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[Mixed] Multiple Eyewitness UFO Landings With ET Beings

Dear friends and allies working towards human spiritual evolution enabling

open and unambiguous interaction with beings of the greater universe,

In the latest issue of "UFO Roundup," there is a fascinatingstory claiming

that a UFO had landed behind a primary school in Turkey, and out came an ET

being (seems to me based on the description, could be an artificial life form

or a robot). The event allegedly took place June 5, 2002, and was witnessed

by 45 people!

This story reminded me of two equally fascinating cases where there were

multiple eyewitnesses not only to a UFO landing, but to the UFO's occupants.


The first case that came to mind occurred in 1989 at Voronezh in the Soviet

Union. If memory serves correctly, I recall reading about this event in Time

Magazine. I never forgot it though!


The second aforementioned case is the well-documented 1994 landing of a UFO

in Ruwa, Zimbabwe at a school yard. There were 62 children that witnessed

this event. According to the Webpage I found (text is below) there were 3-4

ET beings seen, conveying messages telepathically that we must be better

stewards of the environment, or else we are all doomed. Words of wisdom,



Getting back to the much more recent Turkish event, I found this worthy of


"...The children were overcome with shock." I find this a natural reaction,

and we should not be frightened that these events seem to be occurring. The

unknown tends to be quite disturbing to people: Many people are afraid of ghosts. My dad once

told me that ghosts were a good thing, as they proved an after-life. :)

So, seemingly scary ET beings prove we are not alone in this vast universe.


As I have previously stated, the "powers-that-be" that _try_ to control the

UFO/ET data in my opinion, have a multi-pronged approach:


1.) Debunk UFO/ET events.

2.) Discredit and/or manipulate witnesses and certain researchers. Leave

other researchers alone who tend to debunk or provide whatever "spin" is

desired. Pay/provide information and/or misinformation to certain researchers

who inadvertently or

purposefully aide the covert-management (cover-up) program. Overall, attempt

to control the flow of information.

3.) Create an "X-files" sense of ridicule of the entire UFO/ET subject.

4.) This one is easy: Sit back and watch the nutcases, UFO cults,

frauds-for-profit and silly talkshow hosts who show a high lack of truth

discernment, do the discrediting and propaganda spreading for them.

5.) Back-up plan: Instill a sense of fear, making all ET beings the dreaded

evil bogeyman.

I will say that I have noticed recently somewhat of a switch on the ET

malevolence propaganda, to a more neutral to benevolent ET portrayal. I hope

I am right. :) Please [insert choice of deity] may I be right! :)


Finally, speaking of making the ET's out to be all bad people, I've included

an article by Dr. Steven Greer. In it, he states:


"To justify eventually spending trillions of dollars on space weapons, the

world would be deceived about a threat from outer space, thus uniting the

world in fear, in militarism and in war."


He further states:


"The [cover-up] Machine ensures that the hoaxed, frightening and

intrinsically xenophobic accounts are the ones seen and read by millions.

This mental conditioning to fear ET has been subtly reinforced for decades,

in preparation for future deceptions.

Deceptions that will make 9/11 look trivial."


"I write this now because I have recently been contacted by several highly

placed media and intelligence sources that have made it clear to me that

hoaxed events and story-lines are imminent that will attempt to further ramp

up the fear machine regarding UFOs and ETs. After all, to have an enemy, you

must make the people hate and fear a person, a group of people, or in this

case an entire category of beings."


Dr. Greer has his proponents and his opponents, and I respect whatever

opinions one may have about him.


To any Dr. Greer detractors, a suggestion:


As with all people, my policy towards them if I may disagree with them or

feel they have an overt or hidden agenda: I find it ill advised to throw out

the proverbial baby with the bath water. In other words, we can still find

ideas to ponder and truth in what

that person has to say, albeit it may take some extra effort.


