The Overnight Cure For Cancer (OCC)
Version 6 (March 26, 2011)

by R. Webster Kehr
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

Chapter 2: Critical Warnings (Next Chapter)

Chapter 3: The Five Elements of the OCC

Chapter 4: The Build-Up to the OCC

Chapter 5: The OCC Protocol

Chapter 1: Introduction to the OCC
About This Protocol

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. (ICRF) is one of the very rare world-class cancer research organizations which exclusively researches natural cancer treatments, also commonly called "alternative cancer treatments."

The "Overnight Cure For Cancer" (OCC), which was designed by an ICRF researcher, is so-named because it was designed specifically to safely revert all cancer cells in a person's body into normal cells within 24 hours.

It is impossible to safely kill all the cancer cells in a person's body in 24 hours. There are several reasons for this. One reason is that because so much debris from dead cancer cells would be created that a dangerous situation would exist for the cancer patient. Also, massive amounts of toxins would be released by these dead cancer cells. In addition, in many situations dangerous swelling and inflammation is created by killing cancer cells.

But it is possible to safely revert all cancer cells in a person's body into normal cells within 24 hours. However, this protocol actually lasts several days for the sake of practicality.

Another reason for researching this protocol is that it is very, very inexpensive and many cancer patients are not able to afford expensive cancer treatments.

This treatment has been under research by the ICRF, and has been used by cancer patients, since 2006. Patients have been completely cured of their cancer with this protocol and this version of the protocol is considered to be the strongest version to date!!

This treatment actually has many advantages over most alternative cancer treatments. First, because it reverts cancer cells into normal cells, it can be used in high doses without any concern for creating any swelling or inflammation.

This protocol was the first major attempt to revert cancer cells into normal cells which was not an electromedicine treatment or an ultraviolet light therapy. Dr. Royal Rife, in the early 1930s, was successful at reverting cancer cells into normal cells by using electromedicine.

Rife's technology has been replicated with the release of the GB-4000 Frequency Generator with 10 watt linear amplifier and the even more effective GB-4000 Frequency Generator with 97 watt M.O.P.A. plasma amplifier. However, these protocols are very expensive (between $2,400 and $4,000) and many cancer patients cannot afford them.

Ultraviolet light was being used in the 1940s to revert cancer cells into normal cells. Today, this protocol is only used at clinics, mostly in Mexico (Google: UVBI Mexico).

In addition, excluding ultraviolet light and electromedicine, a dozen physical substances have been identified as being able to revert cancer cells into normal cells in the lab (i.e. in vitro). DMSO by itself, which is used in this protocol, was one of these twelve items!! However, the concentration of DMSO used in the lab, per pint of blood, are not practical to reach in the body. Nevertheless, DMSO is an integral part of this protocol.


What Causes Cancer?

Every human being has cancer cells forming in their body every day. Fortunately, all human beings also have an immune system which routinely kills as many cancer cells as form every day.

As long as there is a "balance" between the number of cancer cells and the strength of the immune system, a person is not likely to be diagnosed with cancer.

There are many things, however, that will increase the number of cancer cells in a person's body. An example is a diet high in meat. Eating high amounts of meat, for reasons beyond the scope of this article, blocks the immune system from recognizing cancer cells and thus cancer cells can grow out of control. Eating high levels of meat is one of many things that weaken the immune system and can thus allow cancer cells to grow faster than the immune system can kill them.

Many other things interfere with the strength of the immune system. For example, not eating the right foods can interfere with the immune system getting the necessary nutrients it needs to function. Even psychological factors can weaken the immune system.

Actually, many things can either allow cancer cells to grow out of control and many things can weaken or damage the immune system, thus the list of things that can "cause cancer" is long indeed.

However, none of these things explain what is going on at the cellular level. Why is any cell cancerous? It is certainly not because of psychological factors or asbestos!

There is only ONE thing that causes cancer at the cellular level, a very special pleomorphic bacteria, which many alternative cancer treatment researchers believe is Helicobacter Pylori or H. pylori.

