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Witness Testimony Overview

Astronaut A:  May 1998

In February 1971 Astronaut A flew on Apollo 14 and was the 6th man to walk on the moon. In his testimony, he acknowledges the fact that there have been ET visitations here on Earth as well as crashed craft and recovered materials and bodies.  He also speaks of the concealment that has been prevalent surrounding this subject for over 50 years and the lack of oversight and visible Government control.  He is concerned over our stewardship of this Earth and sees our growing environmental crisis as real.

Monsignor B:  September 2000           

B is a Vatican theologian and an insider close to the Pope.  He has been featured on national Italian television numerous times to express that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon and “not due to psychological impairment.”  In this testimony he explains that not only the general populous but also highly credible, cultured, and educated people of high status are recognizing more and more that this is a real phenomenon.  He goes on to speak about the extraterrestrial people as part of God’s creation and that they are not angels nor are they devils.  However they are probably more spiritually evolved.


Radar and Pilot Cases


(Transcribed and edited from an oral presentation by Dr. Greer)

This area of testimony deals specifically with pilot encounters, radar cases and related cases.  It should be pointed out that for decades, people who have been skeptical of the UFO subject have asserted that if these objects were real, they would have been tracked on radar.  We have no fewer than 20 witnesses from the Air Force, the Marines, the Navy, the Army, and civilian authorities in the United States and abroad who are qualified air traffic controllers and pilots who have seen and tracked these objects on radar.  Please note that these people state emphatically that these objects have not been weather balloons; they have not been air inversions; they have not been “swamp gas.”  They have been structured craft often traveling at thousands of miles per hour, then suddenly stopping, hovering or moving in a nonlinear fashion.  These objects have been tracked going from one spot to hundreds of miles away or further within one radar sweep.  These are solid objects.  They are metallic and they give strong and unambiguous radar returns.

This is not a situation any more where we just have one or two witnesses, and one must consider this very seriously as you evaluate the evidence:  To have more than a dozen of these witnesses on tape testifying that these objects have been tracked on radar, and at times as many as a dozen radars tracking at the same time, means that we are dealing with an actual, real, physical and technological craft—not something that is imaginary, not something that is a mass hallucination, and not something that can be written off as some kind of anomaly.  As Air Force Colonel AA pointed out, the Air Force Project Grudge, as far back as 1950, had radar confirmation of these objects by ground radar, ground visual, airborne radar, and airborne visual—and, “It does not get any better than that.”  Many of these witnesses have also observed these objects returning on multiple nights to similar areas and have checked out their equipment rigorously to be sure that there were no technical glitches in either the software or the hardware. 

This of course is explosive.  The testimony of these witnesses forever puts to rest the argument that these objects don't exist because we have, in addition to their testimony, the radar tracings; we have documentation of these events; and we have people who have been on the inside of such events ranging from the 1940s all the way up into the 1990s. 


FAA Division Chief C:  October 2000   

For 6 years Mr. C was the Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA in Washington DC.  In his testimony he tells about a 1986 Japanese Airlines 747 flight that was followed by a UFO for 31 minutes over the Alaskan skies.  The UFO also trailed a United Airlines flight until the flight landed.  There was visual confirmation as well as air-based and ground-based radar confirmation.  This event was significant enough for the then FAA Administrator, Admiral Engen, to hold a briefing the next day where the FBI, CIA, President Reagan’s Scientific Study Team, as well as others attended.  Videotape radar evidence, air traffic voice communications and paper reports were compiled and presented.  At the conclusion of this meeting, the attending CIA members instructed everyone present that ‘”the meeting never took place” and that “this incident was never recorded.”  Not realizing that there was additional evidence, they confiscated just the evidence presented, but Mr. C was able to secure videotape and audio evidence of the event.

C:  Chief C                   SG:  Dr. Steven Greer

C:  …Now in the 747 they have radar in the nose that picks up the weather outside there.  So his radar is picking up a target.  He sees this target with his eyes.  And the target, the way he described it, was a huge ball with lights running around it.  And I think he said it was like four times as big as a 747! 

And the military man said something like, yeah, I see him 35 miles north of Anchorage…

The UFO was bouncing around the 747 here.  And when he would say that, the military guy would cut in and say, he’s now at 2:00 or 3:00 and he would confirm the position.  The military controller has, what they call, height-finding radar, and they have long-range radar and short-range radar.  So if they don’t catch it on one of their systems they catch it on the other.  And if you listen to the military man, at one time he said, I have it on the height radar, or my range radar, which indicated that they had a target on his system.  Well they ran through for the best part of 31 minutes…

Then the next day I got a call from someone with the Scientific Study Group [for President Reagan], or the CIA, I’m not sure who it was, the first call.  And they had some questions about the incident.  And I had said, I don’t know what you are talking about, you probably want to call the Admiral [FAA Administrator Engen]. 

Well a few minutes later the Admiral calls down and says, I have set up a briefing tomorrow morning at 9:00 am in the round room.  Bring all the stuff you have.  Bring everybody up there and give them whatever they want.  We want to get out of it.  Just let them do whatever they want.  So I brought all the people from the Tech Center.  We had all kinds of boxes of data that we had them print out; it filled up the room.  They brought in three people from the FBI, three people from the CIA, and three people from Reagan’s Scientific Study team—I don’t know who the rest of the people were but they were all excited… <![endif]>

When they got done, they actually swore all these other guys in there that this never took place.  We never had this meeting.  And this was never recorded. 

SG:  Who said that?  Who was saying that? 

C:  This was one of the guys from the CIA.  Okay?  That they were never there and this never happened.  At the time I said, well I don’t know why you are saying this.  I mean, there was something there and if it’s not the stealth bomber, then you know, it’s a UFO.  And if it’s a UFO, why wouldn’t you want the people to know?  Oh, they got all excited over that.  You don’t even want to say those words.  He said this is the first time they ever had 30 minutes of radar data on a UFO.  And they are all itching to get their hands onto the data and to find out what it is and what really goes on.  He says if they come out and told the American public that they ran into a UFO out there, it would cause panic across the country.  So therefore, you can’t talk about it.  And they are going to take all this data… <![endif]>

Well when they read the reports that came through the FAA decided it had to protect themselves—you can’t say you saw a target, even though this is what he said.  So they made him change his report to say “position symbols,” which makes it sound like it wasn’t really a target.  Well if it’s not a target then a lot of the other position symbols that we are separating [on radar] aren’t targets either.  And when I read that, I thought oh, there is something fishy here, that somebody is worried about something or other and they are trying to cover up. 

When the CIA told us that this never happened and we never had this meeting, I believe it was because they didn’t want the public to know that this was going on.  Normally we would put out some type of a news release that such and such happened… <![endif]>

The only ones that see a UFO in the TV programs are the rednecks out in the country that are going coon hunting or alligator hunting at night.  You don’t find anybody with any kind of smarts or some professional individual saying hey, last night let me tell you what I saw.  They don’t display that in the United States.  So if you talk about seeing a UFO, you are putting yourself in a funny kind of category.  That’s probably one of the reasons why you don’t hear about it anymore.  But as far as I’m concerned, I saw a UFO chase a Japanese 747 across the sky for over half an hour on radar.  And it’s faster than anything that I know of in our Government. 

Well, I’ve been involved in a lot of cover-ups with the FAA.  When we gave the presentation to the Reagan staff I was behind the group that was there.  And when they were speaking to the people in the room, they had all those people swear that this never happened.  But they never had me swear it never happened.  And it always bothered me that we have these things going on and when you see something or you hear something on the radio or TV, the news, that it’s put down as it’s not there.  I have a hard time saying nothing. 

It still bothers me that I’ve seen all this, I know all this, and I’m walking around with the answer, and nobody wants to ask the question to get the answer.  And it kind of irritates me a little bit.  And I don’t believe our Government should be set up that way.  I think when we have something like this, that you can probably find out more about what’s going on in the world [by not covering it up].  If they [the UFOs] can travel that far, that distance with that type of machinery, who knows what they could do here for the health of the nation, the people, the food they could give them, the cancers we could cure.  They have to know more than us to be able to travel at that speed. 

For those people that say that if these UFOs existed, they would some day be on radar and that there’d be professionals who would see it, then I can tell them that back in 1986 there were enough professional people that saw it.  It was brought down to headquarters, FAA headquarters, Washington D.C.  The Administrator saw the tape of it.  The people that we were debriefing, they’ve all seen.  Reagan’s Scientific Study team, three of those professors, doctors, they’ve seen it.  As far as I was concerned they were the ones that verified my own thoughts about it.  They were very, very excited about the data.  They had said that this was the only time a UFO was ever recorded on radar for any length of time where it is 30 some minutes.  And they have all this data to look at… <![endif]>

What I can tell you is what I’ve seen with my own eyes.  I’ve got a videotape.  I’ve got the voice tape.  I’ve got the reports that were filed that will confirm what I’ve been telling you.  And I’m one of those, what you would call the high Government officials in the FAA.  I was a Division Chief.  I was only three or four down from the Admiral…


D:  US Air Force (ret.), December 2000

D is a career Air Force military man who was at Edwards Air Force Base in 1965 when not one, but at least seven UFOs appeared over Edwards Air Force Base airspace, moving in extraordinary fashion at enormous speeds, making right-hand turns and other maneuvers which no known aircraft was capable of at the time.  They appeared on multiple radars, were seen visually by several people, and a special UFO officer scrambled and authorized a jet to intercept these objects.  This event lasted for five or six hours.  An edited transcript of the audiotape of the event follows his testimony.


E:  US Air Force,  November 2000

E was an Air Traffic Controller with the Air Force in Oregon and, subsequently, in Michigan.  At both of these facilities he and others witnessed UFOs tracked on radar and moving at extraordinary speeds.  He also confirms that personnel were expected to maintain secrecy concerning these observations, and that NORAD, the North American Air Defense Command, was fully apprised of these events.  In fact, in one event in Michigan, NORAD was fully engaged, and steered B-52s returning to base around these UFOs.


 F:  US Navy (ret.), November 2000

F is a retired Navy commander pilot with a top-secret clearance.  He was a VIP Plane Commander who flew most of the high-ranking officers and civilians from Washington D.C.  In his testimony he explains how he was flying a group of VIP’s and other pilots into Argentia, Newfoundland when they all witnessed a 300 foot UFO that traveled 10,000 feet straight up in a fraction of a second toward their plane and was on radar. He has documented the event extensively.


Mr. G: Senior Air Traffic Controller, October 2000

Mr. G is a senior Air Traffic Controller at Mexico City International Airport.  In his testimony he speaks about the frequent UFO sightings seen at the airport visually and on radar.  They are clocked at tremendous speeds and making almost instantaneous hairpin turns.  Of the 140 air traffic controllers at the airport, he estimates that over 50 have seen this phenomenon.  During one sighting, 32 controllers visually saw the same red and white lights simultaneously moving around a conventional landing aircraft.  There have been reports from all four air traffic control centers in Mexico of these UFOs.


H: November 2000                

Dr. H has been a NASA research scientist since the mid 1960’s.  He has worked on the Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab programs as well as several others.    Over the past 30 years, Dr. H has compiled over 3,000 cases of unusual visual and radar sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena.  He notes that numerous foreign cases also appear in the literature and are very similar in nature to the American reports.  In one case here in America, a B-52 captain told him that he and his crew had five round spheres appear just off of each wingtip, behind their aircraft, above the aircraft, and below and they kept up with the plane at cruise altitude and speed.  The captain tried to shake the spheres with evasive maneuvers but each sphere kept exact position.  There are other cases where pilots look into the transparent cupola of some UFOs and detail can be seen inside.


