Who Will Determine Your Need
To Know About Planet X (Nibiru)?
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YOWUSA.COM, February 18, 2002
Len Bucuvalas

Nibiru is a Planet X-class Kupier Belt Object (XKBO) that allegedly is on an elliptical orbit between our own Sun and a dwarf star that may be located 18 times the distance from our Sun to Pluto, outside of Pluto's orbit - an orbit that takes approximately 3600 years to complete.  According to Zacharia Sitchin, the last Earth flyby was during the Biblical Exodus from Egypt, and it, or some other XKBO could fly past Earth in 2003 and may cause what some scholars and scientists feel could become a human catastrophe -- on a Biblical scale!

Reuters news service wire, September 13, 2000
A group of scientists in Russia in year 2000 held several meetings to discuss the inbound planet discovered from one of their largest observatories. This led to the infamous 2003 Problem.
The top government officials called for a commission to study the problem, which was said to expect to cause “A string of calamities” &”‘A massive population shrinkage."
They openly wondered whether Russia would still even exist as a country afterwards...

While many American scientists scoff at Sitchin's work, prominent Russian scientists (in consultation with their government), along with several independent researchers around the globe, are deeply concerned that an XKBO could fly past the Earth in 2003 as his work suggests. 

Such a flyby could result in a terrestrial catastrophe that could very well place mankind in the cross hairs of a major kill off.  Can we afford to scoff at this threat any longer?

Are there any potential effects of its passing?



Planet X-class Kuiper Belt Object (XKBO): A Kuiper Belt Object in a long period orbit around our sun, with sufficient mass to trigger life-threatening global Earth changes as the result of a flyby event.  Marshall Masters, YOWUSA.COM

It is felt that an XKBO know as Nibiru (and also known as "Marduk") will pass close by our planet in June of 2003. At the moment of it’s passing it is possible that the Earth may be overtaken by its gravitational influence, being a much larger planetary body.

Sometimes referred to as the red comet or red star in some ancient texts, the effects of its passage may range far and wide according to current opinion.

The Earth may stop rotating 
completely for 3 days.
Electrical/magnetic storms may 
occur of an intensity that could 
cause lasting damage to our 
global infrastructure.
As the Earth passes through tail of Nibiru’s passage, dust and debris may rain down upon our planet compromising our ability to supply food, and most importantly, water.

Nibiru is reported to be four times larger, and twenty three times more dense than the Earth. The Bible states (defining it as Wormwood in The Book of Revelations) that when it passed, its magnetic and gravitational effects upon the Earth’s molten iron core caused increased earthquakes/ volcanic eruptions, and other phenomena.

I have noticed over the last ten years, as I am sure the readers of this site also have noticed, the drastic change in our present day weather patterns, increased earthquake/ volcanic activity, reports of the gradual slowing of the Earth's rotation and geomagnetic planetary field deviations, and other anomalies. All of which are allegedly due to the energy being released by our planet in response to the gravitational field that is preceding Nibiru.

Has it been here before?

The Dallas Morning News published an article, written by Tom Siegfried, Science Editor, in the Science Section on February 5th, 2001, titled, “SCIENCE COULD HELP SOCIETIES WEATHER RUINOUS CLIMATE CHANGE.” The article went on to define certain planetary events that occurred in our far-flung past. Some have placed the dates of these events at: 12,387 BC, 8787 BC, 5187 BC, and1587 BC.

The myths and legends of our society are replete with accounts of gods and their abodes, which strangely correlate to the passage of Nibiru.

Nordic Legend - Nordic mythology identifies the Midgard serpent as the destroyer of Earth come to herald in the age of Ragnarok. Scholars of mythology have postulated that the Midgard serpent is an allegorical depiction of a comet or planetary body that whose proximity to Earth disturbs the oceans.

Nordic mythology goes on to state:

The ship that is called Naglfar also becomes loose. It is made of the nails of dead men; wherefore it is worth warning that, when a man dies with unpared nails, he supplies a large amount of materials for the building of this ship, which both gods and men wish may be finished as late as possible. But in this flood Naglfar gets afloat. The giant Hrym is its steersman. The Fenris-wolf advances with wide-open mouth; the upper jaw reaches to heaven and the lower jaw is on the earth.

This passage could refer to the tail trailing behind the planetary body and extending from the Earth to the Sun. Some researchers also claim that a planet which passes close to another planet can, in theory, tether to the planet it is passing, each linking to the other by the interweaving of their energetic fields.

If true, this passage could plausibly refer to the linking of Nibiru to Earth, remaining in place for a specified period of time before once again departing on its orbit.

When a comet passes by near to the sun, a series of changes have been reported to allegedly take place.

Fire flashes from his eyes and nostrils. Jets of bright light start out from the nucleus, and move through the fainter haze of the coma toward the sun. Then these jets are turned backward around the edge of the coma, and stream from it, behind the comet, until they are fashioned into a tail.

An excellent and detailed analysis of Nordic mythology, as it may relate to Nibiru, is presented at The Age Of Fire And Gravel web site.

Greek Mythology - Greek mythology is rich with stories of the Greek Gods who were thought to dwell on the peaks of Mount Olympus, or somewhere in the sky.

In the beginning there was only chaos. Then out of the void appeared Erebus, the unknowable place where death dwells, and Night. All else was empty, silent, endless, darkness. Then somehow Love was born bringing a start of order. From Love came Light and Day. Once there was Light and Day, Gaia, the earth appeared.

Erebus is defined as “the land of the dead” – a fitting description for an extra-solar planetary object that may not contain an atmosphere suitable for life as we know it to be.  The sentence, “Once there was Light and Day, Gaia, the earth appeared,” seems curiously linked to Velikovsky’s description of how our Earth came to be.

Immanuel Velikovsky describes how the Earth after an extra-solar planetary object careened through our Solar System and struck an ancient planet. The planet was disintegrated and its remains now form the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter. Also, a large piece of this planet was hurled toward the Sun, captured by its gravitational force, and placed into an orbit along with its own satellite. Velikovsky postulates that this planetary piece is now what we occupy as Planet Earth.

A detailed analysis of his work is found in the Immanuel Velikovsky Archive.  Also, a group of students at North Polk Senior High School, Alleman, Iowa, devised a computer simulation to at least begin testing Velikovsky’s cosmogony. A detailed analysis of their simulation and its results is located at the Formation Of The Asteroid Belt By Catastrophic Destruction Of The "Missing Planet” web site.

Zeus the hurler of thunderbolts - Was the depiction of Zeus really a planet that came near to Earth?

Zeus, according to his Homeric epithets, is the cloud gatherer, the dark-clouded, the thunderer on high, and the hurler of thunderbolts.

Could the mythological god, Zeus, really have been an extra-solar planet? Ancient cultures observed their environment and described what they observed in the language of their age. It was common to define the planets as gods. Wal Thornhill, the author of the Electric Universe presents a theory that the universe is governed at a fundamental level by electromagnetic forces. He states that the planets move together in a plasma sheath.

The plasma sheath provides a balancing electrical force that acts with gravity to keep the planets in alignment and to buffer the planets against colliding with each other. A distinguishing characteristic of plasmas is the generation of what is termed Bierkeland currents, named after Kristian Bierkeland. Experiments have shown plasma sheaths are regions of strong electric fields and therefore electric currents. Birkeland current filaments follow the magnetic field lines.

When planets are in close proximity to each other inside a plasma sheath, currents flow between the planets along magnetic field lines to their respective polar regions. A website on Thornhill’s work shows (with photographs) many instances of what appear to be intense and powerful electrical strikes upon our planet.

Has it been reported in the news?

Ulead GIF SmartSaver Ver 2.0Something large and red has been discovered orbiting in Pluto's neighborhood. This discovery has reignited the idea that there may be more than nine planets in our solar system.

Discoverers are calling the object 2001 KX76. The KX76 object might be one of the largest "Kuiper Belt Objects" or KBO's, found in what is essentially a second asteroid belt beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Discovery News, July 3, 2001
Large Object Discovered Orbiting Sun
The discovery of a large reddish chunk of something orbiting in Pluto's neighborhood has re-ignited the idea that there may be more than nine planets in the solar system. 
What the discoverers are calling 2001 KX76 might be one of the largest "Kuiper Belt Objects" or KBO's, found in what is essentially a second asteroid belt beyond the orbit of Neptune. Initial reports give 2001 KX76 a diameter of 900 to 1200 kilometers — roughly the size of Pluto's moon, Charon. Pluto itself, it should be noted, is smaller than our own moon. 
Because KBOs are believed to have very elongated orbits around the sun they spend a lot of time on dark, centuries-long excursions into deep space. That makes them very hard to find, said astronomer Robert Millis, director of the Lowell Observatory, which was involved in the discovery. 
If 2001 KX76 is any indication of larger KBOs out there, it might also lead to the demotion of Pluto from puniest planet to king of KBOs, said Marsden. 
Millis prefers a third alternative: "There may exist a new class of planets."  

What does NASA say?

NASA recognized the possibility (in 1982) of an extra-solar planet. One year later, NASA launched the IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite), which located a large object.


The Washington Post summarized an interview with the JPL IRAS lead scientist:

A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope... 'All I can tell you is that we don't know what it is', said Gerry Neugebauer, chief IRAS scientist.

Has a sighting been made?

There are certain moments when one surfs across a site, allegedly given from a channeled source, that is so well developed, so well written, the ideas so cogent and coherent, the continuity of topic to idea to hypothesis and leading to conclusions are so well presented, one must take into account the possibility that - the site which is that well developed and presents itself as "channeled" information, could possibly be a website managed by an authoritative source. The ZetaTalk site is exactly this type of data source.

ZetaTalk states this is a visible comet-like object that will approach from the constellation, Orion, at a 32-degree angle to the ecliptic and assume a retrograde orbit. The site goes on to state that 2003 will be its next passage through our solar system.


The Zeta site provides the path of this inbound planet, and its degree of variance. For the serious amateur astronomer, the coordinates (convert to degrees) and visibility factors are available at http://www.zetatalk.com/theword/tword03m.htm.

Has a path been plotted from the coordinates?

Kent Steadman, the founder and author/developer of the Cyberspaceorbit web site has plotted a possible course for Nibiru using a StarFnder II. Mr. Steadman asserts that Nibiru may rise to the left of the rising sun on 5/15/03 . Venus and Mercury rising along the ecliptic just ahead of the sun (Figure 1).

Figure 1

According to Steadman’s research, as Nibiru approaches the inner solar system, it may accelerate quickly below the ecliptic, passing behind and below the sun before it comes back up from beneath the sun at a 33 degree angle.Steadman continues to report that, after March 3, 2003, Nibiru will drop below the elliptic (Figure 2), passing behind and below the sun.

