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Subject:  Children's Vaccination Warning

The following article was received recently by email and is forwarded
along for the notice of all parents and people concerned with the welfare
of babies and small children.

Today is my daughter's sweet 16th birthday but we will not be
celebrating. Instead I will light a candle and when I blow it out
I will make a wish in my daughter's memory. My wish is for
all mother's worldwide, that you will educate yourselves and
that you make informed choices so that you may prevent
unnecessary tragedy and be spared from my pain.

Laura's Story

After 41 weeks of pregnancy, on July 27th, 1986, a perfect
and healthy little baby, Laura Marie, made her entrance into
the world. We were welcomed home by family and friends
anxiously waiting to meet the new family member. They
showered her with so many beautiful, little tiny, pink dresses,
we joked that she would never be able to wear them all in one

Our lives changed completely and now revolved around
stroller walks in the park, visiting friends, changing diapers,
night feedings and shopping for more little pink dresses. We
were parents now, we had a family and life was absolutely

I took Laura for several baby check-ups at the pediatrician.
She was a kind and gentle older woman. At 3 months old, the
pediatrician was very pleased with Laura's development and
weight gain and vaccinated her with DPT OPV. I didn't even
question her, I knew that all my friend's babies had this same
vaccine and "all good mothers" vaccinated their children to
protect them. I left the pediatrician's office and walked home.

Laura was very fussy, which was unusual. She was crying
loudly all the way home in the stroller. When we got home, I
realized she had urinated so heavily she wet everything in the
stroller. Then her cry turned into screaming and she developed
a fever, her leg was very swollen and red, and felt hot. I called
the pediatrician who told me this was "normal" and to give
her Tempra. I gave her baby Tempra and I felt better, the
pediatrician had assured me this was normal.

Laura continued to scream and I could no longer console
her. My every instinct told me this was not normal but I was
young with my first child and trusted the doctor. I could not
hold Laura in my arms because she screamed louder as any
movement of her leg seemed to cause her terrible pain. I
put her in the swing and she cried herself to sleep. I was so
relieved, the Tempra was working and the doctor must have
been right. I began to feel silly for all my worrying. A short
time later, Laura woke up screaming and spent the evening
screaming and sleeping on and off.

She had no appetite and nothing made her stop crying.
Finally it was bedtime and she cried in her crib, until she fell
asleep. She had never cried herself to sleep before and I felt
very bad for letting her but if I held her, she screamed louder.
My husband came home from work and I told him about
everything that had happened that day. Laura was sleeping
soundly in her crib and we were both relieved that she seemed
to be feeling better and decided not to worry... I should have

In the morning I awoke and was startled to realize my husband
had slept in for work. I immediately knew something was
wrong and the worry from the previous night came rushing
back to me. I quickly ran to her crib, with a feeling of dread.
She did not look right. I closed my eyes tight and opened them
again, and considered the possibility that this was a dream, but
when I opened my eyes she looked dead.

I went into shock and after that, much of this day remains a
blur. I touched her and she was very warm. I screamed for
my husband to call 911.

I watched as he performed CPR, my body was frozen and I
couldn't move. He tried to revive our child to no avail. He was
shouting for me to open the door for the paramedics, I was
temporarily jolted back to reality and I went and opened the
door. I could now move but couldn't speak. I just stood there
numbly shaking my head, feeling completely helpless as
dozens of paramedics, police and firemen rushed past me
into our home.

I didn't cry, and I wanted to scream at them to leave her
alone but I couldn't speak. She was on the floor and they
were shocking her tiny body, in the little bedroom with the
yellow painted walls and clown wallpaper. I stood there
praying in my head that they would just leave her alone, that
they would get out of her bedroom and that I would wake up
from this horrible dream.

Then I heard someone saying there was a faint pulse and I
suddenly felt hopeful. She was rushed from the house in an
ambulance. It was then that the homicide detectives led us into
another room and the interrogation began.

