Planet X as seen by J Stewart

written by PJ Stewart
Part 1
Thursday April 25th,2002 in Va. Beach, Steve gave a lecture about Planet X for a group of interested people. Several of the people recorded it. This is lengthly, so I've decided to write a transcript of the talk in several segments.
Steve states he has studied Planet X since November 1996 when it came into his consciousness from several sources. He read the 12th Planet by Zachariah Sitchen and several others and having done some research himself, is convinced it will be coming. He used to believe that it was going to come 2012 and possibly later, but has revised that date to one closer. Possibly May, 2003. It is surmised that it swings by the earth every 3,600 years and is about 3 times the size of Planet Earth.
Steve states that several scientists have started to release information that shows technologically, man has been further advanced then we ever previously suspected. We know they have been holding on to this information for whatever reason and are only recently starting to release it to the general public through TV and the media.
At the A.R.E. Steve studied books such as John White's "The Pole Shift" and "The Earth Changes" Book. He also began to study Emanual Velokoski who wrote a series of books in the 1950's, such as "Ages In Chaos" and others.
Take this information together with the knowlege that whale bones on mountain tops and seashells found high atop the Andes mountain ridge, the world has been through some huge cataclysmic events.  When reading Zacariah Sitchen writings, things started to fall into place for him.
Sitchen's theory was taken from ancient Summerian sandscript tablets written many thousands of years ago (4,500?) Sitchen's book The Twelth Planet was written in the 1970's and since then he has written a series Cosmic Code and The Lost book of Anake (sp?)
The last one was a fictional account so that more information could be imparted to the masses through a fictional setting making it easier to read.
One of the books was written about  'Collective Amnesia'. The events were of such horrific cataclysmic proportions that whole populations memories were erased and forgotten.  They ended up writing what happened down in metaphors and alagories. He feels too that it is probably true that people were so concerned with survival, gathering food and making shelters that there was no time to write the events down at that time. Not to mention that many of the people who would have recorded the events were probably killed in the last pass of Planet X.
Core samples of the Earth have been taken in the ocean and during excavations in Alaska. They have proved beyond a doubt the world has gone through this event before.
When Steve started looking for information of Planet X he found it went all the way back to articles in Astronomy magazine in 1981.  N.Y. Time magazine did a article on it in June 19, 1982. Newsweek did another article June 28, 1982 and the Washington Post  did one December 31, 1983.  As the information of Planet X became to accumulate, Steve started keeping a website of Planet X articles and finally it became so large that he just let it go. He recently found it again at a place called  The last photograph Web Archive took of his site was in March of 2001. You must first go to the main web page. Then enter his address in the place given. This address is:    I've not had a chance to go to this site yet.
He recommends a good video on Planet X called  All the latest names in Planet X renown speak there. It was a group effort.
If you're confused about all the names of Planet X, he listed them so as to clear up the confusion.
Planet X, Wormwood, Nibiru, The Red Star, the Blue Star, Fiery Messenger, The Comet of Doom. The Tenth Planet.The Greeks called it Nemisis. The Babalonians and Mesopatamians called it the Marduke. The ancient Hebrews called it the Winged Globe. Lastly, the 12th Planet.  
The reason they speculate it was called the Twelfth Planet is because the Summerains used to count the sun and the earth's moon as planets. If you were to start doing some research under some of these names there would probably be more to learn about it's past encounters with the earth. Once you realize what these names symbolize and that they are all talking about the same planet, it clears up a lot of things.
The reason many thought that it would come in 2012 was because the Mayan calender ends in 2012. But then they realized you have to have a correct starting point, which they've come to believe the Mayans didn't. It is actually sooner than was previously thought. This is why many have revised the date they believed it would arrive. The projected date spoken of now, is May 15th 2003, give or take a few weeks.
Planet X will swing between the Earth and the Sun. It will depend on exactly where it comes through, how much damage will be done. Everytime it has passed by Earth it has not caused major damage. It is not just the turmoil of passing the earth the first time, but it will swing around the the Sun and then come back by the earth again for a second pass. Depending on the speed, it can go around the Sun in one day.
Interesting thought. It may look a lot like a comet. There is much proof to indicate that it travels with all sorts of things. Not only next to it but following it like a comet. It's tail will have particles of dust, meteorites, small moons. There will be pherous-oxide dust, which is of course red. This will fall to the earth as it travels past. In Exodus from the bible, it talks about when the earth and water turned to blood. Now it isn't actually blood, but the Oxide mixed with the water which makes the blood like appearance. Another of the plagues talked about in the bible during this time was the stones coming down. Right before the earth shifts, there will be a huge amount of the red dust falling to earth, then stones and then the earth will shift. if you're in a safe area, you will know exactly when the earth shifts by the signs. 