Mr. I: US Navy, December 2000

Mr.I was trained as an electronic radar technician in the Navy in the 50’s and 60’s.  He tells of an incident where he witnessed a clear, unambiguous radar contact speeding along at 3,400 miles an hour.  There were other radar operators as well who, at various times in 1957 and 1958, also witnessed these unusually fast moving objects.  At the time, the fastest human aircraft clocked in at 1,100 miles and hour.  In one case an Air Force operator tracked one of these UFOs 300 to 400 miles out in space.  When these reports repeatedly kept coming in to General Electric who manufactured the radar, their technicians came in and modified the electronics so that the radar would limit it’s reporting to 12 to 15 miles out into space.


J: Airline Pilot, November 2000            

Mr. J is a pilot with over 30,000 hours of flight time spanning 59 years.  He entered the Air Force and became a B-17 pilot surviving 29 combat missions.  After leaving the Air Force he worked for United Airlines for 35 years.  He tells about the time in March of 1977 when he was flying a commercial flight from San Francisco to Boston.  The plane was on autopilot when by itself it began to bank left.  He looked out the window and noticed a brilliant bright light.  The first and second officers both saw it also.  They were perplexed because all three compasses reported different readings.


K: (ret.), August 2000     

Mr.K is a retired military man with a top-secret clearance.  He worked transporting nuclear weapons all over the world. He personally witnessed a UFO maneuvering in the clear nights sky at an incredible speed straight up.  Another time he and a civilian 747 both saw on their radar screens an object travel an estimated 10,000 miles an hour directly at them.


Lieutenant L: US Navy (ret.), September 2000           

L was in the Navy in the 60’s flying attack planes.  He had a top-secret clearance and served in Vietnam.  He is a retired pilot of 33 years with American Airlines.  In his testimony, he reveals that there is a publication called JANAP 146 E that has a section which states that no one is to share any information regarding the UFO phenomenon under penalty of $10,000 fine and 10 years in prison.  During one incident in late 1964, while flying an A4 Skyhawk, he says that all of a sudden a darkened saucer shaped object about 30 feet in diameter appeared on his left side.  There were many other events over the course of his career where he observed saucer shaped and cigar shaped UFOs over military installations as well as one time seeing two red lights traversing the night’s sky from horizon to horizon in three seconds.  He was afraid to bring up these events to others due to the inherent ridicule in the subject.


Captain M: September 2000                       

Captain M is a senior 747 captain for Alitalia.  He relates an event where when flying from Rome to Sao Paolo in July of 1999 he witnessed a glowing green halo soaring past just 500 feet below his 747.  The aircraft experienced a sudden jump when this UFO passed underneath.  Very noisy static came through his headphones during this experience.  At another time while flying over Turin Italy in 1992, he saw a distant elliptical sphere maintaining a very steady position relative to the clouds as if stationary.  He saw this UFO through a spotting scope.  After looking away to briefly speak to his co-pilot, he looked back and it was gone


Lt. N:  US Army, September 2000                       

Lieutenant N was a 2nd lieutenant in the Army.  After World War II at a NASA (then NACA) open house he saw a 30-foot saucer-shaped craft which had been brought back from Germany for study.  On another occasion he was piloting an aircraft for a TV station when a disc shaped object came in from the west.  He had his camera and climbed to 12,000 feet to take some photos of it.  After landing, he immediately had the pictures developed and enlarged.  The object turned out to be a football shaped silver object with points at each end. His film was subsequently taken from him under unusual circumstances.  In his testimony he also speaks of a time when he happened into a diner late at night near Ft. Campbell in Kentucky and overheard conversations from MPs about how a flying saucer had landed next to a nearby farmhouse and the MP’s were there cordoning off the area.  Creatures were present and were shot at by the frightened farmhouse owner.


Mr. O:  US Army, September 2000           

Mr. O was a Launch Area Electronics Technician for the US Army. He was also trained as a systems analyst and worked on Nike Hercules missiles.  For two years he worked for Honeywell making nuclear tipped torpedoes.  Mr. O heard numerous first hand accounts from various radar operators that they were seeing extremely fast targets moving at 3500 miles an hour.  Some of these were making impossibly small-radius turns.  At one time he witnessed an attempted to shoot one down with an air defense missile near Mount Vernon, WA.




(Transcribed and edited from an oral presentation by Dr. Greer)

This section deals with the Strategic Air Command and UFO events involving nuclear facilities.  I wish to emphasize again that the witnesses we have here are diverse.  They range from the Atomic Energy Commission to people who have been at Strategic Air Command facilities and at missile launch control facilities throughout the United States and Canada.  These witnesses give unmistakably clear testimony about the fact that these extraterrestrial vehicles appear to be quite concerned with our weapons of mass destruction.  And in fact, more than one of these witnesses have stated to me that they believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles were there because they were very concerned that we might blow ourselves up- or that we might begin to go into space and be a threat someday to other civilizations. 

I believe this is very important because, while none of these witnesses has stated that there ever was any hostile action taken by these objects, it is quite clear that they are concerned about what we may do with weapons of mass destruction.  And this speaks to something very profound:  That we have reached the point where the only possible future is one that is peaceful.  The weapons are too powerful and the stakes are too high to advance any further and contemplate the use of such weapons.  We must advance forward into space without using these vast weapons within our arsenal against any life form.  The extraterrestrial civilizations, which appear to be monitoring our activity and have been doing so for decades, may indeed have this as one of their chief concerns.  And it is very likely that entry into inter-planetary society has as its primary requirement the ability for a people to advance into space peacefully.  For we are not talking now of muskets and canons and swords but of thermonuclear weapons, pulsed laser weapons, and exotic technologies which can rip the fabric of time-space.  It must be clear to all that the only survivable future is a peaceful one.  This peace is the hallmark of the maturation of the human race. 

It is also possible that people within the national military command structure, as well as the national security apparatus of the United States and other countries, have misinterpreted some of the actions from these extraterrestrial vehicles as a violation of our airspace or our sovereignty.  I think we must take a wider look at this and consider the fact that if we were to come across a planet which, within a hundred years, had gone from an agrarian civilization to one capable of the early stages of space flight and which had thousands of thermonuclear devices capable of destroying worlds, that perhaps we would be concerned as well.  I think that we have to begin to look in the mirror as a people and ask ourselves what we should be doing to ensure a peaceful future for our planet and also to guarantee that we keep these weapons out of space forever. 

In discussing this issue about the Strategic Air Command facilities and nuclear events, you will learn that on some occasions these objects, which have hovered over control launch facilities or missile silos, have been able to take these devices off-line:  That is, they have been able to render inert intercontinental ballistic missiles.  I do not believe that this is a sign of any hostility on their part but their way of saying, "Please don't destroy this beautiful planet; and know this: we will not let you destroy ours."  I think it's very important for people to understand that such actions however, may have been misinterpreted by certain authorities within the vacuum of secrecy and this is something we must look at very carefully as a civilization.  What happens within the darkness of secrecy?  Secrecy grows on itself, and it creates an information and perspective vacuum where there's not enough give and take with people of differing views or from different walks of life.  In that milieu, it's very easy for paranoia and misinterpretation to set in and that is one of the great inherent risks of obsessive secrecy—the kind of secrecy which President Eisenhower warned us about in January of 1961. 


Lieutenant Colonel  P: December 2000

Colonel P graduated from the Air Force Academy and spent seven years in active duty from 1964 to 1971.  He also held positions at Martin Marietta and Rockwell and spent 21 years at the FAA.  In the Air Force, he was an air traffic controller and a missile launch officer as well as an engineer on the Titan 3 missiles.  He testifies about a UFO incident on the morning of March 16, 1967 where 16 nuclear missiles simultaneously became non-operational at two different launch facilities immediately after guards saw UFOs hovering above.  The guards could not identify these objects even though they were only about 30 feet away.  The Air Force did an extensive investigation of the incidents and could not find a probable cause.  At a debriefing about the incident, an officer from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations required him to sign a non-disclosure form and told him that he was not to talk about the event to anyone including his family or other military staff.  At a time during the Cold War when minor technical anomalies were openly communicated amongst the staff, this incident was not and to this day Colonel P thinks this to be very unusual.

… The UFO incident happened on the morning of March 16, 1967.  I was on duty along with my commander Fred Mywald.  We were both on duty at Oscar Flight as part of the 490th strategic missile squad and there are five launch control facilities assigned to that particular squadron.  We were at Oscar Flight. 

It was still dark out and we’re sixty feet underground [at the ICBM launch control facility].  It was early in the morning and I received a call from my topside security guard who’s the flight security controller and he said that he and some of the guards had been observing some strange lights flying around the site around the launch control facility.  He said they were acting very unusual just flying around, and I said, “You mean UFO?  He said, well, he didn’t know what they were but they were lights and were flying around.  They were not airplanes; they weren’t making any noise.  They were not helicopters; they were making some very strange maneuvers and he couldn’t explain it… <![endif]>

It wasn’t more than a few minutes- maybe a half hour later- and he calls back and this time he’s very frightened; I can tell by the tone of his voice he’s very shook up.  He says, “Sir, there’s a glowing red object hovering right outside the front gate—I’m looking at it right now.  I’ve got all the men out here with their weapons drawn…”

I immediately went over to my commander who was taking a nap—we have a little cot down there for rest periods—and I was telling him about the telephone call we just received.  As I was relating this to him our missiles started shutting down one by one.  By shutting down, I mean they went into a “no-go” condition meaning they could not be launched.  So we get bells and whistles—a red light no-go condition… <![endif]>

These weapons were Minuteman One missiles and were of course nuclear-tipped warhead missiles. 

As they started shutting down, immediately he gets up and we both start querying the status board.  We’ve got the ability to query and determine what the cause of the shutdowns was.  As I recall, most of them were guidance and control system failures.  And then he started reporting to the command post.  In the meantime I called upstairs to find out what the status was of this object and the guard said, well, the object has left—it just left at high speed… <![endif]>

The Air Force did an extensive investigation of the entire incident and was not able to come up with a probable cause for the shutdowns.  And I’ve got quite a few witnesses that will testify to that—we’ve got a couple of people who worked on the investigative team—and I’ve got correspondence from the man who actually organized the investigative team.  There was no viable explanation for this [shutdown of multiple ICBMs].  Each missile is basically self-supporting.  Most of them are powered by commercial power but each missile has its own power generator… <![endif]>

At our site anywhere from six to eight went down but they went down in rapid succession which again is an extremely rare happening.  We rarely had more than one missile go down for any reason at all… <![endif]>

After I talked to my guard upstairs, my commander talked to the command post.  When he finished talking to the command post he turned to me and said, “The same thing occurred at ECHO Flight.”  ECHO Flight is another squadron, I’d say probably 50 - 60 miles away from our location but they had the same sort of thing happen.  They had UFOs that were hovering, not at the launch control facility but at the actual launch facilities where the missiles are located.  They had some maintenance and security people out there at the time and they observed the UFOs at those sites.  Now they lost all ten of their weapons—all ten… <![endif]>

It was the same morning.  So that morning we lost anywhere from between 16 to 18 ICBMs at the same time UFOs were in the area and were observed by airmen.  Those missiles were down the entire day because we’ve got testimony from Colonel Don Crawford, who relieved the crew at ECHO Flight and he was there when the missiles were being brought up to alert status and he said it took the whole day.  So I’m assuming it took our missiles all day to be brought back up also… <![endif]>

I wrote up a report about this incident; it was in my log and I turned it in.  When we got to the base we had to report to our squadron commander right away.  And in that room with my squadron commander was a fellow from AFOSI (we had an Air Force Office of Special Investigations on the base).  He was there in the office with the commander.  He asked for my logs and he wanted a quick briefing although it seemed to me he knew pretty much what had happened already.  But we gave him a quick briefing and then he asked us both to sign a non-disclosure agreement saying this was classified information- we were not to release this to anybody, and that was it.  We couldn’t talk; he told us we could not talk about this to anyone, including any of the other crews, our spouses, our family, even amongst each other… <![endif]>

I’ve got a copy of a telex which we received under FOIA coming from SAC headquarters and coming to Malstrom and other bases right after the morning that happened saying that this incident was of extreme concern to SAC headquarters because they couldn’t explain it.  Nobody could explain what happened.  And yet we never got de-briefed.  And we were cleared for very high classification because these are nuclear weapons we’re dealing with. 

