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Greys, Nazis, Underground Bases, and the New World Order
                                            by Branton

[ATTENTION ALL ABDUCTEES!!! Please download and study
this document and distribute as widely as possible, ESPECIALLY
to any 'ABDUCTEES' whom you may know. If, as the late J. Allen
Hynek claimed, over 1 in 40 people have been abducted and
'processed' by the 'alien/secret government' agenda -- or 1 in 10
according to more recent sources -- then you are bound to know
SOMEONE who is an abductee and KNOWS it. This information
is for THEM. For those who are not "UFO Abductees", the
information in this file is nevertheless vital and applicable, and may
one day save your life!!! If you believe that information about
"Aliens" is only for those who have lost all touch with reality, then
PLEASE accept that information in this document that you CAN
accept, and pass over the rest, at least for now. Your future may
depend on it. As I have said, this information may save your life.
This file contains the most intricate and intimate details of a global
conspiracy which seems to be rooted in an alien-military-industrial
collaboration which is intent on bringing all freedom-loving
peoples of this world under its control, through the implementation
of a global government which has commonly been referred to as the
'New World Order'. We have pulled no punches and are laying
everything out on the table in regards to the New World Order
agenda as I and those who have contributed to this document
perceive it. If you are one who is easily offended, then be warned.
Most of you who read this will realise that you may have personally
supported in one form or another -- albeit unknowingly -- certain
religious, economic, or political organisations which are on various
levels being controlled by those forces that are working towards the
implementation of the New World Order. Those who have
contributed to this file have not compromised nor held back on
what they perceive to be the truth in regards to this conspiracy. We
make no apologies, since we feel that this agenda has already been
responsible for damaging this American Republic in ways that most
cannot even begin to comprehend, and will continue to be a threat
to its very existence and prosperity until this 'enemy' is forever
purged from our nation and those traitors responsible for violating
our national security and 'selling out' this Constitutional Republic
of the United States of America are brought to justice. Consider
this a declaration of WAR against those eco-political forces and
their draconian backers who would destroy our prosperity and
freedom for their own fleeting material gain. So with no further
introduction, we repeat the words of Louisiana District Attorney
and JFK assassination investigator James Garrison, who boldly
stated before leaving this world... "LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD,


"...Another figure has an EVIL face... 'HE LOOKS LIKE A

The above quote was made under regressive hypnosis by one of the
first publicised 'UFO abductees', Barney Hill who -- along with his
wife Betty -- claimed to have been abducted by grey-skinned
entities from a space craft which apparently originated from the
Zeta II Reticuli star system. The Grey alien abductors were
obviously working with the human military officer who was
encountered by Barney. This military officer was apparently a full-
fledged Nazi, although this incident took place over 15 years after
Europe had 'supposedly' been de-Nazified. This quote can be found
in the paranormal encyclopedia "MYSTERIES OF THE MIND,
TIME & SPACE", p. 1379.

Those who are familiar with the connections between Nazi's and
UFO's may find the following document easier to accept than those
who have never been introduced to the reports of secret Nazi aerial
disk experiments, much less reports of their secret collaboration
with the so-called Grey aliens years before the corporate-fascist
infiltrators and sympathisers within the U.S. Intelligence Agencies
began making their own treaties with these same serpentine 'aliens'.

Much information has been released about an 8-Level underground
base under Camp Hero near Montauk Point, Long Island where
full-fledged Nazi and CIA agents have apparently been working on
sophisticated time-space manipulation experiments, as well as
microwave mind-control experiments aimed at large populations,
which are -- according to researchers Al Bielek and Preston
Nicholes -- being carried out to a greater degree than ever before
under the cover of the Alaskan 'HAARP' project. It has been stated
that unusual frequency broadcasts were detected all over Los
Angeles prior to the L.A. Riots of 1992 shortly before the riots
broke out, and there were inferences that the L.A. Riots were part
of an "Operation Garden Plot" trial-run to establish martial law in
America on the pretext of preventing a potential race war
throughout the country.

The Montauk Projects, in collaboration with Brookhaven National
Labs; the I.T.T. corp. [which is largely owned by the German Krupp
family who built munitions plants for Adolf Hitler and which,
according to Al Bielek, has terminal accesses to the "Alternative-2
black budget underground network" under some of its major
facilities]; and the Bavarian THULE society [which provided most
of the financial backing for the 'Montauk' or 'Phoenix' projects]...
have -- according to numerous sources including abductees -- been
working very closely with Orionite and Draconian 'Reptiloids' and
'Greys' based within an underground facility surrounding DULCE,
New Mexico. This information comes from Preston Nicholes,
Duncan Cameron, Al Bielek, and Peter Moon... all of whom claim
to have had some connection to the Montauk projects, although in
most cases CIA mind-control technology was used to induce an
alternate personality in the workers there as an assurance that the
secret activities remained concealed.

The Reptiloids in Alpha Draconis and Rigel Orion claim that they
originated on earth in prehistoric times and were part of a bipedal
reptilian or saurian race [like the cunning velociraptors?]. Now they
are here to take back 'their planet' from the human race. In order to
accomplish this, they are using multi-levelled deception and
propaganda -- mostly through 'channeled' information and through
information conveyed to 'abductees' -- to convince humans to
capitulate themselves over to aliens 'guides' and thus allow the
aliens access to their minds and in turn to our society in general.
This same tactic, according to various contactees [Billy Meier,
Jefferson Souza, Israel Norkin, Maurice Doreal, George Andrews,
Thomas Castello, Alex Collier, etc.] has succeeded on many other
colonial worlds that the 'Greys' have conquered, and it has also
worked on this world to the extent that they have taken control of
much of the 'underground black budget empire' -- a vast network of
interconnected underground military-industrial bases and cities that
have been constructed with the assistance of TRILLIONS [yes, I
said TRILLIONS] of dollars siphoned from the American economy
via taxes, drugs, organized crime, etc., money which has literally
gone 'down the tubes', leaving our economy in a state of chaos.
From this point and onward throughout this file, when the term
'Military-Industrial' complex is used, we are not referring to the
U.S. Military in its entirety. In fact you could say that there is a
definite and a violent conflict which is growing between what
might be referred to as the "Military-Industrial-Executive" complex
and the "Military-Congressional-Electorate" complex...

Americans are being carefully groomed as an economic slave
society to serve the underground 'Master Race' WITHOUT their/our
knowledge. Prices continue to rise, yet income continues to fall
farther and farther behind. The change is almost imperceptible, like
the proverbial frog in the pot [you know, if a frog is thrown into a
pot of boiling water it will immediately jump out, yet if it is put
into a pot of cool water and the heat is gradually increased, it will
remain in the pot until it boils to death]. The alien-fascist
underground continues to rely on our continued gullibility and
ignorance to keep its empire scam going. One of their most guarded
secrets of all, and one that they must protect at all costs, is that the
Nazi's really didn't loose World War II. I know this may sound
incredible, but read on.

The joint reptilian-fascist underground empire, complete with
massive 'concentration camps' which make those in Nazi Germany
pale by comparison, has chosen America as its major target because
the Americas are the last bastion of freedom on earth. The 'takeover'
is more-or-less complete within the underground systems, however
numerous attempts to implement a joint Draconian-Fascist
dictatorship in America have failed because of heavy resistance and
support for a Constitutional form of government. God and the 2nd
Amendment are really the only forces standing in the way of a
complete takeover. This has prevented the 'outer world' from
succumbing to this draconian invasion. Now that their secret is
beginning to be exposed throughout the media in TV series' such as
DARK SKIES, they are desperate. Their window of opportunity is
closing and they must act fast, before the alien-manipulated
military-industrial-complex comes under the control of the
'patriots', and the 'alien' technology in their possession is
commandeered by TRUE Americans. This would mean that
everyone -- not just the mind-controlled 'elite' -- will have access to
interplanetary technology, which in turn would mean that freedom-
loving Americans would eventually come to the defense of those
interstellar cultures who have fallen under the oppression and
control of the Draconian-Orion imperialists.

Many of those living on other worlds within this sector of the
galaxy are descended from colonists who originally had their
ancient genesis here on planet earth! I know this sounds incredible,
however the reason for this will be explained later on. Many of
these are of pre-Scandinavian or 'Nordic' heritage, and are for a
large part peaceful and ethical beings. Now let me reiterate that I
am not trying to imply that ALL of the 'Nordics' who are
encountered in 'starships' [or UFO's] are non-Interventionists and
wish us all the best. There are many collaborators who have joined
with the interventionist-collectivist Draconian and Orionite forces,
and many others who are under the direct psychological control of
more malevolent 'aliens'. Neither am I trying to imply that ALL
Reptiloids are out to destroy us. It may be more realistic to use the
term INTERVENTIONISTS as opposed to NON-
INTERVENTIONISTS, in spite of whatever species an 'alien' is a
part of.

There is a third group who we might refer to as the
COLLECTIVISTS who, because of their all-inclusive nature, are
being torn between the Interventionists and Non-Interventionists.
Several contactees have stated that the non-interventionists are
centered in an alliance of mostly humanoid cultures in the Pleiades
and Andromeda constellations; whereas the interventionists are
centered in an alliance of mostly reptiloid cultures in the Draconis
and Orion constellations. The fact is that most of the leading
interventionists are reptiloids whereas most of the leading non-
interventionists are humanoids. If we apply this to the third chapter
of the book of Genesis, then it would seem that the 'serpent' race is
a 'wild' reprobate race which is ruled by base animal or predatory
instincts. Since the reptilians have or did have in the past a limited
degree of individual choice and since they are connected to the
'racial memory', this is to some extent their collective fault.
However mankind must accept some of the blame because -- being
created in the 'image' of God [possessing a conscience?] and
possessing a soul, which the reptilians themselves lack [save for the
some of the so-called genetic 'hybrids' or 'hu-brids'] -- mankind was
originally created spiritually superior to the serpent race, or at least
they/we WERE spiritually superior to them in the beginning. In
other words man was given charge over the physical creation,
something the angels themselves could not do because they were
not created as material beings. And yes, they were also given charge
over the most cunning and intelligent of all of the 'beasts', the
'serpent' race [Genesis 3:1].

If we are to accept the symbolic and/or literal interpretation of
Genesis chapter 3, then it was the rebel angels who moved upon the
serpent race and acted through them to decieve and destroy
mankind's connection to the Creator or the Source of all LIFE.
Once this connection was broken, the Divine supernatural flow was
broken at the human level, and a creation which formerly had
enjoyed perfection and harmony began to turn WILD. The
Luciferians may have appealed to the jealousy that the serpent race
harbored towards mankind, considering that mankind had been
given a higher status in the scheme of things than their own race
possessed, and once the Luciferians offered to give them power
over humankind [sorcery] and over the creation [technology] in
exchange for allowing the rebel angels to incarnate through their
race, the reptilians accepted. In so doing however the serpent race
for the most part lost their individual identities and became the
absolute physical 'puppets' of the fallen angels. The desendants of
these degenerate beings [Genesis 3:15, which I believe has a duel
physical AND spiritual interpretation] constitute a large majority of
the occult-technological manifestations which we know today as
"UFO encounters". Only today the "serpent" comes in the form of a
"Grey Alien" and the "forbidden fruit" is offered in the form of
grandiose promises and occult-technology which will supposedly
give the 'elite' human recipients 'god-like' powers over their fellow
human beings.

Now you might say that I've lost touch with reality, that I've been
reading too much science fiction, or have gone off the deep end of
theological and eschatological speculation. Well, just consider this.
IF a hostile alien force exists, would it not be logical for them to
infiltrate powerful agencies on earth and use the influence of those
agencies to relentlessly pound into the minds of the masses that
those who believe in aliens and starships are lunatics, fools,
imbeciles, and paranoids who have lost all touch with reality and
should be consigned to mental institutions? That is EXACTLY
what they would try to do, in spite of MASSIVE evidence to the
contrary that such a reality DOES exist.

One of the major deceptions which the 'Draconians' have used to
subvert humanity, especially intelligence agencies, is the idea that
THEY -- the aliens -- genetically created the human race and placed
us on this planet, and therefore they are our 'gods'. And so,
powerful individuals with whom the aliens interact -- and who have
been given promises which sound too good to be true, because they
ARE, in exchange for their cooperation -- have opened the door for
the alien infiltration and infestation of all levels of our society.
That is, the infiltration of our society by collectivist-interventionist
reptilian-based entities known as the 'Greys' and 'Reptiloids'. And
the ancient black gnostic 'serpent cults' of Bavaria, Germany were
ready and willing to enter into a 'marriage of convenience' with
these draconians because like the aliens themselves, they also
wished to rule the planet. The aliens needed the global economic
and fraternal connections of the 'Bavarian' secret societies, whereas
the human 'elite' needed the alien mind control technology. The
Bavarian elitists agreed to a certain percentage of the planet once
the 'New World Order' was implemented.