They decided that my husband and I needed to be questioned
in separate rooms. I immediately realized they suspected
that we had done this to our child. We all know that perfect
children do not suddenly die for no reason. I was silent, I had
already decided in my own mind that this was somehow all
my fault and although I wasn't quite sure what I had done to
kill her, I was convinced that I had somehow caused this to
happen. Perhaps, I was being punished by god for a sin or perhaps it happened because I had let her cry herself to sleep that night. The fact remained
that my child was dead and "good mothers" do not have dead children.

My husband began to protest loudly about the line of
questioning and he demanded we be taken immediately to the
hospital, to see our child. The detectives finally took us to the
hospital and put us in the "bad news room." The doctor came
and insisted we sit down before he spoke to us. He began
telling us that they had tried this and that and then finally he
said the words that would echo in my ears for a lifetime:

"She is dead."

The pediatrician whom I so respected and adored broke down
and cried when I gave her the news on the phone. She went
back and forth defending the vaccine that she was told was
safe, and blaming it for killing my child and those who told
her it was safe.

She then told me that she also had another patient, an infant
boy, die after this same vaccination.

Then the detectives took us home for more questions, often
repeating the same questions several times until they grew tired
of asking them. The questions constantly centered around our
involvement, then they searched the house and checked for
signs of forced entry. My husband repeatedly told them that
he thought the vaccine had killed our child and told them over
and over about her unusual behavior since she was vaccinated.

Everyone we knew arrived at our house. I made coffee and
tidied the house, like it was any other day and we were having
"guests". Shock is a strange and wonderful thing and of
course you don't know you are in it.

My parents finally insisted on taking me to their house
for a few days, while my husband and his friends had the
horrendous task of packing up the nursery because I couldn't
stand to look at it any longer. The room I had so lovingly
made was now empty and a source of great pain.

Several days later, after the funeral and the tiny white coffin
that was so small my husband carried it alone, I finally came
out of shock and allowed myself to cry a river. I cried for all
the things I would never do with my daughter. All the ballet
classes I would never take her to, the wedding I would never
attend, the grandchildren I would never know and all the
dreams I would never realize with her. I cried for all that was
and all that would never be. There was an emptiness inside of
me that threatened to swallow me up whole, as I fell into the
depths of grief during the darkest days of my life.

The detectives eventually became satisfied that we had not
harmed our daughter in any way and the investigation into her
death ended. We were then left without answers.

The doctors did not want to talk about her death being related
in any way to the vaccine and, one after the other, refused to
answer our many questions. I was repeatedly told that vaccines
were for "the greater good." I was even told that loss of life
through immunization was "expected" in the war against
disease but these losses were considered to be at "acceptable"
levels. However, this did not feel very acceptable or good to
me as a mother with empty arms that ached for my child. The
coroner finally told us months later that the cause of death was
determined to be "SIDS" (sudden infant death syndrome),
meaning "no known cause," and refused to release a copy of
the autopsy report to us.

It took almost a year for us to obtain this report and to our
great horror, we realized that the autopsy summery was copied
directly from the vaccine product monograph under the
heading "Contraindications" as follows:

"Sudden infant death syndrome has been reported following
administration of vaccines containing Diphtheria, tetanus
toxoids, and pertussis vaccine. However, the significance of
these reports is not clear. One common factor is the age where
primary immunization was done between the age of 2 to 6
months, a period where most sudden infant death syndromes
are found to 1occur with a peak incidence being at 2 to 4

There was no toxicology testing performed and the
pediatrician never filed an adverse vaccine reaction report with
health authorities. I later learned that most vaccine-induced
deaths in this country are listed as SIDS and SIDS statistics
are NOT included in vaccine adverse reaction data, even if a
child dies only a few hours after receiving inoculation. This
data is presented to physicians and the public to reassure them
that vaccines are safe.

