Zeekler and Zeek Rewards    updated 2-15-2013    email me if you have any questions

This is the McDonalds Hamburger scenario which is as applicable to AddWallet as it was to Zeek 
Rewards regarding just what you are purchasing, advertising. You are not putting principal into an investment.  Although we are not giving away free samples in AddWallet, we ARE purchasing 
advertising units and that purchase is completed and spent the minute we push the spend button.
They have the buck and we have the hamburger. Zeek made me remove this section from my 
webpage even though the scenario was gibven to me by Paul Burker the then owner of Zeek. I think
 it clarifies just what is going on there. 

Zeek does not call the money you purchase sample bids with to give away, principal, nor the earnings 
from that interest because it is NOT principal and interest according to the legalspeak model we have 
to abide by. They do not accept deposits or investments. When you buy sample bids you are making 
a purchase of a product (the product is bids for the penny auction). Once you make a purchase you 
own the product and the company owns the money you spent, immediately. It is no different from purchasing a $1.00 hamburger at McDonald's. You give McDonald's $1.00 and they give you a 
hamburger. Who owns the hamburger now? YOU do! Who owns the $1.00 now? McDONALD'S does. 
The exact same thing happens when you buy bids from Zeek. Your money does not disappear in 90 
days. It disappears IMMEDIATELY. You SPENT it and it is gone even though that bid purchase can 
earn you profit sharing cash rewards for an equal number of VIP Profit Sharing bid points Zeek gives 
you for a period of 90 days.    

If you want to carry the analogy further; what if McDonald's offered you a deal. What if they said "if 
you'll give that hamburger away as a sample of our wonderful product for the next ninety days, we'll 
award you with a share of our revenues every day."  Furthermore, what if the amount of the award was based on the number of hamburgers you gave away? In other words, your award would be 100 times 
as much for giving away 100 hamburgers as for giving away 1 hamburger.         

This is called "advertising" and McDonald's actually does it every day. They give away MILLIONS of hamburgers every year (probably every month) to get people to try their product. They just pay to have 
the coupons printed and distributed instead of sharing the revenues with folks like you.     

Now, lets say you bought 100 hamburgers and gave them away to potential customers. And let's 
sweeten the deal by saying they agree to give you an additional 20% direct commission each time 
one of the people you gave a hamburger to comes in and buys more hamburgers.      

Let's FURTHER sweeten the deal by having McDonalds offer you a commission if you invite a few 
other people to purchase sample hamburgers and give them away like you are doing. What a deal!

Did you make a "$100 deposit" with McDonald's? NO! You bought 100 HAMBURGERS. So if you 
earned $130 in awards over the next 90 days and you earned $20 in commissions from your people buying burgers and if you earned $30 from the purchases of your friends who also want to give away samples, then McDonald's is going to give you a 1099 at the end of the year for the entire $180 they 
paid you.          This is why you have to maintain a detailed record of exactly how many burgers you 
bought and gave away as free samples because all those burgers are tax deductible, as a cost of 
doing business, even though the actual profit sharing money McDonalds paid you is not, that is 
considered actual earnings. Follow? So the $100 you spent to buy 100 hamburgers to give away is 
tax deductible. The $180 in cash awards you received from McDonalds isn’t.
So, what if you decided to take the $180 you earned and buy 180 more
hamburgers to give away? That's fine! You may earn even larger awards for the next 90 days and 
earn more commissions too! Great. But you still get a 1099 for the $180 earnings. Of course, your 
tax advisor would probably tell you that the original $100 you SPENT for sample burgers, AND the 
$180 you spent for MORE sample burgers is deductible as a cost of doing business. If you decided 
to KEEP 20% of the money and
buy more burgers with 80% then you would only be able to deduct the
amount you spent on buying more sample burgers and you would pay taxes on the amount you kept.  
Are you beginning to understand why you have to keep track of every bid point you buy and give away 
as a sample bid here? You have to give them away in order for them to be considered an expense 
and be considered tax deductible.  You can’t keep them and use them.  But when you DO give them 
away your account is credited with an equivalent bid point called a VIP profit sharing point that earns 
money in the profit sharing program.    You didn’t get your money back you spent, but you did get to 
claim a tax deduction for that amount come tax time to offset the earnings  you did receive.       

Most people don’t really know what they are truly earning in this program. It is hard to explain true 
income and stay within the compliance rules. I asked one guy trying to recruit me how much I would 
have to have in my points bucket in order to gain a sustainable  income of $1000 per month.  He told 
me if I had $3000 in there I would earn $1170/mo. BZZZZ – not true. Another example of not being 
able to figure out how the system really works.  3000 VIP points in your point bucket would only give 
you about $250/mo of sustainable income; month after month after month.  On sample bids you 
purchased only and were given VIP Profit Sharing points credit for, not counting any affiliate or referral commissions, it would take about $14,000 or 14,000 VIP points  in your point bucket kitty to sustain an $1170/mo income.  I will get into the math later in another document, “More Zeek Info”.   Understand 
that your real earnings here, not counting the extra you can earn from referrals and the other five 
income streams out side the Zeek profit sharing pool, is about 7.4% to 8.3%/mo (depending upon total points accumulated and working for you) of what you can maintain in your point bucket, which is quite excellent. No hedge funds are out there doing 4%/mo let alone 7% - 8%/mo. But 7.4%/mo isn’t the 42%/mo figure being tossed at you by those who can’t do math or take the program information that IS given and sort it out truthfully.  They are telling you Zeek produces 1.4%/day (the average/day for the 
year 2011)  x 30 days = 42%/mo. However, to have sustainable income, that gives you money you can 
put in your pocket every day without running out, you must rebuy new sample bids with 80% of your daily profit sharing payout, every day, as those bids are only good for 90 days of earning power before they vaporize and earn you no more, so you have to keep replacing the expiring bids. Only 20% of that 42% 
is money you can take out and put in your pocket and go spend if you want to maintain a point bucket 
that doesn’t decrease in points. Plus we can no longer put as much of our own money in up front as we used to be able to and we have to grow our account over $10,000 from earnings and not just our own money now.   But you can put family members in too (just not under you - they don’t allow stacking) at 
the same time to make up for that limitation.  Now some people are doing really, really well at increasing their accounts from their affiliates who come into the system under them. To the point they fill and get 
paid on several matrices a day. But that doesn’t represent most of us. In fact some people with large accounts got there almost entirely by themselves by just just setting their repurchase meter at 100% 
and buying more bids each day with their own earnings because they are not heavy recruiters. Some 
set it at 90% which is splitting half the real profit so half buys more bids to increase their point bucket 
and half is take to the bank money. And because the confidence level of Zeek being sustainable over 
the long haul is now so high, the opportunity to bring new affiliates in has never been better if you can 
do a proper presentation while still staying within the compliance guidelines.  Today joining Zeek is 
simply a no brainer.  With that said, I must also warn you about not putting in enough of your own money 
in to start with when you do decide to come in. Although the system has a FREE Entry, and you DO get 100 bonus points to start with which earn profit sharing awards up to the 60 day point when the earnings 
on that 100 bonus points then converts to VIP points (see second paragraph on this page) it will take you muich longer to get there than by joining as a Silver member. That option satisfies legalities and gives the have nots and skeptics a chance to get in the door. But, if you join as a Silver, pay your $10 membership and only put $10 in your points bucket, you won’t earn enough in your first month in real earnings (20% of your profit pool share money) to even pay for your second month’s silver membership.  You will by the end of the second month as your bonus point shares mature. It takes money to make money. I would discourage anyone from putting in less than $500 to start with, and preferably $1000, $5000, or $10,000.  Then you will see an account that will grow significantly and encourage you to introduce the program to others so it will grow even faster. I mean the goal should be to get to at least a 50,000 point VIP bucket and reap a $4200/mo real income that is sustainable each and every month out of this.       
50,000 x .014/day x 30days x .20 = $4200/mo

again on your own nickel; not counting any affiliate commissions.    
If you started out with only $500 and set your repurchase meter to 100%, at the end of 365 days you would have approximately 10,400 VIP bid points in your account. If you continued with your 10,000 bid points and repurchased 100%  you should reach over 50,000 bid points in only 6 months.

Old info
http://detailshere.zeekrewards.com  to sign up for ZeekRewards as an affiliate

http://detailshere.zeekler.com  to sign up for the Zeekler penny auction as a customer

Zeek's newest Training Site    http://zeekrewardsnews.com/training/ 
Many many questions and Topics are covered here! A LOT of work has gone into this!

Here's a little insight video discussing just what you have hold of here

How to get customers and affiliates    a separate section I've added to this page so you can be successful also.

Ad Resources for posting your ads
    solid places to post your ads to build your business

Zeek Rewards funds via SolidTrustPay, AlertPay (now PayZa) and NxPay. You can find these in your|
"Manage your e wallet system" link in your back office. The only tricky one is how to withdraw from NxPay. 
On your NxPay site click on "accounts" under My NxPay. Then click on the long number in blue, then select 
a bank you have set up and the rest is easy. But there's no "withdraw" link per se on your opening page.
NxPay only scalps you for $1.50 to get funds into NxPay and $1.50 to send them to your bank. Both STP 
and PayZa have substantial receive fees which will take a chunk of your change in the process. 

