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WOIP has not paid me my last four withdrawal requests. They just put the request back into my account.  
People email me that they have been paid,  but these are $10-$20 payments.  It appears they are paying 
these to prolong the scam but are not paying the $300-$500 requests because they are preparing to do a 
hit and run as soon as everyone becomes aware they are not really paying out to larger accounts. They could 
just be having cashflow problems but they don't respond to support requests.




WOIP has consistently paid 1% Daily Compounded since 2007.
They make their monies by issuing loans at 1.6% daily.

This service started in 2007 as the first to operate a savings and loans in electronic currencies automatically 
and instantly. Up to this day, WOIP is the world's leader in automated processing of funds on deposit and instant 
loans both by operations volume and overall transaction value.

Here's how it could grow:
$1,000 becomes $1,361 in 30 days!
$1,000 becomes $1,834 in 60 days!
$1,000 becomes $2,473 in 90 days!
$1,000 becomes $6,056 in 180 days!
$1,000 becomes $36,309 in 360 days!
Now that's the power of compounding!

Email me  for an excel chart of WOIP compounded growth @ 1%/day.

As with all programs I suggest you get your principal out as soon as possible.

You can only fund using Liberty Reserve. Different Payment Processors will be added during 2009.

If you do not have a Liberty Reserve account yet, my Liberty Reserve account URL is:

Due to temporary difficulties with the Liberty Reserve merchant you can also add funds to your WOIP account directly:
1) Make a payment from your LR account to WOIP LR account (U0951065)
2) Send your Batch number to WOIP Support.

Please take a look and read this page in full at the Q&A in http://woip-news.com/    and http://woip-news.com/2008/10/28/ask-your-question-to-woip-senior-executive/#comments

Here is one comment by WOIP's Sr Exec.
Richard Says:
January 2nd, 2009 at 4:06 pm

My favorite fact about WOIP is that we are able to provide 1% a day compounded on deposits, and allow instant access to funds, no obligatory investing periods. This is a unique achievement that Im proud of.

And Id like our customers to know that our team is working hard to make that possible and will keep it up, as just in a year WOIP has proven to be a very successful and profitable project.

Now explore the WOIP site using my link.
Go to:  http://woip-system.net?417751

If you decide to invest, as always, put in only what you can afford to lose.
No guarantees here but I think this is one of the best High Yield Investment Programs available on the net, IMHO.

MONITOR GIVES WOIP HIGH RATING = http://www.goldpoll.com/details/11909/
WOIP service has been started in 2007 as the first to operate savings and loans in electronic currencies automatically and instantly. Up to this day, WOIP is the world's leader in automated processing of funds on deposit and instant loans both by operations volume and overall transaction value.

Key highlights:

- Instant account registration to manage your deposits and loans.
- Convenient and safe electronic currency (Liberty Reserve - the only payment method right now)
- 1% daily dividend on deposits, with recapitalization option and no restrictions by time or deposit amount
- Instant withdrawals of any amount
- Short-term loans of amounts under USD 10,000 for 1.6% a day
- 10% of your partners' income every day, if you participate in our advertising program and recommend us to others.

This international service is held by:
Certificate of Incorporation 1004390

Legal addresses:
E-Holding Ltd (Head Office). 181 Queen Street
P.O. Box 3440, Station "C" Ottawa, ON K1Y 1E4
E-Holding Ltd, The Main Guard,
13 John Mackintosh Square, PO Box 616, Gibraltar

WOIP, WOIP.WS - registered trademarks of E-Holding LTD.

Use of the logo, artwork and brand names for reasons other than specified in terms and conditions of the promotion campaign is strictly prohibited.

Technical Support
Phone:+(0) 845 704 79 78
Technical Support E-Mail: support@woip-news.com

By making a deposit in WOIP you enter a stable and secured automated savings program, established by Canadian E-Holding Ltd and insured by E-Holding reserve funds in NOVA SCOTIA (Canada) and HSBC (USA). Not limited to E-Holding origins, WOIP as an exclusive online venture that is available worldwide.

We do not claim unrealistic figures. With our unique approach to savings and loan operations and fully automated service we are able to deliver:

   1% daily dividend to our customers.

This profit figure is constant and will always remain such.

Daily earned dividend is added to our customers' balances, resulting in progressive compound rates and:

   daily recapitalization.

Since WOIP is an automated system, not requiring any manual operations - any amount from your balance is available for:

   withdrawal at any time, including weekends and holidays.

We strongly encourage word-of-mouth advertising and we collaborate with our customers, asking them to recommend us whenever appropriate. If you are a satisfied customer of WOIP and you happen to have a webpage or just a blog - you can turn that into a good source of profit, by informing your friends and visitors.
Every day we will be adding to your balance an equal of:

   10 percent of all your partners' daily income.

We do not set any entry threshold in order to provide a convenient way for anyone to explore the way the system works and then consider making a larger deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

What is WOIP?
WOIP is a product of E-Holding Ltd (Canada), an automated system for providing quick loans and profitable savings deposits.