While the general public is told that it is DNA damage that causes cancer at the cellular level, this is actually an excuse to avoid finding a cure for cancer. These cancer researchers are intentionally looking in the wrong place. While in very rare situations DNA damage can contribute to a person getting cancer, DNA damage normally has absolutely nothing to do with the development of cancer at the cellular level.

The fact is that cancer (at the cellular level) is caused by a special type of microbe which gets inside of normal cells and turns the cells cancerous. Another way that new cancer cells form is when existing cancer cells divide. Both daughter cells will likely be cancerous because there are microbes in each new daughter cell.

So how does a microbe inside of cells cause cancer? Let me explain.

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) molecules provide the energy inside of a cell. ATP molecules are created inside the mitochondria which are inside of every human cell. In fact, there are thousands of mitochondria inside of every human cell.

The normal process of creating ATP molecules is this (this is highly simplified):
1) Glucose gets inside of the cell,
2) Some of the glucose is converted into pyruvate,
3) Pyruvate gets inside of the mitochondria,
4) Once inside the mitochondria, pyruvate is at the beginning of two sequential chemical reactions (the Citric Acid Cycle and then the Electron Transport Chain which spins-off about half-way through the Citric Acid Cycle). It is these two cycles which create most of the ATP molecules in the cell.

In fact, cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose than a normal cell. Thus, a person would expect a cancer cell to create 15 times more ATP molecules than a normal cell. But actually, cancer cells create virtually zero ATP molecules!!

Why is this so??

When the cancer microbe gets inside of a cancer cell, and starts to divide, it intercepts the glucose because these microbes feed on glucose. Thus, Steps 2, 3, and 4 above are blocked. Furthermore, microbes excrete mycotoxins, which are highly acidic and totally useless to the cell.

Thus, instead of the mitochondia swimming in a sea of pyruvate they are swimming in a sea of highly acidic mycotoxins. The cell cannot create ATP molecules except through fermentation, which is a very poor way to create ATP molecules.

Due to the lack of energy in cancer cells (i.e. due to the lack of ATP molecules), cancer cells are very weak. But because cancer cells steal glucose from the body and produce lactic acid, the non-cancerous cells are very sick!! (This has been a very simplified discussion)

Actually, the "cancer microbe," as some call it, does many other things inside the cell, including damage the DNA of the cell.

Many cancer researchers, starting over 100 years ago in the 1890s, have isolated the cause of cancer to be microbes, though they did not understand the mechanism inside the cell which caused a microbe to make a cell cancerous. It was an ICRF researcher, who in 2004, first described the model of why cancer cells cannot create enough ATP molecules.

A more detailed discussion of how microbes cause cancer can be found in the Cancer Theory article on this website. In essence, a clear understanding of what causes cancer is the very theory behind the design of the Overnight Cure For Cancer!!

Remember, cancer at the systemic level is caused by an imbalance between the strength of the immune system and the number of cancer cells. But cancer at the cellular level is caused by a very unique microbe.

The reason this information is important is that if you kill the microbes inside of a cancer cell, the cancer cell will be able to restore its own metabolism and will soon become a normal cell!! In other words, if you get rid of this microbe completely, the cell will be able to create ATP molecules and do other things it needs to do to become a normal cell.

This is actually the key to the OCC. The entire purpose of the OCC is to revert cancer cells into normal cells and the way that it does it is by safely killing the microbes which are inside of the cancer cells. This can be done very quickly because there are no dead cancer cells and no inflammation and swelling. Microbes are very, very small compared to a normal cell and killing them does not create a significant amount of debris.

This is the ideal way to cure cancer because there are no dead cancer cells to toxify the body!!

But almost all natural substances do not normally get inside of cancer cells, thus it is almost impossible for natural substances to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. No matter how many cancer-killing substances get inside the body, virtually none of them get inside the cancer cells.

The OCC was designed from the ground-up to get microbe-killing substances inside of the cancer cells!!!

