Report on the 12th Annual International UFO Congress
Convention and Film Festival

By Donald M. Ware, 662 Fairway Ave., Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32547

March 14,  2003
(Besides being a fascinating read on an excellent summary of UFO's and aliens, there are some key  statements regarding the incoming planet X as well as a "free energy" technology that will be available to us this year).

Our 12th winter convention February 2 - 8 in Laughlin, Nevada
was at a larger new conference facility at the Flamingo Resort
Hotel.  We had 850 very interesting people there for a wonderful
learning experience with many dear friends.  We have room to add
about 500 to that next year.  We had 28 speakers from nine countries
this year, and 10 films competing for EBE awards.  Four evenings
Deborah Lindemann hosted gatherings for experiencers, and Thursday
several told their interesting stories.  The wine, soft drinks,
cheese, and fruit provided at the Wednesday meet-the-speakers party
was sufficient for dinner for many people, and I suspect we each made
some new friends in that fun party atmosphere.  Bob and Teri Brown,
Ken Seddington, the A/V crew, and the Flamingo Resort Hotel staff
superbly presented the Saturday night banquet and EBE awards
      Haktan Akdogan, pioneering Turkish UFO researcher, was the
first speaker Sunday following one Film-Festival entry.  He speaks
fluent English, French, and Turkish and has 18 years experience in
the field.  In 1996 his weekly documentary, "UFO Reality," was
broadcast on two different national TV channels for a year.  In 1998
he founded the Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center and hosted
very successful International UFO Symposiums.  On January 17th 2002
he opened the world's fourth International UFO Museum, in Istanbul,
and he is founder of the Sirius Publishing House to publish important
books in Turkish,  He reported on a 16 Sep 01
silent UFO seen visually and on radar for 40 minutes over a military
base and filmed. The next day a three-star General flew in from the
Turkish AF headquarters to get the facts.  On 26 May 02 a rotating
object with colored lights, portholes, and projections was filmed. 
It was similar to an object filmed in Mexico City in 1999.  A month
later two Air Force men came to Istanbul and asked Haktan to give a
lecture on UFOs to high military commanders.  It was closed to the
media.  One young man videoed two silent UFOs over Istanbul and
refused to give up the video when asked by a constable.  A judge said
the young man was entitled to it.  A month later, 8 Jan 03, he
videoed the same object at the same place, but closer.  It had a
green glow around it that turned to purple.  The most amazing event,
though, was a large meteor seen from four airliners in the air, two
on the ground, and many other witnesses.  At about 45,000 feet a UFO
split it in two and then it broke into about 20 pieces as it burned
up in the atmosphere.  This was captured on camera.
      After dinner Stan Romanek, from Denver, accompanied to the
convention by his wife and three children, presented his case with
the help of Deborah Lindemann, Jack Kasher, and Dana Thibault.  A
genius with dyslexia, Romanek is a talented graphic artist and expert
flute player.  On 27 Dec 00 while driving to the scenic mountains, he
saw a UFO over the power lines.   He heard a loud popping noise as it
sped away.  On 20 Sep 01 a UFO spotlighted his car, and a lady got it
on video.  It was about van size, and her daughter yelled, "Aliens,
aliens."  The spotlight swept through the car. When it went into a
cloud, there was a flash of light.  He had sightings three times that
month, and strange things started happening.  Many birds collided
with his car.  He found a florescent spot under the skin of his
hand.  A photo of him showed vertical pupils, and he seems to have a
strange effect on electrical systems.  Later he woke outside in 20-
degree weather in his shorts, and his wife had to let him in.  He had
nine marks on his body, like from a laser scalpel, and he felt sick. 
He had a broken rib, and the grass died where there was a
depression.  He has "learned to be content with being discontent." 
Through regression he recovered prophetic experiences, as others
have, but he also received strange equations.
      Deborah Lindemann, founder of the Center for Extraordinary
Explorations, is a clinical Hypnotherapist from Fort Collins,
Colorado, The MUFON Deputy Director referred the case
to her for hypnotic regression.  She said that after the third
sighting of the red balloon-like craft Romanek was afraid it wanted
something.  He had a "dream" of three large-headed "possum people"
the size of his sister, 5' 2", who knocked at the door and came in. 
He said one wore a light blue jump suit, and another wore a long robe
with weird necklaces.  "Female aliens can be well endowed."   She
kept looking at him, and he seemed to get a warning for humanity, and
those equations he didn't understand.  She put pictures in his head
about floods and strong winds, and people, animals, and plants dying.
This "dream" ended with his sister standing at the front door with a
blank face, and they both lay down and slept.  While working with
Lindemann, he received a page of symbols through automatic writing. 
      Dr. Jack Kasher, a popular speaker on UFOs, is professor
emeritus of physics and astronomy at the University of Nebraska at
Omaha.  From 1975 to 1992 he was a consultant and summer employee at
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory specializing in
electromagnetic theory.  He worked on the Strategic Defense
Initiative and studied the surface of the sun.  He said he tried to
bring physical sense to the page of symbols acquired with Lindemann
and another acquired while sleepwalking.  He showed in great detail
that the symbols on one page referred to the element Helium, the
element 115, and the Drake Equation for calculating the number of
earthlike planets with intelligent life.  Much of the second page
description was over my head, but he mentioned one equation
describing the surface area of a black hole, one describing Lenz's
Law, and a Jack Safrati paper on the energy density required to make
an electron-positron pair.
