StemCell research discovers how to turn back the clock

The following isn't a sales pitch for StemTech products which make your body produce
more stemcells for repair, but a pitch for a financial newsletter at the end. I don't subscribe to this
newsletter but what he has to say about StemCell research and what this technology can do for us
in reversing our biological clock is well worth the read. Watch the video or read the trascript of the
video  here.

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Why do all this you say? Because the technology exists to keep us young and functional even if
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This video documents a miracle of scientific discovery — proof that scientists could accomplish
what was previously thought impossible… what many in the world will believe is a violation of God’s will.
The video as well as a  transcript of the video can be found here as well as on this page.
StemEnhance from StemTech is one of the companies involved with this stemcell research.

A chance to live forever and remain forever young.

Yes, I’m talking about immortality. Practical, real immortality.

I realize this is a nearly unfathomable statement to comprehend, much less believe, without
seeing the proof with your own eyes.

Hence, the video clip.

But before you watch it, let me first quote a headline that appeared in the Los Angeles Times
in 1998 when early test results were first revealed:

“Scientists Give Cell Apparent Immortality.”

Another newspaper wrote:

“Firm Finds Fountain of Youth for Human Cells; Its Stock Soars…”

And the Oakland Tribune wrote:

“Researchers Immortalize Human Cells.”

That was then, of course, when the science was still, for lack of a better word, immature, and
not ready to be commercialized.

Accordingly, the hoopla and market frenzy that surrounded the company quickly faded once
the scientists returned to their laboratories and locked their doors to perfect what they had

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent and President Obama’s nominee for
surgeon general in 2009 said, “I think in the next couple of decades, we’re going to get to a
point of practical immortality.”

Little did he realize then how the decades could be compressed into a few short years.

Today, the laboratory doors have swung open again.

And now you will see how far the science has evolved.

So please, sit back, make yourself comfortable… and prepare to be amazed, excited and
quite dumbfounded.

For no longer is eternal life – life everlasting – a religious parable, a quixotic quest, an
impossible dream or the stuff of fantasy, science fiction or Greek mythology.

The fountain of youth may have, indeed, been found.

And found in the most unlikely of places.

Within us.

This biotech company has deciphered not only the genetic code that stops, and then
reverses aging…

It has also patented a technology enabling it to flip a genetic switch within our DNA, what
I call the “God Switch”…

Which may make human cells immortal.

They do not — will not die.

Indeed, it appears that every time the God Switch is flipped, it returns the aged, tired,
worn-out cells of your body to the biologically pristine state they were on day one — the day
you were born.

The profits that could obviously accrue to this company — and to you if you invest in this
— once this technology is commercialized are, obviously, astronomical.

And if this doesn’t excite you… my friend, we’re made from different stuff.

This company has already been granted hundreds of patents related to the God Switch.

Therefore, no other company can use it or make money off it unless they pay this company first.

FDA approval is still pending, but European approval could happen before the summer. The
Europeans pride themselves on maintaining a more-progressive and less-onerous approval

Nevertheless, FDA approval is a near certainty, as no drugs are involved.

As you will see, to flip the God Switch, no foreign or unnatural substance is used or introduced
into the body.

Indeed, the remarkable thing about stem cell therapeutics is that it doesn’t require the invention
of new drugs with unknown side effects.

Of course, it also helps that one of the directors of this company is the former head of the FDA.

If anyone can expect and receive the FDA’s red-carpet treatment — and secure quick
product approval

This is the best man for the job.

He could easily carry the football into the FDA’s end zone.

It also doesn’t hurt that in 2006 he was named to Time magazine’s list of the “100 Most Influential
People to Shape the World.”

Clearly, his influence at the FDA and his recognized power to shape the world for everyone’s
benefit… is this company’s ace in the hole.

But in the meantime, and to keep the revenue flowing, the company has fast-tracked the
development of products and therapies based on related technologies that are already
approved and now ready to be marketed.

Products and therapies that could free us from many diseases and afflictions that plague or
kill us.

These include heart disease, cancer, and arthritis, to name just a few.

Clearly, the profit potential for these products is astronomical as well.

One such product, targeting cancer, which I’ll describe in detail below, is slated to be released
next year.

Which is why I’ve rushed to get this information to you.

Because once the news breaks, you may find shares of this company well out of reach.

As I said before, very few people outside the scientific community and readers of the
Breakthrough Technology Alert
newsletter are aware of all I’m now reporting to you.

The news media have virtually ignored this company since Patrick Cox last recommended it
in his newsletter two years ago.

This, of course, is to your benefit, as it’s currently trading below $4 a share because of the
lack of coverage.

But this could change very, very quickly… once the video you’re about to watch becomes available to the general public.

A video you are among the first in the world to see.

Another reason why, if you decide to take a position in this company now — today…

The reward for your speed and foresight could be wealth you cannot outlive.

Indeed, it will be wealth you may actually need — if eternal life and youth are available for purchase.

Something to think about, isn’t it?

Living forever and remaining forever young.

Hard to believe it’s even possible.

Now returning to Patrick Cox for just a moment…

If you’re familiar with him, either through his published articles or by reputation, you know he’s not given to exaggeration or hyperbole.

If anything, he’s an avowed skeptic and card-carrying cynic, as am I, which is why we get along so well — and why, as Agora Financial’s technology and science researcher, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on his complete final report and recommendation.

You see, Patrick is not a very trusting fellow, and a bit of a recluse. He lives a quiet life on the west coast of Florida with his wife and two kids, often researching and reading into the early morning hours.

More to the point, he will not write about, much less recommend anything without prior rigorous investigation and analysis.

By training and inclination, he’s a scientist. He deals in facts, verifiable proof.

He wasn’t born in and doesn’t live in Missouri, but he has a “AShow Me” state of mind.

By profession, of course, he’s an economist and investment analyst.