Some 'contactees' such as Maurice Doreal claim that the reptiloids
in prehistoric times lived in the Antarctic region, when it was a
subtropical zone, and that they were subsequently driven
underground and off the planet by a race or pre-Nordic humans
whose lost and long-forgotten civilization now lies buried deep
beneath the sands of the Gobi desert. Some of these scientifically
advanced 'Nordics' migrated westward and eventually gave rise to
the tribes who would in the course of time lay the foundations for
the Scandinavian nations, whereas others went underground into a
subterranean realm called 'Agharti', located generally below central
Asia and the Gobi. Millions of Buddhists know the legend of
Agharti, but they consider it sacred knowledge and are careful
about revealing the 'secret of secrets' to skeptical Westerners.
World travellers such as Nicholas Roerich in his book
"SHAMBHALA" and Ferdinand Ossendowski in his work
"BEASTS, MEN AND GODS" had gained the trust of these natives
and detailed the legends of 'Agharti' in a humble and respectful

According to ancient Agharian crystalholographic recordings which
Doreal's 'Blond' friends -- from an underground colony below Mt.
Shasta, California -- showed him within an ancient repository vault
beneath the Himalayas, these ancient 'pre-Nordics' waged a war for
the surface of the planet and later an underground war against the
'serpent' races which had taken residence within a system of
massive multi-levelled underground caverns beneath the
southwestern slopes of the Himalayas and the Indian subcontinent.
These caverns were and are known by Hindus as the realm of
'Patala', or 'Snakeworld', where the 'Nagas' or serpent people dwell
in their capital city of Bhoga-vita. Many Hindus considered the
'Nagas' to be 'demons', whereas others were prone to worshipping
them. Aryan-Hindu legend tells of at least two enterances to the
Nagas underground 'world', one of three worlds spoken of in Hindu
cosmology. One entrance is believed to be Sheshna's well in
Benares, India and another is located in the mountains surrounding
Lake Manosarowar, Tibet. Both the 'Reptiloids' and 'Nordics'
eventually left the planet, leaving the ancient remains and ruins of
their cultures within the underground caverns. Similar ruins as well
as current operational bases reportedly exist on and beneath the
surface of the moon and Mars, along with signs of the ancient wars
that the humanoids and reptiloids fought for control of the solar
system before both species discovered how to manipulate
hyperspace and began sending explorers and colonists to other
nearby starsystems.

The humanoids eventually colonized the Lyra, Pleiades, and
Andromeda constellations as well as others; whereas the reptiloids
colonized the Draconis, Orion, and Reticulum constellations,
among other systems. The stories that contactees tell of the
devastating battles and galactic massacres -- in almost every case
initiated by the collectivist-interventionist reptiloids/greys --
between the two galactic superpowers are integral although
controversial elements within the annals of Ufology. Now the 'war'
is coming 'back home' one might say, in that 'Mother Earth' in
addition to being the original home world is also perhaps the most
strategic world in the galaxy when one considers its centralized
location and the profusity of genetic materials, water, chemicals,
minerals, flora, fauna, etc., in great abundance and variety.

The 'Draco-Orion' Empire agents -- who according to some
contactees are operating within the comet-planetoid 'Hale-Bopp'
and other numerous 'asteroids' in this system in order to conceal
their activities -- are here to build an army of human mind-servants
[via abductions, mind control implants, etc.] who they can program
with alternate identities which are activated during abduction
experiences. They realize that Terrans possess an inherant warrior
instinct-passion and a potent 'metagene factor' resulting from a
mixture of many racial lines which can produce specialized genetic
abilities within individuals... instincts and abilities which the Grey-
Reptiloid interventionists believe would be better harnessed and
subverted than challenged. They intend to use these programmed
abductees as 'human shields' or weapons in the ancient war against
their enemies in the 'Andro-Pleiadean' Federation, who incidentally
maintain a massive underground basing system centered below the
Death Valley region of California. This 'base' was originally
established around 2500 B.C. by ancient navigators from Greece
and India who discovered vast caverns within the Panamint
mountains. According to Paiute Amerindian legends these "Hav-
musuves" were dressed like Greeks and had constructed vast cities
of "marble beuty" within large cavern systems deep beneath the
Mojave desert regions, cities which some Paiute chiefs had seen
with their own eyes. The "Havmusuvs" later developed an aerial
technology once the inland sea which filled Death Valley in ancient
times -- and connected it to the Pacific Ocean -- disappeared. At
first this 'silvery flying canoes' which appeared in the skies around
1000-2000 B.C. were small, possessed wings, and moved with a
loud 'whirring' sound. Later models were larger, wingless, and more
silent. More sophisticated craft appeared that could travel between
worlds, and later between stars, and as a result of their discovery of
the secrets of 'Hyperspace Travel' they were able to colonize other
worlds and star systems. The manipulation of Hyperspace was
incidentaly also a part of the Philadelphia/Rainbow projects of the
1940's and Phoenix/Montauk projects of the 1980's. Creating a
hyperspace field is not as difficult as one might think, and
essentially involves the electromagnetic generation and
manipulation of magnetic and anti-magnetic fields. It is the concise
'focusing' of such fields in order to accomplish certain tasks
without disasterous side-effects which is where things become

The Andro-Pleiadean Federation forces based under Death Valley
were reportedly in contact with Nikola Tesla -- through whom they
guided the Navy's Philadelphia Experiments behind the scenes.
Forty years later the Draco-Orion forces based under Archuleta
Mesa had established contact with Dr. John von Neumann, who
was director of the Montauk Projects on behalf of the [Nazi] Thule
Society. The betrayal of the Navy's Philadelphia/Rainbow
Technology to the Thule Society's Phoenix/Montauk Projects was
accomplished by a joint CIA/NSA-SIRIAN-DRACONION "double
agency" called the "Black Monks", who were involved in BOTH the
Philadelphia AND Montauk projects. This agency was brought
under the psychological control of the Draconian - Bavarian
collaboration and became an instrument for the infiltration of these
outside forces into American intelligence agencies, and in fact all
levels of American society. As for the Phoenix [Montauk] and
Philadelphia [Rainbow] projects, these are reportedly being carried
out separately by 'Nazi' and U.S. Navy intelligence, respectively, as
late as the 1990's and this has resulted in what might be referred to
as a time-space war between the Andro-Plieadean-Navy backed
"Philadelphian" agents and the Draco-Orion-Nazi backed
"Phoenician" agents. There are even rumors that Nikola Tesla's
death may have been faked, and that he escaped and joined a secret
"Marconi" scientific underground colony somewhere in South
America. If such rumors have any basis in fact, then what
interaction if any they may have had with the secret 'Nazi' bases in
South America remains a mystery.

In addition to the above, according to contactee Israel Norkin,
Draconian and Orionite agents have been infiltrating the so-called
"Ashtar" collective lodges based in Sirius-B, and have apparently
commandeered a segment of the implant-based electronic collective
"hive mind" for their own use, masquerading as "Ascended
Masters" to facilitate an easy assimilation of Sirian cultists into
their agenda. Other Sirians were able to see through the deception
and, joining forces with the 'Federation' [Andromedans, Pleiadeans,
Tau Cetians, Procyonese, Koldasians, etc.], they begen to break
away from the Ashtar collective's cultic stranglehold and develop
their lost personal sovereignty and commenced to wage a relentless
civil war against the Orion-Sirian collaboration, driving them from
the system.

The Sirian resistance to the collaboration may have had its roots
among those patriotic Sirians who remembered the devastating wars
which had been fought in the past against the Orionites over which
side would serve as the overlords for this immediate sector of space
[21 star systems including Sol]. NOW the epicenter of the entire
galactic battle is gravitating towards the Sol system as the
Draconians, Orionites and their human collaborators are arriving
here en masse to support a New World Order agenda which will
serve as a power-base through which they can once again re-group
their forces. Apparently planet earth, the original 'home world', is
the KEY. If the Draconians and Orionites can impose a fascist New
World Order on the planet, ruled by a human elite who are
completely sold-out to their agenda, they believe that they can use
planet earth and the New World Order as a base from which they
can destroy forever their enemies in the Federaton.

According to Preston Nicholes, Federation agents from the
Andromeda and Pleiades constellation 'beamed' into the Montauk
base under Camp Hero at the northernmost tip of Long Island,
sacrificing their lives in an attempt to sabotage the projects there
and prevent what they believed to be a very real and potential
space-time disaster of apocalyptic proportions, which was being
precipitated by fascist and alien scientists who were playing god by
experimenting with the elemental forces of the universe. This might
have been on the same scale of, or even worse than, the space-time
disaster which was precipitated by an ancient antediluvian?] race,
leaving a 'rift' in the time-space continuum in what has become
known as the Bermuda Triangle.

Several thousand young people, according to Preston Nicholes,
Peter Moon and Al Bielek, have reportedly been abducted by the
CIA-Nazi-Grey collaboration and have been taken to the Montauk
base for 'programming' and release. Several thousands more
children who were part of the Montauk Projects -- before they were
sabotaged in 1985 only to be reestablished at a later date by the
CIA/NSA -- were abducted permanently and used in time-space
dimensional window and mind control experiments. Most of these
children, who were usually 'street kids' or 'homeless kids' who
would not be 'missed' as much as the children of more wealthy
parents -- were 'lost' in the other dimensions as a result of these

So then, according to some there is absolutely no doubt that -- as
they did within the underground facilities of Germany -- the 'Nazis'
and the 'Greys' are collaborating to this day from underground bases
beneath Camp Hero [Montauk Point, Long Island]; Area 51 [Nellis
Air Force Base, Nevada]; Dulce [Archuleta Mesa, New Mexico],
and a massive underground facility below the Denver International
Airport. This latter facility, according to 'inside' sources, is being
prepared to be used as the New World Order control-center for
America. Aside from the many anomalous stories that have surfaced
from the D.I.A., there are bizarre accounts of strange tunnels and
seemingly useless equipment at the Airport -- 'useless' that is unless
one intends to confine and transport large numbers of people to
deep underground concentration camps which are rumored even
now to be active and occupied by unfortunate men, women and
children who have mysteriously 'disappeared' from outer society.

Many Americans know on an unconscious or intuitive level that
something has gone terribly wrong with their country, and the
aliens/fascists are desperately trying to turn this frustration inward
in order to further destabilize American society. An abused society
will take out their frustrations on whatever they 'perceive' to be the
source of the abuse. And in many cases the true abusers or
oppressors will escape justice by carefully creating 'scape goats'
who are 'framed' in order to recieve the collective wrath of the
nation... whether that scapegoat is in the form of a Lee Harvey
Oswald, a Sirhan Sirhan, a Tim McVey, an Aldrich Ames, etc.
Although such men may have been 'programmed' to do what they
did, they are certainly NOT the ones who are ultimately

Are we headed for an impending war with an "underground empire"
that was jointly established by Aliens and National Socialists who
were given refuge within the Military-Industrial complex following
the end of World War II? Area-51, the Montauk base, the Denver
International Airport base, and the Dulce base seem to be the
MAJOR North American centers of activity for the collaboration
between the agents of the Bavarian Black Nobility cults [who have
ruled vast financial empires in Europe for over 1500 years] and the
alien 'Greys' -- although there are other bases located in other parts
of the world as we will see... one of them being a joint Nazi-Alien
network reputedly existing beneath the mountains of Neu
Schwabenland, Antarctica -- possibly the very staging-base from
where the 'aliens' who abducted Betty and Barney Hill operated.
Another -- the "M.A.L.T.A" or "Montauk Alsace-Lorraine Time
Archives" base -- is reportedly located in the Alsace-Lorraine Mts.
near the border of France-Germany, and yet another 'Dulce type'
base is said to exist near Alice Springs / Pine Gap Australia.

We will now examine the various claims of Nazi bases in
Antarctica, which as we have said, may very well have been the
point-of-origin of the 'Nazi-Grey' craft that Barney and Betty Hill
encountered during their abduction experience.

The historical facts are evident. Beginning in 1838, long before the
end of the Second World War, the Nazi's commenced to send out
numerous exploratory missions to the Queen Maud region of
Antarctica. A steady stream of expeditions were reportedly sent out
from [at the time] white supremacist South Africa. Over 230,000
square miles of the frozen continent were mapped from the air, and
the Germans discovered vast regions that were surprisingly free of
ice, as well as warm water lakes and cave inlets. One vast ice cave
within the glacier was reportedly found to extend 30 miles to a
large hot-water geothermal lake deep below. Various scientific
teams were moved in to the area, including hunters, trappers,
collectors and zoologists, botanists, agriculturists, plant specialists,
mycologists, parasitologists, marine biologists, ornithologists, and
many others. Numerous divisions of the German government were
involved in the top secret project.

This is where the mainstream historians leave off, as only
revisionist historians will dare consider the implications of the rest
of the story...

