The Master's Miracle , now called miracleii products
The Master is God in this case, as it was God who provided the formula to a man named Clayton 
which DOES perform the miracles.  I personally have used these products for more than 10 years 
now. You can currently buy them at 

Clayton's Story  - How it all began

We originally purchased this product through a company called The  Master's Miracle which no 
longer has the right to this product because they diluted it and threatened to sue me if I kept this 
page up. The real original product is now marketed as Miracle ii at

I will leave most  of this page in tact because it covers the history of how this product came about that Miracleii doesn't talk much about on their site.  But the company The Masters Miracle, which I originally joined and marketed this product through, is not the same today as it started out. Clayton, the man whom God gave the formula to, quit selling his product to The Masters Miracle in Dec 2003 when he caught 
them diluting every 55 gallon drum of product with ten gallons of water. We noticed the dilution also in product we received.  I no longer buy product from the company called "The Masters Miracle", in fact I think they went out of business. If you do a google search you will find they got in a lot of trouble with the FDA.

I also received a threatening certified letter from their attorney in August of 2005 demanding I pull content from this webpage or face loss of distributorship. I guess since I no longer intended to  deal with them I could live with that. I can't live with a company who is money hungry enough to mess with God's formula, jeopardizing the healing qualities it had to offer for others. For them, it's all about the money, for us users, it's all about getting the right stuff. And this IS the right stuff. 

The original formula of Clayton's, given to him by God,  CAN be purchased from   where I now purchase product. Product is much cheaper at Miracle II than it was at The Masters Miracle and they have a 45% discount wholesale program that is NOT MLM if you have a store and want to buy in quantity. But the point is, the reason we bought the product in the first place was because God provided the formula and since I doubt Clayton will reveal that specific formula to anyone, what The Masters Miracle ended up selling was a fake imitation that certainly won't have the properties of the original Clayton formula.

It's just soap and neutralizer, folks. Sorta. But you won't believe what it does.
It's like having Jesus walking  amongst us to heal us. The results of use appear as miracles. Which isn't surprising considering who gave to a servant named Clayton , the formula to do these miracles with, the Master Himself.  

The Master's Miracle (or I should say the soap formula that Clayton provides which is NOT what is currently provided by The Masters Miracle)  comes straight from God Himself. I'm serious; the formula was given to a man named Clayton twenty some years ago by God Himself.  These products do some extraordinary things you would not expect from a soap or a neutralizer. If you took a bath with the soap and neutralizer and the water turned all black would you might think there were some negative things that just came out of your body?  By the way,  NO animal fats, alcohols or petroleum products are used in this soap or any of the products. This product is restoring hair, restoring sight, removing warts, removing pain, restoring kidney function, creating weight loss with body normalization; the list of testimonials is just beginning.  I told you it was like having Jesus back amongst us. The products work by raising the pH of your body to the 7.0 neutral point it should be and create an environment where parasites and yeasts can't live. They also cause more oxygen to get into your body so the body can heal itself , eliminate toxins, and thereby detoxify. 

Our bodies get loaded down with toxins from the foods we eat that have been sprayed with various poisons. The toxins go into our body and they cannot escape because the pores of our skin have been clogged from the oils that are in soap products we use made from animal fat. This soap cleanses the body from all these oils and waxy residues which will clear the pores of the face, body and scalp. These products not only cleanse the body externally, but internally, as well. The first components are the soaps, which are natural combinations of electrically formulated water and minerals. Many other testimonies suggest that the neutralizer, when added to your drinking water will wash bacteria and toxins out of the blood stream like an internal detergent.

The products positively affect many different conditions. 

It was God who gave Clayton the formula for this amazing product, awakening him at 1:00 a.m. that July morning in 1981. Names of minerals with the formulas and how to mix them were all miraculously flashed on his bedroom wall. He was wise enough to get it all down on paper.
As weeks went by Clayton attests that God opened doors for people to use all the different products. He gave the products away for about 5 years and then in 1987 began to bottle and sell it for the first time. People began reporting to him the healing merits of both the soap and neutralizer. I removed the rest of the story of how his association with The Masters Miracle came about because due to greed by this company in diluting his product he no longer provides them product. So you are not getting the real thing from The Masters Miracle anymore. The owners of The Masters Miracle also lied to their distributors, thousands of us, that he had to stop selling Clayton's product because Clayton lied about the ingredients, that Clayton had dangerous chemicals in his soap.
It turns out that not only is The Masters Miracle not giving you Clayton's product anymore, they also have dangerous contaminants in them besides that. 