He looks for and finds great deals, ground-floor opportunities and technological breakthroughs that promise uncompromising wealth – and he’s been successfully providing that to his readers for over 30 years.

And because of his standing within the investment research community and the sheer size of his readership, he’s researching new companies constantly, nearly every day, in the hope he will find ones worth recommending to his subscribers.

One out of maybe 300 prove worthy.

His opinion is his reputation, and he guards it zealously…

His faith and trust must be earned.

I believe that you, as an intelligent and reasonable human being, are no different.

Especially when it comes to investment risk..

So I will present you with the proof that Patrick presented to me.

Visual proof that practical immortality may soon be a reality.

Proof that human evolution could take a quantum leap forward.

And the impact will be no less profound than when human beings first stood up and began walking upright on two legs.

Proof that this company has the unrivaled potential to be the single most lucrative investment you could ever make.

But I caution you…

Do not make the costly mistake of thinking that because something was thought impossible yesterday… it must still be impossible today.

History is replete with examples of the impossible made possible — and of the fortunes these “miracles” provided…

The day before Wilbur and Orville Wright took to the sky on December. 17, 1903, no one believed it was possible for man to fly.

And those who believed a mere 12-second flight a few feet off the ground near Kitty Hawk, N.C., proved nothing…

They never bought shares in three small, startup companies that one day would become Boeing, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics.

And therefore, they may have missed their single greatest chance to live in luxurious comfort for the remainder of their lives.

In your own lifetime, imagine if you had refused to believe that ENIAC, the first computer, weighing in at 27 tons and covering 1,800 square feet…

Could be shrunk to the size of a notebook and contain 1,000 times to the nth degree more computing power…

You would not have bought shares of Microsoft, IBM and Apple when they were selling for mere pennies.

On the other hand, had you allowed yourself to be persuaded by the facts…

Today, you would be among the thousands of Silicon Valley multi-millionaires.

Yachts, airplanes and European villas would now be your toys.

Similarly... had you believed that infectious diseases, such as smallpox (the lastreportedcase was in 1977), but which had killed an estimated 300–500 million people during the 20th century alone, could not be eradicated...

That vaccines — made from the very diseases they’re designed to prevent — were dangerous, ineffective and a waste of money...

You would not have invested in Eli Lilly, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer... And you would have missed its stunning 758% rise from July 1994–July 2000.

Tying yourself to outdated beliefs about what is possible and what is not can clearly cost you money — not to mention an early and wonderful retirement.


Today, in the United States, it’s estimated that 73% of the population — more than 200 million people — will die of heart failure, cancer or stroke.

In fact, 2,000 Americans die of heart disease every day.

But what if, starting tomorrow, the number could be brought down closer to zero.


The company I’m about to introduce you to owns the technology that could make it possible.

What a time to be an investor. What a time to be alive!

This company has the power to change every life on this planet.

And most human beings can — and will — take advantage of this power.

Because there is no one alive this technology cannot help.

The scientists working at this company, and one scientist in particular, think they have, in essence, discovered how to regenerate the human body — to make it heal and renew itself — quickly, painlessly and naturally.

They have harnessed the power that exists within all of us to cure disease, prevent disease and, ultimately, eliminate aging.

That’s why this technology could change human existence, change civilization the way the light bulb, the telephone and the automobile changed civilization at the beginning of the last century.

And why it could be more profitable to investors today than the invention of the personal computer, the Internet and all the multi-billion-dollar empires they gave rise to.

Indeed, it’s far more groundbreaking in scope and monumental in effect than America placing a man on the moon.

It’s the biggest discovery in the history of modern medicine, if not medicine itself.

And you’ll soon see proof of it in the video below.

Yet in hindsight, this wasn’t unexpected.

The scientists working for and collaborating with this company are some of the most respected names in the field of regenerative medicine.

In fact, the owner of the company, who is also its lead scientist, is often referred to as the father of regenerative medicine.

His area of focus: stem cell therapeutics.

Now, there’s still a great deal of confusion and misinformation about what stem cells actually are.

So let me quickly clear things up and set the record straight.

Unlike all the other cells in your body: skin cells, heart cells, brain cells… stem cells are, for the most part, blanks.

In scientific terms, they are unpotentiated. In other words, their fate has not yet been determined.

They are waiting to be programmed by your DNA to become heart cells, skin cells, bone cells and all the other thousands of cell types that exist in your body.

And that ability to be programmed… can now be directed and manipulated in this company’s laboratory.

This is a miraculous breakthrough.

Once, it was only theoretically possible. Today, it’s not only possible — it’s actually being done.

So how would you like to have a new pair of lungs, new kidneys, 20/20 vision, baby-smooth skin and the joints of a teenager — all without surgery?

Welcome, then, to our brave new world. A world that, until today, existed only in science fiction.

Imagine… stem cells that can be programmed to replace aged, damaged or diseased hearts, brains and lungs, and even limbs, joints and skin.

No wonder economists and analysts believe stem cell therapy could yield profits unmatched in history.

Sweet music, no doubt, to every investor’s ears.

Yet ironically, the greatest strides in stem cell research made by this company came only after “human embryonic” stem cell research was banned.

Banned, justly or unjustly, during the Bush administration because of the moral and political outrage embryonic stem cells, removed from discarded embryos, had created.

It was a catastrophic blow to the entire industry.

At the time, it was believed only embryonic stem cells could cure the tens of millions of people suffering from devastating and deadly diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Dashed, too, were the hopes of those who believed embryonic stem cells could regenerate body parts and tissue destroyed or disfigured by disease or trauma.

Indeed, it was thought that soldiers who had lost limbs on the battlefield might see the day when they could grow back their legs and arms.

It was all theory, of course — but not nearly as far-fetched as it sounded.

Today, bone marrow transplants are a real-world, albeit somewhat primitive application of stem cell therapeutics.