In Dr. Greer's case specifically, I long ago came to a similar conclusion,

that there has been a systematic and deliberate propaganda effort to demonize

all ET beings, similar to what Goebbles and Hitler did to the Jews and other

"enemies" in the 1930's, thus enabling extermination camps not just in

neighboring occupied countries, but right in Germany proper! :(


One thing for certain, Dr. Greer has attracted a lot of attention, and it is

very interesting to watch what people are saying about him, especially his

vehement detractors. There is small yet vocal chorus of folks speaking out

against him. This leads me to believe perhaps some-to-more of what he is

saying may indeed be true. I think it was Shakespeare who wrote "...doth

protesteth too much." ;)


Also, there is an old adage, "there is no bad press." Meaning, any attention,

including purposeful negative attention, keeps Dr. Greer and the Disclosure

Project in the public eye. So, if someone may be trying to discredit him and

his work, it very well may likely backfire. Hey, its something to think

about, anyway.


I searched the other day at the Google USENET Newsgroups site to read up a

bit on what people were saying about Dr. Greer. I was specifically interested

in what Dr. Jack Sarfatti ( ) and his friends had

to say. Interesting reading can be found here:



If that link is too long, go here: enter in

these search terms: Greer Sarfatti


By the way, that site is a cool site.


I hope everyone is doing OK -- I feel much change is afoot, and it is quite

distressing at times. Hang in there, everybody. As they say, "It is always

darkest before the dawn."


Be well,


Claude DiDomenica

Claude's Commentary Publisher, Author and Webmaster

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"Brain, n. An apparatus with which we think that we think."

---Ambrose Bierce




From: UFO ROUNDUP Volume 7, Number 24 June 11, 2002

Editor: Joseph Trainor




A UFO landed behind a primary school in southern Turkey on

Wednesday, June 5, 2002, and more than one alien emerged from the craft.


The incident was witnessed by 45 people.


The witnesses were in the Santral district of Antalya, a seaport city on the

Mediterranean located about 210 kilometers (126 miles) southwest of Ankara,

the national capital. According to the Sirius Space Sciences Research Center,

the witnesses "saw a UFO" pass over Antalya, followed by a "landing in the

backyard of the Fatima Pirilti Primary School and saw an alien being getting

out of the craft."


Murat Esici, age 11, an eyewitness, said, "He (the occupant) was emitting red

rays from his eyes. His hands and feet were iron. He had a very big head, and

he was 1.8 meters (6 feet) tall."


Sirius director Haktan Akdogan reported, "Murat was crying at the principal

Halil Aldemir's office. It is said that he (the boy) lost his voice after his



"Students Zeynep Cipinar and Malan Donmez also claimed that they saw an

unusual craft and an alien beside it. 'His eyes and hands were red,'" they

reported, "'and a red light was emitting from his eyes.'" The children

"observed some alien beings getting out of the UFO. Murat, Zeynep and Malan

explained the details to the principal of the school, Halil Aldemir, and

described the alien they saw. The children were overcome with shock."


Akdogan interviewed the governor of Antalya, Ertugrul Dokuzoglu, by telephone

and then flew to the southern city to interview the witnesses. (See the

Turkish newspapers Milliyet and Aksam for June 6, 2002. Many thanks to Haktan

Akdogan for this news



(Editor's Note: Curiously, Jenny Laplante, 17, one of the eyewitnesses in the

January 2002 UFO sighting in Inkerman, New Brunswick, Canada reported having

a strange dream afterward about an alien with a big head and red eyes. See

UFO Roundup, volume 7, number 10 for March 5, 2002, "UFOs sighted by many in

New Brunswick, Canada," page 1. Are "the Redeyes" the latest alien race to

visit Earth?)





Re: 20 witnesses to UFO and 'giants'


I found this here:


In the fall of 1989, a huge wave of UFO sightings and encounters were

reported in the city of Voronezh in the Soviet Union. This period of activity

included descriptions of three different types of beings as well as multiple

witness landings and physical evidence.


The first report of the Voronezh wave appeared in the Soviet newspaper

Kommuna. This particular incident took place at a park in the city during the

course of a soccer game. The witnesses included many teenagers as well as

over forty adults. They described seeing a pink/red light which turned into a

dark sphere. The sphere circled an area of the park at an extremely low

altitude (approximately thirty to forty feet above the ground) then flew

away. After only a few moments it reappeared and again hovered over the park.