We did get the security incursion alarms at those sites when the missile went down.  That is unusual because usually when a missile went down for something like guidance failure, we wouldn’t get security incursion alarms, which means a perimeter is breached, an object crossed the fence, or something broke the security alarm system that we had on the perimeter of the launch facility.  I did sent out guards to a couple of those facilities to investigate that. 

The reason I think this story is very significant is because, going back to August of 1966 at Minot, ND, a very similar thing happened at one of the launch control facilities at Minot Air Force Base.  They had the same kind of weapon system that we had—they had M-1 missiles.  This [UFO] was observed on radar, there was some communication failure and the object was observed over the launch control facility. 

That happened in August 1966 and that’s a well-documented incident.  About a week prior to my incident, in March 1967, I’ve got a record of a call from one of the security guards who was out roaming looking at the launch facilities and saw an object very similar to what I just described over the launch facility… <![endif]>

Bob Kominski headed up the organization to look at all aspects of these shutdowns.  Kominski relates to me in writing that at some point he was told by his boss that the Air Force said, “Stop the investigation; do no more on this and in addition do not write a final report.”  Again, this is very unusual especially in light of the fact that CINC-SAC headquarters was stating that this was of extreme importance to find out exactly what happened here.  And yet, the head of the investigative team was told during the investigation to stop the investigation and not write a final report


Professor R:  Lt. US Air Force, November 2000

Professor R is a respected professor at a major US university.  In the 1960’s he was in the Air Force. He was the officer in charge of optical instrumentation and his job was to film ballistic missile tests launched from Vandenberg Air Force base in California.  In 1964, during a test of the first missile they filmed, they caught on film a UFO traveling right next to the missile.  He says it looked like two saucers cupped together with a round ping-pong ball like surface on top.  The film showed that from the ball a beam of light was directed at the missile.  This happened four times, from four different angles, as the missile was about 60 miles up and traveling at 11,000 to 14,000 miles an hour.  The missile tumbled out of space and the UFO left.  The next day he was shown the film by his commanding officer and was told to never speak of this again.  He said, if it ever comes up you are to say that it was laser strikes from the UFO.  Professor R thought this unusual because in 1964 lasers were in their infancy in the labs but he never the less agreed and hasn’t talked about it for 18 years.  Years later, after an article came out about the film, professor R started receiving harassing phone calls at early hours in the morning.  His mailbox was even blown up out in front of his house.

We sent the film back down to the base and- I don’t know exactly how long it was after the event, it might have been a day or two—I was called into Major Mansmann’s office at the First Strategic Aerospace Division Headquarters.  I walked into his office and they had a screen and a 16mm projector set up.  There was a couch and Major Mansmann said sit down.  And there were two guys in gray suits, civilian clothes, which was fairly unusual.  Major Mansmann said watch this and turned on the film projector.  I watched the screen and there was the launch from the day or two before… <![endif]>

We watched the third stage burnout.  And then on that telescope we could see the dummy warhead.  It’s flying along and into the frame came something else.  It flew into the frame like and it shot a beam of light at the warhead. 

Now remember, all this stuff is flying at several thousand miles an hour.  So this thing [UFO] fires a beam of light at the warhead, hits it and then it [the UFO] moves to the other side and fires another beam of light, then moves again and fires another beam of light, then goes down and fires another beam of light, and then flies out the way it came in.  And the warhead tumbles out of space.  The object, the points of light that we saw, the warhead and so forth, were traveling through subspace about 60 miles straight up.  And they were going somewhere in the neighborhood of 11,000 to 14,000 miles an hour when this UFO caught up to them, flew in, flew around them, and flew back out. 

Now, I saw that!  I don’t give a Goddamn what anybody else says about it.  I saw that on film!  I was there! 

Now when the lights came on, Major Mansmann turned around looked at me and said, “Were you guys screwing around up there?”  And I said, “No, sir.”  And he said, “What was that?”  And I said, “It looks to me like we got a UFO.”  Now the thing that we saw, this object that flew in, was circular, was shaped like two saucers cupped together with a ping-pong ball on top.  The beam of light came out of the ping-pong ball.  That’s what I saw on film. 

Now Major Mansmann said to me after some discussion about it, you are never to speak of this again.  As far as you are concerned, this never happened.  And he said, “I don’t need to emphasize the dire consequences of a security breach, do I?”  I said, “No, sir.”  And he said, “Fine.  This never happened.”  As I started for the door, he said, “Wait a minute.”  He said, “Years from now if you are ever forced by someone to talk about this, you are to tell them it was laser strikes, laser tracking strikes…” <![endif]>

It’s not a secondhand story.  This happened to me.  And I was a part of a United States Air Force cover-up for 18 years. 

After an article [came out about the incident], the shit hit the fan!  I started being harassed at work.  I started getting odd telephone calls that would come during the day.  At night, at my house I would get telephone calls—all night long sometimes 3:00 in the morning, 4:00 in the morning, midnight, 10:00, people would call and start screaming at me.  You are going down motherfucker!  You are going down motherfucker!  And that’s all they would say.  And they’d keep screaming that until I finally hung up the phone. 

One night somebody blew up my mail box by putting a big load of skyrockets in it.  The mailbox went up in flames.  And that night at 1:00 in the morning the phone rang.  I picked it up and somebody said, “Skyrockets in your box at night, oh what a beautiful sight, motherfucker!”

And things like that have happened on and off since 1982… <![endif]>

I believe this nutty fringe around UFOs is part of a concerted effort to keep serious study of it down.  Anytime anybody tries to study this subject seriously, we are subject to ridicule.  I’m a full professor at a relatively major university.  And I’m certain that my colleagues at the university laugh at me and hoot and holler behind my back when they hear that I have an interest in studying unidentified flying objects—and that’s just one of the things that we have to live with… <![endif]>

What happened to the film is an interesting story in itself as Major Mansmann related to me and other people.  Some time after I had gone, the guys in civilian clothes—I thought it was the CIA but he said no, it wasn’t the CIA, it was somebody else—took the film and they spooled off the part that had the UFO on it and they took a pair of scissors and cut it off.  They put that on a separate reel.  They put it in their briefcase.  They handed Major Mansmann back the rest of the film and said, “Here, I don’t need to remind you Major of the severity of a security breach; we’ll consider this incident closed.”  And they walked off with the film.  Major Mansmann never saw it again… <![endif]>

So there were two of us who were Air Force Officers at the time and we saw something and we both corroborated with each other that we saw it.  And what I have to ask skeptics or people who disbelieve what I’m saying is why would I make this up?  Why would Major (and Doctor) Mansmann make it up?  What have we to gain?  I’ve got nothing but pain and suffering out of it, out of talking about it.  I’ve been harassed at my home.  This was used against me, partially in losing a job once in teaching.  I’ve had a hell of a time after I’ve told this story but I continue to tell the story because I think it is important for people to understand that this sort of shit goes on in the Government.  That the Government covers up information that we are entitled to know about as citizens of this country.  That’s why I tell my story.  That’s why I’m telling it to you… <![endif]>

The thing that’s important to me about this whole operation is very simply this: the biggest event in the history of humankind is the discovery that we are not alone, that there are other living entities—intelligent entities—in this universe and that we aren’t here alone.  That’s a huge, enormous discovery.  It’s the discovery of the lifetime of humankind, isn’t it, to find out that we’re not here alone?  That’s why I think it is important to talk about these things… <![endif]>

Because what I saw that day was something shooting down a dummy nuclear warhead.  What message would I interpret from that?  Don’t mess with nuclear warheads.  That’s probably the message I would interpret from that.  Maybe somebody doesn’t want us annihilating Moscow; maybe we should stop doing that. 

Ronald Reagan one night went on television and did a most astonishing thing:  He stood up in front of America and said we are going to build a defensive shield, we are going to call it SDI, the strategic defense initiative, and its mission is going to be to protect us, to protect all of us.  Ronald Reagan said we are going to share this with everybody.  We are going to share it with the Russians—our enemies, the guys that only a few years ago we were pretending to annihilate.  Now suddenly we are going to protect them with a shield.  From whom are we going to protect them? 

Perhaps that was the first shot across the bow, the first warning shot from somebody saying, knock this off kids it’s time to grow-up.  You don’t want to annihilate this planet, do you?  Could be… 

The information I’ve just given you about my take on what happened there is based on not only my own speculation but having read other things and talked to other people over the intervening years.  Perhaps our paranoia is unfounded and if we encounter beings with superior technologies maybe we should embrace them and be nice to them because they might be showing us how to survive. 

Lt. Colonel Q  US Air Force (ret.), September 2000                       

Lt. Col. Q spent 26 years in the USAF.  He had an above top-secret SCI-TK (Special Compartmented Tango Kilo) clearance.  He worked as a computer systems analyst for Boeing and was the Director of Logistics at Wright-Patterson AFB At one point he was the cryptography officer for the entire Ramstein AFB in Germany and while there one day he received a classified message that said that a UFO had crashed in Spitsbergen Norway.  While at Malmstrom AFB in Montana he again saw a message that said that a metallic circular UFO was seen hovering near the missile silos and that all the missiles went off-line so that they could not be launched. 


Colonel S: US Air Force/AEC (ret.), September 2000

Colonel S is a retired Colonel from the USAF.  He went to Stanford business school where he studied management.  Back in the 1950’s part of his responsibilities included maintaining the inventory of the nuclear weapon stockpile for the AEC and accompanying security teams checking out the security of the weapons.  Many reports kept coming in that UFOs were seen at various nuclear storage facilities and some of the manufacturing plants.  He has seen them himself many times and was present when the famous fly-over over the Capital happened in July of 1952.  At that incident he recalls seeing nine illuminated disc-type craft.  He also tells of at least two occasions where extraterrestrials destroyed nuclear weapons headed out to space, one heading to the moon to be detonated for tests.  It was destroyed because “nuclear weapons in space … were not acceptable to the extraterrestrials…”


T:  US Navy, November 2000

Mr. T spent 6 and a half years in the US Navy and was a radar operator on the USS Roosevelt in 1962.  Trained in operations intelligence, he has a classified clearance and also worked in electronic countermeasures.  He testifies that as a radar operator on the Roosevelt, he had a radar contact with a huge object above 65,000 feet traveling at about 1,000 knots. The Captain launched two Phantom-2 aircraft to investigate.  As the Phantoms approached the UFO, it disappeared and about half an hour later it re-appeared but this time closer to the ship.  He described the intimidation that followed the event.  He later found out that in the prior year the Roosevelt had a huge UFO event that was photographed where people saw a saucer descend from the clouds.  This happened more frequently after the Roosevelt took on nuclear weapons.  Many years after Mr. T was discharged from the Navy, he says that he was listening in on his HAM radio to the Space Shuttle STS 48 communications when he heard them speaking about seeing an alien spacecraft. He describes the harassment that followed after it was known what he had heard.


Mr. U: US Navy/ National Security Agency, October 2000

Mr. U joined the Navy in 1969 and worked in communications part of the time on the USS JFK, which was carrying nuclear weapons.  He worked for the NSA from 1980 till 1997.  In his testimony he tells how in the summer of 1979 all the electronics and communications on board the USS JFK stopped functioning when a huge glowing orange-yellow UFO hovered above.  He personally saw this pulsating UFO, as did a number of others.  All eight teletype machines were printing randomly and the ship went to battle-station alert for two hours.  A radar operator friend of his told him that the radar screens were glowing and then went black—they couldn’t detect anything. A few days after this incident the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer came on the ship-wide closed circuit TV system and reminded the crew that certain events that take place on board the ship are considered classified and should not be discussed with anyone.  When the ship finally returned to Norfolk, VA, men in suits arrived to interview various crewmembers.


