I have a holy spirit story to tell you.
I had a stroke on Wednesday March 4th,2015.  I lost my right leg and part of my right arm.
I got the below email from Kim Clement on March 5th Thursday.

Something very beautiful just transpired.
During my prophetic workshop on March 4th, yesterday, something very beautiful transpired
and quite honestly I was not expecting it.
While I was ministering after a beautiful moment of worship, the Holy Spirit stopped me and
told me to "breathe". I got everyone who was watching all over the world to stop and breathe
and suddenly something happened and everyone was surrounded and filled with His spirit
and breath.  We have had countless emails since then from people experiencing healing and
freedom from all kinds of ailments and even psychological problems, depression, fear, and who experienced a strong presence of God removing these strangling forces.


Please donít miss this - Godís breath will enter your house and you will feel the difference.
Also you can be a part of blessing Israel as we place Boots on the Ground.

Watch as soon as you can.


From Ber
Irina and I work on stuff which puts us in Satan's target sites. I am just finishing up on my book Parachute of Jesus which started out as a one page tract on salvation but as knowledge of how few people make heaven at death came forth, it has become a 160+ page book to try and even the playing field. It attempts to correct the Hosea 4: 6  shortfall by providing people with information to cement their belief which today I believe is found lacking. It is published online right now but should be available as a paperback to give away soon.  Satan attempts many methods to distract me and take away my time from completing this work. I don't ride on the grace train entirely. Although I do not believe we are saved by our own works, I also don't believe we can get there without living a life showing the fruits of the spirit either.


Irina's works on transhumanism and how the Nephilim are attempting to destroy us is also a threat to Satan's plans and he messes with her computer and harddrives constantly to thwart that process. Her site at , especially her latest video on the Nephilim Agenda, is definitely a threat to Satan's domain.


 On Wednesday March 4th, 2015 I suffered a second stroke and my right leg was totally functionless that evening. I couldn't wiggle my toes, couldn't lift my right leg, couldn't balance myself, couldn't even stand up without leaning on something, couldn't roll over in bed; literally had no feeling in my right side. My handwriting was unrecognizable. I also couldn't type or write properly with my right hand. I was devastated. Irina and I prayed and prayed.  Thursday wasn't much better. I tried using crutches but all I could do was drag my right foot. I could not pick it up and could still not wiggle my toes.  By evening I was more than discouraged.  Then Kim's message above came across email. Since I have personally witnessed all types of healings by laying hands on others, I thought, why not. I remember one kid who had a huge knot on his knee; cancerous. He left the service with the same knot as he came in with, but when he came the following week; it was gone and he walking again. We're talking a softball sized knot. I remember taking a teenager who had been in an auto accident to Apostle Ron ( a dear pastor friend of mine who God took home recently - he was my age - not sure when he acquired the apostle title but that's what he went by - I still have his site and pics posted at my other site ) who did healings every weekend at San Juan De Dios in Guadalajara. The kid couldn't even get out of the car without help and could barely get up the few steps we had to go up he was in so much pain in his back. Ron and his brother Fred prayed over him and told him to run down the steps, run around the little building that was there, and run back up the steps. He looked at them like they were out of their minds and then proceeded to do exactly that. That day put aside any doubts I may have ever held regarding what the Holy Spirit is capable of.

I felt like the woman with the bleeding problem who thought if she only touched the hem of Jesus' garment she would be healed, and she was. I felt that if I listened to the replay of Kim's March 4th program I also would be healed.