After all the data was gathered, deep underground construction
teams came pouring into the renamed "Neu-Schwabenland". They
came on cargo ships, military transport ships, and submarines. The
cargo ships coming from South Africa were protected by a host of
killer-submarines and military ships. This might explain the intense
Nazi war efforts in North and South Africa. Any ship that even
came close to the shipping routes from South Africa to Antarctica
were destroyed by German U-boats to protect the secret. After all
the goods were brought, the VIPs and scientists started to show up
with a compliment of ULTRA, a highly specialized Nazi SS team
like our MJ-12. ULTRA has always been in control of Antarctica.
ULTRA is the name of a secret alien interface agency in the NSA.
Remember that the NSA has connections to both the Nazi S.S. and
the Dulce base. According to contactee Alex Collier, the upper
level members of the NSA-ULTRA group are cloned replicates or
have been so heavily implanted, virtual cyborgs, that they could be
considered as being barely human -- automatons who are remotely
controlled by the Greys' group ego or group mind. It is also
noteworthy that ULTRA is also the NAME OF the Above Top
Secret CIA-NSA-Alien base under the Archuleta plateau and peak
northeast of DULCE, New Mexico. This might also explain
Valdamar Valerian's insistence that early newspaper clippings just
prior to the outbreak of World War II imply that "the Germans"
were "all over" New Mexico exploring caves and mines, buying up
property, and engaging in all sorts of mysterious activities. Could
Antarctica be the real power behind the New World Order? If the
Nazi bases still exist in Antarctica then they would no doubt still
have secret contact with the Bavarian cults which sponsored and
were an integral part of the Nazi party, like the Bavarian THULE
society for instance.

It is interesting that the re-united East and West Germany is paving
the way for the 'unification' of Europe. For instance, all economic
bar-codes must be processed through Germany, Germany is trying
to impose enforced nepotistic career restrictions where one's career
is determined by the family one is born into, a British news agency
spoke of investigations of the Bavarian secret service who were
reportedly smuggling weapons grade plutonium into Germany from
a nuclear black market operation they had established in the former
Soviet States, the Illuminati has its base in Germany [Bavaria], and
Germany has been the most active country in the international drive
for Internet censorship and control. In other words, Democracy
seems to be dying a painful death in Germany, IF it ever really
existed there in the first place.

As for Neu Schwabenland, the construction and secret projects in
Antarctica continued throughout the entire course of the war.

Just before the end of the WWII, two German provision U-boats, U-
530 and U-977, were launched from a port on the Baltic Sea.
Reportedly they took with them members of the antigravity-disk
research and development teams [ULTRA], and the LAST of the
most vital disc components [much of this technology and hardware
had been transported to the base during the course of the war]. This
included the notes and drawings for the latest saucer or aerial disk
designs, and designs for the gigantic underground complexes and
living accommodations based on the remarkable underground
factories of Nordhausen in the Harz Mountains. The two U-boats
duly reached the new land of Neu-Schwabenland where they
unloaded everything. When they arrived in Argentina several
months later, their crews were captured. It seems as if they were
either counting on the formerly German-friendly Argentineans to
allow them access, or it could have been that they intentionally
allowed themselves to be discovered for misinformation purposes,
i.e. -- "yes... we are the last two renegade German subs. We've been
trying to hold out but...oops, you caught us... the war's finally

The crews of these U-Boats were of course interrogated by U.S.
Intelligence agents who had suspected the existence of the
Antarctic base. Whatever the Nazi soldiers tried to tell them,
apparently the Americans were not convinced... especially
considering the subsequent and ill-fated U.S. Navy backed military
actions against the Nazi's "Last Battalion" in Antarctica in later
years under Admiral Richard E. Byrd, who arrived at Antarctica
with an entire military armada and provisions to last 6 month.
However the the entire expedition lasted only 8 weeks, with only
approximately three weeks of actual full-scale Antarctic operations.

The Antarcticans were desperate following the war, and knew that a
confrontation was imminent. Much effort was put into developing
secret weapons projects to defend their new underground Empire,
which no doubt was constructed with the 'help' of a large number of
expendable slave laborers transported from the concentration camps
of Europe.

The major base-city of Antarctica became known as the NEW
BERLIN, or by the code-named "Base-211".

The actual beginnings of German interest in the polar regions may
date back BEFORE the earliest U.S. Navy polar expeditions. For
instance one segment of NOVA related that the remains of Capt.
Charles Hall of the ill-fated POLARIS expedition, one of the first
American ventures to the North Pole, were discovered in an ice
grave by a subsequent polar expedition. It seemed that when the
body was examined it was found to contain poison. It was also
discovered by searching the records that the cook [who would be in
the perfect position to administer poison] and the first mate on the
Polaris expedition were German Occultist spies! Remember that the
German secret societies of Bavaria, which had helped to precipitate
the first and second world wars, date back to ancient times when --
following the occupation of Egypt -- the [un]'Holy Roman Empire'
military forces based in Germany, the seat of government for the
HO.R.E, brought back from Egypt the black gnostic "serpent cults"
which later gave rise to the Bavarian Illuminati, the Bavarian Thule
Society and a host of other lesser known satanic racist cults which
gravitated around these. Could the occultist spies who sabotaged
the POLARIS expedition have been attempting to protect a secret
hidden deep within the polar regions? Could this secret have had
something to do with an ancient collaboration between Bavarian
satanic cults and reptilian-based aliens?

A German Polar researcher who we will identify only as 'Stefan'
reveals that the 'historical' beginnings of German interest and
research into the Antarctic or South Polar region itself began in
1873 when Sir Eduard Dallman on behalf of the newly founded
German Society of Polar Research discovered new Antarctic routes
with his ship 'GRONLAND'.

"...Dallman discovered the "Kaiser-Wilhelm-Inseln" at the western
entrance of the Biskmarkstrasse along the Biscoue Islands.
Exploring the polar regions, the Germans were already at this time
quite innovative, for the 'GRONLAND' was the first steamship to
see the Antarctic ice at all.

"Within the next 60 years 2 further expeditional thrusts took place,
and two complete expeditions were fulfilled, namely 1910 under
Wilhem Filchner with his ship 'DEUTSCHLAND'; and 1925 with
the special designed polar expedition ship, the 'METEOR' under
the command of Dr. Albert Merz.

"During the recent years before WWII the Germans claimed to
hegemony about parts of Antarctica and the wish to possess [their]
own base grew stronger. At this time the Antarctic was not safe due
to international treaties like today and a pragmatic proof of
Germany's claim by a single strike to the south pole on the eve of
the war seemed to be the best option. Hitler himself was anxious
for a foothold in the Antarctic and such a claim could be used
pretty well for the Nationalsocialistic propaganda and a further
demonstration of the uprising "Superpower Germany". On the other
side a new provocation of the Allies had still to be avoided for
some time. Germany was -- at this time -- not completely prepared
for the coming war.

"As a matter of fact, the idea of a semi-civilian expedition in
cooperation with the German national airline company, the
'LUFTHANSA' grew up. A civilian covered expedition with truly
military and strategical background, a highly political charged
balancing act. The command on this strike was given to the polar-
experienced Captain Alfred Ritscher, who had already led some
expeditions to the North Pole and proved courage and skillness in
critical situations. The selected ship was the 'MS
SCHWABENLAND, a German aircraft carrier used since 1934 for
transatlantic mail delivery by special flightboats, the famous
'Dornier Wale'. These 'Wales' were mounted on steam catapults on
the deck of the ship and could be started and refueled this way
easily. This circumstance should proof very well during the

"The 'SCHWABENLAND' was prepared for the expedition on
Hamburg's shipyards, which cost the huge amount of 1 Million
Reichsmark, nearly a third of the complete expedition budget.

"Meanwhile, the crew was prepared and scheduled by the German
Society of Polar Research precisely. This society also made the
sensational step to invite Richard E. Byrd, the most famous
American Antarctic researcher. On the mid of November 1938 he
arrived in Hamburg and showed the crew and a clearly selected
publicity of 84 persons his new Antarctic dokumentation movie in
the Urania of Hamburg. Byrd, who had flown across the south pole
as the first human in 1929, was already at this time a living legend,
a national hero to the Americans and most of the polar researchers.
In 1938 he still was civilian. This invitation to the Germans could
have been a typical irony of history, for nearly ten years later
exactly this Richard E. Byrd -- then in the rank as US NAVY
admiral -- got the instruction to destroy the secret German Antarctic
base 211. To do this, he was given the command of the biggest
military force on the Antarctic ice ever seen, 13 ships and nearly
4000 men staff. That mysterious operation which is said to have
ended in a catastrophical failure.

"The 'NEUSCHWABENLAND' left the port of Hamburg on
December 17th 1938 heading to the Antarctic on a precisely
planned and determined route and reached the ice on January 19th
1939 at 4 15 W and 69 10S. The
following weeks on 15 flights the 'PASSAT' and the 'BOREAS'
flew across some 600.000 square kilometers and made with their
special designed German "Zeiss Reihenmessbildkameras RMK 38"
more than 11.000 pictures of the area. The old Norwegian maps
from 1931 on these areas were renewed, for they proved to be fake.
[Could not be different, because the Norwegian expeditions before
did never go so deep into the ice from the used Northern landing
point]. Nearly one fifth of the whole Antarctic area was scanned
this way, thus documented for the first time and simultaneous
claimed to be German territory. To stress this claim on the outside
too, the two planes dismissed several thousands of drop-flags,
special metal poles with expedition's insignia on them, the
'swastika'. The whole territory now got the still valid name:
'NEUSCHWABENLAND', referring to a south German region
[which is actually not far from me here].

"Interestingly, the Expedition seemed to have discovered ice-free
areas with even lakes and small signs of vegetation in the mid of the
Antarctic. The geologists said that this phenomenon was due hot
sources in the ground. Concurrent, the landings points where
marked with "prick-flags".

"Notes: Some newer historians reduce the discovered area to an
amount of 325.000 square kilometers. Do not trust these numbers, I
have copies of the original flight maps here, revealing the number
600.000 in ancient letters. What could be the reason to reduce this

"Most parts of 'NEUSCHWABENLAND' were renamed according
to the Antarctic treaty in 1957. Look out for "QUEEN MAUD
COAST". On the older maps you will still find the original names.
Yet, until today still many of the mountains in the northern
Antarctic area carry German names like: "MHLIG-HOFFMAN-
were given according to leading Berlin bureaucrats who enabled
with their policy the expedition's targets.

"In the mid of February, the 'SCHWABENLAND' again left the
Antarctic. It took two months back to Hamburg and Ritscher
carefully used this time to organize the results, maps and photos.
Captain Ritscher surprised by the results of the flights, immediately
planned after the arrival a second, fully civilian, expedition in use
of lighter airplanes with skids. Facing the beginning of WWII,
these civilian (!) plans were said to be given up somewhere on
October 1939.

"Yet, what about the military and strategic option achieved by this
strike? Was it wasted resources so far? Today, all historians agree
in the fact that WWII was not accidentally started but pretty well
planned from the early 30's and even before. At least since 1933
(incidentally the same year when one of the first 'official' treaties
between the Greys and Bavarian Intelligence was initiated -- no
doubt with more than a little help from the secret societies
operating there - Branton) the whole German dictatorship tried to
gain war fitness within a decade or earlier. In all -- and I really
mean all -- aspects of life: military, 'civilian', economic, social,
private, resourcing, engineering, foreign policy, and so on, in all
aspects the Germans were put straight on their way to war more or
less obviously. Pointing to this only aim, the Nationalsocialists
abused the typical kind of German correctness and missing sense
for rebellious scrutinizing. Nothing was left to chance! And this
same method was used in the Antarctic issue, which in my eyes
NEVER ended with Ritscher's return [in] 1938 but went on during
the WWII.

"Unfortunately, at this point all valid information has vanished.
What is left is a scattered puzzle of hints, testimonies and reports
which go up to the fifties and which we partially can not verify
anymore. So IF the Germans WERE able to build up an Antarctic
[underground] base on the results of Ritscher's expedition, this
would be one of the really best covered secrets in German history.
No question, German engineers HAD the knowledge to construct
something like that as the huge underground establishments of the
Nordhausen complex in the Harz as well as Kahla complex at
Thuumlringen and many more prove. Does this remind you
Americans of something??? The pattern somehow is the same: A
lying government / dictatorship and a frightened, blind-held folks
willing to obey and believe in what they are fed up with...[see

"So, what we did in Part II ... was the attempt to restructure
chronically those parts of the puzzle we could gather within some
months of research on this topic. Nobody can say that the following
really happened, so you might see it as speculation first. Yet, we
HAVE tremendous parallels on several sources from which we can
only say this one thing 100%ly: THEY COULD NOT HAVE

"What follows now is the attempt of a chronological collection of
the events and their conclusions as far as they are known to us
today. They all lead to the establishing of the Antarctic base 211 at
the end of war by means of German submarines and flying saucers
and to the [failed ?] attempt to destroy it by the US Navy in 1947.