If you are having trouble accessing the Zeek Rewards website due to heavy traffic to post your ad for 
the day use the mirror site  https://www.zeekler.com/zrmirror/   and you can post your Zeekler ad for the 
day there. 

Due to Zeek's compliance rules we are limited to what we can explain about Zeek on a webpage, 
in a blog, in a newsletter or even in an email document file attachment now. You should build yourself 
a word document perhaps modeled from this page, to use as a handout for inquiries seeking more information, 
substituting your Zeek site URLs and video page URL's for mine you find here.  Zeek is probably the best 
MLM I have ever been in for making money and I've been in a lot of them over the past 14 years.  Zeek 
only has a 2.5% attrition rate and over 70% of members are making money with it. Pick up the ball and run 
with it.  You can reach the finish line also. I am nobody special, except in God's eyes.
Be sure and watch a video about compliance at www.dog-gone-truth.com  put  detailshere in the box and it 
will play. It is a very cute, well put together, ditty on income disclosure.

The Zeek Compliance test is now available in your back office.
 "Zeek Training Center  -  Compliance Certification Course"
 Its the 2nd link down on the Back Office Menu under "Getting Started Guide".
Everyone is required to watch the videos and take the tests if you want to remain active
and continue to receive daily RPP.
  It takes about an hour for all ten subjects covered and 
is painless to go through and complete. You can retake any sections you didn't pass. 
This is what you get when you are done

Great breaking news on Zeek.  Zeek has the highest number of customers to affiliates of any network 
marketing company that the MLM Business Journal has ever seen.
  Keith Laggos of the MLM Business 
Journal  says that Zeek has 25 customers to every 1 affiliate. Nearest competitor is only 10-1. Zeek has 
no debt. It has been in business for 15 years as an online shopping company. All profit share awards are 
coming  from the daily penny auctions, not distributor fees.  Zeek has the highest bonus pool in the network 
marketing industry with up to 50% of each day's net sales revenues being paid back to the distributors. 
Currently in Zeek, 70% of all active affiliates are making  money which is way different than most all other 
Network Marketing companies where only a select few at the top ever make anything. Take time to listen 
to this independent opinion of the Zeek Rewards potential. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p_ACIYyxNI&feature=youtu.be 

The Zeek May conference is over and some really good notes came out of that. 
You can view those notes at http://bitly.com/rcwmay  or at www.detailshere.com/zeekmayconferencenotes.htm 
in case the other site is not available. Everyone needs to look through these notes as there are some terminology changes we need to incorporate to hone the compliance issue. Instead of the RPP being retail profit pool, it is 
now called retail points pool.  Sales revenue is what we share, not profits. Do not refer to Zeek as a business 
opportunity , refer to it in light of owning your own business. Do go over these notes and bring your own 
advertising in line with what the lawyers and consultants tell us to do regarding terminology and compliance. 
Zeek just purchased a huge warehouse for staging the auction merchandise that is sent out. They plan to be in 
this for a long time.  Zeek's attrition rate is only 2.5%, those people that leave the program. That means 97.5% 
of those who join hang in there and work the system. Why anyone would leave is beyond me. That is just 
phenomenal for any MLM company. It is the only company I know of where you can get there starting for free. 

Even if you join as a Free Distributor, at the end of 60 days and your bonus point earnings are converted to 
VIP points you will be making more than is required to support a silver distributorship, although I think you are 
wasting a lot of time if you don't come in at least as a silver up front and buy at least $200 - $500 worth of sample 
bids to start with.  $500 worth gives you good incentive right out the gate as you watch your account grow 
meaningfully. If you join as a silver distributor, buy $500 worth of sample bids, give them away to receive equivalent 
VIP points, place your Zeekler customer ad every day without fail and the current profit sharing rate of 1.5%/day 
average holds up (Which it has for the past 6 months) you could have a 10,400 VIP point bucket by the end of a 
year (not guaranteed of course). Continue to do that for 6 more months and you should reach 60,000 VIP points 
which translates to a monthly recurring income of $5400/mo.  60,000pts x .015/day profit sharing x 30 days/mo x 20% 
take to the bank money - the other 80% has to continually repurchase sample bids each day to replace expiring 
bid points (covered further down) and that equals $5400/mo. Many of us could retire on that. This is on your 
own nickel not including bringing other affiliates into the program under you which can greatly shorten that journey 
if you do.

With that said please read the income disclosure statement   
which must be presented whenever any type of income claim or earnings representation is made. 
Interestingly their income disclosure statement tells you some people didn't make any money in Zeek at all last 
year. I explain the probable reasons for that further down. However, currently over 70% of the active distributors 
are; those who hold a silver, gold or diamond distributorship and place their Zeekler customer ad every day to 
be able to share in the daily point sharing pool. Contrasted to most MLM's where only the upper elite make anything 
and most of the distributors don't even earn enough to cover their autoship each month, this is quite refreshing. 
And if you look at those on the IDS who achieved rank, they did very well. There are those that see the light and 
those that don't.  Effort is required on your part, this is not a passive program, there are things you are required to 
do in order to get paid, but the rewards are great if you will put that effort forth. Can you spare 3 minutes a day?
Personal testimony
I and my 21 year old daughter, who lives on her own in a place I call Ghettoville,, are testimony to that. We both 
joined about the same time essentially at the beginning of 2012, but one works the program by recruiting affiliates,
and the other only places her daily ad. The difference in results is explained below. Put yourself on one side of this 
fence or the other
to get a vision of what you can expect.

To be in compliance with what I am about to say, here is the URL to the Zeek Income Disclosure statement.
My daughter started Zeek in Jan as a free member, no out of pocket cost. She spends 3 minutes a day 
posting her required Zeekler auction ad. That's it. At the end of 60 days her bonus money earnings were 
converted to VIP points.  She then upgraded to silver for $10 and bought $10 worth of sample bids to be able 
to receive daily point sharing which has been averaging 1.5%/day since Nov 2011. By this time she had nine 
customers from posting her Zeekler ad every day for the past 60 days. You only need 1 customer for every 
1000VIP points. She still doesn't have any direct affiliates because she is too lazy to spend some time every 
day advertising for affiliates over and beyond her required one ad for the auction even though I have set her up 
with both the places to advertise to as well as the exact ads to place.  Emailing and chatting with her friends 
has the priority on her free time. That is a huge mistake as 80% of my Zeek income comes from matrix commissions, 
but when you are making $3.25/hr in Mexico handling angry customer service calls for T Mobile, who needs more money?  Did you ever try to tell a 21 year old anything? She claims that nothing I have ever put her in has worked 
(not true even though many crashed and it was always my money at stake anyway) so why bother, even though 
she has witnessed the internet providing us our total income for the past 12 years including putting both her and 
her brother through school. Amazing mindset and determination factor our youth have today. And these are both academically smart Russian kids, A's and B's students, they are not dummies, just lazy and stupid in some ways, 
and unwilling to listen to "there's an alternative way".  The light bulb does not come on outside the JOB. 
She changed her repurchase meter to 0% instead of 100% to recoup her silver distributor fee and bid cost. Now 
she just resets it for two days a month to recover her distributorship fee and has accumulated 525 points. That may appear to be peanuts to you (as it still does to her) but if the 1.5%/day average RPP rate continues, which it should, 
that will become over 10000 points in only one year, and 60,000 points in only  6 months following that.
60,000pts x 1.5%/day profit sharing x 30 days/mo x 20% take to the bank money = $5400/mo continuous income.
That's not guaranteed  but is holding up well as of this point in time. How many 22 year olds make $5400/mo??? 
Not many in Mexico, I can tell you that. But the light bulb has not yet come on for her. She spends every penny 
of her paycheck on bills and things, no cushion for emergencies. There's still dad for that and yes we will always 
be there for our kids, regardless of our disdain for their lifestyle, mindset, and unaccountability.

I joined Zeek Dec 23rd,2011. After seeing what my upline and others emailing me were earning, I DID decide to 
pursue recruiting affiliates.
I joined as a $10 silver distributor and bought only $10 worth of sample bids, gave them 
away, placed my Zeekler customer ad every day, set my repurchase meter at 100%,  and advertised like crazy for 
Zeek Rewards affiliates to be able to reap affiliate matrix commissions.  When I saw a significant increase in my genealogy numbers (and most of those were affiliates my few direct affiliates sponsored, not those I sponsored) 
I spent $99 and upgraded to diamond hoping  to maximize matrix earnings from my affiliate downline.

I purchased more sample bids with all of my earnings, both RPP and matrix,  up until April when I had to take matrix earnings out to bail out a foreclosure back home where sis resides. Thank you Jesus, thank you Zeek for saving
us from the criminal banksters. We were only one payment behind at the time they pulled that. Today I have 
over 20,000 points in my point bucket. By keeping my repurchase meter at 100%, that translates to 60,000 points in 
not too many more more months (not guaranteed of course).  I will probably get there much sooner because as a diamond I receive a 10% commission on  the sample bid repurchases my direct affiliates make, and they do that 
every day as they have their repurchase meters set at 100% and are trying to achieve larger point buckets also.
I still have less than 50 personally sponsored affiliates but advertise every day to bring in more as my genealogy 
team right now just passed 100,000.  Those are the people I receive matrix commissions on, not just my less than 
50 personally sponsored. 
Truth is, although many people tried to recruit me with similar claims of success, I did
not believe it until it happened to me. What I wasn't prepared for was the amount of earnings that could be 
obtained by sharing the program with others. I'm normally a passive program person. Zeek is an exception. 
Zeek is not a passive program. It is task driven.  You have to place your Zeekler auction ad each day, you 
have to give your sample bids away using the Bid Manager to be able to reap revenue sharing awards on 
those, and you have to acquire customers to give those sample bids to - 1 per every 1000 bid points.  I have 
over 50 customers in my back office just by placing my daily auction ad. The tasks are pretty simple. And you 
will leave a lot of money on the table if you don't share Zeek with others. I've been in the internet money making 
arena since 1996, and in fact shutdown my 24 year old heating business and have relied on internet income solely since 2001 and in all those years (some of them very lean years - retiring doesn't  mean you always have a retirement income to live on), I've never seen anything like Zeek with this kind of stability, program brilliance, or income potential.