Within the marrow of your bones exist specialized stem cells programmed to continually produce new blood.

So by transferring healthy bone marrow into a patient dying of a deadly blood disease, leukemia, for example, that person’s life can be saved.


The reason why it’s a “maybe” is the same reason why…

Embryonic stem cell therapy is actually a false messiah — and a dead end.

It has two flaws, two existential barriers that cannot be overcome.

The first barrier is supply and demand.

If embryonic stem cell therapies were actually developed and proven successful, tens of millions — hundreds of millions — of sick, debilitated and dying men, women and children would require and justifiably demand treatment.

Of course, that would also mean that stem cell therapeutics would become a phenomenally lucrative business.

But where would all those 100 million human embryos come from?

Factories with production lines? A dystopian nightmare, to be sure, one that’ll never see the light of day.

The second barrier is our immune system.

Because embryonic stem cells are, in effect, foreign bodies, our immune system will, in most cases, reject them.

Antibodies would rush in to attack and kill these foreign invaders.

Of course, there are drug regimens designed to “tone down” or disable your immune system.

But with a compromised or disabled immune system, your body is susceptible to infections and diseases that could ultimately kill you.

The cure, then, would be worse than the disease.

Many scientists believed, therefore, that stem cell therapies were nothing more than science fiction.

The flying cars and time machines of medicine. A pipe dream, in other words.

As a result, private money and Big Pharma closed their purses and shied away from entering into partnerships with stem cell research companies.

But then, a raft of new companies arose, seeking to use non-embryonic “adult” stem cells for their research. The sort found in bone marrow and skin.

It made sense.

If you cut your skin, stem cells immediately kick in and fix the damage. Similarly, if you donate a pint of blood, you have stem cells in your marrow that crank up the production of new blood cells.

This is actual proof of the regenerative capability of our bodies.

But there was a downside to this approach. Adult stem cells are not completely blank, so they have limited use.

Bone marrow stem cells are, again, a perfect example.

Healthy bone marrow stem cells can be used to replace diseased ones, of course, but they cannot be used to replace damaged heart, lung or brain cells.

And only a limited number of adult stem cell types exist. Your heart, eyes, brain, knee cartilage and kidneys, for example, don’t possess stem cells.

So if embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells were non-starters, what was left?


That is, nothing but the faith and determination of one man.

The last man standing.

The founder, CEO and lead scientist of the biotech company I’m talking to you about today — the company that could provide you with the means to live forever… and enough money to do so.

Because I can’t disclose his real name just yet, I’ll simply refer to him as Dr. Blanc.

A quiet, pensive man and small of stature, he is, nevertheless, a giant within the stem cell community.

I believe, in time, he will be viewed in the same light we view other great medical minds that have changed the world.

Pasteur, Mendel, Curie and Fleming immediately come to mind. Though I have no doubt his contribution to the improvement of the human condition will be considered far, far greater.

Patrick has actually had the distinct pleasure and honor of knowing Dr. Blanc for over 20 years.

When they met, they were both living in Menlo Park, Calif., and Patrick had just written a scathing editorial for The Wall Street Journal in which he decried the unwarranted “anti-biotech alarmism” Michael Crichton’s book Jurassic Park had provoked.

At the same time, Dr. Blanc was embroiled in a fight with the tiny minds on both sides of the political aisle who saw stem cell science as sacrilege and an affront to both God and the laws of nature.

And ever since, Patrick has followed Dr. Blanc’s work, read his papers and attended his lectures on stem cell research, gerontology and cellular aging.

He has also admired and taken advantage of, for the benefit of his subscribers, Dr. Blanc’s uncanny ability to create a succession of companies that capture the imagination of investors.

At one point, his subscribers saw gains exceeding 1,000%. Of course, pullbacks always occur. This company’s most recent gain now stands at 450%, and, therefore, Patrick thinks it’s once again a fantastic buying opportunity.

Patrick’s relationship with Dr. Blanc should in no way, though, be viewed as a conflict of interest.

Patrick is strictly forbidden from holding shares in any company he recommends — accordingly, he owns no shares of Dr. Blanc’s company.

But if he could, he swears… he would’ve long ago purchased every share he could — enough to make him at least a “10% beneficial owner” and, therefore, technically speaking, a company insider.

Dr. Blanc, in contrast, has never been in it for the money.

When he was a graduate student earning a master’s degree in biology, his father died of a massive heart attack.

Devastated and refusing to believe that disability and death must always be our lot, he began his lifelong quest to find a way to stop aging, to stop dying, disease and human suffering.

With every fiber of his being, he believed that disease and dying were not inevitable, not preordained — that somewhere deep within us was the secret to our immortality.

Just as the passing of our DNA from one generation to the next was proof to him that a part of us can continue on forever…

He saw in our seed, in sperm and egg, the proof that immortality was possible.

Yet he is a deeply religious man who believed fervently in creationism, until the paleontological evidence convinced him that creationism was a flawed theory.

He, therefore, takes exception with those who say his life’s work is immoral and blasphemous.

Where is it written, he asks, that we are forbidden to apply our hand to the problem of our mortality — to eliminate suffering?

“Scientists in the field of regenerative medicine are not trying to usurp the priesthood,” he says.

“We are, however, trying to wipe human disease from the face of the Earth. And our eyes are, indeed, set on the enormous markets of age-related degenerative diseases.”

He never expected though, when he first embarked on his quest to end disease and conquer death that…

A president of the United States and a pope would condemn the technologies he helped develop.

Yet despite the furor he helped create, Senator John McCain once expressed to Dr. Blanc a willingness to sponsor a major funding bill for stem cell research.

Of course, nothing ever came of it.

The political heat McCain would’ve had to weather would’ve been too hot to endure, even for the so-called “maverick” of the Republican Party.

Still, it was the thought that counted.