The government's own literature advises that there has been
little or no

testing in the area of vaccine safety or efficacy. Essentially, our
children are the test. According to their literature, immunization
is "the most cost effective" way to prevent disease. Nowhere in
their literature does it claim to be the safest. We are trading our
children's lives to save the government money. We are told that
the benefits outweigh the risks but many of the diseases that
we vaccinate for are not even life threatening; however, the
vaccine itself has the potential to kill.

Vaccines kill at a much higher rate than we are led to believe.
We play vaccine roulette with our children's lives and we never
know which child will fall victim next.

If the odds are 1 in 500 thousand for death, 1 in 100 thousand
for permanent brain injury, 1 in 1700 for seizures and
convulsions or one in 100 for adverse reaction, are you willing
to take that chance? Are any odds acceptable enough to
convince you to gamble with your child's life?

I can assure you that death from vaccination is neither quick
nor painless. I helplessly watched my daughter suffer an
excruciatingly slow death as she screamed and arched her
back in pain, while the vaccine did as it was intended to do and
assaulted her immature immune system. The poisons used as
preservatives seeped through her tiny body, overwhelming her
vital organs one by one until they collapsed. It is an image that
will haunt me forever and I hope no other parent ever has to
witness it.

A death sentence considered too inhumane for this county's
most violent criminals was handed down to my beautiful,
innocent, infant daughter, death by lethal injection.

Today, on my daughter's birthday, I will grieve not only for
the loss of my own child but for all the innocent children for
which the benefits of vaccines do not outweigh the risks and
are unnecessarily sentenced to death by lethal injection, under
the guise of "the greater good." The true war is not against
disease; we have somehow become our own worst enemy by
putting our faith in science instead of nature. Today, I call on
all mothers across the world to join me in putting an end to
this senseless slaughter of our most precious resource, our

Response from Dawn Richardson, President,

Dear PROVE Members

I am forwarding this as a tribute to baby Laura and all the
other children who have been injured or killed by a vaccine
so that parents can learn another side to the vaccine story.

When I was almost 8 months pregnant with one of my
daughters, I had volunteered to go to the Travis County
Morgue with Karin Schumacher who, for years before she
went to Law School, ran the NVIC news-list. Karin asked
me to help her go through autopsy reports of infants listed as
SIDS deaths and look at vaccination information. I will never
forget the experience. We sat there in this basement buried in
infant autopsy reports as my own baby kicked and turned
inside of me. Here were two of our observations:

1. A highly disproportionate amount of SIDS deaths
clustered at 2, 4, and 6 months -- which are the very times
infants are vaccinated. If vaccines had nothing to do with these,
the numbers should have been randomly spread throughout
the first 6 months of life. Not so. I challenge the naysayers to
go to any morgue in the country and to be honest and see what
I'm talking about.

2. It was shocking at how rare it was for the vaccine
information to be recorded and how little investigating into the
cause of death of these babies was actually done. It floored me
that the when the vaccine information was even mentioned, it
was often so incomplete. Medical examiners routinely missed
asking for this indispensable information and failed to note the
correlation of the date when the child died to even raise the

One of the things that struck me when reading Christine's
story is that here we are 16 years later and so many doctors
are still downplaying and denying the risks of vaccines and
healthy babies are still dying after being vaccinated. One of
the most offensive things that
Senator Frist has in his vaccine bill which shields the drug
companies from all liability when a vaccine injures or kills
someone is that he is proposing that the federal government
increase the amount of money that a parent receives from the
government compensation program when their child is killed
by a vaccine. Parents are not willing to be bought off with this
blood money.

Elected officials like Frist who want to eliminate the financial
responsibility of the drug companies all together and throw the
bone to parents that the government will pay them more if the
government mandated vaccine kills their kid need to be voted
out of Congress. If you haven't sent your email notes to your
senators to:
oppose S 2053 yet - PLEASE do! If drug companies have
ZERO threat of liability, the one thing we can be certain of is
that stories like [Laura's] will become far more common. The
key to change is education. Fortunately, the Internet allows
parents to educate parents. Please stop for a quiet moment
after reading the note and say a prayer for all the babies whose
lives were ended before they even got a chance to really start
and then take the time to forward this on to other parents.