This time a door opened in the bottom, a being could be seen looking out,

surveying the astonished group below. The door closed and the craft descended

and then landed. As it did so, it came into contact with a large poplar tree.

The tree was bent over to the side and remained in that position during the





The same being sighted in the doorway of the craft earlier emerged from a

door. It was wearing silver coveralls, bronze boots, was over ten feet tall,

seemed to have three eyes and was accompanied by what appeared to be a robot.

A sound was emitted which the witnesses described as, 'the alien uttered

something', and a rectangle of light appeared on the ground. The alien then,

'said something else' and the rectangle disappeared. The alien then turned to

the robot, adjusted something on it's chest and

the robot began to walk. Witness became very frightened at this point, began

shouting and suddenly the craft and the two beings simply disappeared.


Return Engagement


Approximately five minutes later, the craft and both occupants suddenly

reappeared in the same spot. The alien was holding a tube approximately four

feet in length which it proceeded to point at one of the teenagers. The

teenager disappeared. The alien then returned to it's craft, the craft then

flew away and at the precise moment that the craft disappeared from view, the

missing teenager reappeared.


It Ain't Over Til It's Over


The park incident above was only one of numerous sightings and events that

occurred in and around Voronezh between August and October of 1989. In late

September a craft resembling a giant airship was sighted moving exceedingly

fast in a easterly then

westerly direction. In another instance the witnesses saw a dark disk with

blinking lights flying over the roof tops of the city buildings. There were

over five hundred witnesses and the disk was seen for two and a half hours.

Another sighting described a lens shaped disk resting on a platform. When the

craft took flight the platform disappeared but the vegetation beneath the pl

atform remained bent in a spiral pattern. In one of the

encounters that fall a ray of light coming from a ship seemed to have a

paralyzing affect on one the witnesses while the other witness seemed to have

no memory of the sighting.


Different Strokes For Different Folks


Three distinct aliens were described by various witnesses in Voronezh. One of

these beings seemed to be humanoid in shape but extremely tall with three

eyes. Two of the eyes appeared white while the third (in the middle) was red.

The second being reported was described as some kind of box shaped robot with

knobs on it's chest. Small beings were also seen. They were reported as

having grayish-green faces and wore blue overcoats.

The events were investigated by a local group of scientists including a

specialist in materials science and several aviation engineers. Dr. Jaques

Vallee and science reporter Martine Castello also investigated the Voronezh

sightings. A complete report of their findings can be found in the book, "UFO

Chronicles of the Soviet Union; A Cosmic Samizdat."








>September 16, 1994


>"The Ariel School sighting is one of the most significant in

>recent UFO history." -- Dominique Callimanopulos, PEER


>On 14th September, 1994, a UFO streaked across the sky over

>Southern Africa.


>Two days later, something landed in a schoolyard in Ruwa,

>Zimbabwe, with three or four things beside it, according to

>journalist Cynthia Hind. This was witnessed by 62 schoolchildren,

>who had little or no exposure to TV or popular press accounts of



>Cynthia Hind interviewed them the day after the encounter and

>made them draw pictures of what they had seen. Below, and in the

>left column of this page, are actual photographs of what the

>children drew and some of their statements.


>Also, further below are articles and reports of this case.



>Exploring African and Other Alien Abductions

>by Dominique Callimanopulos, PEER (Program for Extraordinary

>Experience Research)


>The Ariel School sighting is one of the most significant in

>recent UFO history. ...The event lasted about fifteen minutes,

>the children said, before the spaceships faded from view. But

>even in their state of fear, many of the children reported also

>being curious and fascinated by the strange beings they saw,

>whose eyes in particular commanded an intense attention.


>John Mack and I were at the Ariel School, a small elementary

>school outside Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, listening to Elsa

>(not her real name) describe her encounter last September 16

>[1994] with an "alien" being. In all, sixty children, ages six

>through twelve, reported seeing one large and several smaller

>spaceships land - hover, really - over the scrubby bushland

>adjoining their playground.


>The twelve children we interviewed over the course of two days

>all described the same event with a steady consistency of detail.

>In addition to the spaceships, the children had seen two "strange

>beings," one sitting on one of the spaceships and the other

>running back and forth in the grass, "bouncing as if he were on

>the moon, but not quite so much."