Figure 2

What is being done about it?

It seems that many factions within our government, and other governments, are all timing certain events with the year 2003!

Reported in Reuters, May 11, 1999, Defense Secretary William Cohen and the Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff Tuesday urged the Senate Armed Services Committee to vote on a proposal to pave the way for two rounds of base closings in 2001 and 2003.
Submitted by Lieutenant General Jeffrey W. Oster (USMC Deputy Chief of Staff Programs and Resources) on February 26, 1997 to the Subcommittees on Military Procurement and Research and Development of the House National Security Committee on Navy Shipbuilding – The cornerstone of the Navy shipbuilding plan for the Future Years Defense Program in fiscal years 1998 through 2003 is full funding of all of the ships in the plan, including all submarines and the tenth and final NIMITZ class aircraft carrier, the CVN 77.
The dedication of the International Space Station is planned for 2003.
Lawrence-Livermore Laboratories is planning on having developed a laser, made up of 192 beams, and housed in a complex the length of two football fields. The laser will be capable of simulating the blast of a small-scale fusion bomb. This weapon is planned for completion in 2003.
Nuclear weapons are planned for a 2/3 reduction by 2003. The ZetaTalk site discusses a preliminary forecast of reductions.
In 1995, the U.S. signed an international agreement for search and rescue, to be in place by 2003.
The Mayan calendar predicts the end of our world, as we have known it to be in 2012. Sylvia Brown alleges that the Mayan date of 2012 is actually the Gregorian date of 2003. A calculator that converts the Mayan date to a Gregorian date can be found on theGregorian-Mayan Date web site.
According to a Discovery News Brief, a mission to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, is planned for 2003. This could make for a very interesting fly-by should Nibiru truly pass through our solar neighborhood.

This list does not even begin to address the international political trends intended to:

Centralize a global government with the United Nations as it’s leading authority and governing body
Disarm all civilians on a global scale (presumably to forestall mass panic should Nibiru turn out to be the ultimate reality)
Train regular military units in the streets of our cities for urban warfare.

What do I think about all this?

All this data says one thing to this writer - our governments are frightened and are reacting to whatever it is that is frightening them.

My own preliminary conclusions (based on available data) are:

There may indeed one more planet in our solar system that we have yet to catalog.
It may be arriving well within our own lifetime - possibly in 2003 as some researchers assert.

What will happen when it does arrive? Read Velikovsky. Yes I do accept that Velikovsky has never been validated yet, if there is a planet that will intersect our own orbital plane, then possible effects from earthquakes, to lightening storms, to tsunamis, and perhaps even to visitations from another race may be imminent.

I am from New England. In 1978, we had a snow storm that left up to 16 feet of snow in some areas (when you count the drifts). It snowed steadily for nearly seven days.

Many of my friends thought me foolish - "He's stocking food! He's buying water supplies! He's got a great supply of wine and beer too! He even bought army medical kits, batteries, flashlights, emergency lamps, etc."

Did I mention the full tank of heating oil and containers of gasoline for our two vehicles?

Yes I became the focal point of neighborhood entertainment. That is, until the snow began. And still they laughed on Day 2, and Day 3. By Day 4, one of my friends requested if he could stay with us. The snow ended on Day 7.

Where there were no drifts, the snow was six feet deep.  Where there were drifts, the snow was over twelve feet deep.  They were finding people frozen solid in their cars up to two weeks after the snow ended! We were not allowed to drive in our own city for one week after the snow ended and prohibited from parking in other major cities for up to one month. My friend? He was no longer laughing.

The bottom line is that we live in a strange and wondrous universe - a creation that many take for granted, assuming it will never change. Yet, the only thing of any permanence in our fragile lives is the reality of constant change.

Yet, the tendency of nation states to withhold potential threat information on what they believe to be a need to know basis never does seem to change.  Therefore, the question for each reader is whether or not this XKBO is in fact headed towards a catastrophic flyby rendezvous with the Earth in June 2003. 

Rather, the question is, who will you as the reader allow to determine your need to know about this potential threat and when.

Be at Peace
Plan for Today and Prepare for Tomorrow . . .

Planet X (Nibiru) due here Spring 2003?

by Mark Hazlewood

Mark Hazlewood's research indicates that planet X (also called Nibiru or the 10th planet) will be here around Spring 2003 (Northern Hemisphere time) , causing massive earth changes. You decide.


PLEASE NOTE: Mark Hazlewood is NOT associated with this website, other than that he has allowed me to publish this article by him. If you wish to send him an email, please send it to x2003ps@yahoo.com

 A group of scientists in Russia in year 2000 held several meetings to discuss the inbound planet discovered from one of their largest observatories. This led to the infamous "2003 Problem" reuters news service wire Sept. 13th 2000. The top government officials called for a commission to study the problem which was said to expect to cause "A string of calamities" & "A masssive population shrinkage" They openly wondered whether Russia would still even exist as a country afterwards.

Zecharia Sitchin is a world renowned scholar, author, and acheologist. I've heard enough reports to understand that Zacharia Sitchin occasionally says that X is very close to passing. He will not elaborate on why he says this or give an exact date. This is hearsay and is not something he does regularly or will admit to on the record. So with this in mind take it anyway you see fit.

Insiders in Nasa & the military privately confirm that many are quietly building dome-homes (strongest structure know to man) in the upper USA (one of the safest areas). Make a few calls about domes & confirm this for yourself.

Trusting the Pentagon/gov't to guard itself & relay needed information to protect you is clearly illogical.

Planet X is Nibiru, Wormwood, or THE MOST REVERED HEAVENLY BODY IN ALL ANTIQUITY. After 3600 years on its regular orbit it will pass again in SPRING 2003. It's RECORDED IN ANCIENT TEXTS & the SCIENCE OF ARCHEOLOGY shows its effect on Earth with each passage. Yes, some conspiracies are without merit, ignoring history and science is another matter. The faint red cross to the left of this red object in the middle may be X.


In July, 2001 the red object "2001 KX76" was disclosed. It's NOT X. This was the original attempt at misdirection. By August 2001 the disinformation had changed to the "LARGEST ASTERIOD EVER" and it's now shown as blue. All speculation about a large DULL RED inbound brown-dwarf coming in from that direction was to be avoided. It's the same label on a different object.

(Note: Brown dwarfs are failed stars. They're sort of a cross between a large planet and a star. They're too small and cool to be stars and too massive to be planets. They emit a dull red light within a narrow range depending on how warm or hot they are. Being very dense with strong gravity, its atmosphere attracts a kind of smog or red haze around it).


Nasa will continue to identify objects ahead and around X to misdirect attention. The normal helpful & professional Nasa employees are being evasive & condescending when asked about it. As many know Nasa has covered-up evidence of ufos, ET's, & structures on the moon and mars for quite some time. How Nasa has chosen to handle their knowledge of Planet X fits into this same pattern. Over 600+ current and X government employees are currently working to change this government deceit within "The Disclosure Project," working on capitol hill.

Here's where to find the real X coordinates:


X has INTENTIONALLY BEEN MADE TO SOUND RIDICULOUS and confusing for several reasons. One of which is to avoid causing panic among the world’s population. Many websites and articles continue to be written about Planet X that spread lies. They say it only MAY exist and comes around only once every few million years IF it does. This disinformation is widespread.

X orbits between our sun and its dark twin. A diagram from the 1987 NEW SCIENCE & INVENTION ENCYCLOPEDIA shows our dead twin sun & the 10th planet.

X's MASS, MAGNETISM & DENSITY is such that it DISRUPTS the surface of EVERY PLANET IT PASSES. In fact, history shows approximately 7 YEARS PRIOR to its passage its far reaching eletromagnetic/gravitational influence changes Earths core flows TRIGGERING WEATHER, VOLCANIC & SEISMIC ACTIVITY. Since early 1996 traditional WEATHER has CHANGED DRAMATICALLY, breaking all time records regularly. The up-tick of QUAKES, VOLCANIC INCIDENTS & changes in ELECTROMAGNETICS are being kept out of the media as much as possible. Weather alone can falsely be blamed on global warming & sun cycles but not earth's rumblings at the same time.

Research the advent of PLANET X and the cataclysms it will trigger by passing EARTH. Being prepared and FOREWARNED gives one an EXCELLENT CHANCE to SURVIVE.


Even the majority of the earthchange intuitives prophecies are tied into or name Planet X.


Why do I believe Planet X will be returning in 2003?

A combination of in-depth research and life experience. In the mid-'70's, at age 19, I started work with a solar cell corporation. It had technology that could undercut the cost of fossil fuels and nuclear power. Twelve years later it became clear that there were people that controlled the energy cartel, banks and media that were engaged in a combination of underhanded financial and legal maneuvers to stop us. I wasn't looking to find that these controllers existed. I had no interest in them. I did become acutely aware of them first hand, having watched as they slapped the company I worked with down and effectively shelved the technology.

Fast Forward>>

Over the years, I've had a casual interest in prophecy in relation to earth changes. I read perhaps 100 plus differing intuitives' works from various cultures and times around the globe. Many curiously coincided on what was expected and had an approximate time frame of around the turn of the millennium for their occurrence. After concluding that there was a high probability that this was not a coincidence, I figured that earth changes were possibly part of our immediate future. Because I had no indication of why this would happen or exactly when, I temporarily let it go and lost interest. Prophecy alone did not give me what I was seeking, to be sure. Over the years, I've worked on my dietary habits and studied and practiced yoga off and on. This has had an incremental awakening on my spiritual connection. I know I've a long way to go; at the same time, I see subtleties today I wouldn't have dreamed existed decades ago. For now I'll keep these insights mainly private.

I've an adult son and a grandson. In 1998, about 3 years ago, my son and I both had simultaneous earth change dreams of almost the exact same nature. We discussed it, and I decided to probe my spiritual connection for an answer as to the why of these dreams. I wasn't given anything. However, within 36 hours, by my own probing efforts, I had stumbled onto that answer. I discovered that there was a thread in my study of prophecy and intuitives that I'd dropped several years prior, which I'd missed, about a rogue planet, dark star or passing comet. This began my research of Planet X. Along the way, I found an overwhelming amount of archeological evidence that coincided with X's orbit. Earth had been speaking very loudly on a cyclical basis as to when she was experiencing calamities. The majority of archeologists and scientists hadn't studied the ancient historical accounts of Planet X and found the regular approximate 3600 year orbit to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. The ice age phenomenon was real but given the wrong name and reasons for its occurrence. From a wide variety of ancient and modern cultures, I found several names for Planet X. I've 34 names for X in this text.