Dawn Richardson


I have a young lady who comes to me for readings. She is the sweetest
lady who I just love so much. She has a little boy, who was born healthy and
bright. He was like that until he was vaccinated, and now he is autistic. He
cannot focus, he cannot talk, all because of the vaccine.
No I do not endorse anyone being vaccinated. Many years ago, John was
vaccinated with the flu shot, after 4 days he was close to death and was
sooooo sick for well over a month.
we never get them anymore.
Best wishes,
Ron Radstrom

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More on vaccinations

Barbara Loe Fisher is the mother of three children. In 1980, her two-and-a-half year old son reacted within four hours of his fourth DPT and polio vaccinations with a convulsion, collapse shock and six-hour state of unconsciousness. He was left with minimal brain dysfunction, including multiple learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder.

What do you need to know about forced vaccinations and immunizations? Only after fully weighing all the evidence can you make an informed decision....
In the Name of the Greater Good
by Barbara Loe Fisher
"Every child must get vaccinated for the greater good of society," say mass vaccination proponents, "and parents who do not vaccinate their children place all children at risk. The state should require vaccine risks to be shared equally by all, because the minority of children harmed by vaccines is outweighed by benefits to the majority." In short, when it comes to forced vaccination, the ends justify the means.
Those questioning the wisdom of mass vaccination, both for individual and public health, counter that the risks have not been scientifically quantified, putting some children at higher risk for injury and death. In effect, mass vaccination amounts to a medical experiment on potentially genetically susceptible children. Besides, they say, those who choose to vaccinate should have nothing to fear from those who choose not to vaccinate -- if the vaccines are truly protective.
As government health officials translate science and medicine into law, the public debate is stirring up some of the ethical questions addressed after the dark days of the Second World War. While the grotesque medical experiments systematically conducted in concentration camps during the Holocaust are an entirely different issue, the universal ethical principles debated during the Nuremberg Trials are relevant. Does the state have the moral authority to command that citizens give their lives against their will for what the state has determined to be the greater good?
In a remarkable series of articles published in the November 1996 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, bioethicists and lawyers describe how physicians, in service to the German state before and during the Second World War, employed the utilitarian rationale that a lesser number of individuals can be sacrificed for the happiness or theoretical benefit of a greater number of individuals. Scientific experiments on individuals, including injection of experimental vaccines, were justified on the grounds that they advanced medical knowledge and benefited humanity.
Patients today are guaranteed informed consent protections when undergoing routine surgery or diagnostic tests or taking medications carrying a risk of injury or death, but mandatory vaccinations have been exempted from informed consent standards. If the state cannot determine which individuals are genetically or otherwise at high risk for being injured or dying from vaccines, does state-forced vaccination translate into a de facto medical experiment and an immoral application of utilitarianism?
Philosopher Hans Jonas reminds us that a state may have the right to ask an individual to volunteer to die for what the state has defined as the common good, but rarely, if ever, does a state have the moral authority to command it. He concluded: "Let us not forget that progress is an optional goal, not an unconditional commitment, and that its tempo in particular, compulsive as it may be, has nothing sacred about it. Let us also remember that a slower progress in the conquest of disease would not threaten society, grievous as it is to those who have to deplore that their particular disease be not yet conquered, but that society would indeed be threatened by the erosion of those moral values whose loss, possibly caused by too ruthless a pursuit of scientific progress, would make its most dazzling triumphs not worth having."
Barbara Loe Fisher is co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center. She is co-author of DPT: A Shot in the Dark (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1985; Warner, 1986; Avery, 1991), and The Consumer's Guide to Childhood Vaccines (NVIC, 1997). She is editor of The Vaccine Reaction and The Vaccine Hotline newsletters.
National Vaccine Information Center
Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate
by Mayer Eisenstein, M.D., J.D., M.P.H.