Lieutenant Colonel V, US Air Force, October 2000

Lt. Colonel V spent 20 years in the Air Force and retired in 1988.  He spent most of his time with Strategic Air Command and Tactical Air Command.  He tells of a night in April of 1969 while stationed at Loring AFB in Maine when he and his flight instructor both saw three very bright lights in a perfect equilateral triangle silently moving across the sky.  They estimated that this UFO was lower than 3,000 feet.  He discovered the next morning when he reported for duty that for six hours, a UFO was seen hovering over a group of B-52’s containing nuclear weapons.  Every time a plane drew near to the lights, they would part and move in ways that were very unconventional.  When the planes left, the lights came together again and focused on the group of B-52’s. Many years later Lt. Col. V attended a lecture given by SG and saw a photograph of a UFO that was the exact configuration that he had seen years earlier.


Staff Sergeant W: US Air Force, October 1999

Sergeant W entered the Air Force in 1966.  In the summer of 1967 he was guarding a B-52 at a SAC AFB in Oklahoma when suddenly, directly over one of the B-52’s, a huge bluish haze appeared.  It was in the form of a boomerang wing and was glittery and not solid.  It was picked up on radar and seen by numerous people.

Government Insiders/ NASA/ Deep Insiders



(From an oral presentation by Dr. Greer)

In this section you will hear from people who have been involved in events where objects of extraterrestrial origin have landed or have crashed or been forced down and which have been retrieved.  This is, of course, explosive testimony.  It establishes the reality of the phenomenon and also of the fact that we have been studying this phenomenon for years.  Many people might believe that this is limited to the so-called "Roswell event" of the 1940s; this could not be further from the truth.  In fact there have been multiple events, at least a couple of dozen, where objects of extraterrestrial origin have been downed, acquired, and studied. 

We believe that this is something which is of extreme importance because one cannot consider that covert programs—having spent hundreds of billions of dollars over the decades on research and development, so-called "reverse engineering" or "back engineering" extraterrestrial technologies—have not had significant breakthroughs.  The testimony will show that in fact we have:  That we have had breakthroughs that have trickled out to our society in the form of certain advances in electronics, materials, and sciences.  However, the central breakthrough dealing with the physics of the quantum vacuum space—the so-called "zero-point energy" phenomenon, as well as antigravity and electrogravitic propulsion—has been withheld from our society.  In addition, programs studying extraterrestrial technologies and extraterrestrial life forms are projects that are on going to this day. 

This is something that would be of great importance to the world and the scientific community, but more importantly it is of great importance to our public officials who, we know, have not been briefed adequately on this subject. 


Astronaut X: 1999                

X was one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts and the last American to fly into space alone.  In his testimony he recounts how he observed UFOs flying in the same formation as his fighter group over the skies of Germany These UFOs made maneuvers that could not be done by conventional fighters. He felt they must have been under intelligent control to communicate with one another due to the type of maneuvers they were mimicking.  At another time, while filming conventional aircraft performing precision landings, a saucer flew directly overhead and landed ahead of them on a dry lakebed.  The entire event was filmed including detailed close-ups.  The film was sent back to Washington and was never returned.


Brigadier General Y: Army National Guard Reserve, October 2000

Brigadier General Y entered the military in 1958. In 1959 he joined the White House Army Signaling Agency and served under President Eisenhower and then under President Kennedy with an above top secret clearance. He was familiar with Project Blue Book and related how that project documented highly scientific and specific UFO cases from very reliable sources.  They reviewed photos taken from Air Force pilots, Marine Air Corps pilots, and some foreign pilots and multiple reports of radar lock-ons.   He was also shown a piece of metallic debris taken from the Roswell crash. While working under President Eisenhower, he discovered that Eisenhower had a keen interest in UFOs, but that Eisenhower came to realize that he had lost control of the subject.

…What they were trying to say was, “Look, we have this physical evidence to go along with what you have seen in Bluebook; we have now been able to get our hands on and show you this material” and that is what he did.  He went on to further explain that this was the material that had come from a New Mexico crash in 1947 of an extraterrestrial craft and that was discussed at length…  He did not describe what the bodies looked like, although they did discuss the fact that there were bodies, extraterrestrial bodies…

If you wanted to ruin your career, it was explained to us, the thing that would do this the fastest was to talk about UFOs… <![endif]>

We saw a lot of pictures of UFOs.  Some pictures that I saw I think were maybe a little bit better than the ones you see today.  These pictures of UFOs were taken by Air Force pilots… <![endif]>

I would estimate that there probably were between two and three hundred cases of radar lock on.  That is why those cases were in there—because they were authentic… <![endif]>

But what happened was that Eisenhower got sold out.  Without him knowing it, he lost control of what was going on with the entire UFO situation. In his last address to the nation, I think he was telling us that the Military Industrial Complex would stick you in the back if you were not totally vigilant.  And, I think that he felt like he had not been vigilant.  I think he felt like he trusted too many people.  And, Eisenhower was a trusting man.  He was a good man.  And I think that he realized that all of a sudden this matter is going into the control of corporations that could very well act to the detriment of this country. 

This frustration, from what I can remember, went on for months.  He realized that he was losing control of the UFO subject.  He realized that the phenomenon or whatever it was that we were faced with was not going to be in the best hands.  As far as I can remember, that was the expression that was used, “It is not going to be in the best hands.” That was a real concern. And so it has turned out to be. 

It had been discussed with me on numerous occasions what could happen to me militarily if I discussed this. I would say that the government has done as good a job enforcing secrecy through the installation of abject fear as they have done with anything within the memory of modern man.  I really believe they have done a job.  

One older officer discussed with me what possibly could happen if there was a revelation. He was talking about being erased and I said, “Man, what do you mean erased?”  And, he said, “Yes, you will be erased—disappear.”  And I said, “How do you know all this?”  And he said, “I know.  Those threats have been made and carried out.  Those threats started way back in 1947. The Army Air Force was given absolute control over how to handle this.  This being the biggest security situation that this country has ever dealt with and there have been some erasures…” <![endif]>

I don’t care what kind of a person you are.  I don’t care how strong or courageous you are.  It would be a very fearful situation because from what Matt [this older officer] said, “They will go after not only you.  They will go after your family.”  Those were his words.  And, so I can only say that the reason that they have managed to keep it under wraps for so long is through fear.  They are very selective about how they pull someone out to make an example of.  And I know that that has been done… <![endif]>

As I see it, when you propagate a lie and propagate a fear of the truth, you put yourself in a very vulnerable position… <![endif]>

And you can’t create anything positive through fear.  Fear only degenerates the human soul and the human psyche, the human mind if you will. 

I think secrecy has been enforced because what would be revealed would totally destroy an economy that was designed by certain capitalists in this country a long, long time ago to maintain them and their corporations from here to eternity.  I think oil has a special interest in seeing that it maintains its position where it is, regardless of what kind of pollution or disastrous side effects may have occurred and continue to occur. 

I think that what we are dealing with is certain electromagnetic devices that are powered by sources that we just don’t quite understand as of yet -well, we are certainly not advertising them anyway.  But, these devices would generate free power.  And free power would be something that corporations panic about.  I think this government panics about it… <![endif]>

But, at some point in time we are going to have to share this information that would allow us to have free energy. The government knows about this.  It is foolish for them to try to make the rest of us look like imbeciles and say that this can’t happen.  Well, it can happen. 

The question was, “Did I hear that we had ever picked up signals which could not be identified or, if they could be identified, were they coming in from strange craft that, perhaps, had put us under surveillance?”  Yes, I did hear that.  I heard that from at least five or six reports that wound up in Bluebook.  In fact, several of the reports had come in through pilots’ radios…


Z:  US Navy Atlantic Command, October 2000

Mr. Z entered the Navy in 1978 and gained a top-secret, Special Compartmented Intelligence (SCI) clearance with a Zebra Stripes.  He was assigned to the Atlantic Operational Support Facility, Atlantic Command, then under Admiral Trane.  Mr. Z was present when a UFO was tracked by radar and seen by pilots visually moving at high speed up and down the Atlantic coast. The Command Center was put on Zebra alert and Admiral Trane gave the order to force down the UFO.  Mr. Z discusses the threats, intimidation and confiscation of logbooks that occurred after the event.

…And the early warning system—I believe it came in from an Air Force base in Greenland or Nova Scotia at that time—said that we had contact with an unidentified flying object that had entered our air space. … <![endif]>

And within minutes Admiral Trane was rushed into the Command Center into his viewing booth that he had right under the Mezzanine there and the first thing that Admiral Trane wanted to know was how many contacts we had, where they were, which direction were they going and were the Soviets responding.  Because we knew that it wasn’t the Soviets that had entered our airspace.  That was verified from the get go, from the start. 

At that point, when Admiral Trane found out that it wasn’t the Soviets and that he wanted to know were the Soviets responding to this threat also, that was the moment that he gave authorization to put two planes up to go see what this thing was.  And that was when the chasing up and down the eastern seaboard began.  We launched planes from as far north as Greenland to NAS (Naval Air Station), Oceania.  This object, we had it on radar—this event lasted almost an hour.  You could hear the pilots live voice transmissions being piped into the Command Center. And they had visual confirmation of the object and made descriptions of the object.  Pilots were able to close a couple of times and were able to see that the object was not an aircraft that we were familiar with-it was nothing that we had and nothing that the Soviets had.  That was determined very quickly.  This vehicle or whatever it was that they were chasing showed very erratic flight up and down the coast, quick flight… <![endif]>

One minute it was here and the next minute bam, it was down several hundred miles down the coast, just playing tag… <![endif]>

The photographs that we did get back in the Command Center later on came from the first encounters that the planes had with it off of the northern North American coast.  They did get close enough to get some photographs taken that were later brought over to the Command Center… <![endif]>

What was really bugging Admiral Trane, what was really driving him nuts, was this thing absolutely had complete control of the situation and could be anywhere that it wanted to be in a matter of seconds.  One minute we were closing on it off the coast of Maine, and the next minute it is in Norfolk heading south towards Florida.  And it is all that we can do to get the early warning radar up and down the coast to watch for this thing as it just had it’s day with us. 

Admiral Trane and his staff were quite concerned about it to say the least.  They were quite concerned especially once they found out that it wasn’t the Russians and it wasn’t us and he wasn’t aware of anyone else who had the technology to build such a craft that could move about so easily and so quickly.  I remember distinctly looking over the rail of the mezzanine and just watching complete chaos break out because of their inability to keep an eye on this thing, whatever it was. 

The UFO was moving around so erratically and so quickly up and down the coast…  They were trying to notify as many commands as they could up and down the coast to track this thing or get a plane up. Admiral Trane was scrambling and authorizing planes just left and right, up and down the whole eastern seaboard to try and cut this thing off and to get some planes from the north and south to literally track it and to force it down.  It was clear that they wanted to recover it, to force it down, by whatever means possible. 

