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This section of my website is devoted to information we do  NOT receive from our TV and newspaper media. Much of it is controversial.  Much of it is not proven that it is even fact. But it does give us a different perspective on things. I do not agree with everything you find here; different people will form different opinions. I feel we all have a right to the information and then can decide for ourselves what we wish to believe. 

This page contains three sections
A.  Newslist  resources to join that may get you closer 
to the truth than your local boob tube or newspaper
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I am not out to cause trouble or to join militias or to create discord. I am not unamerican. I love America too.   But after two years of being on many different kinds of  newslists,  I have come to realize a very large part of the American population is totally in the dark about what really happens inside as well as outside the US and that our US Gov't has a lot  of skeletons in the closet when it comes to foreign affairs. The terrorists are not coming after a blameless nation, folks. They have reasons to be  angry and militant. The more you understand the reasons as well as the fanatical mentality of these people; the more you may realize just why and what we are up against when dealing with terrorists now implanted in 57 different nations around the globe; including from within our own country. We also have terrorism created by factions within our own country designed to put this country into martial law to accelerate the New World Order- one world government agenda,  being created behind our backs. 

For a biblical perspective of how all this aligns with Yahweh's word; see and click on the "endtimes prophesy" and "truth about the rapture" pages.

Newslist resources you can subscribe to, to become more informed of the real news:

A new link with lots of sublinks is one of the most important works
being done in the entire free world my friend, with 

This is a news source you HAVE to sign up for. Karl Loren is not only THEEEE source of info for the truth of vitamin, health, cancer and blood pressure  information (see )but has now brought you the  TRUTH regarding the WTC tragedy and what is going on with the black operations and conspiracy within our own government against the people of America . This is all assembled at his in-depth site at  
 An abbreviated site of information can be found at To subscribe to his newsletter go to  near the bottom at the abbreviated site above and sign up.  Comes first Wednesday of each month. MUST READING FOLKS!  
talks about government officials being shapeshifters

Great information source

Many other news sources also listed on this superb site

Extensive reporting on world affairs 

Insight into Russia / China too 

Great sites for news

Free subscription

The sovereign society offshore letter. Excellent! 
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Stratfor - The Global Intelligence Company  

Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief  puts together the probable set of intentions and motives of the power elite by inductively cataloging their specific actions over time.

Nowar Collective

Good source of info -

Many links of information

A Muslim News service 

For the most current information see
For information on how the media distorts the news see
For excellent links on the Middle East see
The Terrorism Research Center

Russian defense news a different perspective

A wealth of information and links can be found at  and

Highly controversial site but with a lot of truth stated for a real eye opener.

Arutz Sheva News Service

Internet Radio is AWESOME!!!  Here is the King of Radio/Internet re-broadcasters:  Click on Streams 1, 2 or 3It's like 3 different channels or stations.

IF you are NOT LISTENING to Alex Jones YOU ARE IN THE DARK!!!! Get his latest video and put your seat belt on... Folks we are under attack and the sheople have been lulled to sleep by the mainstream dogma!!! 

Here are a couple more sites that offer radio streaming as well as really good alternate and covered-up information. 

Get a hold of God's Soap and Neutralizer! This is the most fantastic stuff I have ever used. The soap doesn't burn your eyes or skin yet it takes out the grease... big time! And the Neutralizer is the most fantastic stuff I have ever come across. Read and check out the conference calls on monday nights.  Miracle II Monday Evening Conference Call @ 10:30 PM EST 212-461-5860  Pin Number 8746# or 646-519-5860 Pin Number 8746#)


The FBI Web site and phone number where people can report tips or other information about terrorist attacks:  and (866) 483-5137 or (800) 331-0075.

NewsLinks to other articles

Newslinks  - a continuation of important links; these will be added to with the newest ten being on this page and you will have to go to another page shown at the end of the ten for the rest.  There's a lot of links to go to.  We are in a new ballgame folks; we must educate ourselves on the habits, customs and religions of people outside our house who may affect us, as well as our government factions trying to take away more of our rights, and as well as the deeds of the white knight good guys trying to fight for us.  

Niburu is sounding more real all the time; always gotta prepare for something it seems. This becomes preparation for life or death though. 


New analysis on WTC affair 4-20-2002

The entire Alex Jones' video, 911: The Road to Tyranny, is available for
free download (35MB, recommended for highspeed) at his site: Scroll down a bit to the link:
"Download the Entire Film"
Or you can simply watch the streaming video click on:
"911: The Road to Tyranny -- Watch the Entire Film Online"
This is a very generous offer from one of the hardest working men in radio
and for the truth. Jones' film is one of the best so far made on the Big Lie
that the majority (shrinking every day!) has swallowed hook, line and

Wanna know what really happened on Sept 11th?   Here's the REAL story. 