In summary, there are three ways to cure cancer:
1) Safely and gently kill the cancer cells, but this cannot be done too quickly,
2) Build the immune system,
3) Kill the microbes which are inside of the cancer cells, allowing them to revert into normal cells.

This "Overnight Cure For Cancer" was designed specifically to revert cancer cells into normal cells!!


Introduction to the Overnight Cure For Cancer (OCC)

As just mentioned, the Overnight Cure For Cancer (OCC) was based on a very clear understanding of what causes cancer at the cellular level. It was the first alternative cancer treatment on earth, other than electromedicine and ultraviolet light treatments, which was designed specifically to quickly revert cancer cells into normal cells.

Why is this important? It is important because by reverting cancer cells into normal cells (as opposed to killing the cancer cells), very little, if any, toxins are produced in the body and thus the liver is protected. Furthermore, there is no swelling or inflammation caused when reverting cancer cells into normal cells.

DMSO is actually anti-inflammatory.

Also, a treatment which reverts cancer cells into normal cells can theoretically cure cancer within 24 hours (though it will take several days to "build-up" to therapeutic-level dosages and it will take about 3 weeks for the cancer cells to revert their metabolism and become normal cells).

The "original version" of the OCC treatment used high doses of DMSO, MSM and very low doses of silver nitrate. This version no longer uses MSM, but it still uses silver nitrate and has added other items.

The other versions of the OCC have used different items in them. Details about all of the products in the OCC will be given in another chapter of this article, but a brief overview of the items will be discussed now.

This version of the OCC uses five substances:
1) DMSO,
2) Silver Nitrate,
3) Miracle Mineral Supplement (i.e. MMS),
4) Colloidal silver (the ASAP Plus brand), and
5) An herbal product called Protandim.

All 5 of these substances are anti-microbial; and because of the DMSO all 5 of these substances will get inside of cancer cells!!

A person familiar with prior versions of the OCC might wonder why MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) is used instead of chlorine dioxide (which is actually "activated MMS").

Even though chlorine dioxide is a stronger anti-microbial product than sodium chlorite (i.e. Miracle Mineral Supplement or MMS), when chlorine dioxide was mixed with DMSO people had a very difficult time absorbing the DMSO through their skin because of the large amount of water needed to make chlorine dioxide.

MMS requires no extra water so more MMS can be mixed with DMSO than chlorine dioxide; and the patient will still be able to absorb it through the skin.

Now let us talk about DMSO.

The original version of the OCC used 24 tablespoons of DMSO over a twelve hour period, as does this version. No one who used the original version complained about using that much DMSO except for getting skin rashes.

Because the doses of DMSO are so high all of it must be taken transdermally (i.e. by rubbing it on the skin and letting it pass through the skin into the bloodstream). If it were taken orally it would require several days to "build-up" to the doses and even then it may cause stomach problems.

DMSO is not only antimicrobial, it is the key to getting all of the other products in this protocol (except for Protandim, which can get inside of cells by itself) inside of the cancer cells!!

The DMSO "carries" the silver nitrate and MMS through the skin and gets them into the bloodstream. This is critical in the case of MMS because MMS can be very hard on the stomach and would require a "build-up" of its own.

Both the MMS and silver nitrate are mixed in with the DMSO before it is rubbed on the skin. These will "bind" to DMSO and will be carried inside of the cancer cells.

ASAP Plus, a superb colloidal silver product, is added to augment the silver nitrate (which must be given in very, very low doses). ASAP Plus will target cancer cells and get inside of the cancer cells because the DMSO will target cancer cells and "open" the ports of the cancer cells.

The fifth item in this protocol is Protandim, which is an herbal product which is best known as an anti-oxidant. While it is used as an anti-oxidant in this protocol, it is actually a key part of reverting cancer cells into normal cells.