(Note: The following are brief descriptions or synopsis' of
information and documentation which 'Stefan' has in his
possession, yet which we will not quote in their entirety here. -

"-- Evaluation of the anti-gravity propulsion of a nearly 100%
functional flying saucer going down in the 'Schwarzwald' in the
summer 1936.

"-- Alternative hypothesis: Self-developing this propulsion by
experiments of German scientists basing on Viktor Schauberger's
anti-gravity experiments.

"-- First unmanned flights with the new [re-]built propulsion. A
very special section of the "Reichsluftfahrtbehoumlrde" gets the
project under its control with the aim to build up anti-gravital
fighters and troop-carriers. The project's name is 'HANEBBU'
[some sources also call it the 'VRIL' project]. The prototypes are
numbered in ascending order. The project has many setbacks in the
first years due to the massive electro-magnetic disturbances and
their interaction with conventional electric components. Although
the propulsion can be handled and used principally, it seems to be
nearly impossible to "drive or fly" these prototypes in sharper
angels than 90 , thus not usable as fighters. Additionally normal
navigation systems referring somehow to magnetic fields were
completely useless and special magnetic independent navigation
instrumentation designed, the celestial guidance system:
"Meisterkompass" and "Peiltochterkompass".

"-- Further secret German expeditions to
'NEUSCHWABENLAND'. As landing points, there could have
been used two of the three marked landing bays north-west of the
70 S. Those were already documented as 'landing bays' by

"-- Starting the assemblage of the Antarctic base 211.
Simultaneously a second secret base is build up on a high plateau
in the South American Andes. [Argentina ?]

"-- Necessary items for the erection of the bases are continuously
transported on submarines. Note: German submarine commanders
are highly experienced in the Arctic waters due to the need of
delivery of material and people to Germany's northern Arctic bases
and civilian research stations. In fact at least 20 well documented
operations have taken place along the Arctic until 1945 by means
of these submarines. Some of these operations, especially the later
ones, had to be carried out under extreme conditions and with the
permanent threat of contact with the enemy. Besides, on their way
to the south pole, researchers discovered somewhat like a straight
deep submarine trench fitting pretty well for the necessary

"-- The 'HANNEBU' series has left the stadium of prototypes and
brought up to 19-25 ships in 2 [or even 3] sizes. "HANEBU I" is a
small vessel, "HANNEBU II" a more sophisticated, larger one.
Some reports even hint at "HANNEBU III", which was designed as
a mothership. If this third type has become reality, there existed
only one single ship. So, the overall transport capacities are still
very limited, due to a quite small diameter of the disks.
Additionally production of ships gets more and more difficult,
because the Allies managed to cut of Germany's raw materials more
and more. Yet 'HANNEBUs' managed to disturb some allied
bomber raids over Germany. Note: Every allied bomber pilot in the
[latter] years of the war knew the mysterious threat of the so called
"foe-fighters" appearing and vanishing with incredible speed and
causing bright-orange light phenomenon's and paroxysmal
instrumentation failures on all electric and magnetic parts of the
bombers. In no source a direct attack by these "foe-fighters" is
mentioned, they seem to play a completely defensive role on the
late air war over Germany.

(Note: see the movie, THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE, which
correctly implies that the Germans were on the verge of developing
a whole range of incredible new aerial weapons, and needed to
prolong the war for a few more months in order to get their new
jets, etc., into production, and the Battle of the Bulge was a part of
this plan. However just as these new weapons were about to go into
mass production the German military failed to fully succeed in their
battle plans to buy more time and prolong the war for a few more
months, and the Allied invasion of Germany began. That particular
victory may have been closer than most of us would dare to believe.
If the 'Nazis/Antarcticans' are planning for another planetary
takeover, then this time they may have an alien force working with
them. Could the abductions and implantation's by 'aliens' be a joint
CIA-Nazi-Alien project to implement electronic mind control
programming on millions of people throughout the nations in
preparation for the attempted implimentation of an electronically-
controlled New World Order dictatorship? - Branton)

"-- The enormous pressure of the Allies force the Germans to give
up the big secret underground facilities in Eastern Germany. The
Allies themselves seem to be pretty well informed on these
facilities and overall eager to capture them. The Germans flee and
leave back much material of the 'HANNEBU' project. Their attempt
to rebuild the construction zones in the middle of Germany fails.
The war is nearly over.


"... I have seen enough of their designs and production plans to
realize that if they [the Germans] had managed to prolong the war
some months longer, we would have been confronted with a set of
entirely new and deadly developments in air warfare." -- Sir Roy
Feddon, chief of the technical mission to Germany for the Ministry
for Aircraft Production in 1945.

"When WWII ended, the Germans had several radical types of
aircraft and guided missiles under development. The majority were
in the most preliminary stages, but they were the only known craft
that could even approach the performance of objects reported to
UFO observers..." -- Captain Edward J. Ruppelt Chief of the US
Air Force Project 'Bluebook' on 1956.


"-- A last convoy of submarine vessels leaves German Harbors with
direction to Antarctica and Andes. It is the overall successful
attempt to escape the Allies' clutches. Among this last convoy there
are the U 530 [Captain Otte Wehrmut] and the U977m [Captain
Heinz Schaumlffer].

"-- The last visual contact with U977 was on April 26th at
Christiansund. Schaumlffer's crew did not reveal anything about the
submarine's destination or load. The vessel vanishes now for nearly
4 months, before the crew delivers a completely empty vessel to
Argentinian Officials.

"-- In the same way, leading NS-Officials and technicals are
evacuated from Berlin/Potsdam with the HANEBU fleet heading to
the meanwhile COMPLETED (?) base 211. The overall transport
capacities are quite limited.

"-- The submarine convoy achieves in the southern Atlantic Sea a
sea victory over an Allied unit trying to stop it. This event is under
wraps until today.

"-- Germany's capitulation [to the Allies] 17 August 1945.

"-- Some submarine crews who are not willing to live in the base or
who perhaps can't be admitted to the base travel to Argentine and
hand over their completely empty submarines.

"-- Among those are the documented cases of U530 and U977. High
US NAVY officials immediately traveled down to Argentine and
started severe interrogations on the crew. Scgaumlffer repeatedly
denied to have brought anyone or anything to anywhere. Although
most of the crew are unwilling to tell what really happened, it is
possible that these interrogations deliver important information
about the location of the base. (Note: One source has claimed that
the information the interrogators recieved involved the escape of
Adolph Hitler, Martin Boorman, Eva Braun and a major segment of
the Nazi leadership -- not including those who were 'sacrificed' to
the Nuremberg trials after the war -- to the South Polar base. This
source claimed that these interrogations ultimately LED to the
military action against the entrenched Nazi forces in Antarctica
under the command of Navy Admiral Richard E. Byrd. - Branton).
Yet for us, it remains very mysterious what the crew really did after
the official capitulation on May 1945, for they confessed to have
heard it soon on their own radio. When Schaumlffer came free, he
immediately traveled back to Argentina to stay there with some
fellows for the rest of his life. (Note: Others claim that a large
number of 'Antarcticans' have infiltrated South America via
Argentina, and in turn North America -- where the Nazi "UFO"
forces have reportedly established several underground bases. They
are reportedly working with "Paperclip" Nazis, members of various
Bavarian fraternal cults, and Anglo-American corporate fascicts
above, in a plan to bring down America by creating a fascist
revolution in the United States, like the one that brought the Nazi's
to power in Germany. The concentration camps, thousands of train
cars equipped with shackles, and executive orders for the
implementation of martial law are already in place. - Branton)

"-- Until today more than 100 submarines of the German fleet are
missing. Among those are many of the highly technological XXII
class equipped with the so-called 'Walterschnorchel', a special
designed and coated schnorkel enabling submarines in combination
with their new developed engines to dive for many thousand miles.
A 'trip' to the base without recognition becomes pretty possible
with this technology.

"-- The US Navy tries to destroy the German base which did not
surrender at the end of war. The operation is a disaster. The base
remains functional, at least in parts.

"-- More than one year after the surrendering of U977 the US
NAVY launches the biggest military operation in the Antarctic ice
under the command of Admiral Richard E. Byrd. This is the
operation 'HIGHJUMP', including 13 ships, 1 aircraft carrier, 2
seaplane tenders, 6 two-engined R4D transports and 4000 men. The
only official statement on the purpose of such a task force is the
need for testing "new material under the extreme Antarctic
conditions." The force starts up at the established US bases in the
"ROSS SEA", then it moves up the western Antarctic coast heading
toward the Northern Antarctic coast, 'NEUSCHWABENLAND'
and building up a bridgehead on January 27th 1947 somewhere
west of it. Officially the expedition is a big success because it
delivers many new facts of the use of military equipment under
extreme conditions.

"-- What is the need of such a big task force in this area? IF the
expedition was such a success, WHY did Byrd already return to the
US in February 1947? The operation was planned and equipped for
a full 6-8 month duration. Did this expedition carry atomic
warheads as some sources say? (Note: although the entire
expedition lasted some 8 weeks as suggested earlier, some sources
claim that the actual battle -- once Byrd's forces had been divided
into three main battle groups on the continent of Antarctica --
lasted only 3 weeks. - Branton)

"-- Byrd flew in 1947 at least one time in a right-twisted circle
across the whole territory 'NEUSCHWABENLAND' heading from
southwest over the 'RITSCHER HOCHLAND' and the eastern areas
to the Pole. On his return to the US, Byrd reveals in an [often
quoted but nowhere validated] interview with a reporter that it was
"necessary for the USA to take defensive actions against enemy air
fighters which come from the polar regions" and that in case of a
new war, the USA would be attacked by fighters that are able to fly
from one pole to the next with incredible speed". (Actually this
quote HAS been validated, as will be seen later on in this document
- Branton). Byrd has to face a secret cross-examination by US
authorities. The US withdraws from the Antarctic for almost a
decade. (Note: Another claim which has been made by certain
investigators, although the original source is difficult to track
down, was that upon returning to the States Admiral Byrd went
into a rage before the President and Joint Chiefs of Staff and in an
almost demanding tone, strongly 'suggested' that Antarctica be
turned into a thermonuclear test range. - Branton)

"-- World wide mass sightings of UFOs. In the late 70's it becomes
more and more obvious that many of these sightings are identical in
some technical details with the 'HANEBU' series. This can be
stated especially for the so called 'ADAMSKI' UFOs in the early
fifties which somehow look very terrestrial, nearly in "fashion
style" of this decade and somehow very different from the rest of
flat-bottomed crafts.

"-- The International Antarctic year with large civilian research
projects starts. The result is the Antarctic treaty in which all
participants agree to avoid any military operations this region in
future times. This treaty ends somewhere in the year 2000.

Following is a chronology based on research by Val Valerian of
LEADING EDGE RESEARCH, regarding the secret 'Nazi' history
pre and post World War II. In each code the first two numbers
denote the year, the middle two the month, and the last two
numbers the day of the month:

140000 - Adolph Hitler 'dreams' of Germany's greatness in the

240000 - American [Bavarian Illuminati backed] bankers form I.G.
Farben chemical cartel in Germany.

280000 - T. Townsend Brown discovers electrogravitic capacitance

291000 - U.S. undergoes economic collapse, planned by the
Bavarian Illuminati.

300000 - Dr. Henry Coanda begins work on Lenticular Aeroform

330000 - Adolf Hitler Takes power. All outstanding German
scientists forced to work in Nazi laboratories.

340000 - Germans producing pilotless aircraft.

350000 - German research program on aerial warfare advances by
spectacular leaps.

350100 - German experimental rocket research at Reinickendorf
and Kummersdorf West.

350600 - American named Wilson [whose non-traditional theories
on aerodynamics are rejected by the American government and
established scientific organizations as unrealistic] comes to aid
German aerial research programs.

350622 - Research at Reinickendorf and Kummersdorf West in
Germany moved to Thuringia.

360000 - Standard Oil Company [which later becomes EXXON]
builds refinery in Germany.

370000 - Germans recover crashed disk. Work begins on German
disk program based on recovered 'alien' technology.

380000 - Standard [EXXON] Oil sends I.G. Farben 500 tons of
lead additive for gasoline.

390000 - Germans working on mini-television for bomb / rocket

390802 - Germany and Soviets sign PACT against Poland. (Note:
The Communist dictator Vladimir Lenin was originally an agent of
the German government who was smuggled into Russia from
Germany by train to incite the Bolshevik Revolution. Lenin, no
doubt speaking for his Bavarian masters, stated that : "First WE
will TAKE Russia, next we will CAPTURE the nations of eastern
Europe, then we will TAKE the masses of Asia. Finally, we will
surround the United States and that last bastion of freedom will fall
into our hands like over-ripe fruit." In spite of this treaty, Hitler
invaded Russia to the absolute devastation of Stalin. It may have
been that the Jesuit advisors who worked within the Nazi S.S.
according to Edmund Paris, put pressure on Hitler to invade Russia
because the Roman church considered the Greek Orthodox church
of Russia to be its enemy, after having broken away from Rome in
earlier times and declaring itself an independent force. - Branton)

390901 - Germany invades Poland.