So despite the condemnation of nearly the entire political and religious world, and the inherent deficiencies of embryonic and adult stem cells, Dr. Blanc’s dream of saving lives that would otherwise be lost would not be denied.

He would find a way to enable the human body to heal itself.

But if embryonic and adult stem cells were non-starters, Dr. Blanc wondered, in a moment of pure genius, what if…

What if there were a mechanism within our DNA, a genetic code that could reverse-engineer any adult cell in our body into an embryonic-like stem cell?

And in a few short years, after countless twists and turns, trials and errors, he actually found that very mechanism!

He identified four genes within our DNA that can be manipulated to turn any adult cells — skin cells, for example — into embryoniclike stem cells.

But he was scooped on writing the necessary scientific paper that demonstrated the process — a process he had, in fact, patented.

And Dr. Blanc lost the Nobel Prize in medicine to another researcher.

In 2007, Japanese researcher Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, and a researcher from the University of Wisconsin, James Thomson, published papers showing that these four genes could actually transform adult human cells into an embryonic-like state.

And because the cells used did not come from discarded embryos, the reprogrammed cells were not called “embryonic stem cells” but were, instead, named “induced pluripotent stem cells,” or iPS cells for short.

iPS cells immediately lit a fire under the scientific community.

Like embryonic stem cells, they have the potential to make all the cells of the human body.

But unlike embryonic stem cells, they won’t be rejected. Because they’re the patient’s own cells.

Moreover, because they’re the patient’s own cells — neither embryo nor egg cells — iPS cells are also noncontroversial.

Nevertheless, there was a problem with this approach as well, and it was a big one…

To turn adult cells into iPS cells, the four genes had to be inserted into the adult cells. But they couldn’t merely be dropped in. They had to be carried in.

And the carrier vehicle Dr. Yamanaka used to introduce these genes into the adult cells was a virus.

Though the type of virus used was dormant, it was obvious the FDA would never allow an unstable and unpredictable biological agent, a virus associated with cancer, no less, to be used in human therapies.

It was determined, too, that the process by which the virus and the four genes were inserted is destructive to the cell on a submicroscopic level.

And over time, it usually resulted in the cell’s death.

It was another dead end.

Ironically, Dr. Yamanaka was just awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in medicine for his work — work that, in fact, doesn’t work.

And what does that prove?

Three things…

1. The Nobel committee needs to bone up on current stem cell research — they’re woefully uninformed.

2. Stem cell research has now earned the respect it richly deserves. It’s no longer controversial or morally reprehensible. Therefore, interest in stem cell research will be renewed, which, in turn, will lead to No. 3…

3. Investors, big and small, institutional and private, will now pounce on the stem cell bandwagon like bees to honey.

Regenerative medicine, and stem cell companies, in particular, will again become the darlings of Wall Street. And I suspect Hollywood will want to cash in on the action, too — no doubt in a macabre and Frankenstein fashion.

Bottom line: Investors smelling opportunity will start lavishing money on every stem cell company they can find.

And they’ll do this whether the company is deserving or not and whether their research is barking up the wrong tree or not.

And a lot of investors will, therefore, lose a ton of money.

Because most people writing about stem cell companies today are completely ignorant of the science behind them — which is actually fine by Patrick.

Yes, of course, it’s sad to see people sinking money into stem cell companies that will never make them a cent. But as Patrick says, that is not his problem.

His job, as he correctly states, is to steer you to the right companies — companies like Dr. Blanc’s.

Consider these “right” biotech companies that made multi-millionaires out of average, everyday investors:

Celgene Corp. saw its shares increase over 6244% since April 1992.

They make drugs that treat a blood cancer called multiple myeloma. Had you invested $10,000 in this company years ago, you’d be sitting on over $800,000 today — almost a million dollars.

Biogen Idec Corp. has seen its shares increase over 6,334% since 1992. They make drugs that treat multiple sclerosis.

Then, in 2009, Vanda Corp., which makes a drug that treats schizophrenia, saw its shares increase over 1,268% in less than one month...

I could go on and on, but the point is…

Invest in Dr. Blanc’s company today, and you could see the most gains of all.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself.

So let’s backtrack for just a minute… and then I’ll show you the video that will overcome any lingering doubts you might have about the miracle Dr. Blanc has wrought.

Because Dr. Yamanaka’s process of inserting the four genes into an adult cell to create iPS cells appeared to be another dead end…

The riches investors believed they could earn by backing the winning horse in the race to cure and prevent disease and prolong life were as faraway as ever.

But Patrick knew the race had only just begun, and he told his readers so.

Don’t fall prey to the skeptics who doubt the near-alchemical power of stem cells, he told them.

He was confident, given more time, technical hurdles would be overcome… and lives would be saved — suffering would end — and yes, money would be made.

Investors would find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, he said — and what a pot of gold it would be.

And he wasn’t alone in this belief…

Dr. Blanc knew, too, that if there was one way to create an iPS cell, there had to be another.

And soon enough, he found it — and far quicker than anyone could’ve imagined.

You see, he realized… if other animals (certain mammals, fish and reptiles, for example) could self-regenerate — grow new limbs or tails and repair damaged internal organs — it wasn’t impossible.

And we should, therefore, given the right conditions, be able to do the same.

Enter the one gene that rules them all — the God Switch!

Now, I’ll try to make this as non-technical as possible…

Our DNA is, in a very real sense, a software program.

It is also locked and encrypted. Otherwise, the genes that make up our DNA could be manipulated and even corrupted by unintended outside forces or influences — viruses, for example.

Yet we know the encryption code protecting our DNA can be turned off.

And we know this because when cells multiply — when we grow taller or build muscle, for example — our cells are dividing and making exact replicas of themselves.

This means the DNA is also dividing and replicating itself so it can be passed into the new cell, as this diagram illustrates:


But for the DNA to replicate and pass into a new cell, encryption must be turned off.