      Dana Thibault, a former air traffic controller and Director
of Denver's Sophia Institute, has researched fractal dynamics and
mental interaction in crop circles, and he is founder of Eyefire, an
alien contact group.  He concluded that the heart of the Romanek
contact experience involves tsunamis and hurricanes causing great
destruction.  He said that a star chart derived from memory from the
experience predicts that the shift of the planet's molten core under
the crust may occur on 12 Dec 03. [However, the original chart was
lost in the mail to MUFON.]   He mentioned that Velikovski saw
evidence of great upheaval and thought it was caused by Venus, but it
wasn't.  He said that if the aliens in this case are right, then
those of "Zeta Talk" are wrong.  Planet X should be coming from the
area of Hercules, rather than Orion.  He did not think it is all doom
and gloom when disaster strikes, because survival of the fittest
weeds out the weakest genes.  He said that it is likely that Planet X
is responsible for the legend of the Phoenix.  He thought aliens
would not stop it, because it is a most sacred event.  He also
mentioned that Carl Jung saw the evil of the collective consciousness
as the rise of the antichrist.
      Mark Hazelwood, author of Blindsided, was the first speaker
on a day dedicated to Planet X.  He has spent much of his young life
studying earth-change prophecy and the conspiracy to suppress the
knowledge.  See  He said he supported the
ZetaTalk web site for a long time, but now he feels that NASA is
feeding it disinformation.  They don't want people to know when
Planet X is coming or where it is coming from.  Someone even put out
a message to all bookstores that said his book was out of print until
April 2003.  He said Planet X is a small piece in the transformation
of our species.  He said his friend wrote the book, Talking To
ETs.  "This collective guides us."  He said his book, Blindsided,
puts the pieces together so people can understand it.   If I
understand my notes correctly, he also said that in 2001, 24 people
in Boston saw Planet X over a live Hubble telescope link.
      Prof. James McCanney has performed research for over 30 years
and was the originator of the Plasma Discharge Comet Model and the
Electric Sun Theory.  He is author of Planet X, Comets and Earth
Changes, and has much information on  He
said science has to change.  Misinformation campaigns are thriving on
the Internet, and some people are paid by government to discredit
others.  He said his weekly radio show was jammed this week, and
after 30 minutes on the backup line "they grabbed it too."  The
subject at the time was about government scientists faking Hale-Bopp
photos.  McCanney said they want you to think one date and look
toward Orion for the Planet X, but it is not coming out of the Orion
constellation.  He said the only telescopes on Earth that you can see
it from now are in Patagonia and New Zealand.  He has a pamphlet
titled, "Surviving Planet X-Caused Earth Changes." 
      Sean David Morton, a California researcher, is Publisher of
the Delphi Associates Newsletter and Director of the Prophesy
Research Institute.   He said that astronomy had been a lifelong
hobby.  He referred to Sumerian writings about the planet Nibiru with
giants called Nefilem.  He said that Genesis 2, verse 7 mentions the
genetic upgrade of humans.  He said that a NASA web site for kids
mentions that Nibiru, "the planet of the passing," might be the
biggest danger to the Earth because of its magnetic powers, and he
mentioned June 2003.  He said that says 90 % of the
population could be killed as a result of the passing of this planet
in May 2003.  Then he added, "I have found that predictions on this
site to be astoundingly wrong.  Later he said, "I conclude Planet X
doesn't exist."   He mentioned that the Bible code, from the first
five books of the Bible, suggests something big will happen in August
2003.  When asked a question about chemtrails, he said he didn't know
what they were, but Ed Teller's paper was mentioned. [I think this
referred to Teller's presentation at the 1997 International Seminar
on Planetary Emergencies in Italy, "Global Warming and Ice Ages:
Prospects for Physics-Based Modulation of Global Change" found on
the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory web site.]
      Donald Ware (that's me) spoke after lunch for just one hour
on "Planet X A Philosophical View."  He studied UFOs since he saw
seven over Washington, DC on 26 Jul 52 that made headlines around the
world.  He retired from the USAF at the end of 1982, served as MUFON
Eastern Regional Director 1989-1993 and has been a Director of the
IUFOC since 1993.  See  He said
we should consider the transformation of the planet from as high a
perspective as we can.  We are eternal spiritual beings, and our
reason for being has been free-will choice polarization of the soul. 
Many now have a new reason for being, and that is to learn to express
unconditional love of others, defined as 4th-density experience.  He
defined God as Universal Consciousness, or All That Is, since there
is some form of consciousness in everything.  He said it is very
difficult for 4th-density souls to live on the same planet with the
less evolved, more selfish souls who project negative energy.  He
said, "I think the shift will change the dominance of the 3rd-density
society on this planet," and this is something to look forward to. 
He read from the last book of the Bible, The Revelation to John,
about what would happen when the seven angels blew their horns.  Then
he related that to the tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricane winds,
volcanic activity, and disease that could result from a shift of the
molten core of our planet under the crust as the magnetic fields of
Planet X pass by.  He described seven independent indicators of a
coming shift: Ruth Montgomery's last book, The World to Come
suggesting a 2010-12 date; the RA material suggesting a 2012 shift;
white boxcars with shackles and white SUVs, vans, and 4WD pickups
stored on federal property and probably owned by FEMA that would be
needed to move people; many underground bases worldwide; black
helicopters and airborne aircraft carriers that could help in the
aftermath of earth trauma; Homo alterios spacialis, or a human/alien
hybrid with an upgraded computer; and cattle mutilations that provide
hybrid fetus formula when demand exceeds normal supply.  Ware said we
should plan for an inland place to stay, think seriously about how we
will treat the hungry, mean, and armed gangs that will want to take
our stuff, and save seeds.  He closed with a reminder of the Georgia
Guidestones that he thinks will guide our society well during the
Golden Age.