I want to raise doubt in your mind as to the safety, efficacy and moral issues of vaccines. My goal is for you to do further research into all of the vaccines, use libraries, bookstores, our internet web site ( ) and ask questions. Only after fully weighing the evidence can you make an informed decision. An informed consumer is a wise consumer. This journey is a beginning into better understanding the issues about childhood vaccinations. My purpose is to stimulate your interest in researching further information on childhood vaccines. More and more families, after carefully weighing the evidence, are deciding not to vaccinate their children. My goal is for you to make an educated decision.
What's in a Vaccine?
Vaccines contain many ingredients of which the public is not aware. These are just some of the ingredients used to make a vaccine:
  Ethylene glycol ‑ antifreeze
  Phenol ‑ also known as carbolic acid. This is used as a disinfectant, dye.
  Formaldehyde ‑ a known cancer-causing agent
  Aluminum ‑ which is associated with Alzheimer's disease and seizures also cancer producing in laboratory mice. It is used as an additive to promote antibody response.
  Thimerosal ‑ a mercury disinfectant/ preservative. It can result in brain injury and autoimmune disease.
  Neomycin, Streptomycin ‑ antibiotics that have caused allergic reaction in some people.
These vaccines are also grown and strained thru animal or human tissue like monkey kidney tissue, chicken embryo, embryonic guinea pig cells, calf serum, human diploid cells (the dissected organs of aborted fetuses as in the case of rubella, hepatitis A and chicken pox vaccines).
The problem with using animal cells is that during serial passage of the virus thru the animal cells, animal RNA and DNA can be transferred from one host to another. Undetected animal viruses may slip past quality control testing procedures, as happened during the years 1955 thru 1961. The polio vaccine, which was grown on the kidney of the Green African monkey (simian), was contaminated with SV40 (simian virus #40 -‑ the 40th discovered), which differs from the other 39 because it has oncogenic properties (cancer causing). What other viruses could be slipping by, of which we don't know?
Vaccine proponents claim that the benefits are undeniable, however, at the same time the incidents of autism, diabetes, and other chronic immune and neurological dysfunction in children have climbed dramatically in the last 30 years. Presently there are no good scientific methods for evaluating the efficacy of studies; therefore, there is no conclusive scientific basis for either side.
A Solution
The National Institute of Health (NIH) should call for a consensus conference bringing 20‑25 of the top scientists in the county together. These scientists willevaluate the scientific literature with regard to vaccines, both pro and con. Then they will produce a consensus statement.
When these consensus committees met in the past, the following conclusions were formulated:
 1) Routine prenatal ultra-sounds are only expensive baby pictures.
 2) They found no scientific evidence that screening mammography between ages 40 and 50 increased longevity.
 3) The Cesarean section rate in this country should be less than 15% -‑ not 20‑25%.
Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.
(Untrue in one thing, untrue in everything.)
-- Latin Expression
20th Century medicine has been shown to be false in many of its assumptions and it has held physicians with non‑interventionist philosophies to a higher standard than interventionist physicians. The unscientific thinking of "I think therefore I believe" has replaced scientific evidence based decision making. How can we have trust in a medical system which has been shown to be untrue in some of its practice? The answer is with great scepticism.. Let us pray that scientific reason will prevail, and the motto for the 21st Century will become "The scientific evidence points in that direction, therefore, I believe."
Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, the author of Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate , is a graduate of the University of Illinois Medical School, the Medical College of Wisconsin School of Public Health, and the John Marshall Law School.
Homefirst Health Services
Should Parents be Allowed to Opt Out of Vaccinating Their Kids?
YES: Children at risk should be given a pass without penalty
by Barbara Loe Fisher
Parents do not want their children to be injured or die from a disease or a vaccination. As guardians of their children until those children are old enough to make life-and-death decisions for themselves, parents take very seriously the responsibility of making informed vaccination decisions for the children they love. That responsibility includes becoming educated about the relative risks of diseases when compared to the vaccines aimed at preventing them.
