Triple Doctorate Full Disclosure

The entire Triple Doctorate Disclosure

When I first put out the information received from the Triple
Doctorate the disinformation crew jumped all over it and me on the
other disinfo egroups trying to say it wasn't the truth.  Perhaps
now the few that paid attention to their lies will see them for who
and what they are disinformation agents.
Now these same disinfo agents are saying there is no connectiom
between the current solar flaring and PX and it's approaching
entourage. Everytime one of these comets coming up from the southern
hemisphere slams into the sun or passes by there's another solar
flare. They simply lie and say there is no connection.  It's the
truest most honestly obvious indicators and people they are most
worried about, which they attack and try to discredit. With that in
mind I welcome their attacks. :-) mh

Triple Doctor Planet X 100% Confirmed Via Live Hubble Telescope Link

I just spoke with a triple Doctor that thanked me for writing my
book.  He said; if it weren't for me he would have not found out
about Planet X.
* * *
This past Thursday 5-23-02 (right outside of Boston) he said he
attended a meeting at the Museum of Science.  He was only allowed
into this meeting because of his long established connections within
the scientific community, being a semi-retired triple doctorate. 
Apparently he's held in high regard.

He said there were 24 people present including a couple government
officials.  The whole meeting was very hush hush.  He was told not
to tell anyone about this meeting but because of my efforts he
phoned me.  He wouldn't have drawn on his connections to attend this
meeting if it weren't for the writing of my book "Blindsided." He
said all 24 attending this meeting viewed Planet X via a live Hubble
link-up.  He personally had a look at a Kuiper Belt extra-solar-
object named 2001 KX76 and Planet X.

When I first got him on the phone he said right away that he saw
Planet X and it is 100% confirmed.  He ended the phone call saying
100% confirmed twice.  He said the government is very worried about
what PX will do when it passes.  He said the majority of the
cratering on the moon and earth comes from objects brought in with
PX from the asteroid belt when it passes.

The additional worry was that some of these asteroid type objects
might get deflected this time and would not land in the ocean.  He
said they calculated a month ago that at it's present speed that it
would arrive in 3.5 years but then received a report that it
increased in speed by 1/3 over the last month. [Since then I've
talked to the Dr. and he's relayed reports of PX slowing down.  This
fits in with James McCanney's knowledge of how large extra-solar-
objects velocity become unpredictable once they become comets within
the suns solar field because of tail-drag.]

He said also that he had heard from the group there that Hubble is
being used to monitor this situation with PX very closely and an
observatory in Kilauea Hawaii.  Also, the point was made that THEY
know it's inbound and are very worried about what it will do when it
passes because of its size.  He said it could be very devastating.

* * *
A follow-up conversation with the triple Doctorate yielded the
following information:
The triple doctorate made it clear to me early on in the phone call
that my phone was definitely tapped.

He said that THEY were upset at me for getting this information
out.  He said he's talked with THE top scientists that are working
on Nibiru.  [Sounds like their pet project or something, what can
they do about it?]  He mentioned that certain survival shelters are
experiencing all time high sales because of insiders' knowledge of
Nibiru.  He thanked me for saving his life and that he wouldn't have
taken Nibiru seriously if it weren't for me.  I mentioned that 3/4's
of my material was from others.  He said if it weren't for me he
wouldn't be moving, liquidating his assets, and finding a place on a
side of a hill with elevation 2500 feet and building his own type of
survival shelter.  He mentioned that I might be arrested for being
an alarmist.  In the next breath he said that this passage is wholly
unique to all the rest and could be the worst one yet, according to
the best calculations of where our solar system will be during the
passage.  He said the NSA consults with him occasionally on certain
issues but does not contract him out, so, he's under no obligation
and doesn't take their money.

He said he's been involved over the years with devices that cure
cancer and aids but understand why the Powers-That-Be won't allow
this information out because of lost revenue.  He said if he were in
charge he would announce the impending passage of Nibiru and the
possible calamities but understands that it could collapse the
economy of the world.  Another thing he mentioned was he had been
involved with all sorts of different kinds of technological advances
and devices that would take quite a while to get into all of it.  I
didn't ask about this.  Two or three times he said I should be
building an underground shelter now and that this was the only way
to go.  I told him I would start if or when I could afford to do
so.  Hopefully that changes soon.

* * *

The following message arrived after giving out the triple doctor's
contact info to one person whom was trusted to discreetly confirm
the Dr and his info were real.  Confidential information was deleted.

* * *

      I was pretty excited when I talked with you on the phone on
Monday.  I'll try to detail for you everything the Dr said.  I
jotted down a lot of it so that I would remember it later on.

I almost feel bad about this because I was misleading him a bit by
talking about his Rife research when the real reason I was talking
to him at all was about PX.  It was our third phone call.  I asked
him another question about Rife machines, and then asked him what he
thought of the idea of using Rife machines (which he claims can cure
nearly all pathogens big and small) to help the survival rate, "in
light of the coming worldwide events," was how I put it.

He was at first puzzled by this change of subject, and I clarified
that I had heard that there was truth to the "Planet X" rumors.  He
started telling me various avenues of research to pursue if I was
interested in the topic.  Geology, climatology, ancient history,
etc.  I said yes I had researched all that, but had not found any
solid evidence.  Then he threw me a curveball, "Let me ask you thisó
do you consider Jesus Christ to be your savior?"  I said, "Well, I
consider him to be the Avatar incarnate during his time."  The call
waiting signal came on and he had to take another call, he came back
on the line after about a minute, and with a deep sigh, said, "It
exists.  To survive you'll need to be above 2,135 feet and
underground.  Only one million will survive."  I was dumbfounded,
because, and nothing against you Mark, but I had been half-hoping
you were making this guy up!!