The four herbs and green tea (it has no caffeine) in Protandim all get inside of cancer cells and all 5 of these items are antimicrobial!! Thus, this product is actually in this protocol primarily because it is a potent cancer treatment. A cancer patient would be very wise to continue taking Protandim (at only 5 or 6 pills a day, not the 12 pills a day in this protocol) after they have completed the OCC.

The OCC is a slightly complex treatment until you understand what is going on. It is always recommended to have a second "pair of eyes" (i.e. a second person) also study the treatment to make sure it is done right and all the rules are followed.

This "sixth version," as with prior versions, is unquestionably safe. However, it is felt that this is the most potent of the versions yet!!

As with all prior versions, this treatment is not recommended for advanced cancer patients. It is not that this treatment is potentially dangerous (it is not), it is because it will take several days out of their regular alternative cancer treatment, which hopefully is one of the more proven treatments, such as the Cellect-Budwig or Cesium Chloride protocols which are discussed on the "CancerTutor" website. For an advanced cancer patient every day of their treatment is critical.

Please provide feedback after you have taken this treatment. Or if you have questions you can email me at any time. Feedback is very, very important. My email address is linked to at the bottom of the last chapter.

Chapter 2: Critical Warnings

This cancer treatment has been around for several years, so its safety is unquestioned. However, its effectiveness is still being researched. This treatment is based heavily on a great deal of scientific evidence combined with solid cancer theory.

Because the OCC is a research protocol, and has not been released as a proven natural treatment for cancer, this protocol should NOT be used by cancer patients who are considered "advanced."

The protocol is provided sub rosa, meaning with patient permission.

Advanced cancer patients should see this article for a list of proven, highly effective natural cancer treatments for advanced cancer patients:
The Strongest Alternative Cancer Treatments

Because this is a new treatment, this article changes from time to time. It is important to read this article in its entirety just before starting the treatment (i.e. after you have obtained the necessary materials). This article is still changing as feedback and advice is received from cancer patients who have taken the treatment.

Feedback from those who use this protocol is very, very important because with enough feedback this protocol can be released for advanced cancer patients who do not have a lot of money, and need to quickly and safely get rid of cancer cells!!


DMSO Safety Warnings

Note that this treatment is spread out over 12 hours. This is also part of the safety of this treatment. Do not take the total daily doses in less time than the treatment prescribes!!

The main product used in this protocol is DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide). This product is highly non-toxic

While DMSO is very non-toxic, there are some key safety warnings that the reader needs to study and carefully respect!!

First, do NOT let DMSO come into contact with your eyes. There is no evidence this will cause problems, but it is better to err on the side of caution.

Second, do NOT use plastic, latex, cloth or rubber gloves, or any other kind of gloves, when handling DMSO. The DMSO may bind to the gloves and take the substance into your cells causing severe illness. A technician who was working with the scientists who originally discovered DMSO became very sick from handling the newly discovered DMSO with lab gloves.

Third, do NOT let the DMSO come into contact with any type of clothing or anything else. It should be spread onto the bare skin and be allowed to penetrate the skin before any clothing touches the skin at that location.

In short, it should go straight from the glass bottle (though some vendors use special plastic bottles), into a mixing glass (made of glass or ceramic) and then the mixed product should be put on the skin, but not touching any cancer cells.

Also, if DMSO is put on the skin too thick, it may cause burning; so the DMSO needs to be spread very thin over a large area of skin.

While some vendors use plastic bottles, they use very special plastic. Do not attempt to use plastic, in any way, with DMSO!!

Having said all of that, DMSO is a superb product and very safe to use if you follow these precautions.

The DMSO can be purchased as a liquid, gel or cream. This protocol uses only the liquid form. The liquid form that is recommended is 99.9% pure DMSO, mixed with 30% water. In other words, it is a 70/30 mixture. Seventy percent of the mixture is 99.9% pure DMSO and the other 30% is pure water. The 70/30 version penetrates the skin better than other mixtures.