>The beings were described as black with long heads, "eyes as big

>as rugby balls," with thin arms and legs. The event took place

>during the children's morning recess while teachers were in a

>staff meeting. Many of the younger children were very scared and

>cried. "At first I thought it was a gardener," one fourth-grader

>told us. "Then I realized it was an alien."



>The Children of Ariel School - Case No. #96. Ruwa, Zimbabwe

>By Cynthia Hind


>On Friday 16th September, at approximately 10:15, 62 children

>from Ariel School, a private primary school in Ruwa (about 20 km

>from Harare) were in their playing field for the mid-morning

>break. Suddenly, they saw three silver balls in the sky over the

>school. These disappeared with a flash of light and then

>reappeared elsewhere. This happened three times and then they

>started to move down towards the school with one of them landing

>(or hovering) over a section of rough ground made up of trees,

>thorn bushes, and some brown-grey cut grass with bamboo shoots

>sticking up out of the ground. The children are not allowed in

>this area although it is adjacent to their playing field and is

>not fenced off, because of snakes, spiders and perhaps other

>harmful creatures. One can soon disappear from view while walking

>here, and there is only one very rough track used by tractors in

>an attempt to clear this area.


>There is a line of electricity pylons and according to one boy,

>the object followed along this line prior to landing. There is

>also some controversy as to whether the object _landed_ on the

>ground or hovered above it. On Tuesday, 20th September, I went

>out to the school with a BBC reporter and their television

>equipment, as well as my son and Gunter Hofer, a young man who

>builds his own electrical equipment, viz, a Geiger counter, a

>metal detector and a magnetometer, to try and see if the object

>left any traces behind.


>The headmaster of the school is Mr. Colin Mackie, who was most

>co-operative, and although he had never been involved with UFOs

>or a believer in them, said that he believed the children had

>seen what they said they saw.


>I was able to interview about 10 or 12 older children and this

>was recorded for BBC television.


>One eyewitness, Barry D., said he had seen three objects flying

>over, with flashing red lights. They disappeared, and reappeared

>almost immediately, but somewhere else. This happened about three

>times. Then they came and landed near some gum trees; Barry said

>the main one (object) was about the size of his thumb nail held

>at arm's length. The reports were similar although some children

>were more observant than others. The consensus of opinion was

>that an object came down in the area where they indicated, about

>100 metres from where they were at the edge of the school playing

>field. Then a small man (approx 1 metre in height) appeared on

>top of the object. He walked a little way across the rough

>ground, became aware of the children and disappeared. He, or

>someone very like him, then reappeared at the back of the object.

>The object took off very rapidly and disappeared. The little man

>was dressed in a tight-fitting black suit which was 'shiny'

>according to one observant girl (11 years of age). He had a long

>scrawny neck and huge eyes like rugby balls. He had a pale face

>with long black hair coming below his shoulders.


>I had suggested to Mr. Mackie prior to visiting the school and

>before the children had been interviewed, that he let the

>children draw what they had seen and he now has about 30-40

>drawings, some of which are very explicit and clear, although

>some are rather vague. The children's' ages vary from 5/6 to 12

>years. I have 22 photocopies of the clearer drawings as Mr.

>Mackie kindly allowed me to page through the pictures and choose

>those I wanted. Most of the descriptions are similar but some of

>the craft are very obviously 'flying saucers', and I wonder how

>many of these children have had access to the media. Others are

>crude but more or less in this saucer shape.


>The children vary in cultures: there are black, white, coloured

>and Asian children. One little girl said to me, 'I swear by every

>hair on my head and the whole Bible that I am telling the truth.'

>I could see the pleasure on her face when I told her that I

>believed her. The smaller children from 5-7 years were very

>frightened at the time and ran shouting 'Help me, help me.' When

>the older children asked why they were saying this, the reply

>was, 'He is coming to eat us.' I should think this applied more

>to the black African children who have legends of _tokoloshies_

>eating children.


>Their teachers were in a meeting and did not come out. When I

>queried the headmaster about this he said the children always

>shouted and yelled during their playtime and no-one thought there

>was anything unusual going on. The only other adult available at

>the time was one of the mothers who was running the tuckshop.

