The Telexfree program has run into problems.
This is what we know about this.
Please understand that for now you will not be able to access the back office. You will not be able to post ads. You will not be able make withdrawals or access any of your information until the company is allowed to conduct operations again. There is no way to know when that may be. For now TelexFREE is shut down and will not be able to start operations again until these allegations have been answered. This could be a prolonged period.

TelexFREE faces some very serious legal challenges. I assume you have all read the various articles and postings online. Here is a summary of what we know:

BANKRUPTCY FILING: TelexFREE filed for a chapter 11 bankruptcy in Nevada. This type of bankruptcy allows a company to basically stop operations, reorganize and then start operations again.  It appears that a judge has now allowed that to continue and there is a hearing scheduled for April 17th in Nevada.

The reason it is filed in Nevada is because that is the state where TelexFREE LLC is actually registered. Many companies use Nevada to actually set up the company because there is no state income tax there and they are quite business friendly.

Here is a link to the document allowing the bankruptcy filing to continue.


Of even greater importance now is a complaint filed by the State of Massachusetts’ SEC Division. The complaint alleges the company  engaged in the fraudulent offer or sale of unregistered securities in the State of Massachusetts.  This is a very serious charge and the document filed states that the SEC Division is issuing a “ceast and decist order”. This means the company will have to provide the SEC with all of the information they request. This could take a prolonged time. Here is a link to the SEC filing.

If the SEC determines they are guilty, there would be a long process through the court system.  

We all hope TelexFREE will be able to meet these challenges and resume operations. But there is no way to know what the future holds. We will continue to provide information and we will notify you of any conference calls. There is a call scheduled for later today at 4:00 PM Eastern Time. See the link below.

That is all we know at this time. We will update you if we get any other information.

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