Dr. Blanc reasoned, therefore, that if he could find the encryption key — in other words, the gene or genes responsible for encryption — he could unlock the cell and instruct it to return to its embryonic state — just as Yamanaka did using a virus.

Easier said than done, of course.

The human genome contains approximately 20,000 genes. not all of which are understood, much less their millions of possible combinations.

So Dr. Blanc basically needed to find a needle in a haystack — a haystack the size of Mount Everest.

Fortunately, in one of his subsidiary companies, a scientist devoted to finding a cure for cancer found that needle without even knowing it.

After analyzing gene “expressions” from numerous cancerous and healthy cells, this scientist noticed that one particular gene, named SP100, was not activated in cancer cells.

A quick side note: Dr. Blanc’s company is now on the threshold of using gene SP100 to screen patients for cancer before they actually develop cancer, and even cure cancer if they already have it.

I’ll return to this shortly and discuss it in depth — in the meantime, though, think of the potential income — the money —that could be earned from investing in this company — a company whose products could grant immortality and cure cancer at the same time.

The wealth you could amass absolutely boggles the imagination.

So Dr. Blanc began researching gene SP100 in earnest.

And he soon found evidence in various studies that the researchers had clearly failed to understand — that SP100 is indeed the encryption key for the human cell.

In other words, when the SP100 gene is deactivated, the human cell is unencrypted.

DNA is then available for genetic modification, good or ill.

Meaning if SP100 is deactivated, cells could mutate and become cancerous.

But it also means…

Cancerous cells might be cured when SP100 is reactivated!

And of course, by deactivating SP100, Dr. Blanc could now take any adult cell in your body and return it to its embryonic-like state — make it a pure and healthy stem cell, an iPS cell.

But that was only half the battle, of course.

What still had to be accomplished was successfully directing an iPS cell to become any one of the 200-plus types of cells within the human body.

And now that too has been done.

It’s being hailed as a medical miracle.

Claudia C., a 30-year-old Spanish woman, has become the first patient to receive a transplant of a whole organ made from her own cells.

As reported in the news: “Experts said the development opened a new era in surgery in which the repair of worn-out body parts would be carried out with personally customized replacements.”

Here’s what occurred…

Due to tuberculosis, Claudia’s trachea (the lower windpipe) was destroyed.

She was unable to breathe without mechanical assistance.

So scientists used a donor’s trachea and exposed it to Claudia’s own stem cells.

As programmed, those stem cells then replaced all of the original donor’s trachea’s cells.

The trachea was then transplanted into Claudia — and, as reported in the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet, she’s had absolutely no immune reaction.

Today, she is literally dancing and singing.


This was still not good enough for Dr. Blanc, the gerontologist who wanted to stop human aging.

You see, while iPS cells could now be turned into embryonic-like stem cells and then into various cell types — they were not rejuvenated.

In other words, biologically, their age was the same as that of the patient.

And that’s a problem — a big problem.

Because if we were to take skin cells from a 65-year-old patient who had suffered a heart attack — in which heart muscle had been damaged or destroyed — and turned those skin cells into iPS heart cells...

Those iPS heart cells would be 65 years old.

What, then, would be the point of transplanting old cells into a heart suffering from age-related heart disease?

Similarly, but far worse, a study showed that a bone marrow transplant ages the immune system by about 10 years.

In other words, if you’re 60 years old and you reboot your immune system with your own bone marrow stem cells, you’ll have the immune system of a 70-year-old.

In fact, one of Patrick’s subscribers just underwent a bone marrow transfer using his own blood stem cells to cure a rare blood cancer.

And we now know his immune system is about 10 years older than it was prior to the lifesaving procedure.

Clearly, for stem cell therapy to live up to the promise Dr. Blanc envisioned, he had to find a way to reset an iPS cell’s biological clock.

In essence, he needed to reverse cellular aging — to make an iPS cell as young as a newborn baby.

Many in the scientific community said he was trying to accomplish the impossible.

But as I mentioned earlier, what is impossible today can be possible tomorrow.

Dr. Blanc knew, based on previous scientific studies, there must also be a gene that controls aging — and if he could crack its genetic code, he could stop, and even reverse, aging.

And the proof that this was, indeed, possible was cancer.

Cancer cells do not age. They are, in medical terms, immortal. They continue to replicate without end; they do not die.

The only way they will die is if they’re killed or the host body dies.

Following the breadcrumbs left behind by previous research, it took Dr. Blanc a few years to find this “immortalizing gene” and crack its code.

But find it and crack it he did.

He successfully immortalized an iPS cell — it became ageless and continued to replicate without end.

After he published his findings, CNBC immediately asked to interview him so he could explain why his company’s stock had more than doubled overnight.

The rest of the world’s press was also quick to pick up on his impossible breakthrough…

A Bloomberg headline read: “Stock Soars as Firm Clones ‘Immortality’ Gene.”

Time magazine titled its coverage “The Immortality Enzyme.”

The San Jose Mercury News wrote a story titled “Endless Youth?”

But Dr. Blanc wasn’t finished…

His biggest challenge remained…

To take an immortal iPS cell and direct it to become any one of the hundreds of cell types in the human body.

So that when those cells are ready to be injected back into the donor’s body, they would be no older than the day the donor was born.

Now, rather than me telling you he has succeeded beyond medical science’s wildest dreams…

That he has made the old young again — let me show you…

Once again, Dr. Blanc attempts the impossible — and makes it possible.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this presentation, the video you are about to watch has never been viewed by anyone besides the subscribers to Breakthrough Technology Alert and the employees and scientists of Dr. Blanc’s company.

And if a picture is worth a thousand words… imagine then the tens of thousands of dollars this video could be worth to investors — and to you, if you become an investor in Dr. Blanc’s company.

Once this video is released to the general public, on YouTube and elsewhere, probably within the next few days, the noise and excitement it will generate in the financial markets will be deafening.