>When the children came to call her, she did not believe them and

>would not come out: she was not prepared to leave the tuckshop

>with all the food and money. Gunter and the men thoroughly

>examined the ground around where the children had seen the

>object, but could get no reaction on the geiger counter or any

>other equipment. If the object was hovering perhaps nothing would



>I walked, on my own, along the electricity pylons for quite a

>away, caught up in thorn bushes, trampling blithely over snake

>holes and discarding all caution. I found no place where some

>object could have landed and pressed down the foliage. In fact, I

>should think the bamboo stumps would have been a deterrent. The

>day was hot, around 33 C (91F)...


>Dr John Mack was visiting Zimbabwe at the time of the event, and

>he spent two days at Ariel School with the children. He also

>spoke to the Headmaster, Colin Mackie, the teachers and some of

>the parents. John and his fellow researcher, Dominique

>Callimanopulos, were able to get through to the parents and

>teachers and convince them that even if they did not believe the

>children, it was counter-productive to accuse them of lying.

>Listen and think about what they were saying, he advised. His

>particular interest in child psychiatry was also of great use

>during the questioning and many former hidden memories came to

>light, something John is sure to make public when he has had a

>chance to reassess his interviewing.(sic)


>There is a lot more to this incident than has been uncovered now

>and we will report further in UFO AFRINEWS No. 12.



>From Interview with Michael Hesemann

>by Thiago Luiz Ticchetti


>Thiago: What happened the day after the case in Zimbabwe (, the

>landing of a UFO and three humanoid occupants on September 15,

>1994 at a school ground in Ruwa near Harare, observed by nearly a

>hundred schoolchildren at broad daylight, described in UFOs: A

>SECRET HISTORY, page 491-96)?


>Michael: You obviously refer to the Ruwa/Zimbabwe case when

>nearly one hundred school children witnessed a UFO landing at

>broad daylight. The day after at nighttime, the driver of the

>schools van saw what he believed to be a "little skeleton" on the

>road. He was so shocked that he ended in the road ditch! Since

>the children all described the beings as being very thin and

>boney with huge, round, black eyes, we assume he saw the same

>type of creature and just interpreted it in a different way.


>Source: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti interviews Michael Hesemann



>In Memoriam - Cynthia Rhonda Hind

>by David A. Powell


>We are sad to report the sudden and unexpected death of Cynthia

>Hind. She died on 21st August 2000, in Harare, Zimbabwe. Her

>passing will not only be mourned by UFO investigators generally,

>but particularly in Africa, where for many years she has been the

>sole publisher and reporter of paranormal events on the Dark



>[Left column of this Webpage had images. Below are the captions.]


>[Image of children outside]


>"The door opened, and a little man go out that had on a black

>suit. He was very slim, and the suit was black."


>[Images of drawings of the UFO craft]


>"It was silver and the ring around it was red....lights along the



>[Image of child, making a drawing of UFO craft and ET being(s)]


>"I saw one over here, they had eyes like that. They were kind

>of, like, looking at us. They were, like, kind of astonished."


>[Male child picture]


>"Many of the children received the same telepathic message from

>the beings.... to take care of the planet or civilization will be



>[Female child picture]


>"I think they want people to know that we're actually making harm

>on this world and we musn't get too technologed."


>[Another female child picture]


>"I haven't been influenced by any of my friends. I have seen

>what I have seen."


>[Above images and captions] From "Sightings" TV show.





>Source: Disclosure Project





>Cosmic Deception: Let The Citizen Beware


>Steven M. Greer MD

>Director, The Disclosure Project



>Imagine this: It is the summer of 2001, and someone presents you

>with a script for a movie or book that tells how a diabolical

>terrorist plot unfolds wherein both 110 story World Trade Center

>towers and part of the Pentagon are destroyed by commercial jets

>hijacked and flown into those structures.