Along the way, I discovered the approximate 7-year period of non-religious tribulations connected to X. This is where, during the dense brown dwarf's approach, its far-reaching electromagnetic and gravitational arms start to slow Earth's rotation while heating up and changing its core flows. This is the reason for much that has happened in the last 5 years. This is the cause, since around 1995, of the worldwide mega weather changes, droughts, fires, El Niño, La Niña, the sudden doubling in deep quakes starting in late '96, the up-tick in mega-quakes of 7.0 or greater in the last two years, quake swarms, domino quakes and the increase in volcanism, among other changes.

The media controllers are falsely blaming widely known and discussed weather changes on global warming or sun cycles. They are keeping quiet about the same level of abrupt changes in quake or volcanic activity happening simultaneously, although they can't help but report major events hitting populated areas. It'd be quite a stretch for them to blame all this on global warming and sun cycles too.

NASA discovered and excitedly disclosed having found Planet X. It was December 30th, 1983 that announcement was made by the chief scientist of the IRAS satellite to 6 dailies. I've got all the headlines in my book. Shortly thereafter, the media controllers got wind of the disclosure and clamped down by having them retract the statements. They've since made up an extremely simplistic
story to explain away the original perturbations of the outer planets that ultimately led to finding Planet X. As far as explaining away having made the announcement, the best they could come up with is that it was misunderstood.

Only the largest controlled scopes could have seen Planet X until early this year. It was easy to cover up until then. Small to mid-level observatories around the world kept spotting it in early 2001. To quash the concerns, the controllers announced they had found the "Largest Asteroid in history August, 2001."

This asteroid is one of many objects around the area where Planet X is approaching that are being identified. These disclosures and techniques are meant to confuse, pacify and redirect the public's attention away from the brown dwarf.

Occasionally you'd expect, with such an overwhelmingly important worldwide story, that even has intentional leaks, some details would slip out from a few national leaders in the know. Russia's leaders did just that. Here are quotes from them, sent over Europe's Reuters news service wire Sept. 13th, 2000:

"Anticipated Chain of Disasters Due to Hit in 2003" and "Massive Population Shrinkage." They also wondered out loud, on recorded microphone during a parliamentary meeting, if Russia would even exist as a country afterwards.

Zecharia Sitchin carries weight in the scientific archeological community and has a degree in journalism. The enforcer controllers made clear to him what he was allowed and not allowed to say and print early on. Sitchin's colleague astronomer Dr. Harrington of the United States Naval Observatory met with an early so-called accidental death. This happened because of his adamant open disclosures to the media about having found the 10th planet. A loud message was sent to everyone with weight in the scientific community or credible insiders in the know. If you value your life, keep quiet!

The story has another strange twist. Subgroups of these same controllers I keep referring to have their own quiet campaign to get the knowledge out through grassroots sources. I fit perfectly in that category, having no scientific degrees to speak of nor weight in the scientific community. They don't want panic or the collapse of the financial markets to start too soon. I don't either, but my conscience drove me to the edge until I wrote this book. I'm sure you can imagine these controllers have a need to relieve some of their guilt for having held back the information and ultimately costing millions if not
billions of lives. Of course they just may want a few more to survive for selfish reasons. This would be so they have plenty to enslave for farming purposes, around their already stocked fortified enclaves, once they begin to run low a few years from now.

A note about the tragic World Trade Center and Pentagon destruction. We've been BLINDSIDED by these events. There may be some positive changes in consciousness that have come about as a result. It now should be obvious there's one direction to ultimately look in order to protect yourself and loved ones, in the mirror. Government officials can not be trusted to protect us nor give us the information needed in order to protect ourselves. If you've ever doubted it before, you now clearly understand our way of life can and will be completely changed with one day's passing.

Six to eight weeks prior to the passing of Planet X, all will be able to see it in the sky as sort of a red cross with their naked eyes.

Will you be BLINDSIDED by the passing of Planet X in 2003?


Warning, stop right here! Read no further if you don't want to understand how, why and when the earth's surface is going to change so abruptly, as to possibly leading to taking out as much as 90% of the population in many areas. You'll find why these changes happen regularly, how often, who knows it, and how the information is being given out. You'll also grasp why this may be your first exposure to this knowledge, or at least the first untainted divulging.

There's absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. Our sun's 10th Planet disrupts the surface of every planet in our solar system as it passes on its regular orbit. Earth is not being singled out. Only a few hundred million people will survive. Now ask yourself this question. Do you want to be one of them? Do you have a sincere desire to pick up the pieces and help build a new one? This world's culture has unhealthy and healthy of all ages. Are you healthy and mature enough mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to give it a go? If not, forget you ever read this. The details and sources will be worthless to you in the short life you have left. Just keep living from day to day like there's no tomorrow. If you've any unhealthy personal habits like drug use, lack of exercise or over eating, don't worry about changing them. Most won't live any longer doing so. So enjoy whatever small pleasures guilt free from this point on. The things you've been putting off, do them now. You may never get another chance. If you don't like doing something, stop it. There's no point anymore.

Now for the rest of you who want a tomorrow, to be informed, forewarned and attempt to place a reservation for yourself and loved ones in the aftertimes, this could be the hardest hitting book you'll ever read. The controllers of the media, money markets and the world's government leaders are fully aware and prepared. They are not going to announce the impending calamities, although Russia's leaders did pretty much let the story slip out at least once, which I'll detail a little later on here. For the most part they're only allowing this information out through grass-roots sources. So escape with me here among the grass, and you'll find out the many roots this information is being brought to you from.
Keeping this story out of the major media will delay the collapse of the world's economy, stock markets and real estate prices until the very last days costing billions of lives. From this point on, don't expect the price of energy to come down much. These corporate energy controllers are fully aware that this is their last hurrah to gouge money from you.

I am not the origin for the information that follows. I have simply gathered together several sources for your perusal. I did not discriminate from where I obtained the information. Part of my motivation is to get you directly involved in looking inward to your own gut feelings and doing your own research. Many already sense something is wrong big time with Earth but can't put their finger on it. Be careful how you view this material. Some have a tendency to ignore all the sources in a body of information that causes great consternation if they determine just one or more are not acceptable. This kind of thinking is illogical. The utmost seriousness has gone into putting together this work of warning. A myriad of sources from the sciences, government, history, politics, legend and spirit is combined here.

You will do yourself and loved ones a great disservice if your mind set is to discount all you consider credible when presented side by side with sources your cultural experience and educational programming have not deemed worthy of consideration. Before the time of the greatest events, the overwhelmingly vast majority will see, hear and experience enough to know that our earth is about to
change dramatically again. By the time your awareness peaks into realization, it may be too late to repare if you don't begin to get up to speed on the situation now.

I've spent my time researching, accumulating, organizing, discussing, and weeding out side agendas. I present this subject in such a way as to bring a quick clarity to the layman or someone who is completely unfamiliar with it. If you've never read anything about the when and why for earth changes before, this work may be all you'll ever need. Reading up on endless conspiracies, for the most part, will not help you with your life. Understanding only this one may be important for your survival. Nailing down the science, that shows the regularity of these events is important to see clearly how close to the end of this cycle we are.

Questions will come to mind when the acceptance of what is about to happen does sets in. Will I have time to make it to a safe area? Am I there already? Will I have resources enough to sustain myself over an extended period of time, or the ability to create needed sustenance on an ongoing basis? Do I care to leave all which I hold dear to start anew? Am I just too married to or fearful of leaving my things, lifestyle and community, even at the expense of my life, if I can't take them with me??

Watch your thinking carefully as you read. Your mind may make up unsound reasons for ignoring the obvious to avoid the discomfort of having to prepare. It is an honor to be a vehicle or messenger of this information. I'm one of the many that have chosen or have been chosen or some combination thereof, to do this work. I'm sure I'll meet some people in the aftertimes that acknowledge me for warning and helping them survive one of the most severe physical calamities Earth has gone through.

On the other hand, others may wish they never learned or prepared because of the difficulties presented then compared to their lifestyle before. At that time I would simply say that YOU were primarily responsible for drawing the information toward yourself and determined your level of personal preparation. I'm not fishing now for your future thanks, but am trying to avoid you berating the messenger. Just learning now and not being able to prepare because of family ties or financial binds could end up causing needless worry, prior to your passing on. So, be careful before you jump in too deep here. It's not always better to know.

My belief system tells me that there is a reason for everything. Science is finding greater evidence for order in chaos at every turn. For those who would label me a messenger of doom, please do you and me a favor, DON'T READ THIS BOOK. My focus is to find people who want this information, or who have been drawn to it by whatever means to make their right choice. Staying alive might be a good one. The fact that you're reading this perhaps means that your gut instinct is telling you something is not quite right with the world, and the reasons you've run across thus far have been less than adequate.

There's no doom in being made aware that you live on the railroad tracks, the train is approaching and what time it will arrive, so you can pull up your roots to get the hell out of the way. It's ignorance that will put you in harm's way during the up and coming cataclysms. There will be many places that have a good chance of being safe. I'm now going to paint a word portrait using some of my words and mostly those of others. In order to view the mosaic, look at it in its entirety. Focusing too closely on one part or another might result in your missing the big picture.

This work could have been 10,000 pages or more. There is much more than that volume of material confirming all that is presented here. Studying the data and the myriad of different sources becomes very repetitious. I strongly urge you to do your own research if you need more information. Much more related truth is out there. Since I've outlined where to look and what to look for, it will be easy to obtain more sources for this subject matter. If you're like me, once you've seen enough of it, you'll quit looking for more, even though you've come to the understanding so much more exists. You'll then make your plans and go back to living your daily life. On the back burner of your mind you'll know there are some wild times and big changes just around the corner. Plus, you'll know, more than likely, that you'll survive them because of your ace in the hole of being informed. Are you getting my drift here? These events are going to be exhilarating, adventurous and monumental. Doom, gloom and fear shouldn't be your mind-set whatsoever. The most exciting, serious, unbelievably dramatic scenes you've ever viewed at the movies will be played out in your real life from day to day shortly, whether you watch the previews of this book or not.

Observatory Sightings of Planet X In Early 2001!


In 1983 X was first spotted by the IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite), since then there has been a complete blackout of its existence by the controllers of the media and major observatories. X is now too close to cover up from smaller scopes. For the first time in modern history, in the year 2001, sightings of Planet X are being openly recorded. Three separate sightings from different parts of the world have reported it. The three observatories were located in South America, Switzerland and Arizona. I include two of the sightings and show you where to find the third and future ones later. Here is a short report from the Lowell Observatory in Arizona.