The profits it could instantly generate for traders, and the income it could generate for buy-and-hold shareholders, will be overwhelming as well.

Because you’re about to witness a medical miracle.

And the patient, the guinea pig in this video… is Patrick himself.

Not too long ago, Patrick and his staff visited Dr. Blanc in his laboratory in Northern California.

On the way, Patrick stopped at a dermatologist’s office. There, a small bit of skin, a square centimeter, was removed from under his right arm.

The physician then carefully placed it into a flask and packed it into a Styrofoam cooler for transport to Dr. Blanc’s lab.

This is Patrick carrying the cooler.


When Patrick arrived at the lab, Dr. Blanc donned a white lab coat and prepared to work his magic on Patrick’s skin cells.

He began by teasing out cells from between the collagen fibers that form part of his skin’s structure , then bathed them in a growth medium prior to placement inside an incubator.


Once enough new cells had grown in the culture, Dr. Blanc began to transform them into iPS cells using his now patented SP100 gene technology.

Please note: The iPS cells that he created were the equivalent of the embryonic cells from which Patrick came.

They were completely rejuvenated and unaging. Only after Dr. Blanc had programmed them to become adult cells of a specific type did their biological clock start ticking.

In this picture, Dr. Blanc and Patrick are reviewing a computer readout of his skin cells’ transformation.


And the cells that Dr. Blanc directed these iPS cells to become are heart cells — Patrick’s heart cells, containing his DNA.

The biological age of these heart cells, which you can now see beating in a petri dish in the amazing 20-second video below, is exactly the same as the age Patrick was… when he was born.


Other than their age, they are no different than the heart cells beating within Patrick’s chest right now.

Had these cells been injected into him, there would be no immune rejection.

Indeed, over time, based on Dr. Blanc’s research, they would completely replace his old heart cells.

And this video… seemingly innocuous, short and understated… will clearly demonstrate to the world the miracle that Dr. Blanc has achieved.

It may herald a new dawn in human evolution… and could give hope to millions of people suffering from incurable and deadly diseases.

Like the “shot heard round the world” — the first musket shot fired at the British during the Battle of Lexington at the start of the American Revolution — it foreshadows how the world, how our lives and destinies, may be changed forever.

And for what it’s worth, Patrick is the first person in history to see his own heart cells, derived from cells converted to age-zero iPS cells, beating outside of the body.

Can you see now how the impossible can become possible?

Can you see now why unequaled gains could be yours if you decide to invest in this company?

Note too… Dr. Blanc could just as easily have turned Patrick’s skin cells first into iPS cells and then into endothelial precursor cells (EPCs).

Again, without getting too technical, EPCs in your blood circulate throughout your body, keeping your heart and arteries in peak condition, repairing normal wear and tear before it causes serious problems.

But as we age, they age, and hence, they become less efficient.

But by injecting age-zero EPCs into your body, derived from your own iPS cells, they would have the power to completely rejuvenate your entire cardiovascular system — thereby extending the warranty on your cardiovascular system— EACH TIME IT’S DONE!

This, my friend, could be the key to true IMMORTALITY.

It could also be the equivalent of a complete vascular transplant without surgery — and without the possibility of rejection.

Need I say this is HUGE.

I would be happy to inject myself with these rejuvenated EPCs today, if it were legal to do so, so that I could have the heart and lungs I had in my youth.

But as I mentioned earlier, FDA approval is still pending.

Have no doubt, though, Dr. Blanc fully intends to commercialize endothelial precursor stem cell therapy as soon as possible — and you can bet your bottom dollar Patrick and I will be among the first in line to buy it.

The profit potential for this therapy is enormous.

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of Americans.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), at least 81 million Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease.

This includes 73,600,000 with high blood pressure and 17,600,000 with coronary heart disease.

These numbers, however, are growing rapidly as the baby boom population continues to age.

So how much money can Dr. Blanc’s company conservatively earn from this one treatment alone?

To answer that question, all we have to do is look at aging, wealthy baby boomers, who tend to be early adopters of emerging and extremely expensive medical technologies.

Now, I don’t know how much the initial cost of Dr. Blanc’s EPC therapy will be, but I can’t imagine it’ll be more than Dendreon’s prostate cancer treatment Provenge, a therapy that extends life by about four months and costs approximately $93,000 per customer.

By the way, analysts are predicting Dendreon’s sales will eventually reach $1 billion annually.

Dr. Blanc’s therapy, in contrast, could extend life up to 100 years — and for a fraction of Provenge’s cost!

Nevertheless, let’s pretend that Dr. Blanc will charge $200,000 for the procedure and clears $100,000 per procedure.

Let’s also pretend that only 5% of the world’s population of 2 million people in households with more than $10 million in assets purchase this EPC therapy.

That equals 100,000 procedures at a profit of $100,000 each, for a total profit of $10 billion a year.

Of course, it is highly unlikely that the whole procedure of creating endothelial precursors will cost anything close to $100,000, either to perform or purchase.

In any event, it will certainly cost far less than bypass surgery.

Hence, it could easily and quickly become the therapy of choice for everyone with cardiovascular disease.

Currently, the AHA puts the cost of treating cardiovascular disease in the U.S., including stroke, at approximately $400 billion.

Once you consider the market outside the United States, though, it’s clear we’re looking at a market for Dr. Blanc’s therapy that must be measured not in billions, but possibly in trillions of dollars!

But even more importantly, we may finally begin to view the No. 1 cause of death — aged hearts and vascular systems — as a preventable disease.

And as for the No. 2 killer of Americans, cancer, responsible for over half a million deaths each year… Dr. Blanc has that in his cross hairs as well.

First order of business: a breakthrough cancer detection device due to be released by the end of next year.

So based on what I’ve told you so far and what Patrick is about to disclose…

You clearly have a ground-floor opportunity to own a company that, depending on the size of your investment, could yield you millions.