Like every encounter with a viral or bacterial infection, every vaccine containing lab-altered viruses or bacteria has an inherent ability to cause injury or even death. Vaccination either can produce immunity without incident or can result in mild to severe brain and immune-system damage, depending upon the vaccine or combination of vaccines given, the health of the person at the time of vaccination and whether the individual is genetically or otherwise biologically at risk for developing complications.
The fact that vaccines can cause injury and death officially was acknowledged in the United States in 1986 when Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, creating a no-fault federal compensation system for vaccine-injured children to protect the vaccine manufacturers and doctors from personal-injury lawsuits. Since then, the system has paid out more than $1 billion to 1,000 families, whose loved ones have died or been harmed by vaccines, even though three out of four applicants are turned away.
Because so little medical research has been conducted on vaccine side effects, no tests have been developed to identify and screen out vulnerable children. As a result, public-health officials have taken a "one-size-fits-all" approach and have aggressively implemented mandatory vaccination laws while dismissing children who are injured or die after vaccination as unfortunate but necessary sacrifices "for the greater good." This utilitarian rationale is of little comfort to the growing number of mothers and fathers who watch their once-healthy, bright children get vaccinated and then suddenly descend into mental retardation, epilepsy, learning and behavior disorders, autism, diabetes, arthritis and asthma. Some adverse reactions are fatal.
As vaccination rates have approached 98% for children entering kindergarten in many states, there is no question that mass vaccination in the last quarter-century has suppressed infectious diseases in childhood, eradicating polio in the Western hemisphere and lowering the number of cases of measles from a high of more than 400,000 cases in 1965 to only 100 in 1999. Yet, even as infectious-disease rates have fallen, rates of chronic disease and disability among children and young adults have risen dramatically.
A University of California study published by the U.S. Department of Education in 1996 found that "the proportion of the U.S. population with disabilities has risen markedly during the last quarter-century. [T]his recent change seems to be due not to demographics, but to greater numbers of children and young adults reported as having disabilities." The study concluded the change was due to "increases in the prevalence of asthma, mental disorders (including attention-deficit disorder), mental retardation and learning disabilities that have been noted among children in recent years."
Instead of epidemics of measles and polio, we have epidemics of chronic autoimmune and neurological disease: In the last 20 years rates of asthma and attention-deficit disorder have doubled, diabetes and learning disabilities have tripled, chronic arthritis now affects nearly one in five Americans and autism has increased by 300% or more in many states. The larger unanswered question is: To what extent has the administration of multiple doses of multiple vaccines in early childhood -- when the body's brain and immune system is developing at its most rapid rate -- been a cofactor in epidemics of chronic disease? The assumption mass-vaccination policies have played no role is as unscientific and dangerous as the assumption that an individual child's health problems following vaccination are only coincidentally related to the vaccination.
Questions about vaccination only can be answered by scientific research into the biological mechanism of vaccine injury and death so that pathological profiles can be developed to distinguish between vaccine-induced health problems and those that are not. Whether the gaps in scientific knowledge about vaccines will be filled in this decade or remain unanswered in the next depends upon the funding and research priorities set by Congress, the National Institutes of Health and industry.
With the understanding that medical science and the doctors who practice it are not infallible, today's better-educated health-care consumer is demanding more information, more choices and a more equal decision-making partnership with doctors. Young mothers, who are told that their children must be injected with 33 doses of 10 different vaccines before the age of 5, are asking questions such as: "Why does my 12-hour-old newborn infant have to be injected with hepatitis B vaccine when I am not infected with hepatitis B and my infant is not an IV-drug user or engaging in sex with multiple partners -- the two highest risk groups for hepatitis B infection?" And: "Why does my 12-month-old have to get chicken-pox vaccine when chicken pox is a mild disease and once my child gets it he or she will be immune for life?" Informed parents know that hepatitis B is not like polio and that chicken pox is not like smallpox. They know the difference between taking a risk with a vaccine for an adult disease that is hard to catch, such as the blood-transmitted hepatitis B, and using a vaccine to prevent a devastating, highly contagious childhood disease such as polio.