Warning For Women Who Are, or Who Might Be, or Who Might Become Pregnant

Women who are pregnant, might be pregnant, might become pregnant, or are nursing, should NOT take this treatment. While there is no proof that this protocol is dangerous for the unborn fetus, fetus have many undifferentiated cells and this treatment will TARGET cancer cells, which are also undifferentiated!! Thus, this treatment may inadvertantly target undifferentiated fetal cells with unpredictable results!!!!



Children Under Twelve Should NOT use This Treatment

Childen Under Twelve Should NOT use this treatment except under the supervision of a medical professional. Obviously doses will be much smaller for someone under 12.


Do NOT Use This Treatment With Prescription Drugs or Garlic

This alternative cancer treatment should NOT be combined or used with ANY prescription drugs. For example, if a prescription drug binds to DMSO, which is part of this treatment, the DMSO may drag the prescription drug into the cancer cells, thus killing the cancer cells. This treatment is designed to REVERT cancer cells into normal cells. Killing cancer cells may yield undesirable inflammation and swelling and/or create excess debris from dead cancer cells.

In addition, the DMSO in this treatment may enhance the effectiveness of prescription drugs, thus the cancer patient may effectively overdose on their prescription drugs.

Also, garlic should not be used during this protocol (actually, garlic should NEVER be used at all). Garlic kills brain cells and does a lof of other bad things so it should never be used under any circumstances.


Do NOT Use This Treatment With Some Alternative Cancer Treatments

There are two kinds of alternative cancer treatments or products which should NOT be used with this treatment.

First, this cancer treatment should NOT be combined with alternative cancer treatments which kill cancer cells. Should a product which kills cancer cells bind to the DMSO, the DMSO may allow it to kill far more cancer cells than it normally would. This could lead to excess debris from dead cancer cells and excess toxins being released into the bloodstream.

(Note: The Cesium Chloride Protocol is an exception to this rule. Cesium chloride is commonly used with DMSO for advanced cancer patients who are on feeding tubes or who for other reasons need to take cesium chloride transdermally. DMSO binds to the cesium chloride and drags it inside the cancer cells, which is exactly where you want the cesium chloride to end up.)


Dangerous Conditions

Neither the OCC, nor almost any other alternative cancer treatment, will shrink tumors within a month, nor will it remove blockages, such as a tumor in the colon. That is not what alternative cancer treatments are generally designed to do.

If you have a dangerous health condition, such as a tumor on the head of your pancreas which is pressing against the bile duct, then you need to seek medical help immediately. Alternative cancer treatments are not designed to quickly shrink tumors or remove blockages.

Likewise, if you have swelling in your brain, or any other dangerous condition, seek medical help immediately.


Allergies to DMSO

This treatment includes DMSO. I have never seen a case of an allergy to DMSO, but apparently in rare cases someone is allergic to DMSO. When you get your bottle of DMSO put one drop on your skin and spread it out very, very thin and see if you have an allergic reaction. If not, an hour later put 10 drops on your skin and spread them out very, very thin. If you do not have a reaction, go ahead with the treatment.


A Warning About Body Odor

DMSO is used as a "carrier" to get microbe-killing substances inside of cancer cells. But even by itself it is a treatment for cancer. DMSO (actually DMS), even 10 drops, can create severe body odor and severe bad breath, depending on the patient. It is generally a very intense sulfur smell.

However, the patient and anyone else who touches the DMSO will not be able to smell the odor because it is in their bloodstream.

If you live in an apartment, do not use this protocol. If you are married we hope you have an understanding spouse. If you have a job, do not plan on going to work on the day after, or two days after, the last day you use DMSO.

Be warned to have someone else determine your level of body odor because you won't be able to, nor will anyone else who touched the DMSO.

Understand this carefully, the person who assists in spreading the DMSO on the skin will NOT be able to smell the DMSO because it will be in their bloodstream. Only someone who is highly trustworthy, has no sense of humor, is very mature, and who has not touched DMSO should be allowed to assess the level of body odor.

In fact, if the spouse doesn't like the smell of DMSO, they should rub some on their arm or leg (always very, very thin).