390901 - Soviets invade Poland.

410000 - Germans test Schriever-Habermohl Model I prototype
flying disk or lenticular aircraft Model II in 1944.

410600 - Germany successfully tests Schriever disk design.

410800 - I.G. Farben tests Zyklon B gas.

420000 - German 'fireballs' harass allied pilots and aircraft.

420225 - [German?] UFOs appear over Los Angeles. 1,430 rounds
fired against them. Some on the ground killed or wounded by
unexploded anti-aircraft shells.

430000 - CIA's Allen Dulles [Bavarian Illuminati] cuts a deal with
Nazi SS intelligence. This would eventually lead to a massive
infiltration of the CIA by Nazi S.S. agents, who would in turn
begin a global program of toppling third world governments and
replacing them with their own fascist puppet dictatorships.Germans
complete research on alloy of magnesium and aluminum.

440000 - OSS agent Douglas Bazata receives contract on General
George Patton's life. Feuerball aircraft constructed at aeronautical
factory at Wiener Neustadt. Germans test Bellonzo-Schriever-
Meithe designs based on Coanda disk.

440300 - Wilson replaces German saucer [rotor] propulsion with
advanced jet propulsion.

440613 - V-1 rockets fall on England.

440720 - Attempted assassination of Hitler.

440906 - V-2 rockets fall on England.

441000 - Soviet Army advances through nations of eastern Europe.

441123 - Allied pilots run into 'fireballs' over Strasbourg.

450000 - Both L.F.A. at Volkenrode and center at Guidonia
working on disk craft. Soviets gain some German disk data [and
apprehend?] Dr. Guenther Bock. United States captures some
German disk technology and scientists. British technical advisor
discovers German plans for advanced lenticular aircraft.

450200 - Kugelblitz [crew-carrying Fireball] test flown in
Thuringia, reached speeds of 1250 mph.

450216 - Kugelblitz tested near Kahla, disk-shaped, 1250 mph.
Germans begin to transfer saucer projects to South Polar
underground bases.

450223 - Perfected engines removed from Kugelblitz and sent to
polar base. Kugelblitz, minus engines, blown up by SS personnel to
prevent the design from falling into the hands of the Allies.

450225 - Workers at Kahla complex brought to Buchenwald and
gassed so as not to reveal secret of Nazi disk projects. Kahla
closed. Slavian slave-laborers from various underground facilities
also taken to Karshagan and other camps and killed.

450400 - General Hans Kammler disappears from Germany.

450425 - Gen. Kammler joins Wilson and Gen. Nebe on U-977
bound for South Pole.

450507 - Germany 'surrenders'.

460000 - America turns 2/3rds of Germany's aircraft manufacturing
over to Soviets. Nazis help form CIA operations division with
Rockefeller assistance. Imported SS intelligence officers help form
Radio Liberty and Voice of America. Gen. Hoyt Vandenburg
becomes director of CIA. U.S. and Canada begin joint disk
development programs in underground plants.

460726 - Truman signs National Military Establishment Act.
Creates NSC, CIA.

470000 - CIA Mind-Control drug project begins at Bethesda Naval
Hospital. German disks start flyovers over United States. National
Security Act. CIA begins to monitor UFOs.

470100 - Operation Highjump begins at South Pole to find the
German Bases. Military Commander Admiral Richard E. Byrd
leads 4000 troops in reconnaissance over Antarctica, and
encounters resistance from 'Aryan' [German/Austrian] saucer fleets.
Apparent casualties on both sides.

470624 - Kenneth Arnold reports seeing 9 disks at 9200 feet and
1700 mph, 40-50' dia., shortly after his involvement with the
Maurey Island / Tacoma investigation [six UFOs, and men-in-
black, sighted] following which a reporter, and two Army G-2
agents carrying 'slag' samples to Wright-Patterson AFB, die
mysteriously. Some of the same names connected to Maurey Island,
Fred. L. Crisman in particular, mysteriously turn up years later in
connection with the J. F. Kennedy assassination. Maurey Island
later considered possible experimental test of Nazi - Project
Paperclip - CIA antigravity craft, and the JFK assassination an
apparent attempt to implement a fascist coup d'etat within the
Executive branch of the U.S. Government.

470923 - Secret briefing to Gen. Schulgen from Lt. Gen. Twining
says disks are real. 470924 - Covert operation 'Majestic-12' or 'MJ-
12' is established by Truman to control the UFO [Nazi, etc.,]

490000 - German disks again fly over United States.

490113 - [Nazi?] craft frequent sensitive installations in New

500000 - Canadian Scientist Wilbert Smith states to Sarbacher that
UFOs exist. German disks again overfly United States. Smith, a
Canadian, reports that aerial disks are the most classified subject in
the USA.

510410 - Truman relieves General MacArthur of his command and
replaces him with Gen. Ridgeway, a CFR member. MacArthur
earlier disobeys U.N. directives by initiating a secret attack on the
Communist stronghold at Inchon [leading to a quick end of the
war], after he and other military leaders suspected the pro-Socialist
U.N. officials of betraying their battle plans to the North Koreans.
Truman goes into hiding at Camp David for two weeks following
MacArthur's return, fearing that the highest-ranking military
general in the United States would arrest him for treason. After
Truman fires MacArthur for his unauthorized military action, he
recieves much condemnation from confused and angered patriotic
Americans who criticize Truman for his decision.

52-'55 - Rise in 'contactee' encounters. Many of the contactees such
as George Adamski, William Dudley Pelley, George Hunt
Williamson and others found to have pro-fascist ties with American
Nazi movements [see: MESSENGERS OF DECEPTION, by
Jacques Vallee], similar to the fascist ties and leanings of some of
the 1990's 'Ashtar' UFO cults. Contactee Reinholt Schmidt and
other Nebraskans claim encounters with disk pilots who speak and
act like German soldiers. Schmidt claims 'they' take him to secret
chambers below the Great Pyramids of Gizeh, where there are
incidentally -- according to some sources -- tunnels leading down
to ancient underground facilities maintained by an 'Ashtar' group
called Kamogol-II or the 'Gizeh People', who have maintained
collaboration with Orionite reptilian life forms for thousands of
years. The Germans had an established alliance with these renegade
'Gizeh' Pleiadeans [Aldebarans] and Orions long before they were
approached by the Greys in 1933. Since the Gizeh forces also
maintained a collaboration with the Greys, the Bavarian cults were
more-or-less in collaboration with them by proxy via their alliance
with the Kamogol-II Ashtar Group. According to John Lear, these
renegade Pleiadeans intentionally 'crashed' a disk in Germany that
was packed full of technology, so that the technology could be used
for the German war efforts to bring about planetary 'de-population'
and restore the dominance of the 'Aryan' race, which this group of
Pleiadeans believed themselves to be a part of. It was the Aryan
races who brought Hinduism to India during the ancient Aryan
invasion of the Indian sub-continent from the north. The Egyptian
connection may have resulted from the claims made by certain
ancient Egyptian scholars that the first Egyptians [and Mayas] were
originally navigators from India.

520929 - NATO Exercise 'Operation Mainbrace' interrupted by
[Nazi?] UFOs.

521104 - NSA: Presidential Executive Orders exempts NSA from
all laws. National Security Agency imputed with even more power
and influence than CIA.

530000 - Dwight Eisenhower becomes president. Eisenhower
appoints Nelson Rockefeller to group on Govt. reorganization. It
was Rockefeller, in collaboration with 'Nazi' agents, who assisted
in the establishment of MJ-12, the NSA and CIA as fronts for
Bavarian Intelligence, a 'secret government' within the
Constitutional government. Many who have gotten close to the
CIA's ultimate secret -- that is the Nazi S.S. controlling factor -- are
murdered by CIA assassins. Allan Dulles, CIA Director, approves
mind control project MKDELTA. Entire German-disk-duplication
project goes underground. Thomas Townsend Brown gives Air
Force demo of his electrogravity effect. NSA James Moseley comes
up with 'Earth-made devices' theory. First government disk
duplication projects succeed. Work with Canadian government on
aerial disks continues.

550300 - NSC 5412/1 group formed. Planning Coordination
Group. Nelson Rockefeller is head.

560000 - Captain Ruppelt published 'Report on Unidentified
Flying Objects' and states that Germans have extremely advanced
air vehicles. CIA memo authorizes use of drugs on inmates of

580925 - Victor Schauberger, implosion vortex scientist who
developed several 'implosion' engines for Nazi lenticular or disk
shaped aircraft, dies in Linz, Germany.

590000 - 'Avro VZ-9, System 606A' disc test flown.

600000 - Translator for Eichmann's boss becomes Reagan's
personal secretary in California. Project Aquarius [NSA] initiated.

601204 - Dr. Henry Wang, German disk researcher, dies at 54 yrs

620000 - Many disks observed around DULCE, New Mexico.
Nazi's may be involved there to some degree as well as CIA-NSA
involvement and a multi-leveled base where antigrav, biogenetic,
psi-warfare, and mind-control research is being carried out to the

630000 - Kennedy issues ultimatum to MJ-12 member Gordon
Gray, says he's going to spill the beans on the whole mess [CIA
disk projects, international drug trafficking, mind control, collusion
with Grey aliens, etc.] and inform the public. Kennedy, having had
to learn these facts from the RUSSIANS, discovers that the
scenario is true and threatens to 'dismember' the CIA if they don't
come clean and surrender to Congressional supervison.

631122 - President Kennedy murdered in a fascist coup d'etat
attempt carried out by CIA agents, Mafia hitmen, and the overseers
of MJ-12 [MAJI -- or the BLACK MONKS]; their man Lindon
Johnson becomes President.

640917 - Government releases Warren Commission report to
explain away Kennedy death.

671000 - Britain hit by wave of aerial disks.

691203 - Maj. Keyhoe gets ousted from his NICAP [Civilian UFO
research organization] position by CIA infiltrators, and is replaced
by John Acuff.

710600 - CIA 'critic' James E. MacDonald drives into desert and
'shoots himself.'

740000 - Gerald Ford becomes President. Nelson Rockefeller
becomes Vice-president. (Note: Here is an alternative to a famous
parable: "A fool and his money are soon elected"! - Branton)

75-'78 - Project Gabriel: Development of Sonic weapon derived
from Nazi technology.

760000 - CIA document released, say Ultrasonics research lasted
20 years. Skull & Bones [a German-based cult] member George
Bush becomes director of CIA. Dulce, New Mexico area begins to
experience intense animal mutilations. The Dulce base is intended
to be a major underground joint-operational control center for the
New World Order in the West. A similar facility under the Pine
Gap region near Alice Springs, in central Australia, is prepared for
use as an Eastern control center.

770000 - Freedom of Information Act established, many
subsequent documents released proving Air Force-CIA-NSA
interest in [and development of] UFO's.

780000 - NSA employee provides CIA NICAP Chief Acuff with
Classified documents. NICAP CIA Chief Jack Acuff sells NICAP
lists to NeoNazi 'Samisdat' organization in Canada.

780619 - Carter issues unconstitutional Executive Order creating
F.E.M.A. Later FEMA executive orders 'authorize' the suspension
of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in event of a 'National

780908 - Researcher and scientist Paul Bennewitz discovers
unusual aerial and underground activity in Jicarilla Apache
Reservation near Dulce, N.M. [Archuleta plateau]. Also sightings
of unusual 'atomic spacecraft', helicopter pads, black CIA [Nazi
SS?] limos, black choppers, hundreds of armed special forces who
disappear into the cliffs when approached, mini-lab vans, etc.

790000 - Thomas Edwin Castello takes photos/videos/notes and
flees from his position as Head of Dulce Base Security, 6 copies of
everything is made before he goes into hiding. His wife and child
are abducted by agents before he can reach them however. He never
sees them again. Castello describes earlier work as a top secret
photo analyst during which he developed a role of film showing an
'Adamski' type craft with a 'swastika' on the side.

800100 - Peter Gersten secures two UFO-related documents from
NSA under FOIA. Reference to 239 documents which could not be
released because of 'national security' restrictions.

800800 - Intrusions by [Nazi?/Grey?] aerial disks at Manzano
Weapons Storage area at Kirtland AFB, N.M., filmed by Paul

801100 - Paul Bennewitz still being monitored by NASA with
assistance from Fugate Miller.

801126 - SA Doty receives call from Senator Schmidt of N.M.
Asks OSI's role in connection with Bennewitz.