When it comes in it will have a effect on the magnetic fields of the Earth. It will cause Pluto and everyone to be off balance. It will cause the Earth's magnetic field to shift as well. (we are already starting to see the effects of this) It takes a large amount of force to make large land masses move. We are talking about magma, iron core... Volcanos will start to blow. Earthquakes and faults in the earth will probably give way. Anything weak.
This is where people who believe in Re-incarnation, will reap the harvest and a large amount of souls will go home. Those who survive will be those whose lives are ones of service and helping others.
Greg Braeddon's (sp?) theory of Zero Point, when the earth stops spinning and just sits there, is a real possibility.
Not too long ago about 1-2 years ago, they sent people up into space to adjust the Hubble telescope. It was changed so it could view things with Infared. Strange isn't it, that people have said that the only way Planet X has been viewed so far is with Infared telescopes. There is suppose to be photos taken of it by observatorys in France using infared. It was located near the Orion constellation.  
All the big observatories of the earth are closing down for reasons that are just too co-incidental. Of 27 telescopes William Henry  called to see if he could get time on, 26 turned him down stating they were closed for repairs. Only one would let him get time on theirs. When they asked for the coordinates he wanted, they turned him down stating he couldn't use it because it was 6 hours from the sun. 
If you were a government scientist and wanted a safe palce that you could give you a birdseye view of it's arrival, where would you be? The Space Station! They are working on it night and day and spending huge amounts of money. That's where the world's powerful and elite might chose to make home in those final days.
It is not suppose to visible to the naked eye until 7 weeks prior to it's arrival.
(Vance Davis of the Gulf Breeze Six fame, has stated that shorty after he gave a lecture about Planet X in Sante Fe, New Mexico, March 2002, he was contacted by a Government spook friend of his and told "nice lecture, Start looking in the news this coming June")  Does this mean that the government will start to leak stories to the world about it's imminent arrival?
They can't keep it a secret forever!!

 Part 2
Who Inhabits Planet X?
Why would anyone suspect that Planet X is inhabited? When writings were passed on, we find that many people had access to secret information. The Mystery Schools of Egypt handed this information down from high priest to high priest, down to a select few and over and over. Eventually over time it was lost, or well hidden now. Every 3,600 years when Planet X passed by things would change dramatically in the history of the world. Laws and the art of writing flourished and were developed almost overnight it seems. Everything the Sumerians learned came during that time. The people from Planet X are called the "Annuaki."
In the older versions of the bible 1950's versions and back, in Genesis 6-4, we find they talk about the people of the "Shem" (sp?) The translation means Rocket. People of the rocket. We find there was a translation problem and meanings got distorted. In newer versions of the bible they took all references to rocket out of the text and changed it. An Egyptian picture shows a rocket. Numbers 13-32 speak about the "Nefleum." (sp?)
(writer's note, I have a 1952 version of the bible and can find no reference to either of these two group names of people.  However my version does speak of the Giants that walked the earth, in Genesis 6-4.)  
The bible talks about it coming from the sky and then in Exodus it talks about all the earth changes that took place when it passed through.
Sitchen and others write about the Annuaki residents of Planet X. When they came here they mined Earth for the gold it contained. Mainly in Africa. They were described as Giants from 8 feet to 12 feet. There are Sumerian drawings of the Annuaki people with themselves next to them looking very small, as if children. They co-mingled with the people and produced children. (again, this is spoken of several times in the bible)
Steve said that writings about the Annuaki are very scarce so he went to the bible and searched page by page for references to them. He came across a section in his bible that no one else has mentioned, in Numbers 23-34. ..paraphrasing the section it says that when Moses went to seek out new land, they came to land that was inhabited by the sons of Enac. They wanted to take the land and fight for it, but were told they couldn't, by the scouts, since the land was now inhabited by strong, tall, giants who had devoured the past people. ..."in comparison of whom, we seemed like locusts."
It is something to think about, that the older Sumerian tablets describe the flood and Noah's ark and it is almost identical to the bible.  There is some 30,000 Sumerian tablets and Sitchen and others have only been able to translate a few of them. Most of them are in Iraq and you know what is happening there.
Now Planet X was inhabited in the distant past. The atmosphere was deteriorating and they needed the gold in large quantities to help with this. They suspended the gold in minute particles in the air to keep from losing heat and to survive. Not having enough gold in their planet they explored ours. Ancient civilizations on earth were abundant in gold back then. It was used for everything, even wallpaper. Edgar Cayce said back in the times of Atlantis, gold was as common as plastic is now. Where is all that gold now??