April 04, 2001, 03:06:45, Wed: The operator described the object as diffuse and of approximate magnitude 11. The coordinates (in degree/ minute/ second format), with a margin of error according to the operator of +/- 20 seconds (about .006 degrees) RA and +/- 10 seconds (about .003 degrees) Dec were: RA 05 09 09Dec +16 31 49 In degree format the coordinates are: RA 5.1525Dec


Next is an excited confirmed report and then denial from Switzerland.

Subject: 12th planet discovery.
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 23:30:32 +0100

A whole team was contacting every observatory in France -- just sent a message. The Neuchatel observatory got it. They are very excited, wondering if it is a comet or a brown dwarf, through the latest coordinates given. The daughter of the astronomer reports that they suspect a comet or a brown dwarf on the process to becoming a pulsar since it emits "waves." For those who would read French, I copy the message below: Salut!

Bon, les jeunes y'a du nouveau. J'ai voye les donnees concernant la 12e planete a une amie, et voici ce qu'elle me repond: L'observatoire de châtel (celui du paternel) toute première réponses: oui, ce pourrait être une comète. Elle est sur un des bras d'Orion(?) et vont se mettre à mieux regarder pour valider ou non "la naine une"...car je ne sais pas si tu sais, mais ce stade est juste avant celui du pulsar et donc émet des ondes... CQFD... je me demande ce que la Terre en reçoit ou en recevra mais... Mystère et boules de gommes... Attendons les autres labo... mais celui-ci en particulier je lui fait confiance car il ne jouerait pas la carte du complot avec mon père... ça franchement non.. (autant dire que le -- dit Père est tout exité!!!)

We were told by these excited folks who first sighted it, that we would get "at least" an image; next there was a long silence for over a week. Afterwards came the official denial that such a sighting had ever occurred at Neuchatal. As in most cover-ups, believe what is said first, and not what is retracted later. So they possess an image of X.


Later, I'll point out where the coordinates for the three sightings came from, how to find future coordinates, and where you can read about all the curious blocking attempts that happened before the third sighting. The powers that control the major observatories have been quietly observing it for years now. Because X is so close and easily observable, the only thing left for the controllers to do now is to discount what it is. When the fact of X's existence becomes more widespread, the powers that be will be used to drown out the reality of the calamities with words of reassurance. Their power to overshadow the truth is vast. Do expect the cover-up to continue to work for a short while with most.

For the better part of last century, astronomers have noticed perturbations in the outermost planets. These perturbations could only have been caused by another large heavenly body that is part of our solar system. Finding the archeological evidence is simple. The more you dig for evidence, the more you will find of quick regular severe surface changes and pole shifts at every turn. I have more than a sufficient quantity of these studies for you to browse through right here and point towards where to find several others that have accumulated much more. Later I'll show how the Ice Ages fit into the puzzle.

The 12 Planet by Zacharia Sitchin

Turning to ancient history will put the evidence into context. Many past civilizations explain Planet X's orbit length and destruction it causes during its passage in eloquent detail! Start with "The 12 Planet" by Zacharia Sitchin. Even historians of Astronomy are aware of the legends of a so-called "Star or Comet of Doom" or "Nemesis" that brings with it debris, as in meteors, and causes upheavals. For the most part aware political leaders have no clue what to do about the masses, so of course they aren't doing much. Their attitude is an honest announcement would cause more problems than not. Writing this book to help and inform others is where I stand.

Finding out what changes Earth goes through and when the changes start, relative to each passage, will show you how many years we've been influenced by X's current approach and when it will arrive. This is not rocket science. It's easy to understand, but sweeping earth changes in your immediate lifetime are difficult to fathom because of the enormity.

Since 1995-6, Earth's weather has changed dramatically. This is how it starts every time! To understand what the current effects of X are now, weather and seismic activity should be closely monitored throughout the globe. Watching and listening closely to the intentional and unintentional warnings from the world's government officials will add clarity to the picture. Studying legend, folklore and prophecy might finally grab your heart and seal your knowing.

Taking a little vacation time to reserve some time at a small observatory with coordinates and dates to find X, that I'll show you how to get later, might just shock you into action once you've seen it with your own eyes. Now, if you've some extra money, you could pay others to do your footwork for you in terms of further research and observatory time. I do caution you that there is as much disinformation as correct information. Much of the same truth I present here is intentionally mixed with skepticism and fabrications elsewhere.

If you don't do your own research, how do you know which is which is being reported back to you? At some point you'll have to get used to doing things for yourself and possibly for others in the aftertimes. The monetary playing field will be equalized after X's passage. For the first few years, cash will be worthless. Even right preceding to the events cash could devalue severely. The longer you wait to prepare, the greater the price you'll have to pay. If you wait too long, you'll pay the ultimate price.

In the aftertimes, barter and co-operation will be king if you luckily end up in the right community. Mad Max scenarios will reign elsewhere for a while, until they play themselves out. At a certain point you will have learned enough to make a prudent decision to leave unsafe areas. Starting with just a search of Pole Shift or Earth Changes information will land you in the middle of a mountain of evidence confirming Earth's surface changes regularly and quickly.

Ice Ages -- Grade School Science

Earth truly is one of the most dangerous planets in the Universe. Remember back in grade school when you were first told about Ice Ages? This was your first big hint that something goes wrong with your home planet Earth on a regular basis. Most of the researchers, who all agreed this phenomenon was real through the science of archeology, just didn't figure out the correct reason for it, or exactly how often it happens and why. Plus, they really mislabeled it. The poles and ice shifting to different parts of the globe are certainly not the only thing that happens. Different areas of the planet would show varying times for the last event when looking for only the effects of ice and cold. Yes, they discovered something absolutely real. No, most of them didn't know the correct why for the phenomenon.

The so-called Ice Ages are thought to have happened over a period of many years. In fact, the great mammoths found with tropical food in their stomachs that were flash frozen is just one fact from the tip of the iceberg of evidence that shows changes happen very quickly. A little later I'll bore you to tears with Earth Science to show this. There are no so called ice ages. Earth's crust slips over its molten core periodically as Planet X passes.

This shifts the poles to different areas of the world periodically. Glaciers don't just magically start moving up or down from Earth's current poles on a regular basis. The poles themselves shift to different parts of the globe in a matter of hours. All life where the new poles settle flash freezes instantaneously. A few thousand years ago Greenland was a polar ice cap of Earth. There's still way too much ice there for its latitude relative to the current poles.

You are solely responsible for determining for yourself what is proof or evidence. Even though this is very simple, most do not possess the mental capacity to piece together the varied disciplines to see what's right around the corner, even when laid out as concisely as I do in this short work. If they do see it easily, there's a shorter supply of people that are type "A" individuals that take action in their lives. Most will not want to leave obvious unsafe areas until Planet X is squarely in their view. In this case that will be fatal for the majority. This is just the sort of realization that gets to me. Even at my best I can only expect to awaken a small minority. For those who read, grasp the situation and prepare, you are in a very exclusive club.

I don't like being correct on this issue. Warnings will not be broadcast by public officials over the TV, radio, or newspapers. Warnings will not be broadcast by public officials over the TV or newspapers. Warnings will not be broadcast by public officials over the TV. A knock on the door from government workers of your city or state, saying it is time to evacuate, will not be forthcoming. There are just too many people to deal with. Don't you understand?

There would be no place prepared to evacuate to, or resources available to sustain the many over any length of time. Consequently the call to leave will not come. It's just too huge. You are alone in determining your fate. For those of you who tend to ignore important issues or can't handle the truth, this is one truth that will find you. Will it be when you look over your shoulder and see a tidal wave or a building collapsing down on you or in time enough to reach a safe area?

Remember this if you choose not to move from unsafe areas such as within 100-200+ miles of any coast line. This includes all of California and Florida. Please pay attention to everyone around you as the time approaches if you haven't made your move. You will see families silently moving away with talk of just a vacation, covering up that they are scurrying away to their shelters. Now for those who think God will give you a warning and take care of you. Hold that thought and consider this written work may be your warning.

Arctic may not have been icy in Ice Age
Friday, September 07, 2001
By Reuters

LONDON — Imagine the Arctic Circle in the Ice Age. White and cold are probably two of the adjectives that first spring to mind. But archeologists say a recent discovery of animal bones and stone tools means humans lived there more than 40,000 years ago, and the region then may not have been covered in ice at all. An international team of scientists said this week they had discovered stone artifacts; reindeer, wolf, and horse bones; and a mammoth tusk with human-made marks on a dig at Mamontovaya Kurya in the northern reaches of Russia. The finds are the oldest documented evidence of human activity so far north.

"The bones and artifacts found suggest that the northeast must have been relatively dry and ice free in this period of the Ice Age," archeologist John Gowlett said, commenting on the research in the scientific journal Nature. "It is not possible to determine whether they were left by Neanderthals or by some of the first modern humans in Europe, but ... knowing who made the tools is less important than simply knowing that someone was adapted to the cold conditions," said Gowlett from the University of Liverpool.

Scientists Pavel Pavlov and John Inge Svendson, who made the discoveries, said they were unsure who the mystery Arctic inhabitants were. "Either the Neanderthals expanded much further north than previously thought, or modern humans were present in the Arctic only a few thousand years after their first appearance in Europe," they said.

Sumerian Descriptions Of Our Solar System

The 6,000 year old Sumerian descriptions of our solar system include one more planet they called "Nibiru," which translates into "Planet of the crossing." The descriptions of this planet by the Sumerians match precisely the specifications of "Planet X" (The Tenth Planet). Views from modern and ancient astronomy, which both suggest a highly elliptical, comet-like orbit, take Planet X into the depths of space, well beyond the orbit of Pluto. The Sumerian descriptions are being confirmed with modern advances in science. There are actual diagrams on well-preserved tablets from the Sumerian times that show how their accuracy for describing the planets is overwhelming!

United States Naval Observatory Calculations

Recent calculations by the United States Naval Observatory has confirmed the orbital perturbation exhibited by Uranus and Neptune, which Dr. Thomas C. Van Flandern, an astronomer at the observatory, says could only be explained by "a single planet." He and a colleague, Dr. Richard Harrington, calculated that the 10th planet to be two to five times larger than Earth, and it has a highly elliptical orbit that takes it some 5 billion miles beyond that of Pluto.

In January, 1981, several daily newspapers stated that Pluto's orbit indicates that Planet X exists. The report stated that an astronomer from the U.S. Naval Observatory told a meeting of the American Astronomical Society, that irregularity in the orbit of Pluto indicates that the solar system contains a 10th planet. He also noted that this came to no surprise to Zecharia Sitchin, whose book came out three years prior.