>Of course you would laugh, and if you were a movie mogul or book

>editor, reject it out of hand as ridiculous and implausible, even

>for a fictional novel or movie. After all, how could a commercial

>jet, being tracked on radar after two jets had already hit the

>World Trade towers, make it through our air defenses, into the

>most sensitive airspace in the world, and in broad daylight on a

>crystal clear day, slam into the Pentagon! And this in a country

>that spends over $ 1 billion a day to defend itself! Absurd,

>illogical - nobody would swallow it!


>Unfortunately, there are some of us who have seen these scripts -

>and of far worse things to come - and we are not laughing.


>One of the few silver linings to these recent tragedies it that

>maybe - just maybe - people will take seriously, however

>far-fetched it may seem at first, the prospect that a shadowy,

>para-governmental and transnational entity exists that has kept

>UFOs secret - and is planning a deception and tragedy that will

>dwarf the events of 9/11.


>The testimony of hundreds of government, military and corporate

>insiders has established this: That UFOs are real, that some are

>built by our secret 'black' shadowy government projects and some

>are from extraterrestrial civilizations, and that a group has

>kept this secret so that the technology behind the UFO can be

>withheld - until the right time. This technology can - and

>eventually will - replace the need for oil, gas, coal, ionizing

>nuclear power and other centralized and highly destructive energy



>This 5 trillion dollar industry - energy and transportation - is

>currently highly centralized, metered and lucrative. It is the

>stuff that runs the entire industrialized world. It is the mother

>of all special interests. It is not about money as you and I

>think of it, but about geo-political power - the very centralized

>power on which the current order in the world runs. The world is

>kept in a state or roiling wars, endless poverty for most of

>Earth's denizens and global environmental ruin, just to prop up

>this evil world order.


>As immense as that game is, there is a bigger one: Control

>through fear. As Werner Von Braun related to Dr. Carol Rosin, his

>spokesperson for the last 4 years of his life, a maniacal machine

>- the military, industrial, intelligence, laboratory complex -

>would go from Cold War, to Rogue Nations, to Global Terrorism

>(the stage we find ourselves at today) to the ultimate trump

>card: A hoaxed threat from space.


>To justify eventually spending trillions of dollars on space

>weapons, the world would be deceived about a threat from outer

>space, thus uniting the world in fear, in militarism and in war.


>Since 1992 I have seen this script unveiled to me by at least a

>dozen well-placed insiders. Of course, initially I laughed,

>thinking this just too absurd and far-fetched. Dr. Rosin gave her

>testimony to the Disclosure Project before 9/11. And yet others

>told me explicitly that things that looked like UFOs but that are

>built and under the control of deeply secretive 'black' projects,

>were being used to simulate - hoax - ET-appearing events,

>including some abductions and cattle mutilations, to sow the

>early seeds of cultural fear regarding life in outer space. And

>that at some point after global terrorism, events would unfold

>that would utilize the now-revealed Alien Reproduction Vehicles

>(ARVs, or reversed-engineered UFOs made by humans by studying

>actual ET craft - see the book 'Disclosure' by the same author)

>to hoax an attack on Earth.


>Like the movie Independence Day, an attempt to unite the world

>through militarism would unfold using ET as the new cosmic

>scapegoat (think Jews during the Third Reich).


>None of this is new to me or other insiders: The report from Iron

>Mountain, NY, written in the 1960s, described the need to

>demonize life in outer space so we could have a new enemy. An

>enemy off-planet that could unite humans (in fear and war) and

>that would prove to be the ultimate prop for the trillion dollar

>military-industrial complex that conservative Republican

>President and five star general Eisenhower warned us about in

>1961 (no one was listening then, either...).


>So here is the post-9/11 script - one that will be played out

>unless enough people are informed and the plan can be foiled

>because they will be unable to fool a sufficient number of

>citizens and leaders:


>After a period of terrorism - a period during which the

>detonation of nuclear devices will be threatened and possibly

>actuated, thus justifying expanding the weaponization of space -

>an effort will ramp up to present the public with information

>about a threat from outer space. Not just asteroids hitting the

>Earth, but other threats. An extraterrestrial threat.


>Over the past 40 years, 'Ufology', as it is called, combined with

>a mighty media machine, has increasingly demonized ETs via

>fearsome movies like Independence Day, and pseudo-science that

>presents alien kidnappings and abuse as a fact (in some circles)

>of modern life. That some humans have had contact with ETs I have

>no doubt; that the real ET contact has been subsumed in an ocean

>of hoaxed accounts I am certain.