The order was given by Admiral Trane to try and get this object forced down out of the sky, if at all possible, by whatever means possible… <![endif]>

When this event, as I refer to it, ended, the object that we had been chasing up and down the seaboard headed out over the Atlantic, over the Azores.  I do remember them saying that it had pulled up at a 66 degree angle as it approached the Azores like this, and it just pulled up at a 66 degree angle, without slowing down or anything, and left the atmosphere and was gone into space.  It just took off into space and was gone like that [snaps fingers].  I mean it just absolutely left.  You are talking about something that covered thousands of miles in a blink of an eye and it was just gone and it just left everyone sitting around scratching their heads.  “Gee whiz, I wonder what that was.” <![endif]>

It was comical in a way to see how the vast military might of the United States was put on its knees by something they had no idea what it was, where it came from, where it was going or anything. The only thing that they knew for sure was that it wasn’t the Soviets and they were very adamant about finding that out… <![endif]>

“These two gentlemen began to question me about this event.  They were being pretty rough about it, to be honest with you.  I remember literally putting my hands up and saying, “Wait a minute fellows.  I am on your side.  Just a minute.”  Because they were not really nice.  They were very intimidating and made it quite clear to the point that nothing that was seen, heard, or witnessed, that transpired was to leave this building.  “You are not to say a word about it to your co-workers.  And off base, you just forget everything that you may have seen or heard concerning this.  It didn’t happen …” <![endif]>

You got the impression that they would do bodily harm to you otherwise, without really coming out and threatening you.  You could just tell by their tone of voice when someone is saying, “Hey buddy, do what I say or else.” <![endif]>

If this object had been hostile and wanted to drop weapons or shoot missiles at us or whatever, it would have been very easy for them to do that. There was no question about that.  We didn’t have anything at that time that could hold a candle to whatever this was.  And it just had its own free run of our airspace and could do anything it wanted as far as traveling.  We did not pose any threat to it whatsoever.  That was painfully obvious; very much so. I do believe that Admiral Trane knew that too and was quite afraid.  Just in a word I would say that that old boy was just plain scared… <![endif]>

I would say that the facilities that actually had this UFO on radar—there were five that I am sure of and that is from Greenland all the way to Florida, and there may be some others that I don’t know. I know this because Admiral Trane was giving orders to NAS Oceania, “Let’s get some planes up from there, scramble some fighters.” He did make a call for them to alert Dover Air Force Base, Patuxent River, Maryland, Cecil Field down in Florida…


Lieutenant Colonel AA: US Air Force (ret.), October  2000

After returning from WW II an Air Force hero, Col AA worked in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.  He was assigned to work on Project Grudge where he was responsible for investigating UFOs and came to recognize that on some cases there were no viable conventional explanations.  He later came to believe that Bluebook was a deliberate whitewash to the public. Among others he was privy to reports of cases where four independent radars were tracking objects that were traveling 5000 miles an hour. 


Dr. BB: December 2000

Dr. BB was the first woman corporate manager of Fairchild Industries. and was spokesperson for Werner Von Braun in the last years of his life.  She founded the Institute for Security and cooperation in Outer Space in Washington DC and has testified before Congress on many occasions about space based weapons.  Von Braun revealed to Dr. BB a plan to justify weapons in spaced based on hoaxing an extraterrestrial threat.   She was also present at meetings in the ‘70s when the scenario for the Gulf War of the ‘90s was planned.


 “CC”: December  2000

“CC” is a scientist and engineer who has worked on top-secret projects almost all his life.  Over the years he has directly worked on or had involvement with such projects involving anti-gravity, chemical warfare, secure telemetry and communications, extremely high-energy space based laser systems, and electromagnetic pulse technology.  “CC” has direct knowledge of the fact that certain groups have used these space-based systems to successfully shoot down extraterrestrial spacecraft and their occupants.  On at least one occasion he has seen extraterrestrial spacecraft in person.


Lance Corporal DD: U.S. Marine Corps, October  2000

Lance Corporal DD enlisted in the Marine Corp in 1994.  Stationed in Peru to provide perimeter security to a supposed drug-traffic radar installation, one night he and two other Sergeants were told to secure a possible crash site in the forest.  When they arrived they saw a 20-meter egg-shaped UFO buried in the side of a gorge.  He was called back from the craft. arrested, handcuffed and threatened and abusively interrogated. One of the men told him that the interrogators basically did what they wanted and that they were not under Constitutional law.  DD believes that this UFO was shot down by a HAWK missile.


Major EE:  U.S.  Air Force, November 2000

Major  EE was an Air Force Intelligence Officer who not only had an extraordinary encounter with a massive UFO on radar over the United Kingdom, but later, in the 1970s while he was at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, found out that an extraterrestrial biological entity had been shot at Fort Dix. The Extraterrestrial fled to adjacent McGuire Air Force Base, where it died on the tarmac. He testifies that this life form was then picked up and taken to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  Afterwards, many of the key personnel on the base who had a connection with this event, were quickly transferred.  Major EE also points out that the ridicule factor has been very effective at silencing people who have seen ETs or UFOs, and has helped to maintain secrecy.        


Mr. FF:  British Ministry Of Defense, September 2000

FF is a British Ministry of Defense official, still currently employed at the Ministry of Defense, who headed up the Ministry’s office for research and investigation of the UFO phenomenon for a number of years in the 1990s. In his testimony, we will learn of incontrovertible evidence in several events with massive objects moving at extraordinary speeds, witnessed by military personnel with impeccable credentials, and tracked on radar—objects which are not manufactured on this earth.  He will also confirm the Bentwaters case and other cases within the United Kingdom, and acknowledge the existence of extensive government files on the UFO phenomenon.  FF supports total openness and honesty on the UFO issue, and believes that there should be a full disclosure of all information on UFOs, held by governments all around the world. 


QQQ: Five-Star Admiral, Former Head of the British Ministry of Defense, July 2000

QQQ is a five-star Admiral and the former Head of the British Ministry of Defense who was kept in the dark about the UFO subject during his official capacities.  In this short interview, he states that this subject has great significance and should no longer be denied and kept secret.  He emphatically states, “…that there is a serious possibility that we are being visited—and have been visited for many years—by people from outer space, from other civilizations; that it behooves us to find out who they are, where they come from, and what they want.  This should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation, and not the subject of rubbishing by tabloid newspapers.”


Security Officer GG:  United States Air Force, September 2000

GG was a security officer at Bentwaters Air Force Base in the United Kingdom.  He was present during an event in 1980 when an extraterrestrial vehicle landed, hovered, and interacted with Air Force personnel on base.  Afterwards, the many personnel who had witnessed the events were intimidated, debriefed, and forced to sign documents telling a false version of the story.  GG’s testimony is corroborated by multiple other military witnesses who have been identified.  There are official documents related to this event; there is a photograph related to the event; and there is physical landing-trace evidence. This entire event is also corroborated by Ministry of Defense official FF, and five-star Admiral, Sea Lord, former Ministry of Defense head QQQ, and Sergeant II.


HH: October 2000

HH was stationed at the 81st Security Police Squadron at RAF Bentwaters in England during the UFO events that occurred in December 1980.  She and a colleague were on duty late that night, when they saw in the distance an object they thought was a plane landing on the runway—coming in from the direction of the North Sea.  They also saw it silently explode, split into three parts, and speed across the runway; then it went straight up and disappeared. 


Sergeant II: United States Army, September 2000

Sergent II tells an amazing story about the history of UFOs and extraterrestrials dating back to the early 40’s and probably before.  General Douglas MacArthur organized a group called the Interplanetary Phenomena Research Unit back in 1943 to study this issue and it continues to this day.  Their purpose is to recover objects of unknown origin particularly those that are of non-Earthly origin.  They obtain field intelligence information and pass it on to those who are the “keepers of this information.”  II says that even Project Bluebook had an elite investigation unit, which was outside of Bluebook.  This unit was thought to be working in conjunction with Bluebook but in fact was not.   II has seen living and dead extraterrestrials in his official duties on an army team that retrieved crashed ET crafts.  He thinks that the extraterrestrials will not permit us to explore the depths of outer space until we’ve learned to grow spiritually and that they will make themselves known soon if we don’t first acknowledge their presence. 


JJ: Russian Air Force, March 1997

JJ, of the Space Communications Center in Russia, is considered one of the most knowledgeable Russian Generals.  He states that if extraterrestrials are capable of traversing vast distances, then they are probably from a higher level of civilization.  And if this is true then they must be concerned with normal development of relations between people—constructive progress, not destructive.  He says that if we look at our Earth history, we will see a tale of self-destruction, murder and death of entire peoples.  He believes that advanced civilizations would not tolerate such behavior because their life would have a different meaning and be understood in a larger context.

JJ knows of many eyewitness reports of unusual craft documented in specific Soviet papers.  Various departments within the Government began investigating this phenomena including the Defense Ministry and the Academy of Sciences.  They have many reports of UFOs seen over locations containing high concentrations of advanced science like nuclear facilities.  In some cases they have learned how to create situations where they could deliberately provoke the appearance of UFOs, and in these “contacts” for example, they would point their arms in various directions and the UFOs would respond by flattening their spheres in the same direction.  There was a case just outside Moscow where a warrant officer found himself at the site of a UFO landing and the extraterrestrials made contact with him telepathically and asked him if he would like to visit inside the craft. 

Master Sergeant PPP: US Air Force/ NRO Operative (ret.), September 2000

PPP is a retired Air Force career Master Sergeant who was involved in the extraterrestrial projects for many years.  After leaving the Air Force, he was recruited into the super-secret National Reconnaissance Organization, or NRO, during which time he worked specifically on extraterrestrial-connected operations.  He had a cosmic top-secret clearance (38 levels above top secret) which, he states, no U.S. president, to his knowledge, has ever held.  In his testimony, he talks of assassinations committed by the NSA; he tells how our military deliberately caused the 1947 ET craft crashes near Roswell, and captured one of the ETs, which they kept at Los Alamos for 3 years, until he died.  He talks about the intelligence teams that were charged with intimidating, discrediting, and even eliminating witnesses to ET/UFO events.  He talks about Germany’s re-engineering of UFOs, even prior to WWII.  He talks about our current energy crisis—and the fact that we haven’t needed fossil fuels since the 1940s, when free energy technologies were developed—but have been kept from humanity.  This is the real reason for the secrecy of the ET/UFO subject.  “What the people in power right now don’t want us to know is that this free energy is available to everybody.”  In conclusion, he warns against the weaponization of space and the shooting down of ET craft—this could force them to retaliate, and that would be our destruction.


Mr. KK:  Lockheed Skunkworks, USAF, and CIA Contractor, December 2000

KK was in the Air Force at Las Vegas Air Force Base during an event when UFOs were seen moving at enormous speeds near Mt. Charleston, northwest of Las Vegas.  In addition, he worked with Kelly Johnson at the Lockheed Skunkworks—on design and construction of the U-2 and the SR-71 Blackbird.  He testifies that we not only have these extraterrestrial devices, but have also achieved tremendous technological advances from their study.  He states that in the 1950s and 1960s, NATO did research into the origin of ET races, and disseminated reports to the leaders of various countries. Mr.KK further states that there are records and filmed documentation of meetings in California in 1954 between ETs and leaders of the USA.  He lists a few of the technologies we were able to develop because of the ETs:  computer chips, lasers, night vision, bulletproof vests, and concludes, “Are these ET people hostile? Well, if they were hostile, with their weaponry they could have destroyed us a long time ago—or could have done some damage.”  Mr.KK now develops technologies that can help eliminate environmental pollutants and reduce the need for fossil fuels, such as energy generation systems that use natural energies from planet Earth. 

Captain LL: US Marine Corps (ret.), October 2000

LL served 10 years in the Marine Corps as a fighter pilot, and four years with the Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB as a civilian doing flight-testing of exotic experimental aircraft.  Later, for the next 30 years, he worked for defense contractors as an engineer of antigravity propulsion systems: on flight simulators for exotic aircraft—and on actual flying discs.  He testifies that that the first disc they tested was the re-engineered ET craft that crashed in Kingman, Arizona in 1958.  He further testifies that the ET’s presented a craft to the US government; this craft was taken to Area 51, which was just being constructed at the time, and the four ET’s that accompanied the craft were taken to Los Alamos.  Mr. LL’s specialty was the flight deck and the instruments on the flight deck—he understood the gravitational field and what it took to get people trained to experience antigravity.  He actually met several times with an ET that helped the physicists and engineers with the engineering of the craft.


Lieutenant Colonel MM: US Air Force (ret.), September 2000

Colonel MM entered the Air Force in 1964 and became a rescue helicopter pilot in Vietnam.  He has an electrical engineering degree and was in charge of all the construction projects for the Military Air Command.  During his time in the military he knew that there was a facility inside of Norton Air Force Base in California that no one was to know about.  He heard that there was a UFO craft stored there and that people such as certain Senators including Bob Dole had visited the facility.  Colonel MM also relates another story that his father told him: One time attending a dinner party he had a conversation with a high-level RAND official who told him that the government was spending more money on antigravity devices than any other project in the history of this country.