820427 - NSA admits it has over 239 top secret documents which
relate to 'UFOs'.

830409 - AFOSI agent [Kirtland AFB, NM] Richard Doty shows
Linda Howe Presidential Briefing on UFOs.

830409 - Paul Bennewitz gets interviewed. Determines Dulce base

840000 - Rex-84 exercises [FEMA] test ability to round up people
and confine.

840426 - Lt. Gen. Bond killed at Area 51 during disk test.

850000 - Livermore Labs begin to manufacture artificial blood for
Dulce Facility [Los Alamos, Rand Corp., Dept. of Energy
connections to Dulce].

870000 - 'Dulce Papers' released -- Data on Five entrances to
[upper] Dulce lab is leaked.

871011 - Las Vegas paper reports on Area 51, DREAMland.

880325 - John Lear released public statement on status of affairs,
referring to UFO's and CIA [Nazi] activity in the underground base
at Dulce, etc.

880600 - Pres. Bush proposes converting unused military bases to

880700 - John Reynolds contacts Paul Bennewitz in New Mexico.
John Lear attempts to contact Bill English about Grudge 13 report.

890000 - Project Excalibur: Develops earth-penetrating nuclear
warheads to destroy underground enemy bunkers or bases.

890100 - William Cooper and John Lear issue indictment to the

890226 - William Cooper sends 536 copies of Indictment to
Congress. 2 replies.

890517 - Roads to Archuleta Mesa above Dulce, New Mexico are
road-blocked to prevent intrusion.

890927 - Researcher Greg Keith, in an article in THE WALL
STREET JOURNAL, relates statistics that 2 out of 3 black
children are aborted, and that 43 percent of all abortions are
performed on black women. Keith accuses Margaret Sanger, based
on her own admissions, of being a SOCIAL ENGINEER -- one of
many who have targeted Blacks, Jews, Eastern Europeans and other
NON-ARYANS for reduction and extermination through
population control, genocide, infantacide-abortion, steralization,

The following is a more detailed 'chronology' released by Leading
Edge Research, with a few comments of my own added:

1793 -- JOHANN ROCKEFELLER of GERMANY comes to the
USA, probably the deadliest immigrant America will ever know.
Not because he was a German but because he was a German
RACIST with some very dangerous international banking cult

1919 -- Adolph Hitler joins the Thule Society in Germany. In the
Thule Society, the 'black sun' played a prominent role as a 'sacred'
symbol of the Aryans. The inner core within the Thule Society are
all Satanists. (Note: Just what would motivate these satanists in
their agendas for global conquest? The answer is that they do not
believe in an Almighty God, therefore they believe that they can get
away with it. I'm afraid that these cultists are in for a rude
awakening. This present file is evidence of that, since without the
invervention of a "higher power" working behind the scenes
through all of those who have contributed to this document, I can
state with all confidence that you would not be reading these words
right now. - Branton)

1932 -- Adolph Hitler gains control of German society enough to
force scientists to work in laboratories on advanced aircraft design.
Aided by the implosion vortex technology of Victor Schauberger,
and the technical expertise of scientists like Schriever, Habermohl,
Ballenzo and Miethe, the Germans make extraordinary progress.
There is evidence that they might have been aided by contact with
Gray entities from inside the Earth and an 'Ashtar' connected group
of humanoid aliens in Aldebaran.

1933 -- A profusion of German 'tourists' swarm over the
southwestern United States, buying land, checking mineral rights
and also exploring caves and caverns. This was discovered during a
background check on some of the cities [and newspapers] in New

1934 -- the vast Rockefeller financial empire, in an effort to back
German racial superiority and eugenics, financially supports Nazi
Germany in collaboration with Prescott Bush [George Bush's
father]. In 1929 the German Ernst Rudin enacts German
Sterilization Laws.

1939 -- Operation Canned Meat begins, where the Germans stage
an incident at the Polish border as a prelude to the invasion. As a
result of newly acquired technology, the German scientific effort is
pushed forward by leaps and bounds, and is developed at several
underground research facilities at Reinickendorf, Kummersdorf and
Thuringia. The earliest "pilotless aircraft" were produced in 1934,
and had some moderate degree of success. The United States was
quite aware of the German technical progress and sent an American
named Wilson to Germany to "give technical assistance" and
generally to keep an eye on German technology. It was probably by
virtue of Wilson that the Germans never used their [anti]
gravitational craft en mass in the war, for Wilson attained a high
position in the German technical community, and switched
propulsion methods from gravitational to advanced jet propulsion
in an apparent effort to "get technology out there to fight the war".
Because of this, German gravitational research remained in the labs
and stayed in the R&D [Research & Development] phase until
around 1941, when the Schriever/Miethe designs were successfully
tested. It was clearly a situation where the war was going on faster
than the Germans could technically develop their designs.
Hampered by sabotage and deliberate technical misguidance from
Wilson, as well as delays in metallurgical research which didn't
result in an acceptable alloy of magnesium and aluminum until
1944, the Germans could only continue to harass allied pilots with
the 'fireballs', pilotless craft developed and used since 1942 which
emitted electrical fields that interfered with the operation of
aviation engines.

1943 -- General Reinhard Gehlen infiltrates Soviat intelligence.
Gehlen forms a partnership with Allen Dulles [a Bavarian
Illuminist and American 'Nazi'], which results in the creation of the
CIA [and some years later the more powerful NSA] from a core of
Nazi SS intelligence officers brought to the US under the auspices
of Operation Sunrise, Overcast, and Paperclip.

1945 -- The British discover German plans for advanced craft and
joined the efforts of the United States to subvert the German
program. Obviously those agents who would later become the core
of the 'CIA' were not involved in this attempt to subvert the secret
German projects, in that the CIA was originally established as a
fifth-column for Bavarian intelligence operations in America. On
February 16, despite allied efforts, the Germans successfully flew a
crew-carrying version of the 'fireball' from the underground
facilities in Thuringia. The craft had a top speed of over 12,500
mph. The craft was called the 'Kugelblitz'. The Germans in the
scientific community knew the war was lost as early as 1942, due to
signs of an imminent alliance between America, Great Britain and
Russia. They decided to establish a plan for continuing the dream
of the Third Reich in spite of the war. They decided that the
establishment of a separate society founded on Nazi principles of
genetic purity was the answer. The development of gravitational
technology aided that plan. On February 23, the newest engines of
the Kugelblitz were tested and then extracted from the craft. The
'shell' or 'casing' of the Kugelblitz, minus the engines, was blown up
by SS personnel and the scientists, plans and engines were shipped
out of Germany to the South Polar regions, where the Germans had
maintained underground construction activity since 1941. Two days
later, on February 25, the underground plant at Khala was closed
and all the workers sent to Buchenwald and gassed. The Germans
also sent their "Aryan elite" children and other elements of their
society to the underground bases. General Hans Kammler, who
disappeared in April 1945, was instrumental in the evacuation
operation, as was General Nebe. There, the Germans developed a
eugenic society that apparently is limited to a specific number of
people. They're still there. Apparently they also maintain
underground technical colonies in South America. On April 12,
Roosevelt dies and Harry Truman, a high Mason as was Roosevelt,
becomes President of the United States. On May 7, 1945, Germany
surrenders. Both the Americans and Soviets gain access to elements
of German disk technology and scientists which the German Nazi
elite had neglected to eliminate before their hasty departure at the
close of the war. The British Canadians also had access to some of
the data that the United States had acquired, as well as some data
directly from the German efforts. On September 20th, Wernher Von
Braun and other V-2 colleagues arrive in Boston, Mass and are
transported to White Sands New Mexico to work in the U.S.
missile program (Note: Von Braun along with other 'Paperclip'
Nazi SS personnel were at the 'treaty signing' event at Muroc-
Edwards AFB in 1954 according to Dr. Hank Krastman, when the
NSA officially entered into a pact with the reptilian Grays.
Previous to this the Nazis [Bavarian Thule Society] and Scottish
Rite Masons [Bavarian Illuminati] had established 'treaties' with
subterranean-based 'Gray' and 'Reptiloid' species that were in turn
in contact with others of their kind beyond the confines of planet
earth - Branton). Over 1,000 Nazi S.S. scientists are transported to
the United States by Bavarian cult members operating in high-level
economic and political positions in America -- the 'Corporate-
Fascist' government -- and are given false papers in order to work
for the "U.S. government". These Nazi S.S. infiltrators continue to
infiltrate the electorate government of the United States of America
via their fascist 'parasitic' fifth column government centered around
the CIA, NSA, AQUARIUS, etc.

1946 -- Bavarian-connected agents within the United States eco-
political structure import German S.S. intelligence officers in an
effort to form what later becomes the Central Intelligence Agency.
This Agency, initially an "intelligence gathering" office, soon
commenced to spreading its influence throughout the entire U.S.
intelligence community to the point where it became the controlling
influence over all intelligence efforts and in fact a "secret
government" in and of itself. The influence spreads beyond the
borders of the U.S.A. as the CIA engages in a 'covert war' against
the world superpowers and third world counties, assassinating
undesirable leaders and replacing them with fascist CIA-backed
military juntas, etc. This was part of a plan that was formulated by
Allen Dulles and Reinhard Gehlen in 1943, when a deal was cut
with German intelligence to provide the "United States" with a
viable intelligence operation as well as provide German intelligence
agents with "a place to go after the war". A good inducement,
indeed. Remember that the Nazi's were backed by American
bankers who were/are members of the Bavarian secret society
lodges, as were the Nazi's themselves. Did millions of Allies shed
their blood during World War II only to be betrayed by traitors in
our midst?

1947 -- The Germans, having had two years to get it together after
the war, started making flyovers of the United States in their disks,
which had by then achieved a remarkable degree of development.
This prompted the United States to undertake plans to ascertain
both the exact location of the German bases at the Pole and their
technical capabilities. In 1947, Operation Highjump was conducted
around Antarctica in an attempt to locate the Germans. It was a
failure. The Germans used their technology to thwart the efforts of
the United States. It wasn't until 1958 during the International
Geophysical Year that another major attempt to do something about
the German problem was made. Various polar expeditions that
occurred in between 1947 and 1958 had intelligence as part of their
design, and also seemed to evoke activity from other forces and
entities from inside the Earth. There also seems to be some
evidence that the Germans made contact with alien forces from
inside the planet in relation to their activities in Antarctica. In
1947, the United States decided that the problem with both THE
GERMANS AND THE ALIENS was getting a little dangerous. It
was necessary for the U.S. 'government' to implement severe
measures in order to hide the truth of the alien presence. The
German problem was easier to control as far as public knowledge
was concerned. In September 1947, TRUMAN caused the National
Security Act to be passed in order to hide the activities of the
Government, the CIA, and the alien problem. Was Truman aware of
the Nazi infiltration of the U.S. intelligence community? Whether
or not this was the case, Truman did sign a 'treaty' with the
'Reptilians' as part of his involvement with the 33-plus degrees of
Scottish Rite Masonry, whose International 'Bankster' members had
financed the Nazis up until the point where Adolph Hitler had
become too hard to control. Whether Truman was directly aware of
the fact that his sponsors, the German-American Rockefellers, had
financed the Bolshevik and Nazi revolutions, is uncertain. CIA
mind-control projects began at Bathesda Naval Hospital in 1947,
with data gained from German S.S. intelligence. Truman created a
study group in order to 'control' the alien problem, at least half of
whose original members were affiliated with Bavarian-backed
international banking fraternities like the Council on Foreign
Relations. This study group was called MJ-12, PI-40 or ALPHA-2.
A series of National Security Council [NSC] memos removed the
CIA from the sole task of gathering foreign intelligence and slowly
'legalized' direct action in the form of covert activities. The memos,
including NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2, established a buffer between
the President of the United States and the activities that were going
on, as well as providing a means for the President to deny
knowledge of any covert activities. Of course, all of this was un-
Constitutional. Unfortunately Congress did not know what was
going on either, as these 'appointed' representatives of the military-
industrial complex began to take control of the U.S. government
away from the 'elected' Congressional-Senatorial representatives of
the Constitutional government. In 1947, FIFTY PERCENT of the
CIA was composed of Nazi S.S. intelligence personnel, mostly
within the inner covert ops segments of the agency. (Note: If this is
the case, then it would be logical to suggest that it is THIS fifty
percent of the Nazi 'German'-ated CIA which interacts with the
greys and reptiloids within the Dulce, Denver Airport, Area-51 and
Montauk bases, etc. - Branton)

1952 -- Reinhard Gehlen and Allen Dulles are dubbed Knights of
Malta by the VATICAN.