I've corresponded with one who has spoken with Sitchin in a private group. Sitchin knows that X is very close, but because of his position in the scientific community -- well, you figure it out! I'm glad I don't have a Ph.D in front of my last name or hold weight in the scientific community. Sitchin needs to concentrate on selling more books. He's too hot to talk about what he knows.

In 1982, NASA themselves officially recognized the existence of Planet X with an announcement, "An object is really there far beyond the outermost planets." Today NASA is not being forthcoming about X.

New York Times June 19, 1982

Something out there beyond the furthest reaches of the known solar system is tugging at Uranus and
Neptune. A gravitational force keeps perturbing the two giant planets, causing irregularities in their orbits. The force suggests a presence far away and unseen, a large object, the long-sought Planet X.
There are mathematical irregularities in the orbits of the outer planets. Astronomers are so certain of this planet's existence that they have already named it "Planet X-- the 10th Planet."

Headline News -- Planet X Has Been Sighted!
Chief IRAS Scientist JPL December 31st, 1983

One year later in 1983, the newly launched IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) quickly found Planet X. This is a summary from the Washington Post from the chief IRAS scientist of JPL in California:

"A heavenly body as large as Jupiter and part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation of Orion by an orbiting telescope."

Now read that again.

The disinformation drain brain crew did their best to try to rewrite history again after thisannouncement was made. The public at large must be kept in the dumb and dumber category is their thinking. They can't handle the truth.

The telescope found it right where it was sent to look. These scientists had known of its existence and location for years, but wanted to confirm it with our own technological eyes. This is a fact I strongly urge you to check out for yourself. There have been attempts to cover up this event and rewrite history.

Headlines from a few other dailies read as follows;

"Mystery Body Found in Space."
"Giant Object Mystifies Astronomers."
"At Solar System's Edge Giant Object is a Mystery."
"When IRAS scientists first saw the mystery body, they calculated that it could be as close as 50 billion miles and moving towards earth."

Tombaugh was given credit for discovering Pluto in 1930, although Lowell spotted it earlier. Christie, of the U.S. Naval Observatory, discovered Charon, Pluto's moon, in 1978. The characteristics of Pluto derivable from the nature of Charon demonstrated that there must still be a large planet undiscovered because Pluto could not be the cause of the residuals, the "wobbles" in the orbital paths of Uranus and Neptune clearly identifiable. The IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite), during '83-'84, produced observations of a tenth planet so robust that one of the astronomers on the project said that "all that remains is to name it" -- from which point the information has become curiously guarded.

In 1992, Harrington and Van Flandern of the Naval Observatory, working with all the information they had at hand, published their findings and opinion that there is indeed, a tenth planet, even calling it an "intruder" planet. Andersen of JPL later publicly expressed his belief that it could possibly be verified any time. The search was narrowed to the southern skies, below the ecliptic.

Harrington invited Sitchin, having read his book and translations of the Enuma Elish, to a meeting at his office. They correlated the current findings with the ancient records. Harrington acknowledged the detail of the ancient records while indicating where the tenth planet is in the solar system.

It is the opinion of this author that, in light of the evidence already obtained through the use of the Pioneer 10, 11, the two Voyager space craft, the Infrared Imaging Satellite (IRAS, `83-84) and the data available to Harrington when consulting with Sitchin, that the search has already been accomplished. In fact, the planet has already been found.

It is interesting that Harrington dispatched an appropriate telescope to Black Birch, New Zealand to get a visual confirmation. The data lead him to expect that it would be below the ecliptic in the southern skies at this point in its orbit. On Harrington's early death, the scope was immediately called back. Hmmm -- as one observer noted, "almost before he was cold."... Robert Harrington used to be the head of the Naval Observatory, and Tom van Flandern worked closely with Harrington at the US Naval Observatory. (The Alien Question: An Expanded Perspective, by Neil Freer)


What obvious message do you think was sent to Stitchin, Van Flandern and anyone else in the know,
when Harrington suddenly met with an early death at the same time the scope was being pulled back? Sometimes an early death is meant to accomplish more than just keeping one person quiet.

Nemesis Theory Nemesis Fact

In 1985, numerous astronomers were intrigued with the "Nemesis Theory." This was proposed most recently by Walter Alverez of the University of California and his father, the Nobel prize winning physicist Luis Alvarez. They noticed regular extinctions of various species (including the dinosaurs), and proposed that a comet, "Death Star," or planet periodically brings with it a shower of meteors and smaller comet like objects that wreak havoc, death and destruction to the inner Solar System, including Earth.

In August, 1988, a report by Dr. Robert S. Harrington of the U.S. Naval Laboratory calculated that its mass is probably four times that of Earth. Planet X is 4 to 5 times larger than of earth, 20-25 times its mass and nearly 100 times as dense. X is a professional wrestler of the planetary community compared to other planets of our solar system. It is a slow smoldering brown dwarf star.

When X passes between earth and our sun, earth will align to its strong magnetic or gravitation temporarily, instead of our sun's.

For a short while X will be earth's strongest gravitational voice or influence. Earth's rotation will then pause for a couple days, like it has many times before recorded in several texts from ancient history.

The controllers of NASA and its insiders are fully aware of this. Planet X's destruction and disruption of Earth should change your view of ancient history. The ancients were not the unsophisticated people common history books have led you to believe. Earth societies have reached a pinnacle of development several times before only to be put back in technological and evolutionary time by the wrecking ball of X. Every time the ones left to pick up the pieces and start building over were so busy surviving for the first few decades afterwards, that the elevated cultures they originated from disappeared into myth and folklore.

Many of the advances and discoveries of our so-called modern world took centuries to be rediscovered anew. Listen closely to whatever texts and knowledge from our ancient ancestors that still remain. Their truth is our truth.

Thanks to 2 years of research by Andy Lloyd, another piece to this puzzle emerges. Nibiru is one of many names from ancient culture that reference Planet X. A segment of Andy's research follows:

"The unstable nature of the dark star's orbit means that it has precipitated periodic change to the orbital radii and climates of the terrestrial planets over the last 4 billion years. Among my findings is that Nibiru is a brown dwarf, a failed star capable of emitting only the faintest reddish light, but whose gravity and infra-red energy emission is sufficient to warm its habitable moons. These moons number 7, it seems, and the infrequent perihelion passages of Nibiru are associated with the 'return of the gods'.

When Nibiru is in close proximity to the Sun, both these bodies become excited by each other. The brown dwarf, in particular, becomes 're-lit' from its slumbering embers and 'flares up' with reddish light. The coronal discharge emitted is then swept back by the action of the Solar Wind, giving the appearance of fiery wings whose flight is directed towards the Sun."

32 Names for Planet X

Ancient history, astronomy, folklore and prophecy record many names for Planet X. The Sumerians called it the "12th planet" or "Nibiru" (translation; planet of passing). Between the Babylonians and Mesopotamians there were at least three names: "Marduk," "The King of The Heavens," and The "Great Heavenly Body." The ancient Hebrews referred to it as the "Winged Globe" because of its long orbit high among the stars. The Egyptians had two names "Apep" or "Seth." The Greeks called it "Typhon" after a feared leader and "Nemesis" (one of its most telling names). Other ancient peoples have given it labels such as; "The Celestial Lord Shiva" and "God of Destruction." To the ancient Chinese, it was known as "Gung-gung," "The Great Black," or "Red Dragon." The Phoenicians said it was "The Great Phoenix." The Hebrews called it "Yahweh." The Mayans called it "Celestial Quetzalcoatl." The celestial body was known to the Latins as "Lucifer."Revelation (8:10-12). The name of the star is "Wormwood."From works of prophecy, there are other names for X. The "Red or Blue Star" is of the Hopi Indian and Gordan Michael Scallion designation. The "Fiery
Messenger" is in the Ramala prophecy. The "Great Star" is from the Book Revelation. "His Star" is how it is referred to in Edgar Cayce Readings. The "Great Comet" and "The Comet of Doom" is right out of the Grail Message. From an early English prophet named "Mother Shipton," "The Fiery Dragon" was the name she gave, as seen from her second sight. Our solar system's "10th Planet" is "X."There's also "The Intruder" and "The Perturber" from astronomy.

Apparently 25% of all observed comet orbits are being measurably perturbed by the magnetic or gravitational pull of this planet. The largest of our planets' orbits are being perturbed toward Orion.

No matter what the name used, it's the same object that has the same effects before and during its passage of earth. The Sumerians also had a name for its approximate 3600 year orbit, "A Shar." The ancient Hindu astronomers gave the name "Treta Yuga" for its 3600 year orbit. The destruction X causes even had a label "Kali Yuga." Some of the names given by the ancients are akin to names for god. These people viewed the power and destruction that this planet brings with it to be so significant as to believe it could only come from the hand of god. It's not that they worshipped the planet, rather they just had great respect for the sweeping changes it brought with each passing.

Discovering Archeology, July / August 1999

Look to "Discovering Archeology," July / August 1999, page 72. The date 1628 B.C. is given for a world wide catastrophic event. The planet wide effect shows up in the growth of trees that can be viewed by studying the narrowed rings from that time. This is approximately 3600 years ago and coincides with Nibiru's return at this time. Page 70 shows a medieval picture with a large comet-looking object, appearing as big or larger than the sun streaking across the sky horizontally with a giant tail. This is noteworthy because of its comparative size and direction in the sky. It is not headed down toward earth and yet is still causing much destruction below. The presupposed premise of the
article is that a comet impact had to have taken place to cause the global calamities, and yet the very picture chosen from medieval times denotes an object just passing by. Pictured under this massive object moving overhead is a town that is shaking apart with hysterical and even some suicidal people in the streets.

Destructive Brown Dwarf

Planet X's orbit takes it back and forth between two suns. The other sun it orbits around is our sun's twin. Now, you might think that our solar system is not binary, although most solar systems have been recently discovered to be binary. Our sun does have a twin. It lies in the direction of Orion. It is not composed of the same material as our sun and thus will never ignite. It is a dark or dead sun and does not revolve around our sun like most twin suns do. Why hasn't this discovery been announced you might ask? It has if you know where to look. It's real simple why the information isn't more widely known.

There's a brown dwarf star that orbits between both suns, instead of around just one of them. Its orbit is rather long, being about 3660 years, so we don't see it go by too often. It is still one of our family of planets in our solar system. It's like a half brother that's been ostracized by it's two parents, but still comes visiting habitually. X is kinda like the black sheep of our solar system's family. When it finally comes by for a visit it just screws everything up and then leaves. It happens every time, so I guess the rep is well deserved.