All diseases and all vaccines are not the same, and neither are children. Parents understand the qualitative difference between options freely taken and punishing dictates. They are calling for enlightened, humane implementation of state vaccination laws, including insertion of informed-consent protections that strengthen exemptions for sincerely held religious or conscientious beliefs. This is especially critical for parents with reason to believe that their child may be at high risk for dying or being injured by one or more vaccines but cannot find a doctor to write an exemption.
Informed consent has been the gold standard in the ethical practice of medicine since World War II, acknowledging the human right for individuals or their guardians to make fully informed, voluntary decisions about whether to undergo a medical procedure that could result in harm or death. To the extent that vaccination has been exempted from informed-consent protections and vaccine makers and doctors have been exempted from liability for vaccine injuries and deaths, the notion that a minority of individuals are expendable in service to the majority has prevented a real commitment of will and resources to develop ways to screen out vulnerable children and spare their lives. It is not difficult to understand why some parents resist offering up their children as sacrifices for a government policy that lacks scientific and moral integrity.
But even as educated health-care consumers are asking for more information and choices, mechanisms are being set up to restrict those choices. Government-operated, electronic vaccine-tracking systems already are in place in most states, using health-care identifier numbers to tag and track children without the parent's informed consent in order to enforce use of all government-recommended vaccines now and in the future. Health-maintenance organizations are turning down children for health insurance and federal entitlement programs are economically punishing parents who cannot show proof their child got every state-recommended vaccine. Even children who have suffered severe vaccine reactions are being pressured to get revaccinated or be barred from getting an education.
Drug companies and federal agencies are developing more than 200 new vaccines, including ones for gonorrhea and herpes that will target 12-year-olds. On March 2, President Clinton joined with the international pharmaceutical industry, multinational banks and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to launch the Millennium Vaccine Initiative with several billion dollars committed to vaccinating all children in the world with existing and future vaccines, including those in accelerated development for AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.
With so many unanswered questions about the safety and necessity of giving so many vaccines to children, the right to informed consent to vaccination takes on even greater legal and ethical significance as we head into the 21st century. In a broader sense, the concept of informed consent transcends medicine and addresses the constitutional concept of individual freedom and the moral concept of individual inviolability. If the state can tag, track down and force individuals into being injected with biological agents of unknown toxicity today, will there be any limit on what individual freedoms the state can take away in the name of the greater good tomorrow?
Parents, who know and love their children better than anyone else, have the right to make informed, voluntary vaccination decisions for their children without facing state-sanctioned punishment. Whether a child is hurt by a vaccine or a disease, it is the mother and father -- not the pediatrician, vaccine maker or public-health official -- who will bear the lifelong grief and burden of what happens to that child.
Copyright 2002 News World Communications, Inc.
Insight Magazine
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Vaccination Decisions for Parents
Vaccination is a medical procedure which carries a risk of injury or death. As a parent, it is your responsibility to become educated about the benefits and risks of vaccines in order to make the most informed, responsible decisions.
1. Your doctor is required by law to provide you with vaccine benefit/risk information materials BEFORE your child is vaccinated. Consumer groups, including the National Vaccine Information Center, worked with government health agencies to develop parent information booklets on mandated vaccines. Ask your doctor for the booklet before your child is vaccinated and for the information insert provided by the drug company which manufactured the vaccine(s).
2. Your doctor is required by law to keep a permanent record of all vaccinations given, including the vaccine manufacturer's name and lot number. Ask for a copy of the doctor's record on vaccinations given to your child to keep for your records.