>That is, real ET events are seldom reported out to the public.

>The Machine ensures that the hoaxed, frightening and

>intrinsically xenophobic accounts are the ones seen and read by

>millions. This mental conditioning to fear ET has been subtly

>reinforced for decades, in preparation for future deceptions.

>Deceptions that will make 9/11 look trivial.


>I write this now because I have recently been contacted by

>several highly placed media and intelligence sources that have

>made it clear to me that hoaxed events and story-lines are

>imminent that will attempt to further ramp up the fear machine

>regarding UFOs and ETs. After all, to have an enemy, you must

>make the people hate and fear a person, a group of people, or in

>this case an entire category of beings.


>To be clear: the maniacal covert programs controlling UFO

>secrecy, ARVs and related technologies - including those

>technologies that can simulate ET events, ET abductions and the

>like - plan to hijack Disclosure, spin it into the fire of fear,

>and roll out events that will eventually present ETs as a new

>enemy. Do not be deceived.


>This hogwash, already the stuff of countless books, videos,

>movies, documentaries and the like, will attempt to glom onto the

>facts, evidence and first-hand insider testimony of The

>Disclosure Project, and on its coattails, deliver to the world

>the cosmic deception that falsely portrays ETs as a threat from

>space. Do not be deceived.


>By co-mmingling fact with fiction, and by hoaxing UFO events that

>can look terrifying, the Plan is to eventually create a new,

>sustainable, off-planet enemy. And who will be the wiser?


>You will. Because now you know that after 60 years, trillions of

>dollars and the best scientific minds in the world pressed into

>action, a secretive, shadowy group - a government within the

>government and at once fully outside the government as we know it

>- has mastered the technologies, the art of deception and the

>capability to launch an attack on Earth, and make it look like ET

>s did it. In 1997, I brought a man to Washington to brief members

>of Congress and others about this plan. Our entire team at the

>time met this man. He had been present at planning sessions when

>ARVs - things built by Lockheed, Northrup et al, and housed in

>secretive locations around the world - would be used to simulate

>an attack on certain assets, making leaders and citizens alike

>believe that there was a threat from space, when there is none.

>(Before he could testify, his handlers spirited him away to a

>secret location in Virginia until the briefing was over...) Sound

>familiar? Werner von Braun warned of such a hoax, as a pretext

>for putting war in space. And many others have warned of the



>Space based weapons are already in place - part of a secret

>parallel space program that has been operating since the 1960s.

>ARVs are built and ready to go (see the book 'Disclosure' and the

>chapter with the testimony of Mark McCandlish et al). Space

>holographic deception technologies are in place, tested and ready

>to fire. And the Big Media is a pawn, now taking dictation from

>the right hand of the king.


>I know this all sounds like science fiction. Absurd. Impossible.

>Just like 9/11 would have sounded before 9/11. But the

>unthinkable happened and may happen again, unless we are



>Combine all of this with the current atmosphere of fear and

>manipulation and there is a real risk of suspending our

>collective judgment and our constitution.


>But know this: If there was a threat from outer space, we would

>have known about it as soon as humans started exploding nuclear

>weapons and going into space with manned travel. That we are

>still breathing the free air of Earth, given the galacticly

>stupid and reckless actions of an out of control, illegal, secret

>group, is abundant testimony to the restraint and peaceful

>intentions of these visitors. The threat is wholly human. And it

>is we who must address this threat, rein it in and transform the

>current situation of war, destruction and secret manipulation to

>one of true Disclosure and an era of sustained peace.


>War in space, to replace war on Earth, is not evolution, but

>cosmic madness. A world thus united in fear is worse than one

>divided by ignorance. It is now time for the great leap into the

>future, a leap that moves us out of fear and ignorance and into

>an unbroken era of universal peace. Know that this is our

>destiny. And it will be ours just as soon as we choose it.

>Steven M. Greer MD

>Director, The Disclosure Project

>Albemarle County Virginia

>June, 2002


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