      On Tuesday Ted Loder, Ph. D., professor in the Department of
Earth Sciences at the University of New Hampshire, summarized the
brief history of anti-gravity research in the 1950s and recent signs
of very advanced technologies.  He is a co-author with Dr. Greer of
the 2001 Disclosure Briefing Document.  He described Bill Uhouse's
work in the 1950s on flying-saucer simulators that were functional by
1962.  He said Mark McCandlish reported seeing three saucers floating
in a hangar, making a slight hum.  He reported that the 9 Mar 92
issue of Aviation Week magazine said the B-2 bomber has the wing
leading edge electro-statically charged positive and the trailing
edge charged negative for an antigravity system.  LTC John Williams
is reported to have said the government is spending more money on
electro-gravity technology than on any other program.  Ben Rich, of
the Lockheed "skunk works", said we already have the means to travel
among the stars.  Loder said the bad news is that there was no need
for astronauts to die during re-entry because of 30-year-old
technology.  He also reported that Lockheed employees in the white
world are frustrated, because they don't have access to black [gray]
      Dr. Nick Begich spoke about technology and its impact on
humanity and borrowed the title of his latest book, Earth Rising II
The Betrayal of Science.  His parents are the late US Congressman
from Alaska and Pegge Begich, a political activist.  He is probably
best known for his book, Angels Don't Play This HAARP.  He is
publisher and co-owner of Earthpulse Press,  He
said that on 9 Aug 02 he got an Interfax release from Russia
indicating that the High Altitude Aurora Research Program has the
ability to manipulate human behavior and the environment.  It also
can be used for pulsed communication with submarines.  He reported
that a flashing light on Japanese TV caused 700 children to go to the
hospital with seizures.  He said the Navy's new sonar system has
caused beachings of cetaceans, and that testing is done at only
1/5000th of the deployment level.  He talked about technology in
airports that can read your emotional level and cameras in London
that can analyze faces and body movement.  He closed by saying, "Pick
an issue and write it down.  Then write down something on that issue
that will take just ten minutes to do."
      Jim Marrs is author of Crossfire: The Plot That Killed
Kennedy and has taught a course on that assassination at the
University of Texas since 1976.  He also wrote Psi Spies, Alien
Agenda, and Rule By Secrecy.  See  He said that the
19 Apr 47 Dallas Morning News had all 16 stories on the front page
about the mysterious airship crash at Aurora, TX.  One guy said it
went straight up after an earlier sighting.  Marrs claimed that one
objective of the Council on Foreign Relations is "to educate the
American public on the desirability of a global government.  Examples
of his many statements follow.  The CFR "man on a white horse" symbol
is similar to the Knights Templar medallion.  Many people die from
emphysema and lung cancer because the CFR gave them cigarettes during
WW II.  The British are in Iraq because they need the oil.  We don't
need the oil.  Seven shots were heard in the Reagan shooting, and
Hinckley's gun only had six chambers.  At that point a member of the
audience asked, "What is this, a political lecture."  Then he said
the Homeland Security Act should be recalled, because congress did
not have time to read the 500-page document before the vote.  "I
worked in mass media.  The mass media are dumb, lazy, and won't go
dig into a story."  He said the US capitol sits on lot 666 in
Washington, DC.  He closed by saying that the ruling elite are trying
to contact our ancient creators, have contacted them, or are the
ancient creators.
      Nancy Red Star, from Taos, New Mexico, is part Cherokee and
also a member of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation in Missisquoi,
Vermont.  She authored Star Ancestors Trilogy, Legends With Star
Ancestors, and Life with a Cosmos Clearance, 
She read a draft of a 1947 letter (one month before the Roswell
crash) from Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, Director of Advanced Studies at
Princeton to Albert Einstein, also at Princeton, on, "Relationships
of Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies."  Ideas included the following. 
It would be necessary to establish communications, assuming they have
psychology similar to us, concerning laws among planetary peoples.  A
species of Homo sapiens may have established itself on our moon or
Mars.  A superior form of colonizing would have to be a sort of
tutelage over us with approval of the UN.  Red Star said she
interviewed on tape an 80-year-old WW II veteran, Colonel Foy, who
described himself as a Shadow Warrior and Windwalker.  He had worked
in the "spook house" underground at Area 51 to make sure no one
unauthorized came in.  They communicated telepathically with aliens
who described themselves as observers.  The aliens he was with had
deep-set eyes, three fingers, and fine hair.  They liked to eat
toadstools and other organically grown food, and they produced very
little excretions, mostly regurgitated.  He said their high
scientists look almost human.  He learned to talk to animals
telepathically.  The aliens at dreamland passed away after one year,
and then he left.  His official title with the federal government is
highly sealed.  Foy said that if they needed an assassination
done, "we would take care of it."  They were sometimes called
a "snatch and snuff" team.  "If I mentioned what I did I would be
      Another retired National Reconnaissance Office intelligence
officer interviewed by Red Star was Dan Salter who had worked in the
Interplanetary Phenomenon Science and Technology Counter Intelligence
Unit in Washington, DC.  Salter was an original member of Project
Blue Book.  Red Star read an interesting and lengthy definition
of "black' from an international dictionary, mentioned ancient
communications from the Aldebaran society, and she showed a picture
of Hitler using a photo of a Haunebu saucer in a lecture.  His goal
was to free Germany from use of fossil fuels in going to the stars,
but he led the way into the darkness.  Hitler was quoted as
saying, "Power without religion will go nowhere."  He had set out to
destroy the dark.  By the 1930s Hitler was exploring teleportation. 