3. Your doctor is required by law to report all adverse events, including injuries and deaths which occur within 30 days after vaccination to federal health authorities. If your doctor refuses to report a reaction following vaccination, you have the right to report to the government yourself.
4. If your child is left permanently brain damaged or dies as a result of a vaccine reaction, you may be entitled to benefits under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. By fall 1995, the federal vaccine injury compensation program had compensated nearly 1000 families at a cost of $600 million.
  Become educated about childhood diseases and vaccines. You have the ultimate responsibility for your child's health and well-being and you, not your doctor or state or federal health officials.
  Ask your doctor to give your child a physical exam to make sure your child is healthy before you permit vaccination. A sick child can be at increased risk for having a vaccine reaction.
  Write down your child's personal and family medical history listing major illnesses and diseases or medical conditions, and have it included in your child's permanent medical records. Ask your doctor if any of these conditions will put your child at risk for having a vaccine reaction. A child who has had a previous severe reaction to a vaccination can be especially at risk if more vaccine is given. If you are not satisfied, get a second opinion.
  Monitor your child closely after vaccination. Call your doctor if you suspect a reaction. If your doctor is not concerned and you are, take your child to an emergency room.
  Obtain a copy of your state mandatory vaccination laws. Become educated about state vaccine requirements, your rights and legal exemptions to vaccination.
  Don't be intimidated by medical personnel and forced into a vaccination decision before you are comfortable with your decision.
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Biblical References
Note: 48 states (all but Mississippi and West Virginia) allow for a "religious exemption" from immunizations, however, the First Amendment prohibits states from discriminating against people based on their religious beliefs. According to a US Supreme Court ruling, a parent's religious "beliefs" are sufficient to qualify for the "religious exemption." The following text may prove helpful in such a case, which may be copied and included in a signed statement....
"We believe in God, and that God has created us in His image. Being created in God's image, we are given His perfect immune system. We believe it is sacrilegious and a violation of our sacred religious beliefs to violate what God has given us by showing a lack of faith in God. Immunizations are a lack of faith in God and His way, the immune system."
"We believe in Jesus' many promises of protection for us, and that He loves us, and will take care of us if we place our trust in Him. We believe that immunizations show no faith in God's promises of protection for us, saying to God that we trust man more than His holy words of protection for us."
"God desires us to love Him and our neighbors first and foremost. This is His first command. By loving Him, we are to fully trust on Him for all things. He is our Lord Father, our Rock, our Fortress and our Savior."
"Our faith is in God and in the Holy Word, being the Holy Bible which is authored by God. This is the instruction book for living that He has left us, and in it He tells us He is our protector and we stand firm on His promise. Our faith is in Him!"
"And hearing this, Jesus said to them, 'It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick."' (Mark 2:17a)
"Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God and ye are not your own?" (I Cor. 6:19)
"That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God." (I Cor. 2:5)
"I know with certainly on the authority of Lord Jesus that nothing is unclean in itself. it is only when a man thinks something unclean that it becomes so for him." (Rom. 14:14)
"If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, and you are that temple." (I Cor. 3:17)
"For to his angels he has given command about you, that they guard you in all your ways." (Ps. 9 1:11)
"Follow God your Lord, remain in awe of Him, keep His commandments, obey and serve Him and you will then be able to cling to Him." (Lev. 19:1-2)
Case Law on "Religous Vaccine Exemption"
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The Bottom Line
What You Need to Know About Smallpox Vaccine
  It spreads vaccinia virus from one person to another, which can kill or injure people
  It causes reactions in almost everyone who gets it (fever, spread of vaccine virus to other parts of body) and causes extremely severe reactions in 1 in 4,000 persons, which can lead to death or injury
  It was never tested in clinical trials before it was used on a mass basis and mandated
  Drug companies making old and new smallpox vaccines want normal federal vaccine safety and efficacy standards to be suspended so the vaccines can be licensed quickly
  Drug companies do not want to be held liable for injuries and deaths caused by old and new smallpox vaccines