This is your chance of a lifetime…

To own a company that stands at the precipice of profoundly affecting human evolution — by extending life and…

Curing cancer.

I’m sure you’ve heard, the primary reason researchers have been unable to cure cancer is because there are so many different types of cancers and so many different genes that can be involved.

This is why the multi-billion-dollar cancer diagnostics business is one of the fastest-growing sectors in health care.

Now, I’ve already told you about the encryption gene SP100, which, in a deactivated state, appears common in all cancers.

Dr. Blanc’s cancer research subsidiary is already investigating the possibility that simply activating SP100 will not only prevent cancer — it might cure cancer if it’s already present.

Still another therapy under development by Dr. Blanc’s cancer subsidiary involves EPCs, endothelial precursor cells.

As you know, EPCs in your blood travel throughout your body.

And because cancer cells need to feed on blood in order to grow and spread, Dr. Blanc’s scientists are using blood as a Trojan horse.

They will inject into a patient’s blood EPCs coated with a class of molecules called peptides, engineered specifically to identify and attach themselves to cancer cells.

Once attached, a prodrug inside the EPCs is unleashed.

A prodrug is not an active drug, but a substance that can be converted into one in the presence of certain enzymes — enzymes that the EPCs will be genetically engineered to create.

Then, once the cancer-killing prodrug is delivered, another genetically engineered switch will be activated that causes the EPCs to self-destruct.

They and the dead cancer cells will then be flushed out of your system.

One of the most interesting aspects about this therapy is that it’s systemic. That is, because the genetically engineered EPCs are attracted to cancers wherever they are in the body, even metastasized cancers can be targeted.

Compared to the primitive cut/poison/burn therapies currently used to battle cancer, this therapy is neat, clean and extremely effective.

It assures that every cancer cell in the body is targeted and eliminated…

Whereas when tumors are surgically removed (cut), treated with chemotherapeutic agents (poisoned) or targeted with radiation (burned), there’s always the possibility that a few cancer cells will be missed.

These cancer cells can then seed the growth of new tumors.

Tumors that can spread wildly out of control throughout the body until they kill you.

That’s why many cancer therapeutics used today are not cures; they just delay the inevitable.

Dr. Blanc’s therapeutic approach, on the other hand, would, indeed, be a cure.

Yet before you can kill or cure cancer, you first have to know with certainty that it, indeed, exists.

And Dr. Blanc’s scientists have that well under control, too…

A revolutionary cancer diagnostic tool is coming to market.

And the amount of money that could flow into the company’s coffers, and into your pocket if you invest in the company, will make your head spin.

Many existing cancer diagnostic tools, as you may know, are extremely inaccurate, revealing as few as half of all existing cancers.

Moreover, they are extremely expensive.

And this is due to the unique nature of the disease itself.

Cancer isn’t just one disease.

There’s lung cancer, brain cancer, prostate cancer — and hundreds of other types of cancers.

And if everyone were checked for all these cancers on a regular basis using existing diagnostics, it would cost an absolute fortune and quickly bankrupt our entire health care system.

As a result, most people are tested for cancer only when there’s reason to believe they already have the disease.

Unfortunately, by that time, the cancer has become established and aggressive.

In a better world, there would be a simple blood test that would cheaply and quickly reveal all of the most-common cancers at their earliest stages, when they’re still easily treatable.

So now I’m going to tell you how Dr. Blanc’s company has just made this a better world.

His scientists have successfully identified over 200 genes that are activated in most, if not all, cancer cells.

They then designed a test that identifies the proteins, or markers, associated with those genes.

It’s very similar in concept to diagnostic devices that identify proteins in blood. For example, the home pregnancy test.

Of course, Dr. Blanc’s cancer-detection device will be more complex because it will be able to identify all of the most common cancers — lung, bladder, breast, uterus, stomach, colon and others.

Yet it will cost no more than existing diagnostic devices that test for only one type of cancer.

Therefore, the profit margins could be tremendous.

So not only will it save thousands of dollars — by replacing individual cancer tests — it will also dramatically lower the costs associated with treating most late-stage cancers — because it identifies cancers in their earliest stages.

This means insurance companies will want to pay for the test.

And this diagnostic test is scheduled to go on sale by the end of 2014.

But this tool is far from being the only revenue source for Dr. Blanc’s company.

Suffice it to say that Dr. Blanc is not only a brilliant scientist…

He’s also an uncommonly smart and savvy businessman, as you are about to see…

Historically, small biotech companies have been a hotbed of medical innovation.

But these small firms generally lack the capital to fund expensive clinical trials necessary for FDA approval and the launch of new therapies.

Therefore, they depend on developing partnerships with large pharmaceutical companies that can help fund their work.

In return, these large partners get to sell the final product and capture the lion’s share of profits.

The small biotech company typically receives only upfront monies and a small royalty on future product sales.

The problem with this model is that most biotech companies do not have a broad technology platform.

They usually have only one or two products. Therefore, collaborations with Big Pharma often “give away the shop.”

The small biotech companies are then left with precious little on which to continue developing on their own.

So that his company does not suffer that same fate, Dr. Blanc created seven subsidiaries, with more on the way.

And each of these subsidiaries has numerous products in development.

For example, I just outlined some of the products his cancer research subsidiary is working on.

Before that, I showed you his “fountain of youth” product, if we can call it that, which could grant us immortality and is being developed by his cardiovascular subsidiary.

Now here are two more reasons why Dr. Blanc could earn you ungodly gains.

So that he doesn’t give away the shop to Big Pharma, Dr. Blanc recruits private investors to fund the research of his subsidiaries — but his parent company always retains majority ownership.

And because each subsidiary can share resources with the other six… the time it takes to develop products and bring them to market is dramatically shortened.

You could, then have ownership in not just one company — but seven different biotech companies, each developing its own suite of potentially blockbuster products at an accelerated pace.