She showed a drawing of a mothership called Andromeda, and said you
could put seven Haunebus in one.  She said Himmler was an esoteric
scientist, but he used radionics for mind control.  She said, "We
know that the NSA is in charge of how much information will be
released to the public," and, "The NRO spies on everybody."   She
also said Col. Foy had created a cloud for cover during his escorting
of the Dalai Llama out of Tibet.
      On Wednesday Eltjo Haselhoff from Holland spoke.  He has a
PH. D. in Physics and currently works as Senior Scientist in the
Magnetic Resonance Marketing Department for a leading provider of
professional medical imaging equipment.  He is the author of The
Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles, and he has had a paper on crop
circles published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. See   (The video of his excellent slide
presentation was greatly appreciated by attendees at my monthly
Truthseekers meeting.)  He showed a circle in a potato field where
the plants were all bent and dehydrated 2 inches above the ground.  A
photo of a carrot field showed half the plants bending one way and
half the other with the dividing line among the leaves of one plant
row.  There were no footprints in either field.  Professor Hawkins
did some analysis of some fairly simple looking groups of circles
that had precise measurements related to the piano keyboard.  One,
allowing six triple-tangent lines, showed great complexity in
planning.  Others involved many different types of advanced
geometry.  He showed tremendous formations in Germany and Holland;
some in snow, some with the crop burnt, and some had the crop cut in
long lines.  His film, "Balls of Light", won an EBE in last year's
film festival.  He said, "I know five people who saw a ball of light
stop over a field as a circle formed below."  Balls of light can
apparently dehydrate and bend grass a foot above the ground.  One
batch of crop samples set all together in his garage overnight had
the seeds of all controls eaten by mice while all seeds from the
formation were untouched. He closed by saying crop circle phenomena
are very much underestimated in complexity, and he encouraged further
research.  He recommended the Dutch English-language site.
      Commander Graham Bethune is a retired Navy pilot who has been
current in over 100 different aircraft models and has over 10,000
flight hours.  He participated in Operation High Jump, Admiral Byrd's
1946-47 expedition to the secret land in Antarctica.  He said Byrd
lived two doors from him, and Byrd went there several times between
1929 and 1957.  He was 3 hours late in returning in 1946.  He
passed a valley with many black dome-shaped buildings.  Bethune
mentioned a subterranean laboratory built by Germans before WW II
with plans given by Pleiadians.  When Hitler went to war, the
Pleiadians pulled back.  On 5 Feb 51 Bethune was on a mission to
Iceland to arrange for protection of troops from large circular
objects.  They saw a "city" of lights perhaps two miles in diameter
on the water about 40 miles ahead, off the tip of Greenland.  He said
that "one yellow light came up over us and flew with us for some
time" about 5 miles away.  It was reported.  They gave us a hard time
until 68 UFOs flew over the Capitol in late July 1952.  After that
they didn't give us any more problems.  Bethune said a Blue-Book guy
told him that Steven Spielberg was part of MJ-12.  His encounter was
first published by Keyhoe, and later a good account was in Hesemann's
book.  He spoke of the many excellent photos taken 14 Jul 89 near
Nashville of a Pleiadian craft from Alcyone.  The photographer
said, "I had a feeling I was not in control of what was going on,"
and he was told, "You were allowed to take these for people to see." 
Two other people took pictures, but not of good quality.  The craft
was calculated to be about 200 feet in diameter.  Debunkers tried to
use a model made from one of the photos to discredit the photos. 
Bethune said that Jay S. Solomon (PO Box 101, Fogelsville, PA 18051)
has a Pleiadian friend called Shepherd.  Solomon put on a space suit
given by Shepherd, and it was telepathically shrunk to fit.  Solomon
was told the arc of lights over Phoenix were Pleiadian ships in
formation.  He also said the Tagamont has 11 levels [I think this was
the mothership Captain Buttons was taken to from his A-10].  He
closed by saying Earth is a spiritual training planet, and aliens are
not going to give us advanced technology.  In the Q & A, he said Mars
is where 45% of the craft used here were built.
      Valery Uvarov, Ph. D., has been a ufologist by profession
since 1989.  He heads the Department for Investigation of
Extraterrestrial Civilization under the Russian Academy of Sciences,
since 1992 has headed the International Information Center for UFO
Investigation, and in 2002 became head of the Department of UFO
Research, Paleosciences and Paleotechnology for the National Security
Academy of Russia.  See and  He
said that in one case soldiers saw a UFO land for repairs for eight
hours.  They could not get closer to it.  After repairs it went into
another dimension.  Another large object landed and attached two arms
to the electric cables.  A lady touched it and died of cancer in six
months.  Others who got too close to UFOs died of cancer. Some
contactees are told, "You are living wrong."  One large object that
was flying horizontally fell into the middle of a city causing a loud
noise and a crater 28 m in diameter and 3- m deep.  A chunk of soil
was thrown 300 m away.  Many windows were broken, but no one was even
scared.  He said, "Right before the crash they took the power to
another dimension."  Most of the soil could not be found.  I think he
said a computer was taken to the crater and a program was
mysteriously loaded in that indicated they came from Canis Minor.  He
said Planet X is a big headache for his department.  It is directly
behind the sun.  Another headache concerns strange things in a
100,000 square mile "forbidden" area 100 m high hemispheres,
parabolic antennas and scalar radiation.