Zeek's Compliance Rules
You are now required to take a 10 section video instruction and pass ten short test to show you absorbed the 
information within 30 days of joining, or your daily RPP will be halted until you do. Zeek has gone through great 
expense in hiring lawyers, business consultants and key people from the MLM industry to make sure Zeek Rewards meets all government compliance issues. It is up to us to keep it that way by understanding what we can and can't say about the program, the terminology we need to use,  and how we need to advertise it to keep it compliant. When 
you login to your back office the compliance/training section is in the left menu.

Again, you can read Zeek's Income Disclosure Statement at
All prospective Zeek Rewards affiliates are required to read this disclosure statement. 
I comment on it further down and income claims cannot be made if you don't show this
but can if you do and you can substantiate and back up what you say.

Watch these videos to understand the Zeek system
If you are serious about building your Zeek business, spending $15/mo to have these videos branded 
with your URL's is simply a must.  You can get all four at   http://www.yougetpaidtoadvertise.com
http://www.onepennybillionaire.com/detailshere/Tz.aspx     short and to the point intro
   8 minute quick overview http://www.yougetpaidtoadvertise.com/detailshere/webinar.aspx   30 minute in depth webinar video/power point presentation that covers most all aspects of the Zeek program.
http://www.got20seconds.com/detailshere/Cst.aspx  2 min video on the penny auction - this gets customers!
http://www.yougetpaidtoadvertise.com/zeek101.aspx  a corporate video worth watching especially for newbies
www.dog-gone-truth.com  put  detailshere in the box and it will play. It is a very cute, well put together, ditty on 
Zeek income disclosure.

http://detailshere.zeekler.com/   Sign up here to get free bids to the penny auction, 
http://detailshere.zeekrewards.com  to sign up for ZeekRewards as an affiliate, where YOU can earn money.

http://detailshere.fscstore.com   My Zeek online store where prices are cheap on a lot of things.  

Zeekler is the penny auction site. This is where the money is made. Zeek Rewards is the profit sharing 
system so you can make money off of the sales revenues of the Zeekler penny auctions. Driving traffic to 
the penny auctions is why we have to place our Zeekler ad every day. When many people do that, the 
system works. Participation in the actual auctions is not necessary, but you may want to since you are given 
free bids to do so as part of your monthly distriutorship fee..  This IS a place you can make good money 
and appears to be very stable for the long haul. 
I  have spent many, many hours sorting through all the information regarding what the real opportunity is  here.  
The company does a good job of explaining the basics of the program on their site and in their videos. If you 
sign up under me as a paid affiliate distributor  (silver, gold or diamond distributor) I will give you even more 
information on this system that I don't divulge to just prospects for compliance reasons.

Zeek Rewards is the marketing arm of Zeekler, which is a business that promotes an Internet penny auction 
shopping service that saves people 60% to 99% off original cost.  Rex Venture Group LLC, owns Zeekler 
and Zeek Rewards. Rex Venture Group LLC is a 14 year old debt free company with their head offices in 
Lexington, North Carolina.  They pay us to drive traffic to their auction sites and bring in new customers. Yes, 
it is CUSTOMER focused. They make their money on the Penny Auctions, and several other revenue streams 
and they share that income revenue with us if we place our ad every day. They need more and more customers 
to dominate the penny auction market. They started with 2 Auctions a week on Monday and Tuesday. Now, they 
are running 24/7, with 70 auctions per day and are going to double that in Febr
uary.  Zeek Rewards has a 
unique compensation plan. You earn money , by doing a simple 3 minute task everyday, promoting Zeekler in
classified ad sites over the internet. You are given the ads to place and many places where you can post them.
You can also promote it in many many other ways both online and offline. By doing so, you participate in the 
company Retail P
oints Pool. If you decide that you would like to share this with others...you can earn good 
money from your referrals
as well as their referrals.  Zeekler Penny Auctions continue to break records and 
receive more traffic than Coca Cola, and most other networking companies and are giving the Penny Auction 
competition a real run for their money. Zeekler plans to be running some mainstream media advertising to 
create a higher profile and a branding image. This will be rolling out this year!

The ZEEKLER penny auction site makes the money and up to 50% of the sales revenue from these 
penny auctions as well as other Zeek income resources is shared with the qualified Zeek Rewards members 
in a profit sharing pool.  Each night, after the close of the normal business day, the company takes part of 
the day's overall business production (up to 50%) which can include auction sales, product sales, member 
renewals, bid sales and other income production from member companies and divides them amongst the 
qualified members. "Qualified member" means that they are a Silver, Gold or Diamond member and that 
they have placed an ad promoting the Zeekler auction for the day, have registered it in their back office 
during the preceding 24 hours and have purchased at least 10 VIP bids via their credit card ,STP, or 
AlertPay. Free Members do not receive awards for their VIP bucket but can still see the award in their 
Bonus Balance bucket which can be converted to real VIP Points when they become a qualified member 
(silver, gold, or diamond).
  Again, qualified to receive monies from the profit sharing pool means you are a 
silver, gold, or diamond member, (not a free member), and  place your ad each day, and give away sample 
bids to increase the VIP Profit Sharing Points in your account bucket.  To receive money from the affiliate matrix pools you also have to maintain two qualified affiliates under you, but to gain all the matrix bonuses, you should 
maintain 6 qualified member affiliates under you .

Here's how the Zeekler penny auction makes money. 
http://www.got20seconds.com/detailshere/Cst.aspx  2 minute video on the penny auction
Lets say, for simplicity sake, that the bids cost you $1.00 each.  Zeekler bids only cost 65 cents for retail bids, 
but do NOT enter into your VIP profit sharing account bucket, so we will use $1.00 in our
example as that's 
what Zeek Rewards bids cost when you buy them as an affiliate member that incorporate the profit sharing 
plan for you to get money back on these auction items sold whether you bid on them or not. 
Lets assume that you were bidding on the newest, hottest bigscreen
TV - an $1800 item. Assume you bought 
50 bids, which cost you $50.00.  As you look at the
auctions that are running, you notice that on every item there 
is a timer and each timer is counting down. When the timer reaches zero,
the final bidder wins the item. You will 
also notice that every time someone bids, the timer goes back up to 20 seconds - making the
bidding fun and competitive.  And although each bid is registered as one penny on the auction site, someone paid 65 cents or $1  
for that penny  bid. Lets say this TV’s price gets up to $149.99, you place a bid with 3 seconds left on
the timer 
– nobody else bids or had time to get their bid in, and you win that
item. So your cost for this $1,800 TV is only 
$150.00 - because that's the price
the item got up to in the auction – plus, of course, the cost of however many 
bids you used to win the item.  But that $150 really represented 15,000 bids from all bidding participants that cost someone $1 each.  So Zeekler took in $15,000 plus the $150 the TV was sold for to the winner to auction off an 
$1800 TV they probably paid $1400 or less for.  Do the math. That's  $13,750 profit in sales revenue.  Even if 
some or most of those bids were 65 cent retail bids instead of $1 sample bids,  that is still a lot of sales revenue. Approximately 50% of this sales revenue is shared with all the Zeek Rewards qualified members via the RPP,
Retail Point Pool, probably the most important way you earn money with Zeek Rewards. 

ZeekRewards is not an 'investment'. It can best be described as a distributorship program that enables 
qualified affiliates who have purchased bids and given those bids away to participate in a company-wide 
sales revenue sharing pool or rewards program as a result of doing the work of placing an ad every day to drive 
traffic to the Zeekler auction web sites.
The money you buy sample bids with is not considered principal. You are 
purchasing a premium ecommerce subscription which includes sample bids you HAVE to give away as samples  
to CUSTOMERS in order to see them surface as VIP revenue sharing points in your account bucket, which you 
get paid on.  The VIP points that accumulate in your account bucket are not considered interest 
but a sales revenue sharing of the company earnings from the Zeekler Penny Auctions as well as rewards from 
five other income streams, mostly dependant upon reward points for bringing others into the program.
This is NOT a "passive opportunity" as the revenue sharing model is based upon customer acquisition 
to give the sample bids to and you have to have two paid affiliate memberships under you to be considered 
"qualified" to start receiving matrix payments, more to receive the bonuses. No downline affiliates are required 
to receive daily sales revenue sharing pay. Your business requires you to do something every day - 
place an ad driving traffic to the auction sites and give away additional sample bids with your profit share earnings - 
if you want sustained/increasing  earnings. This is all easier than it sounds. The incentive to do this is great 
because the rewards are great. I don't know of another place on the net where you can earn more per month 
than here and know that the opportunity is not going to disappear like so many others have. Do not sign up for 
this program without thoroughly reading the "How it works" and "Get Paid" sections on the home page of your 
sponsor's Zeek Rewards website. 