Russia has a Death Ray Gun...this is an incredible article

America's assets (like water supplies, etc.) are being sold to the World bank and nonone knows about it. 

See a mixture of everything at

I wonder - just where DID that pesky jumbo go that hit the pentagon? 

The best overall coverage of the 911 affairs and it's results can be found at :

America or United States Empire?  HopiProphesies   Real ghost pictures   Instant Self-Realization

Effects of world wide nuclear war

Images from Afghanistan at
Is there any proof that connects these faces with the events of 9/11? No, there isn't. 
Their only "crime" is that they sit on the right-of-way for an oil pipeline into the Caspian Sea region.

George Bush has been warned that Washington DC will be NUKED within 60 days by a suitcase nuke controlled by Osama Bin Laden.    Many consider Sollog a false prophet, but his accuracy of predictions is uncanny.  He claims he is the delivering God's word and even changed his name to that of God which most consider blasphemous. His website contains occult numerology and pornography besides his predictions. You be the judge, but DO read about his current prediction.
Article is at      Sollog info is at

Read the WHOLE article about the new National ID card system. Chilling

Gun Shows Calendar of Events for April - Dec 2001 for all states in US

Anti-terror bill heads towards final approval - The Bill can be located here:  
(Note not all components have not been made available to the public.)

Homeland Security??? Where's your ID, citizen? 

Why Bush went to war

This week the US Congress probably will enact a new law supposedly combating "terrorism". In nearly 300 pages it purposely curbs personal liberties and shreds constitutional rights. And it wont stop terrorists.LINK: 

The bill gives the US Treasury unprecedented power to target foreign countries and/or banks deemed to present a "major money laundering threat" - a phrase so broad as to include any one with whom the US disagrees. US banks will be forced to keep detailed records of dealings with offshore banks and nations. The Treasury secretary (i.e. faceless bureaucrats), can ban all American business with any offshore bank or nation they decide to blacklist for almost any reason. LINK:|politics|10-19-2001::11:25|reuters.html 

The bill increases many forms of civil forfeiture, reversing curbs adopted only a year ago, and will also allow forfeiture of unreported amounts of otherwise legal cash over $10,000 moved in or out of the US, thus overturning a US Supreme Court decision preventing such seizures.See US v. Bajakajian, LINK: 

The new "anti-terror" law will force US securities dealers and all other financial institutions to file "suspicious activities reports" as banks already do. And "know your customer" rules will demand detailed information about all bank and other financial clients. LINK: 

The true dimensions of the government's destruction of financial privacy became clear in the New York Times last Saturday. They reported that government and banking industry officials are working on a plan to force banks to serve as a front line for law enforcement in detecting any suspect financial transactions. The two sides met last week in Manhattan to formulate the banks role as federal money police. FBI agents are now stationed full time in selected US banks. LINKS: 

If there was ever a reason to consider offshore banking as a means to escape this wanton destruction of American financial privacy, now is the time -- before it is too late. See how at LINK:  

More evidence points to the fact our Govt knew about the 911 attacks before they occurred  

I present this not because it is the sadistic  joke it was sent out as  , but for you to see real pictures of Afghan women and the ridiculous garb and discomfort and inhumane conditions they exist under.

Lots of information here 

"If you vaccinate 300 million people, you could expect about 300 deaths," said Dr. Stuart Isaacs, a virologist at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine who is working on antidotes for complications from the vaccine. "Is it acceptable, if we have enough vaccine, to accept 300 deaths for a disease that doesn't exist and shouldn't be out there? I would say that's not worth the risk."

An awesome education in history.  A MUST READ site. It probably won't be up long; the Fed's have already shutdown 5000 concentration camp information sites in the last 60 days. Copy to disc as much of this information as you can. 
Who's The Enemy:  -- The "End of Days" Begun?

OK, let me get this straight.  Bush and crew are in China, the Capitol is closed, and the Soviet Union is telling its people not to travel to the US.  I smell a rat.  Better start ducking!! What does Vladimir Putin know that we don't?  Daniel

China steps up air-defense work on Iran's border fears

Backwoods militias suspected of being behind biowar threat - NOT!!!! You are being prepared!!!

CIA's "Bible Lesson on Spying"

INTERNATIONAL MARKERS - this is scary stuff - it's already out there.


Press Freedom Under Attack in the U.S.A.   The Russian Press now has more real information than we get. 


More than I could possibly repost of very good material from all over,
including China and Pakistan. Check it out: 

Were the four 911 WTC planes externally controlled??? That was a good possibility regarding the evidence presented here.

A DEADLY LEGACY: Fields of land mines make Afghanistan treacherous  as U.S. ground troops prepare for action in Afghanistan, land mines loom as a large danger -- something the Afghan people already know. 

It's history you should know about and share with 
those you care about! 