But you CAN buy product that still is provided by Clayton and his original formula at  where I get product or at the MLM company, URI International,  noted above, called their Green Soap. The downside of URI is that the product is more expensive than at MiracleII and if you want to be a distributor you have to spend $40/mo with them to qualify to receive compensation from others who buy product at URI. The upside is they have some good products there. I love Clayton's soap. I bath my 100 pound Rotweiler Cubby using it every week and it makes his coat very soft and shiny. I could definitely tell the difference when I used a cheap WalMart shampoo on him one day. I had to go back to the real thing.


It all began when Clayton Tedeton , who was a business man with no connection to religion at all, was injured when a car ran into him.  He was bedridden and was told that he would never walk again.

My name is Clayton Tedeton. I am from Calhoun, Louisiana, and I would like to tell you 
how Miracle II, The Anointed Miracle Soap, came into being. First, I would like to say that God 
must be given all credit, all glory and all praise for the Miracle II concept. It was He who gave 
me the formula for this amazing product, awakening me at 1:00 AM that July morning in 1981. 
Names of minerals with the formulas on how to mix them were all miraculously flashed on my 
bedroom wall.

The name Miracle II is just that, it was my second miracle from God. My first miracle came when 
I was healed after watching a television evangelist pointing his finger at me and saying, "There is 
a man out there that God is going to heal." I had spent nine months laid up from injuries I received 
in an auto accident. I believed the evangelist was speaking directly to me, I said out loud, "If there 
is a God that this man is talking about, if you will let me live and finish raising my children, I'll do 
anything you want me to do."   One day later I arose from my bed healed of all my injuries. At this 
time, I was a brick distributor and owned rental property. As the months went by, I began to hear 
this voice. It would say, "YOU PROMISED ME THAT YOU WOULD OBEY ME." For the next two 
years, this voice became so loud and so often that the only thing I knew to do was run away. So I 
got in my motor home and ran away.

I roamed the United States and Mexico for 8 years, trying to get lost, I stayed away from home 
up to 10 months a year. Every place I traveled in the U.S. or Mexico, someone would come up to 
me and would tell me that God loved me. After 8 years of this, I was in Union City, Tennessee, 
December 1980, and I said to myself that I would go back home and face whatever I've got to do.

After being back a few weeks, I was talking to God and He was talking to me. My wife would hear 
me talking and say, "Clayton, what in the world is going on?" And I would tell her, "I don't know, I 
cannot explain to you what is happening in my life." A short time after coming back home, I talked 
YOU WILL PROSPER AND SEE MY GLORY." One day later, at 1 AM, the formulation for Miracle II 
was flashed on my bedroom wall.

The days following this I began to assemble and mix this product. The voice of God told me that 
to name it and how to package it. As time passed and all this time the voice of the Lord was saying, 
"IT'S TIME TO GO TO WORK." At this time, I did not know exactly what to do. In December 1981, 
I talked to the Lord and said, "I have got to have instructions so that this product can be used." A day 
later the Lord instructed me to take some of this product to a woman and tell her to use it for everything. 
I did not know the lady at this time. After 3 days, she called me and said, "Every time I use this product, 
the strangest things happen to me. I'm going to have to pray about this."

On the 17th day of April 1982 at 9:00 AM, the lady called me and said, "Mr. Tedeton, for the past two months the Lord has instructed me to write a set of instructions for that product that you brought me. 
When can you come and pick them up?" That day I picked up the instructions and that same day, the 
voice (which I know to have been God) said, "YOU CAN RECEIVE WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS DESIRED - CONTENTMENT AND PEACE IN YOUR SOUL." I said, "Where?" The voice said, "GO 

I went and when the preacher gave the alter call I froze. Just seconds before he quit calling for sinners, 
I stood up and the voice of the Lord said to me, "Scream Jesus." I ran to the alter screaming loudly,
 "God save me! I am a sinner, I believe that Jesus is the son of God. Don't let me go to hell!" That 
day, April 18 at 12:00 noon, 1982, the greatest thing that can ever happen to a man happened to me. 
I accepted Jesus as my Savior.

That night, I got my daughter's little white bible down. I opened it up to St. John. I said, "God let me understand what your word really means." A bolt of lightning suddenly shot through the ceiling where 
I was sitting and lit up the room like the bright lights of a hospital operating room. The voice that had 
been speaking to me all along said, "READ MY WORD AND ACCEPT IT FOR WHAT I SAY." The 
words literally came off each page, entered through my eyes, and into my spirit. This happened 
almost all that night. I was actually eating the word of God.