Also note - re: cancelling your account
Once you purchase bids or a subscription from Zeek, there is no backing out. You can't just cancel your 
account and get a refund. Be sure you understand how this works before you subscribe and purchase 
sample bids. You can let your subscription run out by simply putting a stop payment on whatever method 
you chose to fund it. If you funded your subscription by SolidTrustPay  for example you have to go into your 
STP back office and find your subscriptions and cancel the automatic monthly payment. Same with your 
bank account when you have an automatic payments set up. Same with PayZa and NxPay. To recover your 
sample bid purchases (remember the McDonald's example from my 35 pager which gives you a more in 
depth look at Zeek) you need to set your repurchase meter to 0% and simply accumulate your cashout 
every day for 90 days. You will have to maintain your subscription for that time period though and place 
your Zeekler auction ad each day in order to get paid. But if you say bought 100 sample bids, at the end
of the 90 days you would have about $135 to withdraw.  If you would have worked Zeek and set your 
repurchase meter at 100%, at the end of 90 days you would have about $281 or 281 points in your point 
bucket earning money daily for yourself. On day 91 your expiring bid points kick in and you lose $1.50 but 
gain $4.23 for an account increase to $284.62. Zeek averages a 9%/mo increase in real account wealth.
Ave 1.5%/day x 30 days/mo x 20% take to the bank money = 9%/mo  At a time when banks are paying 
1% a year and less on CD's,  Zeek represents one of the few real ways to get ahead financially. You 
should really think hard before deciding spending 3 minutes a day is too much effort for you.

What do I really have to do each day?
1. You can join Zeekler as a customer first to be able to reap the free auction bid points and see how the auction works.
You can do that at http://detailshere/zeekler.com  
2. Then join Zeek Rewards at the Silver level or higher, or even as a Free member. http://detailshere.zeekrewards.com 
3. Buy a sample bids package. $10 to $10,000 and give those bids away (see Bid Manager) in your backoffice.
4. Login to your Zeek Rewards site back office and place your free ad for Zeekler.com for the day. Click on "Place 
Ad" and there is a video tutorial there on how to do that. Takes like 3 minutes. It's thousands of people doing this 
that is making the Zeekler auction site so popular and successful. Remember, part of your paycheck is coming 
from these auction sales profits so do your part. It's like owning your own share of the company. 
5. Set your repurchase meter at 100% and keep repurchasing VIP Bids daily with profits and giving them away 
for free to customers each day to grow your VIP Profit Pool account balance until you reach the point where you 
want to take 20% each day for income and repurchase only 80% to keep that income level sustained. You can 
also set your repurchase meter at 90% which gives you take to the bank money at the same time you are still 
building your VIP point bucket. The Zeek software handles everything else for you automatically.
6. Do check your Bid Manager come early evenings to make sure you don't  have any sample bids that haven't
been given away. You only earn on those after they have been given away. The Bid Manager is the tool in your 
backoffice to give those away.
That's it. Don't make something more difficult out of this. It isn't. And don't forget to do this every day. It is a real
money loser each day you fail to place your ad.

Subscription Levels - pay attention to this part. 
There are four subscription levels' FREE, Silver, Gold and Diamond. There are increasing benefits as 
you go up the ladder, along with increasing monthly dues - free, $10/mo, $50/mo and $99/mo. But the 
higher up the ladder you go, the more you earn from your downline, especially when they renew their 
subscription each month and when they purchase more sample bids. On the Zeek Rewards website  click 
on the "Get Paid" button at the top as it discusses these quite well there. Go to he bottom of that page 
and click on "continue to qualifications".  On that page is what you really need to know. You find out that 
as a Silver you only make 25 cents a month  on a diamond affiliate's monthly renewal instead of $3.50 if 
you were a diamond also. That's leaving a lot of change on the table if you are not a diamond yourself 
when your matrix starts to grow as many of those people will be diamonds.  Click on the link at the bottom 
of that page for even more matrix info. 
Another interesting statistic is what is earned when your affiliates buy more sample bids.  And most 
affiliates are buying more sample bids every day. That again depends on your membership level. Let's 
say you are a free subscriber or a silver and sponsored a person who had the vision. That person upgraded 
his position to a diamond and bought 7000 sample bids.  If you were a free subscriber you would receive 
no commission on that. If you were a silver you would receive a 5% commission or $350.  If you were a 
gold subscriber you would receive a 7% commission or  $490.  But if you were a diamond yourself, you 
would receive a 10% commission or $700. Big difference. My affiliate downline has over 100,000 people 
now. Many, many of those people are diamonds. Can you even imagine the loss of coin by not being a 
diamond myself?  That's 100% take to the bank money you could withdraw or buy sample bids with. In 
looking at my genealogy I can't tell you how much money is being lost in commissions and left on the table 
because people have diamond and gold affiliates under them but still remain Silvers or Free subscribers 
themselves.  Why?  Because they don't know what is in this paragraph.  If you want all you can get and 
have coming here, become a Diamond subscriber as soon as you are able to.

The company wants this opportunity promoted using your Zeekler and Zeek Rewards affiliate 
websites, and optionally the videos you see above that you can sign up to receive  branded with your 
username on them, which describe the program accurately and legally. Sending out additional information 
documents to clarify what is on the site or in the videos and what you can earn from Zeek Rewards is not 
allowed except if you include the income disclosure statement or URL to it at the same time.  We are not 
allowed to make lifestyle claims, we are not allowed to  show copies of checks  or  account statements. 
The income disclosure statement  must be presented whenever any type of income claim or earnings 
representation is made.
Interestingly their income disclosure statement tells you many people didn't make 
any money in Zeek at all last year. However, currently over 70% of active members are. Effort is required on 
your part, but the rewards are great if you will put that effort forth.  I am testimony to that. 
I've been in the internet money making arena since 1996, and in fact quit my heating business and have 
relied on internet income soley since 2001 and in all those years I've never seen anything like Zeek with 
this kind of stability, payout, or income potential.

I believe there are two reasons for people not making money in Zeek.  They did not buy sufficient sample 
bids  up front to receive profit sharing awards greater than their cost of subscription fees, got discouraged and 
dropped out. I personally do not recommend starting with less than $200 worth of bids, although you can even 
start for $10 or even free. You have to see results to want to stick with it. At free or $10 you are not seeing 
enough account growth to make you want to stick with it. Two, they did not want to actively pursue bringing in 
affiliates under them. That is a very big mistake as my matrix earnings on my downline and their downlines are 
very significant. Just don't settle for getting your two people in to be qualified for matrix earnings, but pursue 
affiliate recruiting hard until you get at least 6 in to get the additional bonuses that go along with that. Work it hard 
until you get at least six under you is my advice and then don't stop.  Once you get at least six and start seeing 
the results in your genealogy and affiliate matrix commissions, you won't want to quit there. Sky then becomes 
the limit.  I watch my genealogy increase from 1000 - 1500 people a day now.  You think that doesn't motivate me.  
This page is all about teaching you how to be able to do the same.  I have discovered affiliate matrix commissions 
can be even more lucrative than the daily profit sharing award. I do advertise outside my one ad per day required 
by Zeek to  obtain Zeekler customers if I need more customers. But where I do spend at least an hour a day over 
and above that is advertising  heavily for more affiliates.  There's just a huge cash cow in affiliate matrix commissions way beyond the daily profit sharing awards, which in itself can build you a retirement income.  The neat thing about 
Zeek is your daily profit sharing award has nothing to do with affiliate dues. They are not robbing Peter to pay Paul. 
It ALL comes from company profit made on the Zeekler penny auctions, not from subscription dues.  Your affiliate 
matrix commisions do come from affiliate subscription dues, but since very few drop out (there is an attrition rate of 
nly 2.5% in Zeek - unheard of in the MLM industry) and quit paying their subscription dues in order to continue to 
receive daily profit sharing awards, there is zip for attrition rate in this program. In contrast the turnover and attrition 
rate in most MLM's is enormous.  Why?  Because few actually make money above their cost of doing business.  
When over 70% of the Zeek affiliates are making money over and above their cost of doing business, why wouldn't 
they stay aboard?? Only the do nothings, very lazy and those who don't understand the program would drop out. 
I mean who couldn't spend 3 minutes a day posting an ad in order to get paid, even at the free or silver level?
I've been in literally dozens of MLM's over the years starting with Amway and Quixtar, tough places to do anything 
except spend money, not make money.  Most have good products but will simply suck you dry and the only ones 
and who make anything are those at the very top of the chain. 
The rest of us might make enough to pay for monthly autoship with earnings but a retirement income never ever 
enters the picture.  Zeek is different. 70% + of the affiliates make money and some people I personally know are 
making insane amounts of money with Zeek.  Many have 50,000 to 100,000 and larger point buckets and got there 
in less than a year.  That's a retirement income folks.  If Zeek would let us talk about numbers and the math, we 
could quadruple our downlines almost overnight. But due to compliance rules, that is not the case.