Overthrow of the American Republic

New proposed anti-terrorist bill. Worse legislation since 1790's!

If the U.S. hates terrorists, why do we keep arming them?
by Steve Dasbach


Here's a question worth asking before we get involved in a decades-long war against terrorism: Why doesn't the U.S. government stop arming and training foreign terrorists and the dictators who support them?

** NATO to deploy AWACS in U.S. **
NATO will soon deploy surveillance aircraft for anti-terrorist operations in the United States in response to the terrorist attacks, NATO officials said Sunday.

Solution for everlasting world peace is the use of the so-called "Maharishi Effect", a social effect on the global consciousness created by a small group ofexperts in conscioness technology (like a consciousness laser) that leads to the elimination of stress the only reason for crime and war.

New Treasury Banking System coming soon

America Is Falling Into An Illuminati Trap By Peter Goodgame

FM 3-7 NBC Handbook re: chemical-biological-radiological

This is about behaviour modification of the masses by the multi-national corporations to quell future domestic dissent in each country as they know too many people are waking up all over.

Spy satellite launched over Afghanistan that can hear campfire talk and discern objects 4" across

Project Blue Beam" ROUGH DRAFT...The Script that was the trial run to test the gulliableness of the masses...

The War Of The Worlds

Osama digs himself in Pamir - fascinating the technology being used 

Soldiers with microchips
British troops experiment with implanted, electronic dog tag

Draft Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001

US and Britain to strike terror camps within days,6903,560772,00.html  

Draft Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001

There's some real meat and history here  

This is probably one of the most important links to read to understand what might be  really going on here  - long page, very informative 

Massive stockpiles of raw opium grown in Afghanistan are being moved out of the region in anticipation of military strikes, 

Social Security Surplus Being Spent

How it is possible to orchestrate a terrorist attack without the terrorists even being aware of it  

From Hitler to Bin Laden - watch the picture for 20 sec 

Six Men Identified by FBI as Dead Hijackers are ALIVE
FBI Releases photographs of 19 suspected hijackers

Great site for education including  Jihah, and how you may survive a Biological or Chemical attack 

The brotherhood and manipulation of society

Join the Presidential prayer team 

The creation called Osama 

Bush rallies FBI, backs wiretap, detention powers

An additional 1,940 members of the military reserves and National Guard were called to active duty Tuesday, as the Pentagon's plan to call up as many as 50,000 reservists to help with U.S. recovery efforts and air defenses moved forward.,2933,35107,00.html

A little history on the Bush family 

Afghanistan Will be the Testing Ground for America's Super Weapons Just as Was Vietnam

"Journalists Ready for New World Order" - how the media has prepared for the NWO

Washington - the parent of the Taliban and Columbian death squads
URL for this article is 

How the national ID card may look,,2001330097,00.jpg

There appears to be an interesting coincedence surounding recent events. This website: 

India Reacts - American government told other governments about Afghan invasion IN JUNE! 

Ashcroft pressing police state, USA 
Seeks sweeping powers on wiretaps,voice mail, Web users' personal data

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Links to pages on this site

Iraq war and prophecy

You won't believe the machine in the US arsenal today

Dove Letters

Pam Schuffert articles

Red Mercury  Nuclear Fusion bomb changes everything - Russia has them and just gave the technology to Iraq

The REAL 911 story and what happened on Sept 11th

107,200 full length railroad cars, each with 143 pairs of shackles 
and 64,000 black helicopters ordered by our Gov't.  WHY???

The FEMA RED and Blue lists are for real folks!

Confirmation of Russian Troops Entering America Thru Alaska

True nature of UFO Entities

Planet X, Nibiru - will pass by earth in 2003 and create much havoc

Detention Law enacted Nov 13th by Bush

Our government knows where ALL the nukes are

WTC Demolition and the so-called war on terrorism

Tavistock - the best kept secret in America

The Enemy is Inside the Gates

ID CheckPoints - they're coming!

You say it can't happen here?
The saga of William Cooper

How it will be??? Must read this!

Mind Control, the NWO, and Satanism

Mind Control

Islam - the Muslim Religion

The REAL Bin Laden interview

The Shadow government

Message from above

The Grand Deception

Phoney War in Afghanistan is only a prelude 
to what's really  happening folks

No HiJackers??? - were the planes remote controlled???

Operation Cure All - loss of rights to supplements

Project Meggido

Project Blue Beam 

It was all planned long before the planes hit

The UN is NOT our friend


World Trade Center collapse - what really happened

Bush War Agenda

Russia, China, and the NWO

Biological and Chemical Warfare

Concentration - internment camps

A history of power achievement

Nuclear Survival Skills 

Terrorism in the US

New World Order

The Black Pope

Misc Info

Misc Info 2

Misc info 3


Population Control - a history

Depleted spent uranium used in bombs and missiles instead of lead