      Graham Birdsall is editor of the world's best selling UFO
newsstand publication, UFO Magazine (UK).  His presentation, "UFOs:
The Awakening," had good photos and film clips.  See  An object caught on film in January 2002 over
Belfast, Northern Ireland, was similar to one filmed in Florida five
days later.  He said a black object over London imploded and was
gone.  One witness said he saw the Alien Autopsy film while with
a "Disney chap" 20 years ago.  Birdsall said that LTC Halt told him
and two others that on the first or second night of the Bentwaters
events an unscheduled Galaxy transport landed, and people with no
insignia went into the forest and told him to go away.  He showed a
film clip about the American exchange officer who crashed into the
sea on a UFO intercept and mysteriously disappeared from his plane. 
      Thursday morning Deborah Lindemann held an open mike session
for some of the experiencers she met during the week at her evening
meetings.  She generalized the
experiences as "life altering encounters."  A man from Los Angeles
said that a school classmate talked about being abducted by aliens. 
He said, "We laughed until the next night when I was abducted."  He
said he met an alien who said, "Your government shoots our ships
down, but we are not going to take action against them."  Another man
said he was pondering creation vs. evolution when "a corner of the
room opened up, and it was like I was in a museum."  It taught him
that both creation and evolution have their place.  One lady said
that at age seven she had a dream of being in a non-earth place with
two tall beings.  A porthole opened, and through it she saw the Earth
obliterated.  She was told, "You knew this was going to happen. Now
you are in a safe place."  She received the message, "Change your
ways that you may not destroy yourselves."  A man from Wisconsin said
that at age 13 he saw three UFOs leave from near a power plant. He
willed them back, and they came back.  One lady shared some amazing
information from a recently deceased scientist that had worked
on "the atom bomb."  He said they discovered many things through
thought transmission.  He said, "it would be impossible to travel
from one star system to another in one lifetime if you stay in the
same dimension."  Thought transmission can pass through as many
dimensions as necessary.  The scientist had been in contact with many
ETs.  He said, "Form your questions correctly, and they will
respond."  One lady, now a clinical psychologist, received an alien
image and a message that she should do her dissertation on
human/alien hybrids.  A voice said, "Don't worry.  When you need
subjects we will place them in front of you."  She has done
psychological studies of some of Dr. Roger Leir's subjects.  One lady
said she was awakened in the hotel room a couple of nights ago.  She
videoed a UFO after being told to look left.  She could not see it
with her eyes, but could see it on the camcorder screen.  An
occupational therapist from Hawaii said that early one morning in
1978 a beautiful being came to her and spoke telepathically.  When
asked for a name, the being said, "Gary.  Well you wanted a name, so
I gave you one."
Elizabeth Robinson, author of Secrets, Truth and Destiny, has a
degree in counseling/psychology from the University of New South
Wales in Sidney, Australia.  Her talk was titled, "ET Contact
Awakening A Dormant Humanity."  She said that in
1990 she and her daughter saw three aliens in the family room.  They
each made drawings of similar beings with black almond-shaped eyes,
but the daughter's had wiggly lines surrounding the head.  It
reminded her of some alien drawings on cave walls.  She said her
daughter is more multidimensional.  Robinson said, "If we all loved
unconditionally, I would be out of work."  Other interesting comments
were: Three mantis types dropped by for dinner one day; rows of
uniformed beings marched through a wall; a lifetime of preparing me
for a new way of living has caused profound changes; I have had
missing pregnancies; a three-fingered being touched Mark on the
shoulder and left prints like burns.  She thinks her psychic opening
may be related to her decrease in tolerance for some foods, such as
wheat, rye, and dairy.  As an intuitive, she is now given much
information about her client's, including past lives.  Some people in
her audiences see light beings working with her.  Some have
spontaneous hearings.  She closed by saying that we are forging a
new, multidimensional humanity.  She now lives in Toronto,
Canada, "until the government throws me out."
Dr. John Mack is a Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School
and founder of The Center for Psychology and Social Change at
Cambridge.  He is author of A Prince of Our Deception, Abduction, and
Passport to the Cosmos.  His talk was on "The UFO Encounter
Phenomenon: What are its Psychological and Political Implications?" 
See and  He said, "Planet X is
already here in terms of the destruction of the current paradigm or
world view."  He highly recommended astronaut Gordon Cooper's book,
Leap of Faith.  He commented on various aspects of the emerging world-
view: philosophical, scientific, religious, economic, political,
etc.  He said, "Imagine two suitors."  One exploits resources to fill
his needs.  The other suitor acts out of knowledge and love for
mutual delight.  Which would you choose?  He said re-ensoulment would
once again cause us to consider all living things as sacred.  Leaders
would think beyond borders to the whole, beyond nationalism.  He said
that extremism in defending a worldview is not a vice.  Aliens being
here is not a big story.  The transformation of re-ensoulment is a
big story.  Paradigm changes affect everything.