When they started mining for gold in Africa, they needed help to do all the labor. They "manipulated local life forms"  in other words, they used the people of earth as slaves. Some worked in mines and some in the gardens. What does this sound like? (hint...Adam and Eve?) If we wind up to be their slaves this time, there won't be police departments to stop them from taking advantage of us. Writers note: It also brings up another question about all the tunnels that were found when current tunnel makers were working underground. They are supposedly much better made than the latest tunnel equipment known to man, is even capable of at this time.
 (Steve was reluctant to talk about this next part and said that he would give another lecture soon about the Annuaki in more detail)
Those who survive will only have 100 years to live and then die out. (sounds like the Stalking Wolf Prophecy)
They have already decided who is going to survive and move into this planet.
Have the Annuaki tried to get rid of us before?  Will they try again when they return?
With all the large telescopes being shut down and NASA only releasing information of comets 3 days before it's expected arrival in our vicinity, we have to seriously wonder what kind of notice we will get when Planet X comes a knocking.
The movie Sudden Impact, is a prime example of the government waiting till the last minute to warn people.
What can we do and what has already been done?  Our government is already taking care of itself and it's prime members by building huge underground installations. Cheyenne Mountain and many others across the country come to mind. There is already a shadow government in place that alternate between being on top and in the underground facilities.
Where are the safe areas to go? There is a site called "Troubled Times" that can be found through 
It lists every state individually and then some listings for more specific areas. There are huge amounts of people gathering together to find solutions to this coming problem. They are forming groups and information there.
The new poles are going to be somewhere off the coast of India and the other off of South America somewhere.
Some suggest that the older mountain ranges are the best places to be since they have survived all of this so far. This includes the Appalachian Mountains and the Ozark Mountains. No low lying lands near oceans or any large bodies of water. Water will have a tendency to slosh back and forth and take out land mass and buildings and anything in it's path. Water is very destructive.
( At this point, a person in the meeting talked about their house insurance being cancelled and told by insurance companies that they are refusing to insure any new home owners that build within 2-3 miles of oceans on the eastern seaboard of United States.)   Here in Va. Beach, Edgar Cayce said it was going to be safe. However many people feel things may have changed.
Steve then read an excerpt from a magazine article, " There will be permanent climatic change for all parts of the world. Surviving the actual shift is the easy part, it's afterward that will be hard."
Volcanoes are prolific producers of noxious gases, dust and carbon monoxide. Also h2s, NOX, arsenic and lead will climb to toxic levels. Dust will linger in the upper atmosphere for year to come, blocking our life giving sun. Steve is most bothered by the thought of the Nuclear waste facilities and the micro organisms that will be tossed into the air. Our immune systems haven't seen these for thousands of years and basically have no immunity to them. The area that comes to mind is Washington state by the Columbia River with all the huge amount of nuclear waste stored there.
Another area that is suppose to be safe is the Salt Flats.They are flat and won't buckle. They could land a space shuttle there afterward. There is an influx of people building Geodesic Dome homes there. Several sites that deal with the Dome homes are:
Another company is formworks building, inc. out of Colorado. Phone: 970-247-2100
Many of these companies claim to withstand winds of 200-300 miles per hour. They can be built on top of the ground or underground as might be best. Formworks builds many models that are partially above and below. Some companies domes are made so they can float.
He suggests we don't have to have a 99% mortality rate from earth changes. Start learning how to garden now and can foods for long term storage. Learn how to save seeds. Buy seeds from companies that are non-hybrid.
With technical know how we have a better chance of survival. Example: Instead of just buying a water filter, take the time to learn it's compositition and how it works.  If need be, you could make your own. Learn the fundamentals of ecology. You don't have to be at the mercy of nature.
A Warning-Quacks
Steve produced a newspaper he saw called "The Light" out of New Mexico or somewhere. Sort of a new age newspaper. He showed everyone an ad in the paper. It was saying "We are the Niburians and we will re-code your DNA for you......." This was printed in 1997.  There is bound to be more quacks out there trying to get the one thing that you have and they want, your money. Use common sense. Trust your instincts.
As we move closer to the time of it's arrival, there will be more and more off the wall things to distract you away from it's imminent arrival. Perhaps a small nuclear exchange? The idea is for us not look up.
Another scary theory is that if the government realizes this will to happen, what could they do to make sure there is not a lot of chaos when it does? Decrease the population perhaps? Small pox or some other disease is probably on it's way.
Steve talked about the stages he went through when he first learned of this back in 1996.
Denial, and then depression. Afterwards he started reasoning about it, that it is nature, death and growth. Finally he has come to accept it. You can't run from it.
"You can't yell fire on a crowded planet!"