Mr. NN: December 2000

Mr. NN was putting himself through college working at Century Graphics in 1971/72.  Part of his job was to run blueprints through a large printing machine.  Century Graphics used to get jobs from various military electronics firms such as Lockheed, Litton, Hughes and RCA.  While he had a low clearance, there were times when his assistance was needed on top-secret documents.  In one case he was working on a lithograph negative of the routes for all the American and Russian subs.  In his testimony he states that he also worked on a huge electronic diagram from Hughes-Suma Corporation.  In the center of the diagram in a large rectangle it said “antigravity chamber.”  When he completed his work he turned to the man training him showing him the verbiage.  This man told him that he was not supposed to be working on that and for him to put it back and forget about it.


OO:  Boeing Aerospace, December 2000

OO has gained significant information from inside the UFO extraterrestrial groups within our government, military, and civilian companies.  He has friends at the NSA, CIA, NASA, JPL, ONI, NRO, Area 51, the Air Force, Northrup, Boeing, and others.  He used to work at Boeing as a surface technician.  He was introduced to four-star General Curtis Lemay and one day went to his house in Newport Beach, CA and spoke with him about this subject.  Lemay confirmed the ETC crash at Roswell. OO NSA contact told him that Henry Kissinger, George Bush as well as Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachov were all aware of the ET subject.  His CIA contact told him that the USAF had shot down some of these spacecraft.  A friend of OO who worked at Boeing was part of crash recovery and personally saw and carried ET bodies.  OO says that a group in the FBI discovered that radar testing was causing interference with some of the ETV’s and that this was what was causing so many crashes.  He also says that there are underground bases testing and maintaining extraterrestrial technology in Utah (reachable only by air), Enzo California, Lancaster/Palmdale California, Edwards AFB in California, March AFB, Eglan AFB in Florida, London England, and many other locations. 


British Police Officer RRR:  September 2000

Officer RRR is a retired police officer who served in the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police in England from 1975 to 1984.  On November 28th 1980, he and five other officers witnessed a UFO.  He saw a diamond shaped object about 75 feet away hovering just five feet above the ground and he estimates it to be about 20 feet wide and about 14 feet tall.  The bottom half appeared to be rotating and the top was stationary and it did not make any noise.  Months after reporting this incident, he started being harassed.  He was transferred 50 miles away and was eventually barred from entering his own police station.  Contraband drugs were placed in his locker.


Mr. PP: Former British Foreign Service Official, September 2000

 Mr. PP spent many years in the British Foreign Service.  He spent 10 years in China and in 1941 he saw a UFO while at the Embassy.  In broad daylight he saw a disc-shaped, silent UFO with a blue white light on top flying very fast.  In 1953 he spent some time with the Military Defense in Whitehall and worked on the floor underneath a department, Air Technical, dealing with UFOs.  He says that a UFO landed on the estate of Lord Mountbatten in the south of England near Southampton. 


Sergeant QQ: US Air Force, September 2000

QQ was in the Air Force for 41/2 years beginning in January 1964.  He had a top secret  crypto clearance and worked with the tactical air command at Langley AFB in Virginia.  While working at a NSA facility he was shown photographs taken by the Lunar Orbiter of the moon that showed detailed artificial structures.  These photos were taken prior to the Apollo landing in 1969.


RR: Former NASA Employee, November 2000

RR had a secret clearance while working for NASA contractor, Philco Ford.  She testifies that she was shown a photo of a picture with a distinct UFO.  Her colleague explained that it was his job to airbrush such evidence of UFOs out of photographs before they were released to the public. She also heard information from other Johnson Space Center employees that some astronauts had seen extraterrestrial craft and that when some of them wanted to speak out about this they were threatened.


Mr. SS: Defense Intelligence Agency (ret.), October 2000

SS was a military intelligence analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency.  In the course of his 21 year career he saw evidence of the military’s interest in UFOs in a variety of ways: electronic communications which did not originate from earth; military photos of UFOs. While at the DIA, he became familiar with the compartmentalization process of maintaining secrecy.  He saw spy plane photos with clear UFOs in them


Mr. TT: US Army, August 2000

Mr. TT has been involved in working on classified projects with several Government agencies including NASA and the DOE.  He has a BS-EE degree and extensive training in nuclear engineering.  Mr. TT recounts a story of personally witnessing a UFO crash at a Nike Ajax Missile Facility in Maryland and viewing a group of UFOs on radar take off at a calculated 17,000 miles an hour after having hovered on the ground.  He also speaks of a 1967/68 incident where he overheard a conversation between Houston Control and astronauts in flight talk about avoiding a collision with a UFO spacecraft and our astronauts actually seeing living beings moving about through portals on the UFO.


Dr. UU: McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Engineer, September 2000

Dr. UU worked in a senior capacity as an aerospace engineer at McDonald Douglas for his entire 43-year career.  In his testimony, he states that he was involved in a specific project at McDonald Douglas to study the propulsion systems of UFOs.  In addition, he confirms the existence of other projects within the aerospace industry, and gives his assessment of the fact that this subject is not only real, but is of extraterrestrial nature. He also confirms the extreme secrecy surrounding the subject.


Dr. VV: Senior Policy Analyst Stanford Research Institute, August 2000

Dr. VV holds  BS and law degrees from Yale and a Masters of Education in Counseling from the University of Texas.  He was a Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for the Study of Social Policy at Stanford Research Institute.  In 1977 he worked on the Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Project through SRI. Its purpose was to gain knowledge on the subject then make policy recommendations.  NASA director James Fletcher and the National Science Foundation were involved. The project was prematurely and illegally terminated by the Pentagon soon after it began even though it had already been approved within the Domestic Policy Staff of the White House.


WW: Former SAIC employee, March  2001

Ms. WW was employed by SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) in San Diego, a large defense contractor.  In the course of her work, she realized that there were millions upon millions of dollars in contracts awarded to SAIC and in almost all cases none of these contracts appeared to have any activity associated with them.  She elucidates how “black” budget monies are hidden in seemingly legitimate projects.  A pattern of sexual harassment began after she brought this issue before a supervisor.


Mr. XX: 2000

XX talks about his father XX who worked as a high-level engineer in Area 51 and had a “Q” clearance.  His father had always claimed that he was an Optical Engineer working in Area 51 but on a meeting outside the US he told his son that he was actually  working on a new kind of energy source. This testimony is included, in part, to show the devastating effects of secrecy on individuals and their families. 


Colonel YY:  US Army (ret.)

Colonel YY was an Army intelligence officer who served on Eisenhower’s National Security Council.  After his 21 year military career he served as a military analyst.  Colonel YY personally saw deceased extraterrestrials from the Roswell crash in 1947 and a UFO craft at an airbase.  He had also seen UFOs travel at 4,000 miles an hour on radar.  When he worked in R&D he was given fragments of extraterrestrial technologies from various crashes and his job was to seed industry with these technologies telling them they were from earthly foreign sources.


Mr. ZZ:  September  2000

Mr. ZZ was a mortician in Roswell, NM.  In July 1947, the time of the famous Roswell crash, the mortuary officer from the Roswell Army Airfield called him asking for hermetically sealed infant caskets but never explained why.  Later that day when at the Airfield for an emergency he saw debris of unknown origin.  A nurse, whom he knew, described to him the bodies of extraterrestrials she had just handled at the base.


Lieutenant AAA: US Navy, September 2000

First Lieutenant AAA was the Public Information Officer at the Roswell Army Air Base in Roswell NM when an extraterrestrial vehicle crashed in nearby Corona.  He was the individual who put out the original story that a flying disc had crashed there.  That story was retracted the next day. 


Buck Sergeant BBB: US Air Force, November 2000

Buck Sergeant BBB was trained in communications and served at Hickham Field in Hawaii.  In the early 1950s at an outdoor theater with over 250 people present nine silver disks were seen by everyone randomly moving over the entrance to Pearl Harbor. The event lasted  for about 10 minutes.  At another time he explains that he befriended one of General Douglas MacArthur’s personal security guards who told him that MacArthur had seen the craft and extraterrestrial bodies from the Roswell crash.


Mr. CCC:  US Navy,  March  2001

Mr. CCC was in the Navy from 1968 to 1971 with a top-secret crypto level-14 security clearance.  Later, he worked for 13 years at the Naval Electronic Communication Engineering Center in San Diego.  He tells of a time when he received a most unusual communications from a merchant marine ship near the Alaskan coast.  The message said that there was a reddish-orange glowing elliptical object about 70 feet in diameter that came out of the ocean and shot off into space.  It was tracked on radar going 7,000 miles an hour.  Many years later, Mr. CCC related this story to someone he knew who had previously worked at NORAD.  He said that there were occasions where objects would be tracked on NORAD radar going so fast that they were off the scale, and once when this happened one of his older supervisors causally told him that, “It was just a visit from one of our little friends.”


Dr. DDD: September 2000

In his testimony, Mr. DDD speaks about the 215 inexplicable UFO events in the Italian Air Force files.  He obtained official Italian documents that date back to the 30’s, specifically 1936 where the then Fascist Government was handling and documenting UFO sightings.  Mussolini was very concerned about these unexplained craft because of the effect they might have on the Italian Air Force.  The documents talk about elongated craft expelling smaller flying-saucer type UFOs.  One sighting happened over the sky’s of Venice.  The Air Force attempted to intercept these craft but could not as they were too fast.  Recently the Chief of the Intelligence Office of the Italian Air Force, General Olivero, spoke about this subject saying that the problem of UFOs exists and that the Air Force has been dealing with it since 1978.  There were even two landing traces in Campagna near Naples where the soil was bombarded with high intensity, high frequency microwaves.  There was another important event documented by Air Force General Salvatore Marcholetti in 1976 where, in Lechi, he was flying and came across a huge green object that appeared over his plane.  Soon the UFO took off at tremendous speed. 





\The ultimate national security issue is intimately linked to the pressing environmental crisis facing the world today: This issue is the question of whether humanity can continue as a technologically advanced civilization.  Fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine are non-sustainable both environmentally and economically—and a replacement for both already exists.

If such technologies were announced today, it would take at least 10 – 20 years for their widespread application to be effected.  This is approximately how much time we have before global economic chaos begins due to demand far exceeding the supply of oil and environmental decay becomes exponential and catastrophic.

These technologies fall into the following broad categories:

Ø      Quantum vacuum/zero point field energy access systems and related advances in electromagnetic theory and applications;

Ø      Electrogravitic and magnetogravitic energy and propulsion;

Ø      Room temperature nuclear effects;

Ø      Electrochemical and related advances to internal combustion systems that achieve near zero emissions and a very high efficiency.

A number of practical applications using such technologies have been developed over the past several decades, but such breakthroughs have been either ignored due to their unconventional nature—or have been classified and suppressed due to national security, military interests and “special” interests.

Indeed, the great danger is ignorance by our leaders of these scientific breakthroughs—and ignorance of how to manage their disclosure.  The advanced countries of the world must be prepared to put systems in place to assure the exclusive peaceful use of such energy and propulsion advances.  Economic and industrial interests should be prepared so that those aspects of our economy that will be adversely affected (commodities, oil, gas, coal, public utilities, engine manufacturing, etc.) can be cushioned from sudden reversals and be economically “hedged” by investing in and supporting the new energy infrastructure.

A creative view of the future—not fear and suppression of such technologies—is required.  And it is needed immediately.  If we wait 10 – 20 more years, it will be too late to make the needed changes before world oil shortages, exorbitant costs and geopolitical competition for resources causes a melt-down in the world’s economy and political structures.

