Now if we all STOP
USING THE INTERNET and mostly THE WEB for these programs and if we go
back to informing each other ONE-ON-ONE, by phone, fax or PERSONAL E-
MAILS, maybe even encrypted, then the "danger" for the Establishment
would no longer exist and they could afford to accept a "cease fire"
and to let us be ... at which time we would also let them be.
(Editorial comment: Even phone, fax and e-mails are not secure, and
if not fully encrypted, you should NEVER MENTION a program name or
even initials in these communications. Just tell your friends you
will mail them the information.) This compromise is a PEACE OFFER. To
whom it may concern... Nobody can win this war because there is TOO
MUCH to win or lose on BOTH SIDES. Going on with this war would do no
good to ANYBODY because it would be a NUCLEAR WAR and would kill

Now, independent from the actions or reactions of the Establishment,
this is what I suggest to all the people involved in these kinds of
programs and MOSTLY to the MANAGERS of REAL PROGRAMS in order for all of us to be able to go on working for our financial freedom: No web
pages anymore, no message boards, no chats, no voice chats, no e-
groups ... Everything should be done PRIVATELY and ONE-ON-ONE! For
the NETWORKERS: No longer Calibans on your lists who would always
believe Big Brother's propaganda sitting with one hand on the mouse
and< the other hand on the telephone where the numbers of the FBI and
the SEC are saved to memory and ready to use any time. Helping such
people become financially free would be a bad choice anyway and would
turn against us and against everybody else sooner or later due to the
weakness, ignorance and lack of conscience of such people.

You must KNOW and TRUST every person on your lists. And you must make
sure that there are no idiots and no plants on your lists! And if you
have people on your lists who also have lists themselves, you must
make sure that they apply the SAME RULES on their lists! This detail
is VERY IMPORTANT because THIS is how most plants get the information
and how ALL the problems start! You might take very good care of your
list and your people may do the same but on a list of someone on the
list of someone from your list ... there is ALWAYS A PLANT THERE! And
there are SURELY several Calibans there who would immediately go
to "Quatloos" or to the "Due Diligence" board or to other "organs" of
the Establishment to ask : "Did someone hear about this program? Is
it legal? How can they make so much money? This MUST be a scam"! You
can bet on that! This MUST STOP. Lists have to be TOTALLY CLEANED of
Calibans and of plants! DO IT TODAY BETTER THAN TOMORROW! Ask the
members of your list to send you PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION and work
ONLY with those who do! ADVISE THE MEMBERS OF YOUR LISTS TO DO THE SAME WITH THEIR LISTS! To recap: WE LOST THE INTERNET ... But we are still here and still looking for FREEDOM. We must only do it SILENT and PRIVATE!