Since when and for how long WOIP is here to stay?
WOIP service has been created in November 2007 and will remain intact until the demand exists for quick loans together with customers interested in saving and increasing their funds.

What is the core profit of your business?
Our PFO (Profit From Operations) results from the delta (difference) between our deposit and loan operations.

Where is your office located?
Our head office address:
Ottawa181 Queen Street
Station "C"
ON K1Y 1E4

Our European P.O. Box:
The Main Guard
13 John Mackintosh Square

How do you guarantee safety of deposits?
Primary guarantee is provided by E-Holding insurance funds on NOVA SCOTIA (Canada) and HSBC (USA) bank deposits.
Secondly, all our customers' deposits are effectively in our customers' hands, available for withdrawal at any time.

Is it secure to place deposits and take loans through your website? Do you use SSL protocol?
Most definitely, WOIP website implements the secure socket layer protocol (128-bit SSL), preventing from any unauthorized access to our customers' accounts.

Is there a possibility that announced rates will be altered?
Both savings deposit and loan percentages constitute a part of WOIP system and will not be altered under any circumstances.

Is the income generated by savings deposit subject to taxation?
Any form of tax is connected with an end person and will remain private in any case.

Residents of which countries can access WOIP SAVE program?
Residents of ALL countries can become WOIP customers.

Residents of which countries can access WOIP LOAN program?
WOIP LOAN are available only to the USA, Canada and EU residents.

Can I have more than one account?
No, you can only have one account per person or organization.

Can a company or a firm open WOIP account?
Yes, they can.

Which currency do you accept?
We accept all currencies but your deposit will be converted in US dollars.

Is it possible to transfer money between members accounts?
No, it is not possible.

How does one register a Liberty Reserve account?
You can create your account at their website at http:www.libertyreserve.com/?ref=U5267776

Is the process of percent recapitalization also automated?
Yes, recapitalization occurs daily for savings deposits.

What is the minimum and maximum amount for savings deposits?
No limitations.

What is the minimum and maximum amount for loans deposits?
10 USD - 10.000 USD.

How fast does WOIP system process withdrawal requests?
Depending on the system traffic, but for the most part - within 1 hour.

Who is responsible for Liberty Reserve payment fees?
According to Liberty Reserve terms - all fees are charged to the recipient.

Are there any restrictions by time for savings and loans?
There are no restrictions for savings, you can withdraw your deposit at any time. Loans are provided for the period of 30 days.

Are there any restrictions by time and amount for funds withdrawal?
You can withdraw any part of your balance or total balance amount at any time.

Please elaborate the process of uploading a deposit / making a withdrawal?
It's really easy. You'll need to have a Liberty Reserve account.
You can register one at: http://www.LibertyReserve.com/?ref=U5267776
As soon as you have one, all you need to do is to authorize yourself at the WOIP website, enter your account and choose a corresponding option from the menu. From there, simply follow instructions.

Can I withdraw earned daily percentage in an automatic mode?
Unfortunately, WOIP does not have an automatic withdrawal option. To withdraw earned daily percentage you have to place a request each time.

How can I participate and profit from the WOIP cooperation program?

New customers that came per your recommendation will enable you to receive an amount equaling 10% of their daily income.

The system identifies customers that came per your recommendation if they:
- have registered using your unique URL which you can find in your members area (it looks like woip-online.com/?111, where 111 is your unique ID code)
- simply specify your unique ID code during their registration

Are there any restrictions on the WOIP cooperation program?

It is not allowed for people that share an IP address with you to register using your ID code. This is done to prevent multiple registrations from same person, which is considered unlawful.

Is it possible to conduct mass email dispatches to attract new customers?

Please make a special note that WE DO NOT TOLERATE SPAM in any of its various forms!
The account of a person that is reportedly spamming will be frozen without any prior notice and we will cease any relationship with such customer after refunding his deposit.

Why I cannot obtain a loan from WOIP?
Possible reasons:
1) You are not a resident of the USA, Canada or EU;
2) Your personal information has been found questionable;
3) Currently the limit for quick loans has been exceeded, please check back in 24 hours.

Can I change my ID, my password, or my personal information?
You cannot change your Liberty Reserve account record in your Customer Account.
Your password can be recovered via our password recovery system.
Personal information in the Loan section is not subject to change.

What is a Secret Key field in the registration form?
The Secret Key is your password for withdrawing funds. Please create a secure Secret Key and store it in a safe place. Note that if you lose/forget your Secret Key the Support will only be able to reset it to a random one, as Support does not have access to Customers' details.

I've created an account, now how do I add funds to my WOIP balance?
Adding funds to your WOIP balance is very easy - just click 'Add funds' button in your WOIP account and you will be redirected to the Liberty Reserve merchant.
We assume that you already have a Liberty Reserve account and have some funds on it. You can find various exchangers to fund your LR account the way you prefer (e-currencies, bank wires, credit cards, Western Union, mailed in money orders and checks, local cash deposits, etc.). Please see the list of LR exchangers here: http://www.libertyreserve.com/en/exchangers/

To join NOW, go to my web site at:

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