Now stepping back away from humor, if you're going to try to keep a lid on the "destructive brown dwarf" (nothing kinky here) that's currently inbound, it's not a very good idea to notify John Q. Public about the relatively recently discovered second sun that's one of the foci of its orbit. There's no reason to promote important clues if you don't have to. Besides, only very powerful and expensive scopes or deep space probes can see the other sun. This makes it fairly easy to keep it under wraps from the majority. This is one of many reasons the orbiting Hubble telescope live feed is hidden from our view. Hubble was paid for with tax dollars, so you'd think they would give us a live peak. Nope, it's not going to happen.

Diagram Of Our Solar System Includes The Dead Twin Sun and the 10th Planet a.k.a. Planet X

This diagram appeared in the 1987 edition of the "New Science and Invention Encyclopedia" published by H.S. Stuttman, Westport, Connecticut, USA. The continuing conspiracy to cover up X falls short when matter of fact evidence is found in respected credible publications like this. The article accompanying this diagram was discussing the purpose of the Pioneer 10 and 11 space probes. Clearly shown on the diagram are our suns dark twin Dead Star and Planet X, a.k.a. the 10th or 12th Planet.

The primary point made was to show the paths of the two probes and how they created a triangulated sighting. The probes just happened to be verifying, through this triangulation, the sighting of Planet X. The history of deep space probes is mentioned because Pioneer 10 and 11 were said to be one of the first. There's absolutely no mention of any controversy about what was out there or what the probes were looking at. The disinformation to hide X's approach and long known history of devastation it causes as it passes each time, did not reach this far.

It's not hard to imagine a conspiracy as large as this one, just can't weed out all the evidence. It's a big world with a lot of people, publications, and information sources, present and past. You know what could be a great thing about this cover-up? The information that it misses may get a bright light of emotion and attention shone on it that wouldn't normally have been there without the effort of trying to hide it. There's a possibility if this information I present gets out quickly and broadly enough, there might be more people paying attention to X than if there was never any conspiracy to cover it up at all. That thought is just a hope and a prayer at this point.

Encyclopedia Diagram

When a planet's orbit is between two suns, instead of one, that orbit is a bit peculiar. It spends 99.99% of its time slowly going away from one of the suns, after it passes it initially quickly, to reach the half way point. Then, as if falling like a rock off a cliff, the gravity of the sun it's approaching takes over, and in a relative flash it travels the other half of its journey. X reached the halfway point, after a little over 1800 years of traveling away from the Dark Sun toward our lit one, sometime in the year 2000. It only takes right about 3 years to travel the rest of the distance. In fact, the majority of its journey from halfway to here happens the last 9 months before it arrives. Zoom! It'll be cooking with its greatest speed by the time it passes. Once it crosses Pluto's orbit, it will only take about 90 days to pass right between Earth and the Sun.

X's inbound approach is being closely monitored by our best telescopic equipment on and off earth, but now small private observatories have started spotting it, which are not controlled. The most accurate calculation for X's next passage is now Springtime, or May, 2003. Ouch! I know. I wish it were not so soon also.

Many people have been lulled into complacency because the Y2K problems and a simple planetary alignment were over hyped; then nothing happened. Let me try to jump off the page here and slap you up side the face. It's the under hyped, covered up, and intentionally confusing one that is going to get you.

The preprogrammed laugh track given to you by the media controllers many of you have been playing back and forth to each other every time the mention of a tenth planet or planet X comes up, is going to break by the end of this book if it hasn't already. This is it! Planet X is The One. It is going to Rock Your World. It's the Big Kahuna. The Main Event. The Real Deal.Let's get ready to get Rumbled! There will be no cable TV required or $40 needed to view this event. It will be live, life and death, in your face action. You will see it wherever you are whether you want to or not. God help ya. It's time to start praying....

Ancient History Revisited

Each time X approaches, it starts a chain of events that culminates with its passing by and causing our earth's surface to change abruptly. These changes are the cause of massive death and destruction. History is rich with these stories. Ruins of past great civilizations stand as monuments to these past events.

The legends of Atlantis, Lumeria, Mayans and several others going under the sea or abandoned can be completely explained by the regular passing of Planet X. Just off the coastlines of many lands exist remnants of great sophisticated societies, such as found off Florida, Japan, the Mediterranean and more.

Many from the past didn't draw the connection between what looked to be a large comet overhead and what they were experiencing at the time (volcanoes erupting, earthquakes, land masses sinking and rising, tidal waves, severe weather, fires, floods, droughts and the accompanying food shortages). Some ancient writers simply noted what they thought was a foreboding sign or messenger of the prophets when they viewed X in the sky instead of the cause for their woes.

Non-Religious 7 years of Tribulation

In 1995, Planet X got close enough that its far reaching magnetic and gravitational arms of influence started to affect Earth again significantly, which increases now daily. The closer it gets to us, the faster it moves toward earth, and the stronger its magnetic and gravitational effects become. There is an ebb and flow to these events that are akin to the calm waves before the next big set.

Surfers would be most familiar with this analogy. Expect things to get worse as it approaches nearer but not in a straight line. Our own sun's gravity is what is pulling it closer and faster along with X's own gravitational pull to the sun. Planet X never collides with earth or the sun because of the newly uncovered repulsion force which comes into play as they near each other. There is still great reason to be forewarned and concerned.

Earth now has two strong magnetic/gravitational influences in its vicinity (our sun being the main one), and its largely iron magnetic core is heating up because of it. It's like a car with the accelerator and brake on at the same time. Our sun is pushing and pulling on earth one way and Planet X is now upsetting this with its own set of influences. A delicate ecological, environmental and planetary balance between our sun and earth is increasingly being disrupted by the approach of X as it draws closer with each passing day. All the worldwide unusual weather that has broken all previous records and the seismic activity as of late is perfectly clear. There's no need to waste time or millions of more dollars on equipment. Inquiring into the why or when things will happen by setting up and programming supercomputers are useless and futile. Today's melting and breaking up of massive glaciers and ice shelves, storms, floods, tsunamis, volcanic and seismic activity, fires, meteor showers, droughts and related energy shortages, etc. (you're paying for it now baby!), with all the loss of life, are only a preview of what is to come.

Surviving massive death and destruction will make you feel more alive! You've been forewarned. You can do it.

The records of this approximately 7 years of turmoil before each regular passing are part of biblical record from at least the last three times it sailed by Earth. The Jewish exodus and Noah's great flood would be the last and third to last passing of X. With ancient historical, archeological science, weather, seismic data, and a small observatory, you don't need prophecy to predict the same cycle of events are happening again now during X's current approach. You'd be clueless to ignore it! This is but a minor taste of what the passage will be like. And yet even these relatively small events are the cause of many fatalities and much destruction. Several areas of the world will begin to be severely affected as the date of passing inches nearer, so don't think you can wait to the last minute and then jet away safely. Time is short. Now, in May, 2001, X is 2 years away and approaching from Orion.

Check it out for yourself man! Find an Observatory and get someone to help you.

Go and do a careful analysis of the world's weather and seismic activity over the last 5 years and see for yourself how dramatically things have changed from before that time. Then think about the media's explanation of global heating and cooling or sun cycles. Understand that one volcano can put up more hydrocarbons with one eruption than our world-wide dirty civilization can in a year. So we are the cause of only a minor part of the changes Earth is experiencing, and certainly have nothing to do with the up-tick in the seismic and volcanic activity overthe last few years.


Government Posts Picture of Planet X on the Internet July 2001!

Well, this is the latest addition to this book. Apparently a relatively quiet stir was beginning to brew because of the number of sightings of Planet X from uncontrolled observatories early in 2001. Now guess what the powers that be went and did? In order to quiet the rumblings and concerns, a picture of X was posted on the net to save face. Aren't you thankful that they'd be so kind and considerate? Now, do you think they mislabeled X or told the truth straight out as they know it? Think hard now. This is multiple choice and you have two choices.

I'm sorry, I'm laughing out loud as I write this. Here's what they called it "2001 KX76, large reddish chunk of something, Kuiper Belt Object." I think the disinformation crew stayed up all night, smoking funny cigarettes and worrying about what they were going to call it, then they finally agreed to label it everything they could think of and nothing at all. "Large reddish chunk of something" is my favorite part of the label they came up with for X. This is the part of the bull that is trying to say "we really truly don't know what it is, believe us please."

Because X is still far away, it of course appears small. So, these slick Willie's are trying to say, it is instead relatively small and close now. Well if this object is close and in Pluto's neighborhood, why haven't we seen it before? Why is it red? Why did it conveniently show up in the exact same part of the heavens as Planet X was spotted at a few weeks earlier coming in from the Orion Galaxy? If it is so easy to see now, why wasn't it shown to us earlier? Are you thinking about these questions at all!? Disinformation equals lie. Lie equals cover-up. Cover-up equals conspiracy. Conspiracy is that dirty word we've all been preprogrammed to turn our heads away from and snicker at in disbelief. It's time to embrace and romance one conspiracy in your life if you have any desire to keep yours!

Alas, large approaching objects that seem small at first, appear larger over time as they get closer. A year from now, when X appears larger in size because it's much closer, they are going to have to change their story. Hmmm, what new nonsense will they dish out next? How will they account for their changing story? Their bs is going to smell worse and get funnier as they pile it higher and higher. At a certain point when X is just a few weeks away, the bs will stink so bad you'll just get stone cold silence if you question it.

Ask yourself this question. If this "large reddish chunk of something" was close, small, and back lit from our sun, why doesn't it appear brighter? Why does it look dull red? Here's an explanation you won't hear from NASA. Maybe it's a slow smoldering brown dwarf star, that generates it's own dull red light deep in space from the molten fissures on the surface of its crust? Anyway, here is their picture of X. Take a good look and read what they have to say, if you like fairy tales. I'll give them credit for their sincere title above the picture. Lies are more believable when labeled with the truth. "LARGE OBJECT DISCOVERED ORBITING SUN."

Large Object Discovered Orbiting Sun

By Larry O'Hanlon, Discovery News

July 3 — The discovery of a large reddish chunk of something orbiting in Pluto's neighborhood has re-ignited the idea that there may be more than nine planets in the solar system. Then again, it could also mean there are only eight planets, depending on your point of view. What the discoverers are calling 2001 KX76 might be one of the largest "Kuiper Belt Objects" or KBO's, found in the what is essentially a second asteroid belt beyond the orbit of Neptune. Initial reports give 2001 KX76 a diameter of 900 to 1200 kilometers — roughly the size of Pluto's moon, Charon. Pluto itself, it should be noted, is smaller than our own moon.