In addition, over the years, Dr. Blanc has been granted hundreds of patents on technologies, processes and discoveries that, if he had time to develop into products, could yield tens of millions, if not tens of billions, of dollars.

But he is not a greedy man.

His goal above all else is to better the human condition — to put an end to suffering, disease, and even death.

In his first book, a memoir published by Doubleday in 2003, he laments:

“Like hostages, we are forced to watch the years slowly etch wrinkles into the brows of our loved ones, slip into our homes and rob us one by one of mother and father, husband and wife, brother and sister.”

So rather than just sit on these patents… he licenses some of them out at cost.

For example…

To date, Dr. Blanc’s company has developed proprietary processes to develop over 200 different cell types from iPS cells. Endothelial precursor cells (EPCs) discussed above are just one of these cell types.

What Dr. Blanc has done is this…

He has agreed to provide stem cell researchers with access to a number of his patented cell lines.

Cell lines are cultures that are continually multiplying under laboratory conditions, but have not yet fully branched off to become distinct cell types.

And he has done this for a price that pretty much covers his cost of producing and supplying the cell lines.

The immediate result is that his research and development costs are near zero.

Yet at the same time, he’s giving researchers the tools to develop clinical products that could benefit all of humanity.

For example, one of his patented cell lines is central nervous system (CNS) progenitor cells.

Scientists believe these CNS stem cells will enable cures for currently incurable muscular and neurological disorders — such as Parkinson’s disease and muscular dystrophy.

And if these researchers do indeed create commercially scalable products based on his cell lines, Dr. Blanc’s company will receive royalties on all net sales.

Now that’s pure genius.

And it’s further proof that he knows how to make money for his company and investors and, at the same time, benefit all of humanity.

In fact, if you’ve noticed, what he’s done is adopt a model that’s being successfully used in the computer software industry.

Software companies routinely provide developers with the tools they need to program products that run on their platforms. Only when the developers have a product on the market are they required to pay royalties.

And this business savvy of Dr. Blanc’s has not gone unnoticed in the medical community.

His company has now entered into an exclusive license agreement with Cornell University for the worldwide development and commercialization of technology developed at Cornell’s medical college.

To quote Dr. Alan Paau, vice provost for technology transfer and economic development of Cornell University:

“Dr. Blanc’s company’s commitment to the field of regenerative medicine and the unique technologies it has marshaled in its commercial efforts make it the company of choice for us to bring our technologies to market.”

I should also note that, as far as we know, Dr. Blanc’s company was the first publicly traded stem cell company to partner with Big Pharma.

His neuroscience subsidiary will supply stem cells to Teva Pharmaceutical Industries for the purpose of developing treatments for retinal and neural degenerative diseases.

Israel-based Teva, as you might know, is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, with annual revenues in excess of $16 billion.

Together, they will also develop and commercialize Dr. Blanc’s treatment for age-related macular degeneration, which is a growing concern for aging baby boomers.

Approximately 7 million men and women are currently at risk for developing that disease.

This clearly represents another multi-billion-dollar opportunity for Dr. Blanc’s company.

So now you may wonder if there’s no end to the profit potential of this biological and financial juggernaut Dr. Blanc has created.

The truth is, according to what I’ve read in Patrick’s report, I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I could go on and on about Dr. Blanc, his company and all the other reasons you could make an absolute fortune if you invest early in his company.

But I’ve already taken so much of your time…

What I’ve been authorized to do, instead, is send you Patrick’s actual report on Dr. Blanc’s company and its seven subsidiaries.

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Including the breakthrough technologies each of his seven subsidiaries are developing that I haven’t had time to mention in this presentation.

For example…

Arthritis, caused by the deterioration of joint, cartilage and other skeletal cells, may now have a cure thanks to Dr. Blanc’s company.

His orthopedic subsidiary is developing products that could rejuvenate and replace hard tissue and joints — your knees, cartilage and tendons — all without surgery.

Now, you may not know this, but arthritis is America’s leading cause of disability. More than 46 million people have been diagnosed with the disease. Factor in unreported cases and the actual number may be 70 million.

And here’s another potential profit bonanza if there ever was one

The global market for plastic and reconstructive surgery is expected to approach $40 billion this year.

Accordingly, his orthopedic subsidiary expects to have a product on the market this year that could have people disfigured due to trauma or surgery — not to mention baby boomers with sagging skin — lining up in droves.

Unlike Botox, with one shot of this, you’ll look as good as new for life!

This subsidiary is also in the midst of developing another product that will repair spine damage caused by degenerative disc disease.

Amazing, right?

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He owns a tobacco company that has patented a process for producing tobacco that’s 90% carcinogen-free.

Today, his production process is used by most major tobacco companies around the world — and they all pay hefty royalties to his company for its use.

Yet ironically, this amazing gentleman is vehemently opposed to smoking (he’s seen cigarettes prematurely kill many friends and family).

His real goal upon “inheriting” his tobacco company was to figure out a way to actually help people quit smoking.

And to that end, he hired scientists to discover what it is in tobacco that’s so addicting.

Incidentally, he made his first fortune as a major investor or co-founder of several successful biotech firms, including VISX lasik surgery.

Now, for brevity’s sake, I’ll tell you this…

Not only did he discover the ingredient in tobacco that’s so addictive — no, it’s not nicotine — he also developed a product that is actually one of the most, if not the most, effective smoking cessation aids on the market today.

Yes, it’s being sold today — and pulling in tons of money for the company.

But that’s still just background for the real story.

His scientists also discovered an ingredient in tobacco that is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory.

So powerful, in fact, it can slow “age-inducing” inflammation. In other words, by eliminating chronic inflammation throughout the body, it actually slows aging.

Some scientists believe it could even reverse Alzheimer’s disease.

And that will be huge if current clinical trials prove successful.

In the meantime, professional athletes and everyday people with aches and pains are singing this product’s praises.

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