So I went online to and opened up the replay of the March 4th program and listened to it.
When the part about the Holy Spirit breathing on people came up I was ready to be healed and fully believed I would be as I saw no other alternative considering the condition I was in.  It truly was a test of my faith as well. It was time for the rubber to meet the road.  When the program ended I wasn't healed, but knowing that only miracles are instantaneous and healing can take longer; I wasn't discouraged. When I awoke Friday morning, I could wiggle the toes in my right foot and bring my knee up to my chest. I could stand but not walk without crutches. We went to St Vinneys and bought a used walker and I made it from the house to the mailbox and back, about 1500 feet.   I did leg squats and calf raises. Barbell chest press was disappointing. Couldn't do any at 85 pounds where I normally would do 13. At 75 pounds I could do only two. Saturday morning I woke up and had even more flexibility and I could walk like a drunk without either crutches or the walker. I overdid it Saturday as I used the chain saw to cut up a bunch of wood, wheel barrowed it to storage and helped load and unload a trailer load of limbs from pasture pickup. I also did 10 bench press reps at 75 pounds as well as the normal load for lat pull downs and rows. I couldn't do as many right armed seated curls as I normally do. But I could write and type again. The thing about a stroke is, once the brain is starved of oxygen and those cells die, it takes a long time for the nervous system to use other nerves and branches to go around the dead ones to get function back; if ever; many don't ever recover. I had a stroke a little over a year ago, Jan 2nd, 2013,  and recovery wasn't quick. I was back to about 90% - 95% though when this one happened.  Holy Spirit intervention made short work of this one. On Monday morning and I walked with even less limp  and by Tuesday, my limp was all but gone.  Praise Jesus as He gets all the glory. He's obviously not done with me yet. All is looking good.


Do I think Kim Clement is a true prophet? I don't know. I think he is a bit overzealous in his collection attempts at times, but I have watched him often enough I certainly believe God and the Holy Spirit do work through him. Certainly not all things he has prophesied have come to pass; but many have. He has as good a track record as anybody. I have watched healings done by Charles and Francis Hunter, both deceased, as well as by their daughter Joan Hunter who ordained us, where people were healed and brought to speaking in tongues by watching a video. I learned to speak in tongues watching a Charles Hunter DVD. Irina and I have witnessed limbs grow out at these presentations/meetings. . With exposure to such experiences, I had no problem with believing if the Holy Spirit said he will blow on me as I inhaled and would heal me that it would in fact happen; even if it was watching a computer screen instead of being there in person.  And I truly believe that is what happened.  Too much time had passed in two days for the clot simply to have passed or dissolved and not have damaged neurons and brain tissue. This was evidenced by the total immobility of my right leg for those two days. 
As seldom as I receive a message from Kim Clement; I do not believe that email was accidental either. And I had a choice. Write it off as "this only happens for other people" or replay the program and let the Holy Spirit handle my problem as He said He would.  I chose the latter, believing if I did so I would be healed just as the woman with the bleeding issue felt she would be healed if she just touched Jesus' garment; no difference.  I had nothing to lose and everything to gain; remembering  healings are not instantaneous like miracles.

Saturday I took the chainsaw out and cut more wood and wheelbarrowed it to where it had to go. Not walking great yet, but walking without crutches or the walker. Sunday I cut more wood and took the jeep and trailer and picked up a lot of limbs from the winter falls under the maple trees and put them on the burn pile, still limping somewhat but very mobile.  Monday, I walked even better and by Tuesday,  my gait was almost normal. All the glory goes to Jesus. I do believe the holy spirit lives within me.

If anyone needs healing of any kind, I truly hope they will watch the March 4th Kim Clement show  at   and truly believe that when the Holy Spirit says He is breathing upon you to heal you, you truly believe He is.  Watch more Kim Clement videos or key portions of those sessions at 

Jesus can heal anything if He wills it, and He does will it that none of his children should be sick.  Call upon Isaiah 53:5, 1Peter 2:24. John 14:13-15 and Mark 16:18 and tell Jesus those are His words, not yours and you hold Him to them. Don't forget to claim your healing through Mark 11:24 that whatever you ask for in prayer, if you truly believe it will happen, it will be given you. This is an excellent chance for healing, if people only believe and have sufficient faith. I did and I truly believe I was healed. There is no other adequate explanation knowing what I know about strokes..

Berry Ball


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