by Edmond Paris, a large number of Jesuits assisted in the
development of -- and occupied powerful positions within -- the
Nazi S.S. Could the mass-murder of the Jews and the Russian
Greek Orthodox Serbians in Yugoslavia during World War II have
been a continuation of the Vatican's INQUISITION against its
enemies?. The ancient 'Babylonian Mystery Society' which has
reportedly maintained a secret line of Pontifex Maximus leaders
since the time of King Nimrod, has been using the so-called 'Holy
Roman Empire' as a 'cover' for its secret activities -- in affiliation
with the Jesuit lodge which created the Scottish Rite as a tool for
infiltrating Masonry -- and has maintained a strong presence within
the Nazi S.S. The unknowing lay members of the Catholic Church
planet which has been infiltrated by the gnostic Jesuit lodge and
their hatchlings -- the Bavarian Illuminati, Bavarian Thule
societies, and the so-called Scottish Rite of Masonry -- should not
be blamed for this subversion of the global political-economic-
religious systems, that is if they have no knowledge of the
conspiracy. I REITERATE here and throughout this File that I am
not personally against any individual members of errant or apostate
'control' structures who are being 'used' against their knowledge for
internationally destructive agendas, but rather against the
'regressive' control structures themselves. THAT is our target. If one
wishes to be a Roman Catholic or a member of any other religion,
fine... however when that 'religion' begins to pry into the realm of
economic and political CONTROL at the expense of the freedom
of others, then these 'religions' must be willing to face criticism for
involving themselves in these areas, and refrain from hypocritically
crying "your attacking my 'religious beliefs'". When an organization
becomes a political and economic force of CONTROL, it has
CEASED becoming a 'religion'. How much more for 'religions' who
profess to have faith in Jesus of Nazareth - the Christ - or
Melchizedek... the same one who in His zeal had 'cleansed' the
Temple of those who were using 'religion' to fill their own money
bags. Some organizations have lost the 'right' to be called
exclusively 'religions' and must now be classed as economic-
political power-cult structures. No matter how well-intentioned
humans are, if they place themselves ABOVE their fellow human
beings, then there is the temptation to use their knowledge or
position to CONTROL those below them. It is religious POWER
STRUCTURES which divide humanity through "holy wars" and
such, NOT individual 'believers'. - Branton)

1953 -- Albert K. Bender's International Flying Saucer Bureau was
closed down following work on a theory linking disks with
Antarctica. Bender is visited by MIB [Men In Black] and persuaded
to stop his research. These were apparently transdimensional
humanoid 'MIBs' -- although there have also been reports of MIB
reptiloids, androids, and U.S. government agents who have
themselves taken on the label of "Men In Black", possibly in
imitation of the dark-clad alien intelligence agents who have
threatened numerous UFO witnesses to remain silent. Eisenhower
asks Nelson Rockefeller for help with the alien problem. This is
where the idea for MJ-12 was born. It was probably a critical
mistake in asking a member of the world financial control group for
help with the alien beings. Because of human nature, the true
'controllers' are those who control the world's wealth -- the
International Bankers -- as they are able to buy-off the weak
factions within all of the governments of every nation, including an
'apparent' Constitutional Republic like the United States of

The following are some of the subjects that radio personality David
Emory has covered on his talk-radio broadcasts in California:

-- The pivotal role that Nazi and fascist elements played in the
assassination of President Kennedy... evidence that American and
German "Neo-Nazis", the Gehlen spy organization and Nazi rocket
specialists working under Werner Von Braun figured prominently
in the killing.

-- The support American industrialists and financiers gave to
Hitler's Germany and how this affected the allied military policy
during the war as well as the incorporation of the Third Reich's
intelligence forces into the CIA at the conflict's conclusion.

-- The SS origin of the Green Berets, the re-establishment of Nazi
elements in West Germany after the war, as well as Nazi influences
on Senator Joe McCarthy, Interpol and the Alger Hiss case.

-- The pivotal role in the Cold War played by Hitler's most
important spymaster and his Nazi Eastern Front intelligence
organization... the Gehlen organization's incorporation into the
CIA; its role in establishing Radio Free Europe AND the first
Palestinian terrorist groups as well as Gehlen's personal political

-- The evolution of American fascism from the 1930's to the
present... attempts to overthrow President Roosevelt, suspend the
constitution and establish a fascist dictatorship in the United

-- The World Anti-Communist League... the composition and
operation of this reactionary organization whose fascist elements
have wielded tremendous influence in the operations of the U.S.
national security establishment... the massive intersection between
this organization and the network created by Nazi spymaster
Reinhard Gehlen.

-- Former Nazi SS Officer and CIA agent Skorzeny's role in
developing the methodology of modern terrorism and training many
terrorist organizations... the connections of western [fascist]
intelligence agencies to the Munich Olympics massacre of several
Israelis in 1972. (Note: Munich, Germany is the capital of Bavaria,
by the way - Branton).

-- Evidence that the U.S. national security establishment may have
been planning a fascist coup in response to a terrorist provocation...
the "Rex 84" martial-law contingency plan and its implementation
in response to a terrorist 'incident'. Rex '84 appears to stem from a
contingency plan to intern black Americans in concentration

-- The Fourth Reich -- the complicity of [fascist] elements of U.S.
intelligence with international terrorists...

-- The assassination program which eliminated the democratic
leadership of Weimar Germany paving the way for Hitler's rise to
power... the formation of the Nazi Party as a front for German
military intelligence.

-- The connections between the Third Reich and South African
society. Particular emphasis is on the Broederbond [the Afrikaner
elite society which effectively controls South Africa] and how that
organization developed with help from Nazi Germany... how
residual elements of the I.G. Farben chemical cartel helped the
growing South African nuclear industry.

-- Uncle Sam and the Swastika... documents the Third Reich as a
historical outgrowth of the multi-national corporate capitalism.
Focus is on the dominant role of American-based multi-nationals in
financing and arming Nazi Germany.

-- The Third Reich's extermination programs from the "mercy
killing" of handicapped children to the Auschwitz death factory.
The Nazi liquidation's are exposed as a direct outgrowth of the
international eugenics and mental hygiene movements, both
mainstream movements with important implications for
contemporary society.

-- The growing intersection of third reich veterans, Middle Eastern
terrorists, European neo-fascists and European ultra-leftists in a
new form of international fascism.

-- Circumstantial evidence suggesting that then vice-president
George Bush may have been involved with the attempt on the life of
former President Reagan... the close connections between the
family of convicted would-be assassin John Hinckley and the Bush
family as well as Hinckley's Nazi background.

-- The Nazis: Anti-Semites on George Bush's Campaign... the
participation of elements of the Gehlen organization, the World
Anti-Communist League and the P-2 Lodge in George Bush's 1988
election campaign.

-- The work of Mae Brussell, a political researcher whose research
is the foundation of Mr. Emory's... the suspicious circumstances
surrounding her death in 1988.

-- Livin' In The USA: The Search for Nazi War Criminals. In 1985,
the San Francisco Examiner listed ten Third Reich fugitives
considered to be the "most wanted" of all war criminals... the fact
that most of them worked for U.S. intelligence after the war.

-- The role played by German neo-Nazis in the assassination of
President Kennedy.

-- Adolf Hitler's escape from Germany at the end of World War II
using information contained in previously classified U.S.
intelligence archives, accessed by a London Times journalist and
discussed in a military history quarterly. The story was revealed to
U.S. intelligence operatives during their debriefing of former
Gestapo chief Heinrich Mueller prior to Mueller going to work for
U.S. intelligence, employed Mueller because of his anti-
Communist expertise. Confident that his situation with his U.S.
sponsors-to-be was secure, Mueller disclosed that Hitler escaped to
Spain after the war and that his place in the bunker [and the grave]
was taken by a double who was a distant blood relative of the
Fuehrer. Mueller's alleged death at the war's end has also been
effectively de-bunked.

-- The relationship between Arab Nationalist groups and the Third
Reich analyzed... the cooperation between... American Nazi groups
and the Nation of Islam under Elijah Mohammed and Louis

-- Richard Nixon's... efforts on behalf of Nazi war criminals living
in America, his apparent role in the assassination of President
Kennedy and that event's connections to the Watergate Scandal...
Nixon's administration and the drug trade and Nixon's plan to stage
a provocation at the 1972 Republican Convention in order to force
a cancellation of the general elections that year and the
establishment of martial law... an analysis of the international
fascist political milieu that created Nixon and of which he was an
integral part.

-- Several elements of historical and operational continuity between
the development of fascism prior to World War II and its
resurgence over the last several decades. Comparing American
scientific racism of the 1920s and 30s with current thinkers of that
school... the profound influence of the American social legislation
spawned by that racism on the Nazi racial laws that were the
pretext for the Third Reich's extermination programs... the
American 'prosecutorial' staff at Nuremberg who helped to
exonerate numerous Nazi war criminals and who subsequently
participated in the coverup of President Kennedy's assassination... a
possible fascist connection to the gun-control movement (Note: It
is indeed curious that the American Psychiatric Association
initially contained over 2,000 German 'immigrant' members
following World War II. The APA also was/is involved in GUN
CONTROL lobbying.- Branton), as well as a possible connection
between that movement and the assassination of President
Kennedy... the resurgence of Fascism in Italy and Germany
stemming from the fascist elements left in place in these countries
as a result of the laxness of individuals such as the American
Nuremberg staffers.

(Additional Note on the above -- From the
website we read: "A principle player in the 1974 foundings of both
HCI [then called the National Council to Control Handguns] and
the NCBH [National Coalition to Ban Handguns, now renamed the
Coalition Against Gun Violence] was Ed Wells, who was A 25-
OF THE CIA... There was also a fund raiser for NCBH hosted by
the man Nixon appointed as CIA Director, William Colby... HCI
spokesman Greg Risch -- incredibly -- admitted that "SURE
stated that there are quite a few "EX-CIA WHO DONATE TO US."
- Branton)

-- Several reasons for American's lack of awareness of fascism, its
history and its methodology: lowering American educational
standards and the deliberate obfuscation of the historical
connection between powerful industrial and financial interests and
fascism. Both have significantly undermined contemporary
understanding of the political forces which produced Hitler and
Mussolini... details important episodes in the development of the
French fascist forces that culminated in the Vichy collaborationist
government of Marshall Petain. The role of French fascists in
undermining France and contributing to the German victory of
1940 is one of many aspects of the history of fascism which has
been deliberately obscured... the clandestine methodology of
fascism, in particular the underground organizational structure of
fascist movements and its effectiveness in subverting established
democracies... the underground Nazi cells of contemporary
Germany and their evolution from the cellular organization
established by the Third Reich prior to its defeat... the Swedish
fascist Per Engdahl, and his role in maintaining the continuity of
fascism from Hitler and Mussolini to the present. The re-emergence
of fascism in Austria and the Czech Republic... [and] international
networking between neo-Nazis... collaboration between neo-Nazis
and national intelligence services, and connections between neo-
Nazis and 'respectable' power politicians... Liberty Lobby, an
influential American fascist organization.

-- America's importation of the Gehlen organization after World
War II, the 1934 Fascist coup attempt against FDR...

WAR -- RFA37

"America didn't win the war. Adolph Hitler won world war II."

-- Guatemalan president Jose Arevalo, after being replaced by
dictator Jocabo Arbenz in 1951

The following is a synopsis of an extensive investigative series by
David Emory revealing a working hypothesis that during the Cold
War, German fascism and the Third Reich did not disappear as is
commonly believed but rather survived underground and achieved a
very real political and economic victory over the Allies. In the
aftermath of World War I, the German Nazis learned that anti-
communism could be used to achieve strategic leverage over
Germany's prospective enemies such as Great Britain and the
United States. The Third Reich utilized this stratagem to establish
Fifth Column movements in countries they had targeted for
conquest. Those movements were composed largely of sympathizers
who viewed the Third Reich as a bulwark against communism.

The Third Reich sought to escape the full consequences of military
defeat in World War II by playing the anti-Communist card again.
When it became clear that the armies of the Third Reich were going
to be defeated, it opened secret negotiations with representatives
from the Western Allies. Representatives on both sides belonged to
the transatlantic FINANCIAL and INDUSTRIAL fraternity that had
actively supported fascism... Viewed by the Nazis as a vehicle for
surviving military defeat, [this collaboration] involved a Hitler-less
Reich joining with the [international financial cults of] U.S.,
Britain, France and other European nations in a transatlantic, pan-
European anti-Soviet alliance (This has apparently led to their
European Economic Community -- later known as the European
Community or E.C. -- conquest of Europe via economic
manipulation rather than through force. - Branton). The de-
Nazification of Germany was aborted. Although a few of the more
obvious and obnoxious elements of Nazism were removed, Nazis
were returned to power at virtually every level and in almost every
capacity in the Federal Republic of Germany. A Hilter-less Reich
then was incorporated into the anti-Soviet alliance the Third
Reich's leaders had envisioned - NATO.

One of the central elements in RFA37, the Reinhard Gehlen spy
organization, functioned as a Trojan Horse vis-a-vis the United
States. By deliberately exaggerating Soviet intentions and
capabilities in order to alarm the United States, the Gehlen
organization greatly exacerbated cold-war tensions and
manipulated them to Germany's advantage.