You need only one customer now for every 1000 VIP points in your point bucket. That is very easy to obtain just 
by posting your one ad per day. I use ad sources such as www.adpost.com that allows advertising to markets outside 
the US and Canada, such as Hong Kong, Phillipines, Singapore, Malaysia, India, etc. Many of those people speak 
English and are what I consider worker bees that see the vision. They don't waste their time on computer games 
and watching Simpsons on the boob tube. You shouldn't have any trouble obtaining customers on your own by 
simply posting your single Zeekler ad each day or following what I do further down on this page.  Keep enough 
customers to take care of giving the sample bid points away to and spend the rest of your time advertising for 
new affiliates.  I mainly advertise to obtain more affiliates. There is a  huge potential now in downline affiliates 
AND THEIR AFFILIATES,  I spend more than just a few minutes a day doing this. At www.adpost.com  you can 
place an ad at every country each day. That's 12 different countries. I post my Zeekler ad, not the one found on 
my Zeek site, but the more complete ad I show below which fits into the 1000 characters allotted at adpost.com, 
to the United States and rotate it between internet, network marketing-MLM, and homebased  sections each day.  
Then I post my Zeek affiliate ad (also shown below) to the remaining 11 countries at www.adpost.com  each day.  
And yes, I post the same Zeek affiliate ad to the other places each day I show you on this page.   I won't tell you 
to do what I am not willing to do.  Now, I can say in all honesty I've been retired for the past 12 years after closing 
my 24 year old heating business down in 2001.  I can also tell you some of those years have been very lean and 
I have had zip for spending money outside of absolute necessities for much of that time period also. It's the price 
you pay for leaving the rat race. I would do it again in a heartbeat, and I loved my heating business; just not the 
rules and code BS that went along with it.

Below I give you  six great advertising places to post ads at that reach a lot of people everyday. I also give you 
renditions of the ads I actually use. Only the first two sections are free, but the little the other five cost compared 
to the benefit you can reap from them is well worth it. If you want your business to pay off big time and quickly you 
have to invest a little of both time and money in it to make it do so. Many days, I make more from my matrix 
commissions than I do from my daily profit share on a 20,000+ point VIP bucket. If you would have told me that 
two months ago I would not have believed you, but it is true.  Zeek's compliance rules now make this task more 
difficult as they only want you using your Zeek site and their approved videos to work with.  No giving out of your 
own renditions that clearly spell it all out in black and white and telling people what they can really earn here. And 
I can understand that, as much disinformation would be put out to you if they allowed that.

We are not allowed to send you spread sheets of what you can earn, examples of what you can earn based upon 
doing this or that, copies of our back office stats, or even a link to an online calculator where you can run some 
numbers yourself.  Basically no one is now allowed to tell you what you can or can't earn in Zeek Rewards. You 
have to figure it all out for yourself.

Although you do NOT have to sponsor affiliates to earn from the profit sharing pool, you DO have to 
obtain affiliates if you want to earn matrix commissions; your goal should be to get at least six so you can share 
in all the bonus matrix earnings as it can be quite significant.  And you DO have to obtain Zeekler auction customers, 
one minimum for every 1000 VIP points in your point bucket to give your sample bids, if you want to earn money 
from the profit sharing pool on those bids.  Go to www.detailshere.com/advertising.htm , for even more places to 
advertise than I show below here. Just  sending a good Zeekler ad out to a couple of these places a couple times a week over and above my required daily ad, has given me enough customers as of today to support my own sample 
bid giveaways for some time to come. You can do the same to obtain your customers.   I detail how to do this with 
many good resources for placing ads as well as the ads to use   further down on this page.

The one rule that has changed that does affect us is the 30 day rule.  
A Zeekler PRC customer (a Zeekler customer on silver, gold or diamond autoship)  cannot become a Zeek
Rewards affiliate for 30 days.  This rule does not affect regular customers who received your free sample bids 
and did not sign up as PRC's.  So if you tell people to sign up as a Zeekler customer first in order to get free 
sample bids, and then sign up as a Zeek Rewards affiliate, make sure they understand if they become a PRC 
customer (Zeekler customer on autoship), they will have a 30 day wait to become a Zeek Rewards affiliate.   

Market your Zeekler auction site separately from marketing your Zeek Rewards site. Market your Zeekler 
auction site to obtain enough customers to give sample bids away to. Market your Zeek Rewards site to obtain 
affiliates to be able to earn matrix income off of which can be quite significant as I have found out. As we have 
no access to the email addys of the Zeekler customers we do bring aboard, the thirty day thing is really a moot 
issue as most will probably never even know about the Zeek Rewards part of the program. BUT, with that said, 
it is one reason I add an email contact to my Zeekler ad, because if they do respond with a question from the 
Zeekler ad, it gives me a chance to pursue them as a Zeek Rewards affiliate by sending them a rendition of this 
page here in an email.

The push in the Zeekler system is to sign up PRC's, personally sponsored customers, essentially a silver, gold 
or diamond customer member on autoship.  There are people that are only interested in the auctions and not 
the profit sharing part of the system. That in my opinion is a mistake, and is only fact because they do not know 
about the Zeek Rewards profit sharing system which is separate from the penny auctions.  But ,as of the end of December 2011 a Zeek Rewards affiliate membership receives the same number of free auction bids each month 
as does a Zeekler silver, gold or diamond PRC membership so why would anyone sign up as a silver, gold or 
diamond Zeekler PRC member instead of as a Zeek Rewards affiliate?? Only by not knowing that the Zeek 
Rewards affiliate program existed and what it could do for them.  I could not morally recruit anyone as a Zeekler 
PRC instead of as a Zeek Rewards affiliate. 
But most people  are not aware that when they are advertising the Zeekler auction they are not recruiting Zeek 
Rewards affiliates. No mention is made of the Zeek Rewards affiliate program at the Zeekler auction site. You 
have to advertise Zeek Rewards, the profit sharing system,  separately on it's own merits. Zeek has an extremely 
high ratio of customers vs affiliates, about 25 -1,  and that just renders it even more legit in the eyes of the abc's.
The nearest competitor only has a 10-1 ratio. Zeek really has their act together.

And, again,  I have to take back my stance of not concentrating on recruiting affiliates but only on 
putting your own money in first to build your account. Many people who have 50,000+ point buckets got there 
pretty much on their own funds.  And back near the beginning there wasn't the 10k limit on what you could buy 
in sample bids with your own money as there is today. It makes the system more legit, but now you have to work 
the system to build your point bucket, you can't just spend your own money anymore. Today silver members can 
only buy 1000 sample bids, gold 5000 bids and diamond 10,000 sample bids with their own money. All points 
above that have to be earned by working the system.
I joined in late December 2011. I had a couple people from Malaysia or somewhere in the far east judging by their 
names, sign up under me but never  paid much attention to them as I still hadn't gotten my affiliates to be able 
to obtain much in matrix commissions yet.  I never thought it would be much anyway as I only had  the minimum  
in the system of my own money. But in all of January  I kept watching my genealogy numbers increase as the 
affiliates I did have were recruiting like crazy. By mid January I was seeing several thousand people under me 
but I still didn't have many personally sponsored affiliates, so saw little in matrix commissions yet from them.  
About mid February that number had doubled  but I still wasn't seeing zip from it.  So I decided I better try and 
recruit some affiliates, which is why I pushed Zeek hard in my  newsletters as even if people didn't recruit other 
affiliates (you DO have to recruit for customers though) the honest profit sharing earnings in Zeek is better  
than virtually anything else on the net I can find that is not hyip or a ponzi.. Nothing is guaranteed  in Zeek, but that statement  is based upon the 2011 average profit sharing figure of 1.4%/day, of which approximately 80% 
represents replacing expiring bid points if you want to maintain the same VIP point bucket count, and 20% is 
actual take to the bank money. From Nov 2011 to present that figure has averaged 1.5%/day. 
I also started advertising outside of my one ad placed per day for Zeekler to try and get more affiliates.   
Near  the end of February I finally got six affiliates required to get all the bonuses on the matrix commissions,  
and my sponsored genealogy (mostly not from my own efforts) had now tripled. I still only had minimum into 
the system of my own money including silver membership and sample bids purchased, but gambled that matrix commissions might pay a diamond's dues. The other rule I failed to note was that as a silver I wasn't 
receiving bonuses from golds and diamonds under me, and looking through my genealogy I noticed there were 
a lot of those.   So I  upgraded to a diamond. The following day I saw $$$ come into my account from matrix
earnings.  The next day I saw more matrix $$ flow in, the next day more yet, and it kept coming. I kept rebuying 
sample bids with all of it (don't forget you have to give those bids away to receive VIP points on them) and I am
watching my VIP point bucket gain points rapidly each day now.  The original recruits keep bringing in more people and getting a lot of them to become diamonds somehow.  I guess I have to quit telling people not to venture 
into recruiting and just buy sample bids with their own money and call it a day. It appears that an affiliate downline 
can be quite rewarding.  I revised this page which now outlines the ads I am using as well as where I am placing 
those ads to gain customers as well as to gain more affiliates. Your goal should be to get as many affiliates as 
you can and never stop in that effort, but at least five or six to be able to earn on all the bonuses on matrix 
commission sharing.
As stated previously we only have to now come up with one customer for every 1000 VIP points we have in 
our point bucket, which is very reasonable and easy to accomplish,  so we need to advertise for both Zeekler 
customers as well as Zeek Rewards affiliates, separately. Your required daily ad for Zeekler should obtain 
enough customers for you, but if you need more, use the ad and the resources to post the ad I have shown 
below and you shouldn't have any trouble getting customers without having to buy any.
I haven't had a problem 
getting customers  simply by posting my daily Zeekler ad.   Although some will tell you this can be a passive 
program, it is not  a passive program. You have to do something every day, post your Zeekler auction ad, and  
if you want to really get ahead and retire with Zeek you need to get affiliates under you and obtain matrix 
commissions. I now earn more each month on matrix commissions than I do the daily point sharing payout, 
considering only 20% of the daily point share payout is take to the bank money.
The 80/20 rule compensates for the 90 day expiration of bids. If you set your repurchase meter at 80% 
and repurchase bids daily with 80% of what you are paid out each day in point sharing earnings, your VIP point 
sharing point bucket will never decrease and will even increase slightly. That leaves you 20% of each  day's payout 
that is actually take to the bank money. If you want to build your account, set your repurchase meter at 100% and 
then change it to 80% when you want to start taking money out but want to keep your VIP point bucket at the same 
level.  You can also set your repurchase meter at 90% so you have some take to the bank profit at the same time 
you are increasing your VIP point account bucket. Setting your repurchase meter at less than 80% is a bad idea, 
as you will be decreasing your account point bucket and thus your daily profit share if you do so as bid points 
expire and are not replaced.