Colonel John B. Alexander retired from the US Army in 1988.  He was
the replacement speaker for Graham Sheppard, an airline pilot from
the United Kingdom.  He said he got his Doctorate in Thanotology
under Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.  He started with his rules for speaking
basically, no disinformation, but he can't tell all he knows.  He
said the government never guessed that half of the Freedom of
Information Act requests received would be about UFOs.  They did put
up some blocks that kicked UFO reports out of responses.  He made
many statements almost too rapidly for me to note: Most people don't
care about the big questions like we do; of 8 para-psychological
abilities listed in a survey, 90% of the people believe in one or
more; he had worked for the National Institute for Discovery Science,
but something happened to cause him to leave; and the 9 May 01
Disclosure Project press conference derailed congressional hearings. 
He said, "I think I am the only person who has briefed all of the
lettered agencies that you know about."  The only strong adverse
response he got was from the National Institute of Science.  One man
there said, "You are not supposed to know that.  That is what you are
supposed to learn when you die."  One witness from the Bentwaters
encounter said, "I'll tell you about when I touched it."  He said
that the Cash-Landrum case women should have died from the amount of
radiation that caused the early symptoms, but they didn't.  He
paraphrased Carl Sagan in an address at Cornell University as
saying, "It's OK for people like us to address this, but you can't
let the people out there hear about it.  It would lead to their
downfall."  In closing, he said, "Two things are infinite the
universe and stupidity, and I am not sure about the universe."  In
the Q&A session he said that if any politician addresses the UFO
issue, his opponent would get a 20-point boost.
Friday Philip Mantle spoke first.  He is the former Director of
Investigations for the British UFO Research Association, and he was
the MUFON Representative for England for 10 years.  He is co-author
of Beyond Roswell and Without Consent, the story of missing time and
alien abduction accounts in the UK.  He
said that Constable Godfrey was called to look for missing cows when
he saw lights ahead and a large gray, diamond-shaped object.  He
stopped and drew a picture.  His next memory was when he was farther
down the road and driving.  He went back and found a swirl in the
grass.  He later found the cows inside of a fenced area where they
did not belong.  He restricted his book to British subjects, because
some skeptics say that abductions only happen in America.  There was
one report of short, hairy creatures with claws and the face of a bat
wearing a lab coat.  One lady had many missing fetuses and smart-baby
dreams.  She had a scar on the back of her neck.  She got to see her
hybrid children.  Mantle said that David Thomas saw an object in a
field in North Wales, and beings took him on board.  They took his
cassette player and rock-and-roll tape and left him on a road with no
memory block.  On 1 Dec 87 Philip Spencer took pictures of a green
being in a hollow that went into a saucer with a "box on top."  The
creature had pointed ears and three fingers with a thumb.  During the
Q&A Mantle said that several now claim to have seen the "Alien
Autopsy" film before it was given to Ray Santilli for release.  A
lady in the audience reported that Steven Spielberg had locked a make-
up artist for the movie, "Close Encounters," in a room with photos of
aliens.  It was also reported that Prince Phillip subscribes to the
British publication, "Flying Saucer Review."
Michael Hesemann, from Duesseldorf and Rome, wrote UFO: A Secret
History and The Fatima Secret, and he co-authored Beyond Roswell. 
These were published in 16 countries with a combined printing of over
one million.  He also produced five video documentaries that won
several awards.  He was received by Pope John Paul II, who later
wrote to express his "admiration and appreciation for your laborious
research."   His lecture title was "UFOs: European Update 2003."  He said a Romanian was offering to sell
a "library of videos" from his grandfather for $5000.  After
verification, Hesemann made an offer to pay and received no answer. 
A photo from the Ukraine had the shape of the UMMO vehicle.  He had a
1968 film of a UFO over the surface of the moon.  During the Q&A it
was mentioned that an alien baby found in a home in Russia was sent
to Moscow where it "disappeared."  The photo of the body, taken by
the local police earlier, appeared like the alien preserved in a jar
in Puerto Rico.
James Gilliland is author of Becoming Gods: A Reunion with the Source
and Becoming Gods II.  He is also founder of the Self Mastery Earth
Institute, a 70-acre retreat located in the Sattva Sanctuary at the
base of Mt. Adams in Trout Lake, Washington.  He spoke on "Project
Contact."  He showed interesting pictures of
visitors in our past: cave paintings, statues of "lizzies,"
petroglyphs, grays on a wall in ancient Egypt, a cone-head skull in
Peru, giants, and images on the Abbados Temple walls of cigar-shaped
ships, helicopters and saucers.  He said, "Did we have to start over
again?  Sure."  He showed a 1710 painting of a saucer over the
baptism of Jesus, and a painting of his crucifixion with a saucer
nearby.  He said that Star Beings would be helping us through the
tumultuous changes that are coming.  Guilliland reported physical
contacts after asking for solid proof.  A beam and three golden balls
of light came through the wall and hit him in the chest, and he found
himself in a vehicle.  A lady there said, "You have all the proof you
need."  There was a burn mark on his chest that transformed to a
triangle, then a heart, and a thin gold film developed over it before
it disappeared.  He said that when you meditate, your senses are
heightened; your vision can be expanded.  He sat meditating in a
field and saw orbs to his left.  He told someone to take a picture in
that direction, and they got a bright one on film.  One photo taken
by Tom Dongo showed Gilliland leaving his body.