      He said, "Yes, it exists, the government's known about it
since the 1980s.  You'll go through all the reactions, anger, and
disbelief--" I cut him short to ask him if he knew whether the gov't
had any plans, he said he knew of none, but an announcement would
undercut the world financial structure.  I continued to ask him
questions, he was replying in a somewhat nervous tone.  He
said, "It's going to be visible in the sky very soon.  It will pass
in 3.5 years or sooner. Or sooner." He said it twice, interestingly

I asked him how he found out about it, and he said something about
being part of a team that had been researching it for five years,
and only this spring was it confirmed.  He said, "I hope you're not
working for the government."

I asked him if he would consider relaying this information to a PhD
astrophysicist friend of mine, and he said, "No, I couldn't, I'm no
hero."  He told me to talk to Russian scientists, as they are
more "loose-lipped."  He told me again to get above 2100 feet and
get into the ground and stock up food for a few years, and you have
a chance of survival.  I thanked him, told him I'd be in touch, and
hung up.   I informed both of my PhD friends.  I didn't give out his
name.  I guess, since if he is telling the truth, his communications
are being monitored, as are yours and mine, most likely.  The 3.5-
year date seems to be the key piece.  If you can tell me exactly
what he said to you that would help us put together a clearer

I understand he's an inventor and researcher, is highly intelligent
and is a microbiologist.  He lived in Florida and he's got several
interesting patents.  I'll keep digging for info about this guy.  I
just hope I haven't put him in any danger by blabbing on Usenet that
he's been talking

I guess I could call him up again and try to ask him a few more
specific questions, but I'd feel like I'd really be stretching his

Happy hunting & best wishes,
Duncan Carroll

* * *
James McCanney confirms the information from the triple doctorate
After 7 months of not speaking with the triple doctorate, who called
me up after seeing a live Hubble link-up of Planet X at a secret
meeting outside of Boston, I decided to give him a call.

It took a couple of days to get a hold of him, but he was receptive
and responsive, as soon as I got him on the line.  I told him I just
had one quick question about Planet X that I should have asked last
year, and this was all I needed to know.  He gave me back more
information than asked for and I was grateful.

My one question was "What direction is Planet X coming in from?" 
His answer was; that Planet X will be following the same path as

I later called James McCanney about this.  James said yes, that is
exactly what he was expecting, that both of these objects are
connected and Planet X will be coming up from the southern
hemisphere like Hale-Bopp.  James and I discussed some other
indicators that led to the same conclusion of which direction Planet
X is coming in.

The late Dr. Robert S. Harrington of the Naval Observatory, right
prior to his death, was on his way down south to Australia to
confirm/sight for the last time Planet X.  He was so confident of
what he was going to find, and the ease in which he was going to
confirm it yet again, that he had taken with him a scope that was
only eight inches in diameter.  Both he and his scope came back in a

The New Illustrated Science and Invention Encyclopedia 1987-1989
edition, Volume 18 under "space probes" contains a diagram that
shows the 10th planet and a dark star [our suns dark twin].  The
Pioneers 10 and 11 space probes that were sent toward the "southern
hemisphere," according to James McCanney, sighted these objects.

James also mentioned that the planets Uranus and Neptune are both
being perturbed toward the southern hemisphere.

One of the interesting tidbits of information I was given during
this latest phone call with the triple doctorate, which was un-asked-
for, had to do with the timing of Planet X's arrival.  Planet X is
slowing down and speeding up with no apparent reason.

The powers-that-be (ptb) perhaps don't understand cometary celestial
mechanics like James McCanney does.  At one point there may have
been a calculation performed to determine when Planet X would
arrive, based on how fast it was speeding up using known celestial
mechanics.  This may be the reason for many of the astronomical and
gov't insiders stating that Planet X would arrive in spring of
2003.  This early date for arrival may also have been designed to
take peoples interest away by saying "look it didn't happen then so
now forget about it." Maybe now they don't know when it is going to
arrive but do expect it within a couple of years at the outside.

Since Planet X is now speeding up and slowing down haphazardly, this
has lead to some wild speculation by some that the planet is being
driven around like some sort of Star Wars ship.  This is just
disinformation to make the seriousness of the matter look silly. 
What the ptb possibly didn't understand, when they were first trying
to determine Planet X's arrival date, is that when it enters into
the outskirts of the suns magnetic field or heliosphere it breaks
into a comet.  In other words, once it's in the solar field, it then
starts traveling in an entirely different manner.  It develops a
cometary tail.  It is this tail that causes it to speed up and slow
down like a serpent in the grass.  Yes, the head of a snake in the
grass surging forward and then pausing as the rest of its body/tail
catches up and surging forward again is a good analogy that I ran by
James McCanney with.  James said that the ancients knew of these
objects by two names "cosmic serpents and the lawless ones." 
Serpents, because of how their tails looked.  Lawless ones, because
they didn't follow any of the traditionally known laws of motion
when they developed these cometary tails. 

The UFO and Montauk base investigator and lecturer Al Bielek
actually contacted me over 6 months ago and told me that he had good
information that Planet X was slowing down and then later he said it
had speeded up again.  I admittedly discounted this information as
possible disinformation at the time.  With my new understanding of
cometary celestial mechanics, I'm afraid I made a mistake in
discounting his Planet X informational sources.

As more information becomes available to me, my understanding of the
Planet X situation continues to evolve.

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