As the weeks went by, God began to open doors for people to use the different products. I gave 
it away for about 5 years, and then in 1987, I began to bottle and sell it for the first time. God started sending people to me, telling me of the healing merits of both the SOAP and the NEUTRALIZER. 
Skin cancers being healed were the first healings I heard about from my customers. Then, other 
healing reports began to come in; Psoriasis, warts, poison ivy, bedsores, athlete's foot, and many 
other skin problems.

In this way, little by little, the many product uses became known. Many people were saying the 
SPIRIT of God told them to use the product in a certain way. Customers began to tell me how they 
use it to kill fire ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, ticks and many other insects. God has revealed that 
this product, once it becomes known, will revolutionize CLEANING and will be the answer to HEALTH PROBLEMS and it will also be a miracle in AGRICULTURE. It will also be the means of employment 
for people everywhere; thousands of people are selling Miracle II nationwide at this time, and giving 
the glory to God.

As I think about all that has gone on up till now, 1/01/04, when the voice of the Lord would say to me, 
I now understand that the work is to preach the gospel of Jesus, demonstrating the power of 
God in healing, blessing and deliverance, and inspiring God's people to be doers of the word, 
not just hearers. As of this date, God has made it possible for me to tell about Miracle II nationwide 
and to people in 26 countries.

The Lord has changed my professions from a rental property owner and brick distributor. He has 
made me a BEARER OF GOOD NEWS and has given me a MASTERS DEGREE in SPIRITUAL CHEMISTRY, MEDICINE and NERVOLOGY, for the equipping of the saints, for the work of the 
ministry, for the building up of the body of Christ. Because it is God's will that we live in health, 
have a sound mind, prosper and go about doing good.

From his Obituary:
"Clayton was called home to be with the Lord shortly after midnight on July 5, 2007, after suffering 
a stroke on July 1, 2007 while working in his flowers at his home in West Monroe. As was his nature, Clayton fought strongly, with his loved ones by his side, right until the Lord called him home to 
receive his reward and to be with those loved ones who had gone before him. Clayton was a 
graduate of Calhoun High School, and was recently voted at this class reunion to be that school's 
"Best Basketball and Volleyball Player". He served with the Marine Corps in Korea during the Korean Conflict. Clayton was the founder of the "Miracle II" Products. After many years in business as a rental property owner and brick distributor, Clayton was called of God to surrender his life to God's work. 
In July, 1981, God revealed to Clayton the formulation for the "Miracle II" Products. From the day he 
gave his life to the Lord and to His work until the day he died, Clayton walked closely with the Lord and served Him as a strong, vocal, uncompromising messenger of the Power of God to save, change, and heal people throughout the world."



"It all started with being very depressed and losing my memory. I was a public speaker who used to speak to thousands of people. I would be conducting a presentation that I'd done a thousand times and suddenly forget where I was. The doctors didn't know what was wrong with me. I started hurting all over and my joints were aching. The final thing that sent me over the edge was my skin started falling off my body-literally falling off my body! I'd be in the shower and just watch chunks of my skin fall away. The doctors couldn't diagnose it and I started taking three pints of blood a week because this mysterious illness was destroying my blood supply. I finally found a doctor that diagnosed it as Mycotoxin exposure. The only thing they could tell me was that I had an autoimmune disease that didn't have a name. They put me on a drug that cost $20,000 a week (Yes, a week). It was helping a little but my insurance cut me off. 

"I was without hope when my friend Joanne came along and told me about the Body Rejuvenator. She said, "How have you been?" I said, "Joanne, you wouldn't believe it. You probably aren't familiar with them, but I've got Mycotoxins in my body and I can't get rid of them." She said, "Come over and see me, I think I have something for you." She put me on the Body Rejuvenator and the Miracle cleansing program, within days I started feeling great!

"Prior to discovering the Body Rejuvenator, I was so sick that I spent 4 years in bed, most of the time in a fetal position-just unable to move. My body was constantly trying to break down. Before I drank my first ounce of the Body Rejuvenator, I couldn't even get my thoughts together to make a sentence. Within only four days after starting on the Body Rejuvenator, my mental clarity improved a lot and my energy increased profoundly. 

The Body Rejuvenator has completely changed my life!"

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