Roberto Pinotti, Ph. D., from Florence, Italy, has been a UFO
researcher for 40 years. He is President of Centro Ufologico
Nazionale and Editor of the excellent monthly magazine, "UFO
Notiziario."  He has organized the World UFO Symposium in the San
Marino Republic, with the help of their government, since 1993.  His
fast moving presentation on historical cases included a cylindrical
UFO over France that dropped angel hair in 1950.  Scientists at the
University of Analytical Chemistry in Florence said it was made of
boron, silicon, calcium and cesium.  In a 1954 case an Italian lady
met two small aliens who took one of the stockings and the flowers
that she was carrying to their craft and departed.  Other people saw
the craft.  In 1974 a man was seen straddling a "block" as he flew
over a house.  In 1977 three Army helicopters tracked a glowing,
orange UFO.  In 1978 there were 2500 sightings: The Navy reported one
that came out of the water.  A huge cigar-shaped ship was over the
Northern Adriatic for hours before it left.  Two Issues of Panorama
Magazine (Italian equivalent to Time Magazine) had UFOs on the
cover.  The next year four members of parliament made an official
inquiry.  In 1997 some top-secret documents from the early fascist
government were released.  They included Mussolini's order to
journalists not to speak of certain events.  Pinotti also showed a
blueprint of an Italian saucer from the 1930s that was recovered in
Germany after WW I.
There was a special film showing after hours Friday night.  Wendelle
Stevens and Dr. Sun Shi Li featured flying humanoids from Argentina,
China, and Mexico.  Graham Birdsall provided a controversial, 52
minute film," Kubrick, Nixon and the Man On the Moon" that was shown
in France in December.  The headliner of the film said "Fiction or
Reality, Find Out for Yourself."  It was fiction.  After I got home,
I had an interview with the Director, William Karel, from ARTE
Magazine, translated into English.  I know that there was a set of
the moon.  I know someone who was there.  I suspect it was used to
dramatize the first step on the moon, because that picture was too
tough for NASA to produce without having the photographer first step
into the moon dust.  I think the primary reason the set was built was
to produce film to cover shots that may have otherwise shown us those
who were already there.  The Director did not say that it was
produced to embarrass the United States.
Wendelle Stevens was the first speaker Saturday.  He is a retired
military officer and test pilot who was working on UFO- related
projects before they were called UFOs.  He has published 22 books on
the subject.  He is a founding Director of the IUFOC.  He spoke about
the extra-dimensional (ED) extraterrestrials (ETs) that the
Batallanos brothers in Northern Argentina have been contacting for
six years.  Hugo, Hulio and another brother have been interested in
the spiritual world for a long time, sometimes using the flute, drums
and blindfolds to enhance their meditation.  They discovered beings
that could project their life force and clothe it in ambient prana to
be perceived by us.  Hulio took 70 photos in one week, and they now
have over 450 photos and two full VHS videos of the craft and their
occupants.  They say that criticism does not change their reality and
their contacts.  One of the brothers recently spent a day and a half
in "the city of light" with his ED friends.  On video you can see
four ED vehicles morphing to many and back to few.  They can float
about 3 feet above the ground and change from black to many-colored,
and sometimes they are transparent.  In 1996 they came to the USA
where other people were able to photograph the EDs downtown in Los
Angeles and at Griffith Park.  Several different types of vehicles
appeared in Griffith Park in the same photo sequence.  They
demonstrated the materialization of images of Christ and Mary through
thought manifestation.  When they approach the brothers, they "slide"
rather than walk.  Hulio ascended and increased in size as he entered
the ship.  In an experiment in Los Angeles three people were given a
35 MM camera and a new roll of film.  Daryl and Marco Rios got no
images while one of the Batallanos brothers did.  Such psi effects
have been documented earlier from Ted Serios, so the images may be
coming from the minds of the brothers.  They said that if Wendelle
came to Argentina for contact, he should allow a week for spiritual
training.   Wendelle asked contactee Michael El Legion to make a few
comments.  He said he had been in contact with the ASHTAR Command,
which he said was the group that appeared over Washington, DC in
1952.  He said time travel is a reality for ASHTAR's people.  They
became involved in the Montauk project.  El Legion said he felt a
telepathic exchange when talking with the Batallanos brothers by
phone.  It was mentioned in the Q&A that the reason that spirits
sometimes use a craft to travel in is so they "all get there at the
same time." 
Budd Hopkins became interested in UFO phenomena in 1964, and his
three books, Missing Time, Intruders, and Witnessed have greatly
helped many other researchers.  He laid the foundation for studies on
many subjects from screen memories to the all-important alien
reproductive focus and apparent production of hybrid beings.  He described in great detail the
important recent abduction case of "Jim" near New York City.  Jim had
seen his doctor for three years and was taking an anti-depressant for
symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.  He told Hopkins that a
strange thing happened on his way to visit a friend at the hospital. 
He remembers pulling out of the driveway, but his next memory was
pulling back into the driveway with blood on his face and pants due
to bleeding from his nostrils and bladder.  He had missing time.  The
doctor found an injury to the inside of his bladder that healed very
quickly.  There was semen in the bladder.  Hypnosis found Jim on a
table in an alien vehicle.  A praying mantis like figure said, "We
are going to make you feel some pain so you understand that you have
to cooperate."  They put a urethra into his bladder, and then a gray
alien put his hand across his head and removed the pain.  He was very
grateful.  They also inserted an object into his brain through his
nose. The doctors found the case so unusual they decided to publish
it in a medical journal.  In the following investigation Hopkins
found that Jim's car had been driven to the suburbs and into a field
where it had apparently been picked up and placed back onto his
driveway. In the Q&A session, it was noted that this was the least
pleasant way that aliens collect semen samples.