You can even work the Zeek program starting with no money, it will simply take longer to get there. 
When you join the program at any level you are given BONUS points; 100 points for Free membership, 110 
for Silver, 150 for Gold and 200 for Diamond.  These are like FREE money. The bonus points earn at the 
same rate as the VIP points if you place your ad every day. Bonus points expire after 60 days but the "profit "
from them is then moved into your VIP points balance to earn again. 

Stacking - signing up my family members under me; what are the rules?       
Stacking occurs when multiple subscribers of a household sponsor each other and purchase product from the "bottom" of the "stack" in order to earn multiple levels of commissions on their own purchases and prevent their upline sponsor from earning on the referral of said affiliate/family member into the program. Stacking is strictly prohibited and anyone caught doing so will be immediately removed from ZeekRewards permanently and will forfeit all commissions, bids and awarded points. A reward of 10 compounding bids will be awarded to anyone who reports a valid and provable violation of this policy.    If multiple family members within the same household (husband, wife, daughter, son, parent at the same address) wish to become active ZeekRewards representatives, they must sign up under the original sponsor who introduced the first household member to ZeekRewards.  Here's bottomline. If you purchased your full 10k worth as a diamond and want another 10k working for you with a subscription for the wife or kids, who live in the same household as you do, you have to sign them up under YOUR sponsor, not yourself.  

The Shopping Daisy
This is a great free item that is included in your package. It is a piece of downloadable software that searches the internet for the lowest price on items of interest. Let’s say you were searching for a particular Sony TV. Open your shopping daisy application, insert the exact make and model number of the item you want, and it will search the net and tell you where to buy it at the lowest price. You download this software from your back office. 
This could save you a bunch in shopping for things you need. 

Zeek's compliance rules

There is a test we have to study for and pass regarding what Zeek will allow for us to post on the web. 
This is in beta test right now to remove the bugs but will be available soon and is mandatory to take and pass 
or you will have to pull anything you have posted on the web off the web.

Hello Zeek Affiliates!  We are proud to announce that we have partnered with top MLM Attorney Kevin Grimes
and his team over at www.mlmcompliance.com  and are ramping up and rolling out our much heavier hitting
compliance protocols.

We realize that Zeek has become quite a phenomenon and with such growth and popularity comes even heavier responsibility both from corp and from the affiliates in the field.  With so many livelihoods relying on EVERYONE to do their part, fly straight and stay COMPLIANT with the policies of the company and more importantly – the laws that govern our industry(s) we have partnered with MLMCompliance and multiple legal teams to do exactly that.  To ensure that YOU and every affiliate in Zeek is fully aware of what it is to be COMPLIANT – we will have an upcoming course that is mandatory to pass in order to advertise…as well as several other protocols we are in the process of implementing.

I will take this opportunity to introduce our Compliance Manager – Jon Wright.  Jon has been intimately involved with Zeek for over 7 months as the man behind “Bug Reports” and has stepped up into the role of Compliance Manager along with a few others to support the process.  In the next few weeks ALL sites, webinars and marketing materials that are not company produced, sponsored or promoted will come under full scrutiny and must be submitted for review and a formal stamp of approval MUST be on your site and/or materials by Feb. 1st or you will be deactivated for distributing non-compliant material.  Why?  Corp has spent countless hours policing YouTube and Google and responding to reports and unfortunately…it’s not enough.  Back office videos and spreadsheets (both 100% ILLEGAL) are still found being uploaded, produced and distributed.  So – we are adopting blanket policies and are implementing them with a shoot-first, ask questions later trigger finger.  We won’t apologize for protecting this company and neither should you.  If you find ANY non-compliant material out there – submit it through compliance@zeeklers.com and it will be managed immediately.  Help us help you!

What is NON-COMPLIANT??  What CAN’T YOU SAY???  Here’s a brief list:

1. Do NOT make guarantees of any kind.  There are no guarantees in business.  We are a business that relies 
    on sales.  You are a commissioned-driven sales force of independent affiliates who’s income relies on SALES.

2. Do NOT use any banking terms or examples:
    Do NOT use the words compound or interest.
3. Do NOT use any of Zeekler or ZeekRewards logo’s or copy-written material without express written consent for any reason. Business cards and all materials with logo’s used by any affiliate MUST state “Independent Affiliate” within 1/2 inch of the logo or it is non-compliant

4. Do NOT make income claims or projections.  It is against federal law.  See legal dictionary:  enticement:  entice verb allure, bait, cajole, coax, decoy, divert, inveigh, lure, seduce, tempt  Source:  http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/enticing  
What are income claims and projections?  
Here are a few examples:

  1. Do NOT distribute spreadsheets.  Spreadsheet distribution is considered an income claim or projection and is grounds for immediate deactivation and complete termination without warning.
  2. Do NOT show your checks to anyone.  Check flashing is a known and actionable form of enticement.
  3. Do NOT show, record or distribute videos of your ZR back office.  It is not only enticement but also breaches our privacy policy as it shows yours and possibly OTHERS information.

5. Do NOT advertise that there is no Sponsoring or recruiting necessary to earn income.  It is a fraudulent statement and is grounds for removal from this program. Customers are required to earn in this program.  Affiliate qualifications and daily tasks are required in this program.  Do not lie to people or you will be removed from our program.

6. Do NOT post on CraigsList or any other site where doing so would be in breach of their ToS.

7. Do NOT advertise in Non-English languages or promote Zeek in foreign languages.  We do not offer multi-lingual support or compliance review and cannot support every language in the world therefore…English Only.
NO Public Meetings.  If it is not a corp sponsored event…there are absolutely NO public meetings allowed.  We cannot ensure compliance and so therefore we STRICTLY PROHIBIT them.  Any affiliate reported as having public meetings will be permanently removed from the program.

8. Each person is only allowed to have ONE Zeek Rewards account either personal OR business.  Please be sure to         make this known as you talk to new prospects.

9. A husband and wife can each have their own account, but due to the "No Stacking Policy", they cannot sponsor one another.  Also, any family members from the same household cannot be personally sponsored by anyone from that household.  If the family member, such as a son who already moved out, lives at a different address, you can sponsor them.

10. If two Zeek affiliates sponsor one another and later become engaged and get married, no changes have to be made and is an exception to the "No Stacking" policy.

11. Each Zeek Rewards account can only be tied to one NXPay account.  Therefore, each affiliate needs to have their own NXPay account.  They can however link to the same bank account.

12. Generation Bonus - The company has been keeping track of all affiliates who have qualified for this bonus and will be paid as soon as the programming can be put in place to pay it. 

13. VIP Limits - Paul mentioned that there will definitely be VIP limits put in place soon to further make the compensation plan sustainable for the long term.  Until then, business as usual and affiliates already over whatever these limits may be with be identified and compensated fairly.

14. New Sales Requirements will also be eventually put into place. Please realize that these requirements, no matter what they will be, will further make sure that this company is rock solid from the inside out. They will also be proactively looking out for the long term viability.  This will be focused on customer sales, and in our opinion, easy for all of to achieve with everything that we currently have in place and other things that we are working on putting into place.

After the amazing leadership call from last night, it still amazes us how great things are with all the new stuff being put in place!
Alexa ratings, June 19th, 2012,  says that we are now 199 in the world for traffic out of all websites online...WOW! 
Just so you know, this puts Zeek Rewards ahead of well-know sites like CBS Sports (634), Quibids (1054), IBM (459), Priceline.com (684), and even Best Buy (330).  Not bad for a site that in only about 17 months old now huh? 
Do you think you are in the right place at the right time?