Let us be clear: the question is not whether such systems exist and can be viable replacements for fossil fuels.  The question is whether we have the courage to allow such a transformation in world society to occur.


Mr. EEE:  US Air Force, December 2000

EEE is an accomplished aerospace illustrator and has worked for many of the top aerospace corporations in the United States.  His colleague, Brad Sorenson, with whom he studied, has been inside a facility at Norton Air Force Base, where he witnessed alien reproduction vehicles, or ARVs, that were fully operational and hovering.  In his testimony, you will learn that the US not only has operational antigravity propulsion devices, but we have had them for many, many years, and they have been developed through the study, in part, of extraterrestrial vehicles over the past fifty years.  In addition, we have the drawing from aerospace inventor Brad Sorenson of the devices that he saw, as well as a schematic of one of these alien reproduction vehicles—in some remarkable detail.


Professor FFF: November 2000

Dr. FFF is a Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at Parks College in St. Louis.  He spent 8 years in the Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and another 30 years working for McDonnell-Douglas in the field of exotic technologies.  While at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, he was involved in tracking UFOs over Missouri, Ohio, and Michigan.  These UFOs were seen my many people: military, local police, and civilians, and were clocked at speeds around 20,000 MPH as they performed unusual, silent maneuvers.  Dr. FFF spent more than half his career at McDonnell-Douglas working on classified and compartmentalized projects, and testifies to the processes involved in maintaining secrecy on these projects.  He warns against the human tendency to make every new technology into a weapon, pointing out that our weaponization of space does not address the threat of earth terrorists, and the idea of using these weapons against extraterrestrial targets would be suicidal.


Dr. GGG: November 2000

Dr. GGG, a theoretical and experimental physicist, is a graduate of Stanford University.  He has published over forty technical papers in the areas of electron-beam devices, lasers, and quantum zero-point energy effects, and holds patents in the laser, communications, and energy fields.  Dr. GGG's professional background spans more than thirty years of research at General Electric, Sperry, the National Security Agency, Stanford University, SRI International, and, since 1985, as Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, Texas, and President of EarthTech International, Inc.  In his testimony, Dr. GGG points out that as we uncover the technologies that make space travel possible, we must consider the possibility that there are other civilizations who have been down this track ahead of us.  This opens up the possibility of ET visitation.  Considering that our electromagnetic technology is a century old, we must realize that there could be advanced civilizations out there that are millennia beyond us, and their technologies could be well beyond our imagination; therefore, the ET/UFO topic deserves to be taken seriously by modern scientists.


HHH: Department of Energy, October 2000

HHH works for the Department of Energy in the area of new generation power systems.  He explains that we have nearly exhausted the world’s supply of fossil fuels, just at the time when Asia and China are undergoing an “industrial revolution” and are positioning to become bigger consumers of these fuels than the “first world” countries already are. In order to alleviate the current earth crises of environmental pollution, global warming, etc. and advance as a sustainable technological society, we must develop technologies that don’t fit into the old paradigm.


Lieutenant Colonel III: US Army (ret), October 2000

Colonel III is a leading conceptualist in alternate energy technologies,  electromagnetic bio-effects,  unified field theory concepts, and other related areas.  He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army and holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  He is currently CEO of CTEC, Inc., Director of the Association of Distinguished American Scientists, and Fellow Emeritus of the Alpha Foundation's Institute for Advanced Study.  In Colonel III’s testimony he speaks extensively about how it is possible to derive useable energy from the vacuum without violating any currently known laws of physics.  He and others have built electromechanical devices which actually demonstrate this technology.  He also explains how certain powers would rather keep this technology from becoming widely known outside of small esoteric circles.  Time is running out however because our Earth does not have enough oil and coal reserves to last even for this generation.  He explains how our top minds and scientists must first recognize then rally around an effort to solve this energy problem before 2004.


Dr. KKK: October 2000

Dr. KKK is currently the Editor-In-Chief of the magazine Infinite Energy and Director of the New Energy Research Laboratory in New Hampshire.  He holds two MIT degrees in Aeronautical-Astronautical Engineering and a Harvard Doctorate in Environmental Health Sciences (Air Pollution Control Engineering).  He has broad experience in high-technology engineering at companies including Hughes Research Labs, TASC (The Analytic Science Corporation), and MIT Lincoln Laboratory.  Dr. KKK was the Chief Science Writer at MIT when the cold fusion story broke in March 1989, and he resigned in 1991 after his requested investigation into the fudged cold fusion data at MIT (which helped to discredit the whole subject) was not properly done.  The marginalization by the scientific establishment of the cold fusion topic bears strong resemblance to the similar marginalization of the ET/UFO topic: both have been ridiculed and defamed because they break established paradigms.  As Dr. KKK states in this interview,  “There is nothing worse…than suggesting to academic physicists in particular, and academics in general, that they are not only wrong; they are disastrously wrong, catastrophically wrong.”  In his magazine, Dr. KKK has advised us to remember the sentiments of Michael Faraday: “Nothing is too wonderful to be true.”

Dr. LLL: October 2000

Dr. LLL has written four books and has published many original papers in physics, astronomy, climatology, systems theory, and psychology.  He received his BA in physics from Johns Hopkins, his MBA from the University of Chicago, and PhD from Portland State University, and is currently president of the Starburst Foundation, an interdisciplinary scientific research institute.  He is the developer of subquantum kinetics, a novel approach to microphysics that accounts for electric, magnetic, gravitational, and nuclear forces in a unified manner and resolves many long-standing physics problems.  Based on the predictions of this theory, he developed an alternative cosmology that effectively replaces the big bang theory.  Dr. LLL has also developed a new theory of gravity that replaces the deeply flawed theory of general relativity.  Predicted from subquantum kinetics, it accounts for the electrogravitic coupling phenomenon discovered by Townsend Brown and may explain the advanced aerospace propulsion technology utilized in the B-2 bomber.  In addition to his understanding of UFO and black budget craft propulsion systems, including materialization and dematerialization, he has deep knowledge of the inner workings of the U.S. Patent Office.  He states in this interview that, currently, if an invention doesn’t fit into the accepted physics paradigm, the patent examiners immediately reject it thinking it violates the paradigm and must be a mistake.  In effect, new energy technologies are the underdog:  They don’t fit the paradigm so they are left out of the needed funding, or their patents are denied—even to the point that the Patent Office is breaking the law.  In order to alleviate the current Earth crises of environmental pollution, global warming, etc. and advance as a technological society, we need technologies that don’t fit into the old paradigm.


Mr. NNN: Royal Canadian Air Force, September 2000

Mr. NNN was a communications instructor in the Royal Canadian Air Force at RCAF Station Toronto in 1953, when he witnessed an experiment involving the successful dematerialization and re-materialization of an object.  Because of his top clearance, he was also able to check out from the base library, original films of gun camera footage from WWII planes.  Many times, while watching these films, he noticed UFOs in the footage—different positions, different shapes, but, definitely UFOs.  He has also himself seen UFOs maneuvering in the sky.


Dr. MMM: October 2000

Dr. MMM is a respected scientist and oceanography professor at the University of New Hampshire.  After learning from his cousin, Brigadier General Y, that the ET/UFO subject is not only real but is the key to technologies that could preserve our earth’s environment while advancing humanity into a sustainable planetary society, he has become an outspoken advocate for ending the secrecy surrounding this subject.  During the past four years, he has experienced his own interactions with ET craft as a member of CSETI field research teams and he has worked to introduce students, other scientists, and legislators to the fact that humans are not alone in the universe and peaceful interaction with ETs is necessary to the survival of our planet and our people.


  Summary of Recommended Actions by Public, Private and Governmental Stakeholders


Recommended Press and Public Actions

The role of the press in this disclosure effort is critical to its success and the acceptance of the facts by the American public and academic institutions in a non-threatening, but intelligent and interested manner.  It usually becomes obvious to anyone studying this field that the American press has played an important role over the last half century in helping spread disinformation and shaping the public’s views on UFO/ET issues[1].  The press has often been an unknowing partner in the distribution of misinformation/disinformation or a knowing partner in the refusal to report real events.  It is exceedingly rare that major sightings are reported at the national level.  When reports are made, they often done in a condescending, slanted, “add the giggle factor” manner that leaves the audience confused and turned off.  Two recent exceptions were the report of the Phoenix Lights story in USA Today by Richard Price and the Boston Globe report on the French COMETA report by Leslie Kean.  Both articles were well researched and presented in a balanced, non-judgmental manner.

We recommend the press take the following actions:

1.       We recommend that reporters writing on this topic familiarize themselves with the evidence and the implications of this topic.  It is felt by many who have studied the UFO/ET issue that it is the most important issue facing the world today.  This importance should be conveyed to the readers in a responsible serious manner;

2.       We recommend that media organizations assign these issues to senior, well-respected, nationally-recognized journalists and reporters.  These issues should no longer be confined to filler articles assigned to junior staff or relegated to entertainment programming;

  1. We recommend that the present clichés of reporting on these issues, which maybe intended to “dumb down” the topic by conveying a non-serious and silly tone to the reporting, be eliminated.  These include the use of opening statements such as “little green men” and the filming of interviewees with weird camera angles, colored lights, fog generators and the like.  All of these techniques, which have been successfully used for decades to “spin” the topic, must be eliminated if the public is to believe the seriousness of your reporting.

We recommend the public take the following actions:

1.       We recommend that the public open their minds to UFO/ET issues by thoughtfully investigating the issues themselves;     

2.       We recommend that the public, once recognizing the implications of a disclosure, encourage the press and public officials to research and report responsibly on them and further to take part in a dialogue addressing a dramatically transformed view of humans on this planet and their future place as part of a larger group of intelligent beings;

3.       We recommend that the public write the President and ask that he issue an executive order permitting witnesses to safely come forward (see section on Presidential actions) and write their senators and representatives requesting that they sponsor open hearings where these witnesses may testify;

4.       We recommend that former government, military or corporate persons with knowledge about this subject and willingness to be witnesses, contact the Disclosure Project to help make their knowledge public in an honorable and patriotic manner.  We have protective measures in place, and the more witnesses we have, the stronger the case—and the greater the margin of safety for all concerned;       

5.       Ultimately, if the people will lead, the leaders will follow.  Courage, vision and perseverance are needed to transform this situation, and create a time of openness and trust.  If our leaders currently lack this courage and vision, then we must manifest it for them since ultimately the public will help drive the disclosure effort.


Recommended Congressional Actions

Considering the incredible importance and implications of this subject, Congress has played an almost negligible role over the past four to five decades.  In fact only two formal hearings have been held during that time period.  The first was held by the House Armed Services Committee on April 5, 1966 because of strong editorial and public criticism of the Air Force Project Blue Book UFO program.  Then Representative Gerald Ford of Michigan was a strong supporter of the hearings, in part as a result of major sightings that had occurred during March of that year in his state and seen by hundreds of people and reported widely in the press.  The result of the hearings was the recommendation for an independent scientific investigation of UFOs, which became the University of Colorado “Scientific Study of UFOs” directed by Dr. Edward Condon. 

Then in 1968, the House Science and Astronautics Committee held a “Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects” to review the scientific evidence for UFOs.  Of the six scientists who testified, five opinioned that there was a valid scientific anomaly that should be studied further.  In fact, one of the scientists, Dr. James McDonald, a senior physicist and professor at the University of Arizona, concluded that, ”My own study of the UFO problem has convinced me that we must rapidly escalate serious scientific attention to this extra-ordinarily intriguing puzzle.”  A year later the Condon Committee concluded that there was no convincing scientific evidence for UFOs and recommended that Project Blue Book be terminated, which happened later that year on December 17.  This surprising conclusion was reached in spite of the fact that about 30% of the cases investigated by the committee had remained unexplained.  In the 1990s, the refusal of the Air Force to even comment on the growing evidence of a crash near Roswell, NM lead then Representative Steven Schiff (R-NM) to request that the General Accounting Office conduct a search for related documents.  In 1995 the GAO released a report stating that they could not find documents related to the crash as documents from Roswell Army Base from that time period had been improperly destroyed.

