What's going to happen??

This passage was taken from Mark Hazelwood's book , "Blindsided", and in my opinion from all the research I have done; represents the most accurate description of  what is actually to occur.

" To those who are wondering if this Planet x  is real or not and are brave enough to be sure, I have written a short essay about how I have crossed over the threshold into the land of knowing.  But don't read on until you are sure that you really don't want to stay in the land of maybe.  It will definitely change your life.

Of course, what I say may not convince you, but it may just be one thing to prod you on in your quest for the truth.  Each of us will have a different thing that gives us that undeniable ‘Aha!’  I have always been the kind of person that likes to know the truth, feeling that knowledge is bliss, instead of ignorance. I read Mark’s book, “Blindsided, Planet X, Earth Changes”. But, I really longed to talk to someone in the know firsthand. I also spent up to seven hours a day on the Internet for many days  looking up Planet X on all the search engines. I disregarded all the channeled information because it is too contradictory, especially about the year, and I wanted to know when this is happening so that I could live as though it were my last year, or plan to survive. I prayed to know the truth.

Then I got the idea to call dome builders and ask them about the dome prices, etc. I then asked if they had heard about Planet X. One talked to me for about half an hour. Yes, in fact, he knew quite a bit. I have promised to keep his anonymity from the Internet so I cannot give away his identity but what he shared with me will hopefully give you some answers. He said some scientists told him about it and he called some friends of his that he was in the military with years ago. He trusted them because they had become scientists in NASA.

What they went on to describe is this. Two things are certain, they told him: 1) Planet X exists. 2) It is coming between May 15 and May 30 of 2003. The rest is speculation. But, if it’s good enough for the NASA scientists, it’s good enough for me. The earth will stand still for about three days during Planet X's closest passage, and then, in one hour, rotate a full 90 degrees (the pole shift) during which time winds will  average  200 miles per hour. Every volcano on earth will erupt and of course, there will be many earthquakes of great magnitude; so two thirds of earth’s population will die in that one-hour surprise. Then another 20% will starve to death during the next six months because the volcanic ash will cover the earth and keep out sunlight for six months. About 10% of the population (about 600 million) will survive. He said NASA’s top scientists wanted to go to Mars and survive but that didn’t work out. So they are making a space station, which will be able to maneuver itself on the other side of earth, using earth as a shield between the space station and Planet X. This way the top scientists will live. He said it is already affecting Neptune’s gravitational pole and once it gets close to Pluto, it will take only three months to get here. He confirmed what Mark said (although he never heard of this book), which is that Planet-X goes very slowly and then very, very fast all of a sudden. But, once near Pluto it will be a red dot in the sky, which will gradually get bigger during several months, and can be seen with the naked eye six weeks before the pole shift. He confirmed that the northern inland part of the States is good; it is where the scientists are going. -

This will be near the new equator after the shift. After hearing all this, I wonder whether I want to survive. I don’t relish the idea of seeing starving people. I haven’t made up my mind, but it is definitely shifting me into an altered state just knowing this. I am living my life fully appreciating everything, which began after
reading Mark’s book and is now intensified. For those of you who are having second thoughts about survival, I cannot recommend highly enough Dr. Michael Newton’s research on the afterlife, “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”. Read those if you have any fear of death.

If you want to survive 200 mile per hour winds, though, you need a dome house or a good concrete bunker and lots of food stockpiled! Another thing: I have known about the secret elite government for about three years. But after finding out the truth, I feel that even if we had a benevolent government, they are wise not to publicize this. They are power
less to find the resources to save everyone. Besides, it is wise to let the masses enjoy their lives till the last. I am now working on forgiving them for all they have done to mess up this planet; how this all plays out may actually make their doings a moot point. Hopefully, as this man quoted his friends. Planet X will be the great equalizer, dethroning the powers that be.”

How interesting - do you want to give up and enjoy this last year to the fullest?   Or does your survival instinct kick in  and you want to be one of the 10% that make it through?  If so; you have homework to do and preparations to make. This website is a good start.

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