Jaime Maussan has been deeply interested in UFO phenomena since
1992.  He is well known for his three TV shows in Mexico: "60
Minutes", "From Sunday to Sunday", and "ECO". He is a popular speaker
and is appreciated for documenting many important UFO cases.  He
commented on many important cases starting with the vehicle that
landed in a Mexican   schoolyard and caused the watches of all the
police there to stop at the same time.  In August 1999 cameras
focused on the erupting volcano, "Popo", showed a bright UFO flying
in and then going straight up over it.  The picture was on the front
page of the Mileno newspaper for 30 million people to see.  The
magnetic energy of the mountain suddenly dropped 80% from its peak
level as the UFO went over.  On 24 Jul 00 a flying saucer was videoed
hovering close to the world trade center, at the later crash site,
before it buzzed a tourist helicopter.  He suggests that this was
prophetic.  On 14 Feb 01 an object was videoed going into the crater
of Mt. Popo.  On 16 Mar 02 fleets of silver spheres were seen in a
clear sky for 100 minutes.  One was shown moving around another.  On
15 Dec 02 this type event was repeated 500 miles away.  Such spheres
have been seen making signs in the sky at many places.  There were
200 seen at once on 1996.  He showed the amazing agro-gram near
Chilbolton, England that appeared 13 Aug 00.  When a 6.6 pixel
gauzing filter was applied to the camera the image of a face,
possibly hybrid, appeared clear and 3-dimensional.  Four days later
the message sent out from Aricebo earlier was answered in the field
nearby.  Then on 22 Aug 02 an agro-glyph of an alien holding a 50-
meter-diameter disk of binary code appeared at Crabwood.  The message
said: "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. 
Much PAIN But Still time.  BELIEVE.  There is GOOD out there.  We
oppose DECEPTION.  COnduit CLOSING\"  He noted that a 500-year-old
painting in Russia depicts an alien with a disk.  Finally he showed
two videos of live aliens.  One was taken at night 16 Sep 94 of a
strange being in a cornfield, and the other recently taken of a more
familiar alien standing by a fence in daylight.  It is still under
investigation.  Maussan closed with a reminder of the prophecy of the
6th Sun: "the truth will become the light of life, and that which was
hidden will be discovered." 
Dr. Steven Greer is founder and International Director of the Center
for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI).  Since August
2000 his CSETI Disclosure Project has recorded the testimony of over
100 military, government and related witnesses of UFO events and
projects.  His talk title was "Formula for the Red Pill."  He mentioned that while at Lawrence
Rockefeller's Ranch at a meeting about the alien presence he was
asked, "Do you think they could be a threat to national security?" 
He answered, "Yes, if they want to be."  Greer said the world is as
we are, so let us change ourselves and the universe will grow with
us.  "This can't happen while people are deceived."  He said that the
reason for secrecy on the UFO subject is because advanced technology
is hidden in it.  He said that DDT is easy to do decoy,
distraction, and trashing.  He said that he told Valery Uvarov that
we are all slaves on someone's plantation, and Uvarov said, "True,
but the American plantation is a little more prosperous that the
Russian plantation."  Greer said that hidden technologies could allow
us to transform so that every village in India could be as prosperous
as Scarsdale.  He said that the only reason we are in the Middle East
is because of oil.  He said a holocaust survivor told him, "There
will always be certain people who want to do bad things.  What is
most important is that the good people act."  He asked that we
imagine technology the size of this podium that could provide all the
energy you need without pollution.  Most people in covert programs
want this stuff out.  He is working with Dr Loder and others to get
this technology out.  He said he is not talking about black projects,
because they have devices that can go to Alpha Centauri and back in
two seconds.  The device he is promoting produces electric energy at
600 times over unity.  He said, "I have had people offer a billion
dollars toward the project if I would sell out."  They are smart
people, but we have not been threatened because we have the media
ready to pounce.  Then he said, "Let me be accurate within 30-60
days we should have the prototype robust enough to take it on tour. 
Then we will have the largest International Press Club event ever. 
We have celebrities lined up to power their houses with this.  Then
he concluded by saying, "We have to put this in place so it can not
be used for war."  [I wish he had told us how that was possible.]  In
the Q&A session he said that in 1992, "I was offered a board seat on
MJ-12 if I would sell out."
On Saturday evening after the banquet there was an awards ceremony
for the ten "films" submitted.  Ken Seddington, our Director from the
United Kingdom, had selected a number of volunteer judges who agreed
to watch all of the films.  These volunteers are greatly appreciated,
because some films started at 7:00 AM and one did not end until 9:40
and directed by Christopher Lydon, won the EBE for Best
Abductee/Contactee Documentary.  STAR DREAMS, produced and directed
by Robert Nichol, won two awards: Best Documentary in a UFO Related
Subject, and Best Musical Score Within a UFO Program.  A VIEW OF THE
YEAR, produced by Russell Callaghan and directed by Graham Birdsall
won Best UFO Documentary.  Finally, CROP CIRCLES: QUEST FOR TRUTH,
produced and directed by William Gazecki, won the coveted Peoples
Choice award.
The banquet was another great social occasion and a good excuse to
dress up.  We appreciate the wonderful technical crew, the IUFOC
Convention staff, and especially the Brown family that make this the
best UFO related gathering in the world.  People seemed especially
pleased that we could get same-day production of audio and video
tapes for only $8 and $20 respectively, before member discounts. 
Mark your calendar for the 13th Annual IUFOC Convention February 8
14, 2004 and for the 14th February 6 12, 2005.  A Summer Seminar is
also planned for early August 2004.  We plan to maintain the past low
prices.  See  for info, registration forms, and
audio and video order forms. 

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