Because KBOs are believed to have very elongated orbits around the sun they spend a lot of time on dark, centuries-long excursions into deep space. That makes them very hard to find, said astronomer Robert Millis, director of the Lowell Observatory, which was involved in the discovery. Astronomers at the Lowell Observatory have teamed up with colleagues from MIT and the Large Binocular Telescope Observatory to hunt for KBOs on the less remote parts of their orbits. "There are certainly lots of (KBOs) in distant parts of their orbits now and we can't detect them," said Millis.

The possibility that 2001 KX76 has big brothers and sisters again raises the thorny question of what can be called a planet and what cannot. So far there is no good definition of exactly what is a planet, said astronomer Brian Marsden of Harvard University's Minor Planet Center. The matter only gets more confusing when you add KBOs and free-floating planets discovered outside our solar system.

Historically, Pluto was designated a planet when it was discovered in the 1930s because it was thought to be much larger than it is, Marsden said. The 900-kilometer-wide asteroid Ceres was also considered a planet when it was discovered, until its siblings were turned up and revealed the existence of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. If 2001 KX76 is any indication of larger KBOs out there, it might also lead to the demotion of Pluto from puniest planet to king of KBOs, said Marsden. Millis prefers a third alternative: "There may exist a new class of planets."

http://dsc.discovery.com/news/briefs/20010702/kuiper.html#planet x picture here

I couldn't even get this new updated version of this book out before the fantasy fellas or rather the disinformation crew went and changed their stories about X already. It looks like Planet X has already grown in estimated size from 1200 kilometers or roughly 545 miles across to now as much as 870 miles in diameter. When will this diameter range increase next? They've also added to the long list of funny labels. They're now calling it a "Giant Asteroid," an "icy rock," a "spherical space rock," a "minor planet," and a "Giant space rock," They even say it's "THE LARGEST ASTEROID EVER FOUND." Wow. Good for them! They found that piece of paper with the additional bs labels for X which they dropped on the floor that night with the cigarette roaches.

Pay close attention to these articles. Sometimes the most difficult thing to explain away is just completely left out when piling lie on top of lie. The hardest thing for them to explain away is it's color. It's not mentioned in these new articles at all. It is RED! Where do they point that out here? They don't. "The large reddish chunk of something" suddenly has no color.

Asteroids are usually all different kinds of shapes. It also happens to be spherical or round. I wonder why? This object just grew in size in less than a month. They say it is the "largest asteroid ever found now." Well at least they are giving it an up-tick in status it deserves.

Wasn't this object in Pluto's neighborhood a few weeks ago? Now it is "far out in the Solar System." Are these guys confused or just nervous as hell and trying to say everything they can about it except what they know is the truth? If X was found in May, why did they wait till August to disclose it? Why did they lay the blame of the initial find on two separate Observatories in different parts of the world both back in the month of May? Did it take them that long to decide what sort of bs was going to be printed along side of the picture? Hmmm.

Again, why is there no mention of this object being Red? Is all this sounding fishy to you yet? The astronomer David C Jewett makes an interesting statement that sums it all up. "Size doesn't matter." So, lets go ahead and ignore the elephant that just walked over the hill in our vicinity. In quotes is one thing Dave had to say, "It fits in with a pattern" yes, of large red elephants that walk in our backyard.

In the movie, Swordfish John Travolta's character teaches the audience how powerful a tool redirecting attention is. Introducing the new virtual telescope is a simple technique to redirect your attention. Naming Planet X the "Largest Asteroid" is just too alarming by itself. So they turn your minds attention away from the Giant Red Elephant in our big backyard toward the new pair of binoculars they found it with. This simple redirecting of your attention away from X to the scope is supposed to help hide several items that have changed from the first disclosure in early July 2001. First that X's size estimates have increased to the point where it is now being given the label "Largest Asteroid".

The latest picture posted of it shows its color to be blue instead of red. In the July disclosure the statement "large reddish chunk of something" was used. Now there is no mention of its red color and its suddenly blue. Brown dwarfs are red. If they determined it was time to say its the "Largest Asteroid" its going to get a lot more attention than the first disclosure. They determined this was the time to get rid of the red color to stop speculation around it being a brown dwarf with all the new eyes on its size.

In the BBC disclosure/article there is a heading that is titled "NO DANGER". Why would they mention danger if its just an asteroid out in deep space? I tell you, I am completely reassured for my safety now that I've read "NO DANGER." I was worried for a minute until I read this quote. "This asteroid is one of the ones we should be least afraid of.", yea right. When ever I see the government(s) describing anything, I develop my concern directly in proportion to the basket full of frivolous descriptions and statements purporting no concern! Under the heading "NO DANGER" they say X is an "icy rock". Ask yourself this question. If this is an icy rock, why is it red!? Could it be a red snow cone maybe? Bloody red ice is what these guys have been drinking trying to cover this up. Myself and one friend could have done a better job of creating a cover story to hide this planet. Jesus, what a bunch of bungling fools. Ok, I'm being judgmental to the negative. Perhaps they were told to print one thing and wrote another, so that thinking rational people could see what they were doing and prepare for Planet X's passage. The last line in the BBC article says that a new mythological name for the object is forthcoming. May I suggest "Nibiru." (Translates into "planet of passing," Planet X's name from ancient Sumierian text)

Giant Asteroid Found Far Out In Solar System

By Frank D. Roylance
Baltimore Sun Staff

European scientists say object near Pluto's orbit is biggest of its kind.

For 200 years the giant asteroid Ceres has held the title as the largest known "minor planet" in the solar system. Ceres is a spherical space rock orbiting in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It is nearly 600 miles in diameter, roughly the distance from Baltimore to Chicago. Now a team of European astronomers is claiming that Ceres has been eclipsed in size by a newly discovered object, found near the orbit of Pluto.

The new asteroid could be as big as 870 miles across, according to calculations by a team led by Gerhard Hahn of the German Aerospace Center in Berlin. The team's news release called the data "decisive ...relegating [Ceres] to second place after holding the asteroid size record for two hundred years."

Not so fast, said Brian Marsden, director of the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet
Center. He said an asteroid's size can't be precisely determined without first knowing both its distance and its brightness, or reflectivity - also called its "albedo." The Europeans have securely fixed the object's orbit and distance, he said.

Too soon to tell

But "it's a little premature for them to boldly come along and give a size, when they're still assuming an albedo." More precise observations are needed, he said. The new asteroid was discovered in May by a team led by Robert L. Millis, director of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Ariz. It was temporarily dubbed 2001 KX76. It was found in an orbit beyond Neptune, about 4 billion miles from the sun, in the inner regions of a vast, icy realm of the outer solar system called the Kuiper Belt. The discovery team made a preliminary estimate of KX76's diameter of between 595 and 788 miles, or about half the size of the planet Pluto.

More precise calculation

Thursday, however, the European Space Agency Information Center announced a more precise orbital calculation for KX76 using a "virtual telescope" to digitally search for the asteroid on star photos taken years ago. Coupled to the same assumptions about KX76's brightness, the new orbital data boosted the asteroid's presumed diameter to between 744 and 868 miles. Both KX76's discoverers and the Europeans assumed that the asteroid's albedo lay somewhere between those of another Kuiper Belt asteroid, called 20,000 Varuna, and a typical comet nucleus from that region of the solar system.

David C. Jewitt, an astronomer at the University of Hawaii and co-discoverer last year of the Ceres-sized Varuna, said it makes no difference to science whether KX76 is bigger than Ceres. "It's just a record-keeping thing," he said. The real importance of KX76's size, he said, is that it "fits in with a pattern." More than 400 Kuiper Belt objects of various sizes have been found since 1992. "And that size distribution probably extends all the way up to Pluto [1,426 miles in diameter] and probably includes Pluto as one of those bodies," he said. And, he said, "it's quite possible there are a few objects bigger than Pluto waiting to be found.


Now here is how the BBC in Europe carried it.

By BBC News Online's Helen Briggs

A giant space rock has entered the record books as the largest known asteroid. European astronomers confirmed on Friday that a distant object seen circling our star near Pluto had broken a 200-year-old record. The previous incumbent was the asteroid Ceres which was discovered in 1801.

People who believe that Pluto is just a minor planet will have more proof now. Lars Lindberg Christensen of the Hubble European Space Agency. The new object is much bigger, about half the size of Pluto, and is very distant from the Earth. The asteroid was first spotted in May by astronomers at the Cerro Tololo Observatory, Chile. Follow-up studies put its size at 1200 kilometres or more across.

Major and minor

The asteroid is of great interest to astronomers not just because of its massive size but because it could shed light on the debate over Pluto's classification as a major planet. Some astronomers believe that Pluto, the smallest planet in the Solar System, is not big enough to be considered a true planet and should instead be called a minor planet. Lars Lindberg Christensen of the Hubble European Space Agency Information Centre Garching, Germany, said the discovery added weight to this argument. "People who believe that Pluto is just a minor planetwill have more proof now," he told BBC News Online.

'No danger'

The icy rock is very distant from the Earth. Mr. Christensen said there was no "apparent danger" that it could ever collide with our planet. "This asteroid is one of the ones we should be least afraid of," he

Kuiper Belt Objects

Icy planetary bodies that orbit beyond Neptune in the distant region of the Solar System. More than 400 such objects are currently known. They are believed to be remnants of the formation of the Solar System and among the most primitive objects available for study. The observations were carried out at the European Southern Observatory with the world's first operational "virtual telescope", Astrovirtel. "The concept of a virtual telescope is a highly sophisticated science tool that mines all of the databases to find answers to questions," said Mr. Christensen. The technology allows astronomers to combine data from conventional telescopes with a powerful search tool.The asteroid has been designated 2001 KX76 for the time being but will eventually get a real name. As a Kuiper Belt Object, it must be given a mythological name associated with creation.

Estimated sizes, size quotes, locations or a sampling of bs

--900 to 1200 kilometers
--595 and 788 miles across
--600 miles in diameter, roughly the distance from Baltimore to Chicago
--Roughly the size of Pluto's moon Charon
--half the size of Pluto
--distant object seen circling our star near Pluto
--about 4 billion miles from the sun
--one of the largest "Kuiper Belt Objects" or KBO's,
--smaller than our own moon
--near the orbit of Pluto
--in a second asteroid belt beyond the orbit of Neptune
--massive size
--size can't be precisely determined
--very distant from the Earth
--beyond Neptune in the distant region of the Solar System

If ever there was a smoking gun of a cover up here it is. There happens to be dozens of articles about this 2001 KX76 now. Here is a clip from one. It has now been confirmed that they have records of this object going back at least 18 years. If it was fainter and smaller back then, now it's clearer larger and getting closer.

Why do they say it was first discovered back in May 2001 by two separate observatories in different parts of the globe? If you ask them I'm sure you'll get an ear full of credentialed official sounding nonsense.