How to get customers and affiliates.
Zeek rewards is not a passive opportunity. You don't just buy sample bids and do nothing else. 
You have to obtain a minimum of one customer for every 1000VIP points you have in your account. That is 
easy, I will show you how to do that here. Yes, you CAN run the program without recruiting any affiliates, but 
that would be a huge mistake because once you get a good downline working for you, the matrix income 
from them is massive as they build their downline and VIP point buckets too. I recruited only a couple people 
as affiliates to start with. But they were real worker bees. In less than a month that affiliate downline grew to 
5000 people; not by my efforts, but by all those affillate's efforts.  Today, only four months later, that figure is 
6 times that. I didn't see much for matrix earnings until I recruited 6 affiliates myself to gain all the bonuses on 
my matrix, but once I did that , the income from the rest of these people started coming in. To not try to recruit 
affiliates into Zeek Rewards would be a costly mistake. I will tell you how to do that here also. 

You have to continually get Zeekler customers in this program to give your sample bids away to. If you have 
your repurchase meter set at 80 that means 80% of the profit sharing points you receive each day has to 
be given away as free samples to a customer in order for you to receive the VIP Profit sharing points that 
earn you the money. The 80% number continually replaces the expiring bid points that only have a 90 day 
lifespan. If you have 5000 VIP points and the daily profit sharing amount was 1.5%, that means you need 
to be able to give away 60 bid points that day in order to just replace your expiring bid points. Obtaining 
customers is easy. You don't need to buy customers  at all.  And I do have two resources for buying 
customers if you absolutely have to go that route but you will have to email me privately for those. 

Market your Zeekler penny auction site separately from marketing your Zeek Rewards site. Don't combine 
both aspects into the same ad. As we have no access to the email addys of the customers signing up under us
we do bring aboard, the thirty day PRC thing is really a moot issue as most Zeekler customers will probably never 
even know about the Zeek Rewards affiliate program. Most people are not aware that when they are advertising 
the Zeekler penny auction they are not recruiting  Zeek Rewards affiliates. No mention is made of the Zeek 
Rewards affiliate program at the Zeekler site.  You have to advertise Zeek Rewards on it's own separate merits. 
Zeek has an extremely high ratio of customers vs affiliates, 25-1,  and that just renders it even more legit in the 
eyes of the abc's.   So it is a good thing even though I consider it somewhat deceptive.

Marketing to get customers.
There are many ads for you to post given to you at your Zeek Rewards back office, as well as many places to 
post those that cost you nothing. Just posting your one ad a day may satisfy the requirement to get your profit 
share for the day, but is severely limiting in regards to what you can accomplish with this program. Take pieces 
of those ads and combine them to make a better ad. I use this ad below to get Zeekler penny auction customers. 
I use www.adpost.com where you can post an ad to 12 different countries every day. It doesn't get simpler than 
that  and if you do that I guarantee you will have plenty of customers to give sample bids away to. If you are posting 
a new ad before your 24 hours are up just change the subject line a little and the first section of the ad a little and it 
will go through.

Note 1: If you are a silver member you can say up to 50 bids, as a gold member  up to 250 and as a diamond 
up to 500,at any one time. 1000 total bids given to any one customer and that customer is spent, he has received 
all he can receive for free. 
Note 2: 
Your splash page at http://ivorycandle.zeekler.com/splash/  is only a sign up page. It does not have 
the video content on it that the page at  http://www.got20seconds.com/detailshere/Cst.aspx  has. View both 
of these pages and see the difference. Which viewing would encourage you to actually sign up if you were a 
newby looking at this? Is there any question? If you are serious about building  your Zeek business it is my 
opinion that you need to spend the $15/mo  (first month is only $5) and buy the 4 branded videos to use in 
your advertising.   You can view my 4 branded videos  here.
Obtain these at http://www.yougetpaidtoadvertise.com

Subject line for Zeekler customer ad:
I am giving away 100 free bids to use in my online penny auction.

Body of Zeekler customer ad
Yes, I am giving away 100 free bids so you can get stuff at up to 90% off retail.
Bid on the latest technology, silver & gold bullion/coins, jewelry, appliances,
Ipads, Ipods, cameras, TV's, name brand electronics, laptops, printers, power tools,
gift cards, even cash, for a fraction of retail cost.
Recently sold items - iPad2 $103.00,
Brother Sewing Machine $65.06, 10K White Gold Diamond Earrings $5.54, $100
Amazon giftcard 95 cents.  Make money buying stuff cheap and reselling it on ebay or
Craig's List as a home business in itself. Register for free today and I'll load your account 
with 100 free bids to play with in the auctions. No obligation to purchase anything outside 
of the free bids. Watch the 2 minute video at http://www.got20seconds.com/detailshere/Cst.aspx
for how it works.
Email me at   bershka65@gmail.com if you have questions. 
Put "Zeek Question" in the subject line.

(Don't forget to use YOUR Zeekler URL and YOUR gmail addy in the above ad, not mine)
This ad works, use it! Mix it up between categories, Network Marketing-MLN, home based , and internet.

I use a gmail addy in these ads because a lot of people scalp email addys from ads to 
send their own promotions to and I don't need to clutter my inbox with these. Gmail allows 
you to select all and delete all. But scout for the subject lines that say "Zeek Question" first 
as those are the people you want to send Zeek Rewards info to besides answering their question.
Notice the ad itself says nothing about Zeek Rewards. We are after customers only here to give 
our sample bids to, nothing else. If you had 20,000 VIP points and had your repurchase meter set at 80%
and the average daily profit sharing was 1.5%; 1.5% x 20,000 x 80% = 240 sample bids you need to give away 
each day. So part of your endeavor has to be advertising to gain customers. Which isn't hard. Who doesn't 
like FREE? The penny auction sells itself if they will just look at the video in your ad. If you are a diamond 
you can give away up to 500 sample bids to any one customer at a time; 1000 total, one advantage of getting 
to diamond as soon as you can. I became a diamond with only a few points in my bucket as soon as I got my 
6 affiliates to make the matrix income work from my downline. I more than paid for diamond membership in my 
first week of being a diamond.
Where to market to is covered after the Marketing to Zeek Rewards affilates section which is next.

Marketing to get Zeek Rewards affiliates.
I should have signed up for Zeek a year ago. Why didn't I?  Because the program appeared too complicated 
and no one took the time to put it all in black and white and explain it to me. The videos and website did a good 
job of presenting the basics and overall picture of what was going on but didn't really address the specifics of 
what could be earned here. With a degree in math I spent  days calculating, putting spreadsheets together 
to separate the hype from the actual earnings. When I arrived at the monthly percentage figures for profit sharing,
as in take to the bank money,  that could be earned from Zeek without any affiliate sponsoring (you still gotta get customers to give the sample bids away to though) I knew this was a winner. My only regret was taking a year to 
wake up. Spending hours and hours on the site pages to determine how to explain the necessary stuff to people 
so they could really understand it was the next step. I arrived at two documents I used to send to people one on 
one in an email I tried to recruit into Zeek Rewards. But Zeek compliance got hold of those and said I could no 
longer do that so what is on this page is all I can tell you now. 

We are all going to be required to study their new compliance rules as well as take a test showing we 
understand them. With that said, then the trick is to design an ad that sparks enough interest to get the person 
reading the ad to request additional information from you regarding the affiliate program.  Zeek only wants you 
to use your affiliate website and their videos to explain the program with. The problem with that is that it leaves 
pieces to the puzzle out regarding what you can really earn in the program.

Here's the ad I post to recruit new Zeek Rewards Affilates.

Subject line: "What you need to know about the Zeek Rewards profit sharing system."
or  "Zeek Rewards is one of the most productive income producing programs on the net today."
or  "Earn good money with this debt free, 15 year old company"
or  "Statistically 70%+ of Zeek affiliates make money in Zeek"
or  "With Zeek Rewards, everyone who posts a daily ad and gives away bids earns money daily."
or  "With everyone making money there are no dropouts; very low attrition rate". 
or  "My sponsor has effectively retired with this single program."

(you can probably make a better subject line, the goal is to get them to open the ad so they will be 
exposed to the body of the ad).

Body of ad:
Join me in a company where 70% of all active affiliates make money. Zeek has the highest 
bonus pool in the MLM  industry with up to 50% of each day's net from penny auctions paid 
back to the membership.
 Zeekler is Zeek's penny auction site where people bid on silver & 
gold bullion/coins, jewelry, appliances, IPads, IPods, cameras, TV's, laptops, printers, power 
tools, gift cards, even cash, for a fraction of retail cost. 
Zeek Rewards is the profit sharing system 
making you money off the penny auctions. Driving traffic to the Zeekler penny auctions entails 
spending 3 minutes a day to place an ad given you to a site also given to you. Do this and share 
in the overall profits of the penny auctions every day. Your participation in the actual auctions is 
not necessary, but you may want to since you are given free auction bids with which to do so.  
Zeek is a very stable place to make good money at for the long haul. 

Get more details at http://www.detailshere.com/zeek.htm  

If you don't have a private website use your Zeek Rewards  URL www.yourusername.zeekrewards.com 
or better yet put a gmail addy in and when they respond send them a revamped word document of my 
Zeek page here at  www.detailshere.com/zeek.htm   which has a lot of information in it  and then include your 
Zeek sign up URL. If you include my branded videos instead of buying your own, which you have permission 
to do from me, be sure and tell people not to sign up under those video links but only sign up under your link.
I think it is a big mistake not to use the videos in your advertising efforts. They are really well done and only 
leave the question unaswered, "How much can I make here".