Perhaps the most important effect of the Gehlen organization was
to introduce "rollback" or "liberation theory" into American
strategic thinking. Rollback was a political warfare and covert
operation strategy which had its genesis in the Third Reich
Ostministerium headed by Alfred Rosenberg. This strategy entailed
enlisting the aid of dissident Soviet ethnic minorities to overthrow
the Soviet Union. In return, these minorities and their respective
republics were to be granted nominal independence while serving
as satellite states of "Greater Germany."

In its American incarnation, liberation theory called for "rolling
back" communism out of Eastern Europe and the break-up of the
Soviet Union into its constituent ethnic Republics. Lip-service was
given to initiating democracy in the 'liberated' countries. Liberation
theory was projected into mainstream American political
consciousness through the Crusade for Freedom. This enormous
CIA domestic media campaign not only established liberation
theory as a dominant element in American strategic thinking but
also projected European fascists associated with the Gehlen milieu
into positions of prominence within the powerful ethnic voting
blocks in America.

The Gehlen imports combined with domestic reactionary elements
to form a powerful fascistic and ultimately triumphant political
engine referred to in RFA37, as the "rollback" or "liberation

RFA37 traces the evolution of this milieu and its influence on
international and domestic political affairs. The liberation milieu
cemented its triumph in American politics through the
assassination of President Kennedy. The program highlights the
roles of Gehlen-related elements and intelligence agents associated
with the PETROLEUM industry (as in the Rockefeller-connected
companies - Branton) in the JFK assassination. Particular emphasis
is on George Bush's connections to this milieu as well as the
milieu's relationship to the defense industry, military intelligence
and CORPORATE America.

RFA37 analyzes the Reagan and Bush administrations as the
realization of the goals of liberation theory as well as the
fulfillment of National Security Counsel #68. NSC 68 was the
blueprint for U.S. strategy during the Cold War. Heavily influenced
by the work of the Gehlen organization, NSC 68 called for the
destabilization of the U.S.S.R. through a massive military buildup
by the U.S. The strategy sought to bankrupt the Soviet economy
through an arms race and to promote agitation among the dissident
Soviet ethnic groups by Gehlen-related intelligence elements. In
addition, the document called for an accompanying propaganda
blitz in the United States to convince the American people to
support the military buildup as well as the suppression of political

The Reagan and Bush administrations instituted the principles of
NSC 68 and accomplished the aims of liberation theory. The
realization of those goals also did enormous damage to the United
States. The cost of bankrupting the Soviet Union, turned the United
States into the world's biggest debtor nation, severely damaged its
infrastructure and crippled its competitive economic advantage
internationally. In addition, the United States badly compromised
its democratic institutions during the Cold War, possibly beyond

RFA37 hypothesizes that the realization of liberation theory
primarily benefited GERMANY rather than the United States.
Indeed, the recovery of Germany's "lost territories" was the goal of
Gehlen's alliance with the western powers and was the raison d'etre
for the Vertviebene groups. Founded by the SS and funded by the
German government, the Vertriebene groups were part of the
liberation milieu described above. (Note: Is it any coincidence then,
that the true NERVE CENTER of the European Community or
E.C. aka the 'New World Order' is GERMANY? - Branton). Their
activity has increased dramatically since the end of the Cold War.
The BND, the current German government intelligence service and
the final incarnation of the Gehlen organization, has been
extremely active in the newly 'liberated' territories where it has
worked hand in glove with major German corporations and the
various Nazi parties of Germany to realize Hitler's goal of a "greater


Confirmation of the above seems to have come from an anonymous
individual who has released the following information -- among
other revelations -- throughout the newsgroups via an anonymous
news server... The following to me is reminiscent of the theme of
the movie "THE ODESSA FILE", starring John Voight and set in
1963 West Germany:

Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy.jfk,alt.mindcontrol


Date: Sun, 11 Dec 1994 23:52:22 UTC

Subject: JFK hit small part of conspiracy


INTRODUCTION: The JFK assassination involved a much bigger
conspiracy than Cuba or the Mob or the CIA or all 3 put together.
It was planned, run and covered up by an international Group that
has no name. I'm in the process of completing an investigation and
expose on that Group's activities that I began in the early '80s. This
investigation began after I encountered evidence of torture and
mind control techniques among workers at a chemical plant
involved in some litigation I handled in the late '70s.

I'm posting this very short piece because I would like confirmation
of those portions that can be corroborated before I complete the
work. I do not seek to chat about it and I do not want anyone's
approval or disapproval of the events or ideas. Unless you have
been involved in it or are some sort of spook it's all going to sound
very strange... Based on the following very, very brief summary of a
huge file on this subject, it seems apparent to me that you have each
played a witting or unwitting role in treason. Those of you who
think you have been serving a "better cause" should heed these
words and THINK about what you have been doing to your country.
For those readers who think mysterious forces are sending radio
waves into their heads and bodies, or the like, please don't send
responses or messages to me. On the other hand, if you've had
flashbacks to violent events that you can't understand; if you recall
your hands doing things that you didn't control; if you've awakened
in a hotel room not knowing how you got there, read a newspaper
story about a dead general or Congressman, recognized the picture
and wondered if you were the one who did it; or if the phrase
"remember to forget" has a great significance to you, you may want
to read on & consider contacting me. [Contact must be through
anonymous file server so that neither of us knows the
other. If it seems a worthwhile lead to me, I will reply by E-Mail to
your anon id. Please do not contact me unless you use a password
going through I won't respond otherwise.]

In 1983 I undertook to determine the reason for and the people
responsible for the torture and behavior conditioning at the factory.
Since then the investigation has broadened step-by-step into a
much, much larger investigation. I cannot possibly recap the full
story here. The initial course of the investigation has required over
400 pages of draft to adequately explain. So let it suffice to say that
within the first 18 months I obtained identifications [photograph]
from two independent witnesses of the principal torturer as Dr.
Joseph Mengele. The same witnesses later identified [photograph]
the man who was directing Mengele's activities as a person who
was at one time the DIRECTOR of the CIA. Another key player in
the Group's activities in Vietnam, the RFK hit, Watergate and
various assassinations of American military and civilian leaders was
one of that Director's highly-placed subordinates, who only
recently left CIA. This second CIA LEADER will be referred to in
this piece by the same code name he used with my informant: Mr.

My primary sources for the mind control comments are in-depth,
videotaped interrogations in awake states, as well as under deep
hypnosis in conjunction with two hypnosis experts [one of whom
has served as president of one of the internationally-recognized
bodies in the field] of three witnesses. My primary source for the
comments on the Group, its plans, goals, methods and history is
one of the three above witnesses who appears to have been the
illegitimate son of GEN. REINHARD GEHLEN resulting from the
general's participation in the lebensborn program in 1942-43. He
informs me that lebensborn continued well into the ''70s, seemingly
headquartered in FRANKFURT (Frankfurt is incidentally the
traditional headquarters of the so-called Holy Roman Empire which
ruled Europe with an iron hand during the Dark Ages. - Branton).
A significant part of the following account and the individuals
mentioned in it is based on my informant's conversations with the
man who appears to have been his father, Gen. Gehlen, in various
parts of the Northeast & in Langley beginning in about 1953;
briefings held by various spokesmen but mostly by the former CIA
Director at the NY offices of a well-known (Rockefeller? -
Branton) Foundation, which appears to be the American 'host' for
the Group; and a list of the Group's members and agents that my
informant was instructed to memorize during the period 1975-1987
in preparation for his intended role in the Group. In many cases it is
not known whether the individuals' names were listed because they
are 'players' or because they have been coerced into cooperation
through blackmail or economic means or are associates of real
'players' who can control the named individuals. Thousands of
names have been identified from virtually all walks of life,
including such unexpected groups as the Nobel Committee [and]
Vatican City... My informant states that over the years only a very,
very few of the many thousands on the list have known the real plan
and the real goals.

THE COVERT WAR: A covert war has been waged against the
people of this country and other countries for over 50 years. Some
casualties of that war are people whose deaths are already suspect,
but no one can quite put their finger on the real motive. John F.
Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King. JFK by 4
marksmen, of which 2-3 actually got off shots, one of whom was a
well-known French contract assassin headquartered in Madrid.
(Note: these assassins would most likely include the 2 mafia hit-
men behind the 'grassy' knoll and the 'tramps' who were assigned to
pick up the spent shells; the CIA patsy Oswald in the Book
Depository and another hit-man who shot from a building across
from the book depository. Others allege that William Greer -- the
secret service limo driver -- got off a quick shot with a handgun,
which would make him the 5th gunman if we are to believe some
scenarios. This would explain statements made by Dr. Charles
Crenshaw, one of the original doctors who worked on JFK's body
shortly after his death. On the April 2, 1992, segment of Geraldo
Rivera's "NOW IT CAN BE TOLD", Crenshaw claimed that he saw
Kennedy's head-wound

and stated that Oswald could not have killed Kennedy as he was
behind the President, whereas the fatal bullet wound came from the
FRONT. Crenshaw claimed that the bullet entered from the front
and exited from the rear of his skull, leaving a large gaping wound
9-10 centimeters across. Although Texas law

required an immediate autopsy in Dallas, the site of the crime,
Crenshaw insisted that a swarm of Secret Service agents entered the
hospital and demanded that the autopsy be performed out of state.
It is interesting that the Secret Service of the U.S. and other
countries are reportedly patched directly into the highest levels of
Scottish Rite Masonry, or the Bavarian Illumiati. Dr, Crenshaw
stated that several people he had known who had witnessed the
President's wounds had died shortly afterwards under strange
circumstances. He believed that the 'official' photos taken at
Bathesda Naval hospital showing no ear exit wound were tampered
with and that the whole affair was covered up. Branton). An assist
on the job goes to an Oswald 'double' supplied by the KGB section
headed in 1963 by a very high-ranking recent leader of the USSR.
The 'double' killed Officer Tippit in plain view for no reason other
than to implicate Oswald. RFK, by a security guard [Thane] &
Sirhan, Sirhan [who was conditioned to kill and to forget both the
kill and his control]. King, by someone unknown to us, but my
source worked with 'Raul' [also used over 10 other code names] at
CIA from 1967-83. 'Raul's' expertise for [the] CIA was the perfect
"set-up" of innocent people in crimes. The MLK hit was the first
and only time he did a set up in a political assassination. The whole
Warren Commission seems to have been fixed, beginning with
Warren and 3 other members of the Commission, all of whom my
informant identified as agents of the Group. Every witness who
could shed light on the Kennedy murders has been systematically
hunted down and murdered. [I seek information from those who
were in it. I believe I already know one who was. You might know
something about it if you recognize the code name BLACKHAWK.
If so, think about it.] Other victims of assassination by the Group
whose names will be recognized include Franklin D. Roosevelt,
Marilyn Monroe, Mahatma Gandhi, Anwar Sadat & Olof Palme.
There have been many thousands more.

THE ORIGIN OF THE GROUP: The precursor of the subversive
Group seems to have been formed in the first quarter of the century,
we think in connection with the formation of the Federal Reserve.
At first it appears to have been little more than a group of the
world's leading investment and merchant bankers seeking world-
wide control of money supply. But by about 1932 it developed into
a scheme for a New World Order, in which there would be total
control of human behavior by a world government. They sponsored
Hitler through two of their most important German members: Paul
von Hindenburg and Franz von Papen. By the 1930s the key
players seem to have included Hess [who flew to England in 1941
ONLY because he was 'blown'] and then Bormann in the Nazi
government; Schrwder and the ENTIRE Reichsbank sr. officer list
in German banking; most of the major merchant banking houses in
London, some of the key banks in NY, Sweden, France,
Switzerland & Netherlands, along with the Bank for Int'l
Settlements [infamous for its crediting the Nazis with ownership of
the looted Austrian, Czech, Belgian and Netherlands gold]; the
monarchs of England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria [the
Archduke], Hungary [Regent], & Japan; and some of the key men
in the Fall of France, like Viscount Gort and Admiral Forbes; and
two American generals who none of you would believe. (I would
suspect that one of these 'generals' might have been Dwight D.
Eisenhower -- whose campaign was sponsored by the Rockefellers
and through whose administration many of the national socialist
policies of the Rockefellers were implemented within the U.S.
Intelligence Agencies -- although this is only my guess. Due to
Eisenhower's part in the war against the Nazi's and his warning to
Americans about the dangers of the Military-Industrial Complex, it
may be that Eisenhower was an ethical man, yet had opened the
door for access to certain levels of government by Rockefeller
interests, aware of or unaware of the Rockefeller ties to the Nazi's
AND the Military-Industrial complex. He may have merely been a
'dupe' or a 'pawn', like so many other naive members of the U.S.
Government. - Branton)