Then in early April 1997 the CSETI organization held a closed briefing for members of congress and civilian witnesses in the hopes that someone in Congress would have the courage to hold hearings on this topic.  No one then nor until today has had the courage to call for hearings on this topic, even though the statement made by Rep Gerald Ford in 1966 that “We owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs,” is as true today as it was then.  It is interesting to note that the members of the Senate have never held any hearings on this subject although privately individuals have expressed significant interest in the subject.

We recommend that Congress take the following actions to pursue this matter:

1.       Make directed inquiries to contacts and chairmen of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees;

2.       Pursue other contacts known to the Congress, which may be able to assist in identifying points of control for these operations;

3.       Pursue this matter further by convening Congressional Hearings whereby direct witnesses to these projects may testify.  We believe more than one member of Congress should be located to co-sponsor such an inquiry;

4.       Pass a Congressional ban on weapons in space and encourage our allies and the UN to do the same.

Note that once issues concerning the validity of National Security oaths and amnesty are resolved by congress and/or presidential order, there are hundreds of potential witnesses who are willing to testify on the reality of the UFO/ET issues and their implications for our country’s future.

It is only through the medium of open and public congressional hearings that an understanding of the complexity of these issues may be achieved and our country can move forward.

Because of the interconnections between the UFO issue and the world’s energy status and technology, it will also be necessary to also hold Congressional Hearings on these energy issues as well, as a pursuant, but somewhat parallel process.

Once the reality of the UFO issues are accepted by Congress, then we recommend that Congress:

1.    Thoroughly investigate these new technologies both from current civilian sources as well as compartmented projects within military, intelligence and corporate contracting areas;

2.    Authorize the declassification and release of information held within compartmented projects related to this subject;

3.    Specifically prohibit the seizing or suppression of such technologies;

4.    Authorize substantial funding for basic research and development by civilian scientists and technologists making this research available to the public and mainstream scientists;

5.    Develop plans for dealing with disclosing such technologies and for the transition to a non-fossil fuel economy. These plans should include among others: military and national security planning; strategic economic planning and preparation; private sector support and cooperation; geopolitical planning, especially as it pertains to OPEC countries and regions whose economies are very dependent on oil exports and the price of oil; international cooperation and security.

The Disclosure Project stands ready to assist the Congress in any way possible to facilitate use of these new energy sources.  We can recommend a number of individuals who can be subpoenaed to provide testimony on such technologies, as well as people who have information on unacknowledged special access projects within covert government operations that are already working with these issues.


Recommended Military Actions

Since the early 1990s, the Director and members of the Disclosure Project have briefed various high level military officials including the Head of Intelligence Joint Staff (J-2), the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Director of Central Intelligence, Wright Patterson Director of National Air Intelligence Center and others.  It has become obvious to us during these briefings that senior officers have not been informed on this subject.  This constitutes a serious threat to the national security and to military readiness.

To quote Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, “I urge immediate congressional action to reduce the dangers from secrecy about Unidentified Flying Objects.”  Note that here he is emphasizing the dangers from secrecy, not danger arising from UFOs.[2]

We recommend senior military and national security leaders take the following actions:

  1. Receive a thorough briefing on the subject by the Disclosure Project leadership and military/civilian witnesses;

2.       Fully brief CINCS (Commander in Chiefs), and develop special ROEs (Rules of Engagement) for ETI/UFO encounters;

  1. Independently investigate the subject and penetrate USAP (Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, see section 3.4) operations related to the subject;

  2. Become fully involved in covert projects related to the subject to ensure that such projects are adequately supervised and are under the direct and continuous control of the constitutional chain of command;

  3. Correct and/or restrain any USAP’s covert misuse of advanced technologies or weapon systems related to UFOs;

  4. Attempt peaceful, cooperative engagement of these life forms and assiduously avoid violent military engagement;

  5. Carefully reconsider the deployment of space-based military assets in light of the above information and avoid actions that might be viewed as bellicose or hostile by extraterrestrial life forms.


Recommended Scientific Community Actions

As observations of the UFO phenomena reported by many thousands of witnesses are validated, a new set of scientific paradigms will need to be researched to explain what is being observed.  Twentieth century scientific theories have barely touched the surface in explaining what numerous scientific, military and civilian witnesses have observed and reported.  However, in some cases, covert military research programs appear to have advanced much further in understanding the observed phenomena and than have our academic and public scientists.  Recent findings, such as the demonstration of possible faster than speed of light phenomenon[3], suggest that indeed there will be a whole new class of scientific phenomena that 21st scientists will investigate to explain what has been declared as “impossible” by scientists of the last century.

There is still a major acceptance problem about UFO/ET issues with most scientists.  Dr. Peter Sturrock, a highly respected solar physicist and now an emeritus professor at Stanford University, summarized the problem as follows:

 The definite resolution of the UFO enigma will not come about unless and until the problem is subjected to open and extensive scientific study by the normal procedures of established science.  This requires a change in attitude primarily on the part of scientists and administrators in universities.[4]

A further view by Dr. Sturrock on the role of scientists and scientific journals is quoted in section 3.2.1.  Surprising though it may seem to the layperson, scientists often have trouble changing their understanding of processes and natural phenomena when faced with evidence that their theories may not be correct.  The history of science is replete with examples of scientists proclaiming such and such is impossible, only to be shown later that their assumptions were incorrect.  This normal human tendency is certainly not limited to scientists.  (For example, for a number of years after the Wright brother’s planes had been observed flying by thousands of people, there were still popular articles proclaiming that flying is impossible.)  Furthermore, most scientific research in the United States, especially in colleges and universities, is colleague-driven through the peer review process for promotion and tenure as well as for grants and journal publications.  Stepping outside the bounds of peer accepted research often spells difficulty for the scientist, even if they are well established in more conventionally accepted scientific areas.  Consequently, the vast majority of academics are not willing to take such a risk, since it is safer to remain with the accepted views of the day.

Over the last century, scientists have played both an active and passive role, often unknowingly, in shaping the attitudes of the “trusting” public on the UFO issue through promulgation of misinformation and disinformation.  Since the 1950s, scientists have been used to persuade the public that there is “no scientific evidence” of UFO phenomena.  High profile scientists are still playing that role today, as did one of the leaders in the SETI program who stated in a recent public guest lecture at Harvard University that “there is no scientific evidence of the existence of UFOs.”  There are several possible explanations for this statement.  Either she was unaware of the depth of evidence on the subject, in which case she could have qualified her authoritative pronouncement, or she knew that the subject was real but there were motivations which inadvertently mislead the public in order to gain more support to expand SETI research.  Either way, scientists need to be more honest with the public, who for the most part still trust them and their pronouncements.

In summary, without investigation and research, there can be no intelligent informed statement on the phenomena.  This need was also recommended by a panel of scientists in the Sturrock/Rockefeller report and by scientists and military personnel in the French COMETA report summarized in section 8.0.

We recommend scientists take the following actions:

1.  Scientists must open their minds to the possibility of the UFO/ET phenomenon and stop prejudging others who are researching this area.  This will require each to do their own “research” into the matter;

2.  Scientists who know the UFO/ET issues are real (such as those who participate in covert research projects) should share the reality and their understanding with scientific colleagues to start to bring them up to speed.  There will be a lot of catching up to do and it will be difficult because of reputations and funding issues;

3.  Academic scientists should share this knowledge with their students and the public, for it is the next generation of students and graduate students that will help make the breakthroughs in research to explain what has been observed for several generations;

4.  It is critical that scientists help make the study of UFO/ET issues a supported and encouraged area of scientific investigation for these future graduate students and young professional scientists;

5.  Scientist/managers who run our federally funded academic research programs should set aside a small percentage of their budgets for “outside-the-box” research into the UFO/ET arena, helping to make it a legitimate area of research.

6.  Finally, scientists should realize that advances in science and technology that could come from an understanding of the UFO/ET phenomenon will have far ranging effects on the future of the people and the environment of our planet.  The opportunities for new “breakthrough” research have never been better (as well as the opportunity to rewrite many textbooks).


Recommended Actions for the President of the United States

Although Presidents since World War II have known about the reality of the UFO/ET issues, in recent decades their knowledge and ability to affect the issues have become limited.  It is time for the president to take a proactive role in the disclosure process, because should significant disclosures occur without any presidential role, the president would be viewed by the American public and the world in one of two perhaps equally damaging ways.

1.  If the President and the executive branch of the U.S. government maintain that they did not know anything about a subject this important, presidential stature and credibility would be significantly damaged.

2.  If the President and the executive branch maintain after “unsanctioned” disclosures that they knew of the subject and its incredible national significance, but were not connected to the disclosure, the President might be accused of supporting the cover-up, even though this may be unfair in light of the actual facts of how this subject has been covertly handled.

Either way it behooves the President to begin the disclosure process with the following steps or one of the above damaging options may become the prevailing view.

We recommend the following actions for the President of the United States:

1.       We recommend that the President set forth an Executive Order releasing witnesses from national security oaths on this subject since a critical issue for witnesses willing to testify is their security oaths, even though they may have been illegally obtained (see section 4.7 on security oaths);

2.       We recommend that the President convene an independent, fair and open commission to investigate the subject, USAPs connected to the subject, and technologies that are currently clarified and could benefit humanity if released;

3.       We recommend at the same time that the Executive Order support the declassification of government documents related to the UFO/ET subject, a process that has already begun through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA);

4.       We also recommend, as the disclosure process proceeds, that the President issue an Executive Order providing amnesty for members of the suspected group and its personnel that control the UFO/ET issues, provided that there is cooperation and non-interference by that group;

5.       We recommend that the President present a nationally televised talk on the issues and the process to start to restore public faith in the government and democratic principles;

6.       Finally, we recommend that the President create by Executive Order, a new scientific research organization to develop covert technologies that can be used to address our energy problems and start to integrate these technologies into our mainstream academic institutions.

These Executive Orders would fully utilize the powers of the presidency to help terminate certain “black projects” activities that appear to be operating outside the constitutional chain of command.  While certain aspects of extraterrestrial technology (and other matters) may not be fully accessed through this EO process, it would enable definite witness testimony to be disclosed.  This would start the process of neutralizing the present efforts by the covert groups to keep the President and the Executive branch, Congress, the press, and the taxpayers out of the loop.




There are so many people over the past 10 years who have contributed to this work that even a partial listing would itself be a book.  I would like to thank the thousands of  supporters around the world for their help, networking and dedication, without which this project could never have been created and fulfilled. 

I especially wish to thank my wife Emily and our four daughters for their love, dedication and support for these many years.  Emily has worked tirelessly behind the scenes for years and always in the most self-effacing and pure-hearted way.  There is just no one like her on this planet.  Thank you, thank you. 

My family has also sacrificed in many other ways: They have foregone several million dollars in income while I have been doing this work and they have, in many ways, sacrificed the most.  I started this project, not them.  How many doctor’s wives would patiently support such an effort?  But knowing what the stakes are for humanity, how could we do otherwise?  Without the unconditional love and support of my family this undertaking could not have even been contemplated. 

The list that follows can only be a partial one.  It reflects the hard work and dedication of so many and we are indebted to them all.  Special thanks go to all of the military and government witnesses and to my chief assistants, Linda Willitts on the West Coast and Debbie Foch in the DC area. 

[1] See Hanson, T., The Missing Times: News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up. 2001

[2] Hillenkoeter, Roscoe: Aliens from Space, Major Donald E. Keyhoe, 1975.

[3] Wang, L.J., A. Kuzmich, and A. Dogariu. 2000. Gain-assisted superluminal light propagation. Nature. 406:277-279.

[4] Sturrock, P. A., Report on a Survey of the American Astronomical Society concerning the UFO Phenomenon, Stanford University Report SUIPR 68IR, 1977.

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