Where to post your ads.
The following are the resources I use. Also, after you login to your Zeek Rewards back office , click on 
"Post your Ad".   
Step 1 gives you ads to place
(but my ads above will get you better results as they are more complete)
Take parts and pieces of those ads and make up your own 1000 character ad. 
Step 2. Choose an Advertising Venue (location) 
which will give you many other places 
to post an ad to besides what I give you here. My page at www.detailshere.com/advertising.htm  will also give 
you many other places to post an ad.
If you just post your one ad a day to get paid in the profit sharing pool 
you are greatly limiting what you can earn in the Zeek Rewards program. I spend an hour a day posting ads
to try and recruit affiliates.
Step 3. You have to copy the URL of where your ad is posted and come back and show that you have placed 
your ad for the day.

Be sure and sign up for the following ad sites with a separate gmail address as people also use these sites 
to glean email addys to send you their offers. Gmail has it where you can clean out your mailbox in one clean 
swoop if you don't have time to go through spam ads that day. Be sure and search for the "Zeek Question" 
emails first though as those are contacts you want to get information to.

Another thing I do, is I send a Zeek ad to everyone who spams me. Each day I receive a ton of spams 
from people sending me their offer. I do a "reply" to their email, and paste in my  Zeek affiliate ad above 
and send it back to them. These people are excellent prospects. They are serious enough about getting 
ahead to try things. If Zeek is explained to them properly, why wouldn't they try Zeek. There's really no 
competition out there for what Zeek has to offer us.

When people respond to you, send them a long email similar to my Zeek page here. Copy my Zeek page 
and edit it to contain YOUR URL's. Delete what you don't want to say and add what you want to say more 
that doesn't violate compliance rules. You just can't talk about numbers in the recruiting stage.

All of these places below have different  lengths of ads you can use. www.adpost.com  for example has 
a 1000 character limit. It won't post your ad if you exceed their limit. You have to modify it until it fits their 
space requirements. The ads I made up above do fit this 1000 character model. In large 14 point easy to 
read arial type it is just about right. You don't want to overwhelm people with too much copy in your ad. They 
won't read it. You want to peek their interest enough so they will go to your website to learn more or request  
more information in an email. That's the goal of the ad. The goal of the customer ad is to get them to sign 
up as your customer and try out the auction. The sign up form of your splash page will do this but the 2 minute 
video is really what has the impact to cause this to happen. When they are done with the auction video, they 
can't do anything else except say "WOW". 

There is just too much money to be made in affiliate matrix commissions to not be willing to do this and 
build your downline genealogy. If you can teach the few you do bring in as affiliates to do this for their affiliates, 
you will have a huge cash cow on your hands. I have only personally sponsored 18 affiliates myself, but I receive 
matrix commissions on 29,058 people as of April 17th, 2012.  That to me is just totally mind blowing amazing. 
I never would have believed that in a thousand years. .That's could be worth several thousand dollars a month 
just in affiliate matrix commissions not counting my daily profit sharing award. You can do it too!  I am a nobody.
Turn the boob tube off and concentrate on ad posting for an hour every day and watch the dividends result.

Resources to use for posting your ads.
1. Million Leads for Free
Go to http://www.MillionLeadsForFree.com/go.php?r=detailshere 
Sign up for free.
Simply open your site, login, and click on "Message Inbox" 
from the left menu, look at ten ads which is the price you pay for being able to post your ad, then click on  
"Post to open contracts" and post your ad.  

2. http://www.adpost.com 
These are also free places to send your customer or affiliate ads to

This place covers Asian and other countries you can select too. In fact there are 
12 countries listed there and you could place 12 ads a day, one to each different country.
I post my Zeekler customer ad to the United States at www.adpost.com each day. I vary the selection 
from network marketing-MLM, home based, and internet. AND - if you are posting a free ad, that ad goes 
to a specific state and a specific county. You need to select different states and different counties each 
day for your free ad, preferably large population counties. On the page where you preview your ad, just 
before clicking "post ad" look upward a couple lines and you will see the state and county your ad will be 
going to. You can use the selector to change both state and county so your ad goes to a different place 
each day.
Then I post my Zeek Rewards affiliate ad to the other 11 countries each day also.
That's too much effort you say?  Hey, stay broke. You will NEVER have the chance to build a retirement 
income as rapidly as you can with Zeek. Maybe you are just enamored with your J.O.B. Excuses abound.
Please try doing what works. 

3. This ad source covers a lot of ground, different countries also, and is good for three months.
You would have to place a different ad if you placed it within those three months. It takes less than 10 
minutes to place all six ads. Can you do that once every three months for that kind of exposure?







3. Use Blast4Traffic.com
To Email 70 MILLION Targeted - Opt-In Prospects
Every Month! That's 2.3 MILLION Every Day!
A Lifetime Pro membership is only $34.50
You can post an HTML ad with a pro membership.
Sign up. After you've signed up
Login at www.blast4traffic.com
Click on 2.3 million bulk emailer 
click on bulk mailer/send mail
Can store up to 10 emails to send on the site

4. SafeMail Services.com   more info here
This web based server allows members to blast over 3 Million emails per day. All recipients are double opt-in 
making us 100% SPAM law compliant. Our recipient database is filled with prospects who have asked to be 
included in our safe-list, so you know your ad will reach real customers. Costs only $39.95 for a lifetime membership.
You can place up to three ads in standby to select from so you can send out a different ad each day.
For $9.95 more you can upgrade to executive 2 which allows sending emails in HTML using their HTML editor.
The ten bucks is worth it to be able to send the ad in HTML.
Go to www.safemailservices.com , after you've signed up click on  Send Ad

5. Cash-Blaster.com 
Three versions, totally free associate, where you reach 200 members every 72 hours, or Pro Membership where you can 
send your ads once a day to 24,000 subscribers and 2 million+ subscribers using a different system which is 
included free if you take out a pro membership.. Pro Starts out as $3.95/mo and then it is $10/mo thereafter 
or you can send out HTML messages for $15/mo as an executive member. That's to 2 million + people each day. You can cancel at any time. I chose Executive to be able to send out HTML ads which are much more effective.

6. TopSafeSend .com
This simple system allows you to send an ad to all the members once a day. The price is $12 per year, 
to send out to all members once per day. Currently there are over 11,169 members. You also get credits 
for looking at other's ads. In the menu on the left you will find the  terms standard mailer and credit mailer. 
Click the standard mailer to mail out to the membership every day.  If you have been looking at other people's 
ads to get credits (like 100 credits per each 20 sec ad you look at) you can click on credit mailer and mail out 
another batch to those. You can save up to five messages in the system. You can also purchase credits to 
mail out to more people, but I don't. It doesn't appear there is an option here to send your ad in HTML.

7. WebTrafficMarketing.com
http://www.PayGear.com/151/detailshere   to sign up 
This web based server allows members to blast over 2.7 Million emails per day. All recipients are double opt-in 
making us 100% SPAM law compliant. Our recipient database is filled with prospects who have asked to be 
included in our safe-list, so you know your ad will reach real customers. Costs only $39.95 for a lifetime membership.
You can place up to five ads in standby to select from so you can send out a different ad each day.
This service allows sending emails in HTML. Just choose font and type size.
Go to www.webtrafficmarketing.com  to login after you've signed up and click on  Send Ad

Go to http://www.free-leads.net/?ref=22343  and you can pick up 5000 to 80,000 free leads a month
You can get more than 5000 by referring others (I'm past platinum level now) or you can pay a one time $99.98 
fee for diamond level upgrade right out the chute which gives you 80,000 leads monthly.

Bronze Level (Free)
Members get access to 5000 reg leads monthly

Silver Level (Refer 5 others that become members)
Members get access to 10,000 reg leads monthly

Gold Level (Refer 15 others that become members)
Members get access to 20,000 reg leads monthly

Platinum Level (Refer 30 others that become members)
Members get access to 40,000 reg leads monthly

Diamond Level (*Refer 50 others that become members)
Members get access to 80,000 reg leads monthly

*or you can go instantly to the Diamond membership level by Upgrading 
at *$99.98  A $15 affiliate commission is also paid on a platinum upgrade.

The above site gives you the leads but doesn't give you the place to post them.
You can post 500 leads per day FREE with a gmail account, www.gmail.com.  If you want to post 5000 leads a 
day, open ten gmail accounts; like buddy1, buddy2, buddy3, ......buddy10@gmail.com   etc. A little work but it's 
free.  You put your own regular email addy in the "TO" box, you copy and paste the other 499 in the "BCC" (blind 
carbon copy) box, insert your subject line:  example  FREE great Mexican salsa recipe to make you the hit of the party   
In the body of the email, tell them where they can get the Mexican salsa recipe or whatever you offered for free to get them to open your email, and then proceed to tell them what you really want to tell them.

If you don't want to play the gmail game here's a couple more places to go that send out ads for you.
http://www.pushbuttonemailer.com  which can send out 4000 emails a day, no optin message necessary, reliable, fast inbox capable, send text or html, high email delivery rate, simple push button technology. This system costs $40/mo 

How long will posting to all seven of these each day take you? 15 minutes, half hour, 45 minutes? 
I spend no more than an hour posting to the first seven. But I do allot an hour a day to building my genealogy now 
knowing what that is worth over and above the daily profit share. What is an early retirement worth to you?  Just do it.

Email me at berry@detailshere.com with specific questions

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