Just to drive my point in a little deeper and twist, wasn't it exactly 18 years ago on the last day of 1983 that the chief scientist of the IRAS satellite announced they'd found the 10th planet to 6 daily newspapers? I think the Key Stone Cops are in charge of this conspiracy. They admittedly have 18 years worth of data on 2001 KX76 and the 10th planet was officially found 18 years ago.

The first two articles back in early July 2001 mention it being red. There's a picture that shows it to be red to go with the article. This red object stands out in a sea of blue ones like a sore thumb. The half dozen new articles in August don't mention it being red at all. Now there's a new picture to go with the new disinformation. When my son was growing up he described everything to me as happening suddenly. Well suddenly 2001 KX76 or what ever nonsense name they give it is BLUE! Too many slow smoldering brown dwarfs are red perhaps? Maybe they had to change the color in midstream to deflect the brown dwarf questions?

In the entire list of speculative names they gave this object not one time could they say it was possibly a brown dwarf star. They don't sound too sure of themselves so why not mention brown dwarf as a possibility also? Is it a bad word? Now all of a sudden we have the "largest asteroid ever recorded" and it's growing, changing colors and shifting locations. X is red. It's just too difficult to explain away the color and not mention the possibility of it being a smoldering brown dwarf. So why not go and doctor the picture to make it look blue. Sounds good to me. If somebody asks about it, we've got a whole new paragraph of double speak ready and waiting to explain away the new color. At least now we won't have to mention the new color in the latest articles because most other objects along side of it are the same new color blue. It's difficult to bite my tongue and not say what I think of these people behind this cover up. Here's the piece that admits they have pictures from 18 years ago.

The latest is this. The label 2001 KX76 has been used to identify at least two separate objects near
where Planet X is coming in from. The orbital elements have changed. On the back cover you can see the original double red image from July, 2001, one is Planet X. So, this is one the techniques that Nasa is using to hide X. To find the latest coordinates, used successfully severals times this year 2001 to find X, go here: http://www.zetatalk.com/usenet/use90207.htm

The search was successful: the astronomers were able to find several photographic plates on which faint images of 2001 KX76 could be identified - some of these plates had been obtained as early as 1982. The exact sky positions were measured and with accurate positional data now available over a time span of no less than 18 years.


From: Mark Hazlewood
To: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/preparation2003
Date: Fri Oct 12, 2001 3:52 pm
Subject: 2001 KX76 (Labelled on egroup "Thank You all for your support")

Somebody recently asked about 2001 KX76, I'm not taking the time to go check who, but I want to thank you for that question. Because of Sol's answer, ZT, a personal friend of mine, and an astronomer in Italy, I've added and changed part of my text to reflect a new level of understanding about how the disinfo-boys are handling this at Nasa.

I just got that in under the wire today before the books got printed. A professional computer programmer friend blew up the pictures of the old red 2001 KX76 and the new one blue one until they were an inch wide. He told me several weeks ago they were absolutely not the same object. I listened, and filed it away in my head, and did not follow up on it. Next an astronomer in Italy told me
the orbit elements were taken down at the harvard site for 2001 KX76, for a few days, and then reposted different. It still didn't hit me yet. Not until the question and answer from Sol/ZT came up on this list did all these things sink in. The new 2001 KX76 was not Planet X. Well, I'm glad this realization came in time enough for me to make a quick change to the text.



I want to thank John Couch Adams, Urbain Le Verrier, and David Todd for determining that the perturbations or deviations of Uranus portend another planet in our solar system. Their work was done in the mid-1800's. Many others followed with the same conclusions.

Thanks goes to Percival Lowell for his insight and determination to find the 10th planet was so great, he built a small observatory in Arizona to do so about a century ago. He would have been proud to have found out that his own Lowell Observatory was one of the first PRIVATE observatories around the world to have spotted Planet X early on in 2001. I wonder what Lowell would of thought about how the coordinates were obtained? The intuitive Nancy Lieder, who claims to have telepathic communication with a group of aliens known as zetas/greys, supplied the coordinates. No matter how obtained it's the success that counts.

Thanks to Gerry Neugebauer, who was the chief scientist of the IRAS satellite. Before the media clampdown, he publicly spoke to 6 daily newspapers informing everyone they had found the 10th planet, the last day in 1983.

United States Naval Observatory astronomers Dr. Thomas C. Van Flandern and Dr. Richard Harrington, thank you very much for all your work. They had the technology at their finger tips, at the right time, and publicly announced their certainty of having found Planet X. Sometimes a martyr is needed to shine a brighter light and bring greater attention to an extremely important issue. The largest thanks again goes to Dr. Richard Harrington for paying that ultimate price.

I also acknowledge the "gangsters that rule our world" crowd, for their part in creating this martyr. From their extensive mortal options menu, a so called accident was chosen, sure right.

President Vladimir Putin and Russia's Parliamentary leaders deserve a special thanks for publicly revealing what they expect to happen in 2003. They may be part of the "gangsters of our world" crowd, but they obviously don't care what the other gangsters think, say or tell them about silence! They govern their own country, and do and say what they want, when they want. I've got to admire that. I hope they'll create a better place for themselves after "the massive population shrinkage" they say is expected.

Thanks goes to Andrei Shukshin for writing this story and to Reuters wire service for broadcasting it, Sept. 13, 2000.

I also want to thank the disinformation crew or media controllers for selfish reasons. They've done a great job of keeping this story out of the public's eye. The information that is available has been muddied up to the extent that most still won't consider, understand, accept or see it yet. Thanks for sacrificing millions of lives so I can still go cash checks at the bank today. I do hope to put a kink in their plans with my work here so the house of cards or financial/money/real estate markets of the world collapse a little more quickly than they've got planned. Having said that, my gut feelings tell me
their plans will not be changed in the slightest and have factored myself and others like me in already. So, I'm just another proverbial fly in the ointment.

I've got to give credit to Richard W. Noone, who wrote the book 5/5/2000, Ice: The Ultimate Disaster.
He didn't quite get the correct reason for the pending calamity but only missed the time frame by 3 years. He did 20 times the research I did in areas parallel to my own. If anyone doubts in the slightest that there is not enough scientific or historical evidence of past cataclysms, you're just ignoring it. Go read his book, and while you're at it Pole Shift, by John White. In fact, I absolutely stand on the shoulders of John, Richard and a host of others, which I'll mention in the back pages. If you truly want to verify the science, history and regularity of these coming events, just start sifting through their reference pages to begin with.

Thanks goes out to the fumbling disinformation crew that have already changed the size, names, locations, and color of Planet X since it was first reported by them in July, 2001. They've given the blame of finding X to different observatories in May of 2001 and then went ahead and informed us they had data from 18 years ago. What color and size will it be next? Largest asteroid ever found, huh? Could you be any more obvious? Nice job!

Dolores Cannon has written several books of which I've read most. Thank you for your work Dolores. Her 3 volume set of Conversations with Nostradamus is the only collection of books about Nostradamus I'd consider accurate. My mother Naomi paid for Dolores to put me under hypnosis a few years ago. I arrogantly thought I couldn't be hypnotized. The hypnotic visions I described of a large comet-looking object passing overhead and thousands standing around on rolling green hilltops looking at it will forever be with me. I admit to being embarrassed about the whole experience and wouldn't talk about it for a year afterwards. Then I knew nothing of Planet X or its connection to earthchanges. I thought the whole experience was just a silly figment of my imagination at the time. So, in addition to thanks, I guess an apology is in order to Dolores. What I once thought was a complete nonsensical hypnotic session and a waste of my time, turned out to be a significant point in my awakening to Planet X.

To the ancient cultures that left so many clues, fabulous information and several descriptive names for Planet X, I bow down and salute all of you. I wonder what our culture missed, that you all discovered and knew of, which got lost in time and calamity.

Planet X and Earth deserve credit here too. Every time they meet on the fly, a whole world of evidence is created identifying the time frame of their chancy encounter. The work of many archeological crews and the hard scientific studies they've produced are too numerous to mention. These disciplined people deserve so much thanks for all their hard work in uncovering the rather obvious signs and clues over and over again.

My appreciative readers deserve my love and thanks for the confirming material they keep sending me from a wider variety of sources than even I thought existed. Reading their over-the-top reviews and 'thank yous' has motivated me to rewrite and add to the material. It really makes my heart sing to think I could be a cog in the big machine that helped a few.

I must lastly thank author "Mary Summer Rain" and of course "No Eyes," who was her Native American mentor, for their work together. Two books of many authored by Mary I want to mention, Phoenix Rising and Daybreak. To get a glimpse of man's peaceful future, the earth changes, and what it means to be completely connected, read Phoenix Rising. No Eyes could see the coming changes with perfect clarity. She may have been blind, but I can only hope to see as clearly as she did one day.


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This is a discussion of the major volcanic eruption at Thera in the Mediterranean, some 3600 years ago. This may relate to the most previous arrival of Planet X.

On The Possibility Of Very Rapid Shifts Of The Poles www.unibg.it/dmsia/dynamics/poles.html

This is an analysis which shows that impact by a modest-size asteroid could cause a very rapid shift of the poles. It is reasonable to assume that an adjacent passage by a very large planet could do the same, even though impact was not involved. The evidence is very strong for a pole shift's occurring about 11,000 years ago.

Cyclostratigraphy www.coastvillage.com/origins/articles/pye

This analysis shows that the various oscillations in the rotation of the earth all have a period which is a multiple of 3600 years, the period of Planet X, which suggests that the return of this planet exerts a periodic influence on the earth.


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Human Hair DNA from 11,000-12,000 years ago found that matches no modern humans


Fingerprints of the Gods Book by Graham Hancock

No. 1 on the New York best seller list.  In a drastic re-evaluation of man's past Graham Hancok exposes the eerie network of connections between the Great Sphinx and the pyramids of Egypt, the Andean temples, the Mexican pyramids and ancient knowledge of the world. 

His new evidence reveals not only the clear fingerprints of an unknown civilisation that flourished during the last ice-age, but also horrifying conclusions about the type and extent of planetary catastrophe that would have had to occur in order to obliterate almost all traces of it. 

Real evidence that major catastrophic earth changes may be sooner than we would like to think. 

"500 pages of inspired story-telling" - The Times


Making the Best of Basics:
Family Preparedness Handbook
by James Stevens
If you want the security of being able to live from your own personal resources for up to a year, regardless of external conditions, this book will show you how.  It has 100 pages of charts, tables and recipes, plus a new 80 page `yellow pages' section listing suppliers of preparedness supplies.  Over 350,00 copies sold. 


Home Power: The Hands of Journal of Home Made Power www.homepower.com


The 2003 prophecies www.astrosite.com/__JanM3.htm


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