Chapter 3: The Five Elements of the OCC

The Five Elements Of The OCC

There are five supplements or substances which will be used with this protocol. Information about the protocol will be provided in the next two chapters. In this chapter only an introduction to these key elements. and places to buy them, will be provided.

(Note: Vendors for theses products will be provided in each section.)



DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is the heart and soul of this protocol!! It is not only a major, major part of the effort to kill microbes which are inside the cancer cells; it is also the engine that gets most of the other products inside the cancer cells.

DMSO is a purely natural product from the wood industry. Many, many millions of people have used DMSO around the world. Not one person has died from its use!!

DMSO, being a natural product, cannot be patented (though there is a pharmaceutical version of it) and cannot be made profitable because it is produced by the ton in the wood industry. The only side-effect of using DMSO in humans is body odor (which varies from patient to patient).

DMSO targets cancer cells and "opens" the ports on the cancer cells, which in turn allows other substances to get inside of the cancer cells to kill the microbes which are inside the cancer cells.

DMSO also "binds" to certain chemicals and drags them inside of the cancer cells. This means the DMSO doesn't just open up the cancer cell ports, but it also drags some other substances inside the cancer cells!!

As already mentioned, if you kill the microbe(s) inside the cancer cells, the cells will revert into being normal cells without any type of debris from dead cancer cells. Thus, there is no swelling or inflammation caused by dying cancer cells. In fact, DMSO is known to help reduce swelling and inflammation.

DMSO is also known to reduce some kinds of pain and reduce some kinds of swelling and inflammation (but it will not shrink tumors, which is a different issue). However, pain from chemotherapy is best dealt with by Protandim, which is also part of this protocol.

DMSO will also help kill any microbes in the bloodstream and thus will help some of the other items get to the cancer cells (i.e. they will not be "used up" killing microbes in the bloodstream before they can get to the cancer cells).

If you want to know more about DMSO, see this website:

Several books have been written about DMSO. Among them are:
DMSO - Nature's Healer, by Dr. Morton Walker
DMSO - The New Healing Power, by Morton Walker, D.P.M. with William Campbell Douglass, M.D.
The Persecuted Drug - The Story of DMSO, by Pat McGrady, Sr.
The DMSO Handbook, by Bruce W. Halstead, M.D. and Sylvia A. Youngberg, R.N.

The last I heard, Dr. Stanley Jacobs, M.D., the guru of gurus of DMSO, was still working on his "Bible" on the subject of DMSO.

Note: I need a cancer patient who is on the OCC protocol to do an experiment for me that might benefit them. The experiment is to take 800 micrograms of folic acid every day they take DMSO (during the times they take DMSO) to see if the folic acid helps reduce the fishy smell of DMSO. If the answer is 'yes' more people may be able to take the OCC. By the way, folic acid also helps get substances inside of cancer cells!! Please let me know either way. My email address is at the bottom of the last page of this article.


A Vendor

I recommend buying 10 bottles of the 8 ounce version. You will be taking 1.5 bottles a day during the full OCC and you will be taking some before the full OCC.

The DMSO mixture I recommend for purchase is 70% DMSO (99.9% pure) mixed with 30% distilled water. This is referred to as "70/30." Do NOT buy or use DMSO with less than 30% water. Here is one of many vendors of 70/30 DMSO on the Internet (you generally cannot buy it at health food stores):



2) Colloidal Silver

Taking the colloidal silver is the easiest part of this treatment. All you have to do is take one TABLEspoons of this product every time you take the DMSO. Usually it is taken right after the DMSO is taken. You can take it by itself (it is NOT mixed with the DMSO!!) or put it in purified water to drink it.

If you weight less than 150 pounds, take a proportionally smaller dose of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is not hard on the stomach.

The brand I strongly recommend is called "ASAP Plus." ASAP Plus is 22 ppm (parts per million) of very high quality colloidal silver. Do NOT be deceived by the seemingly low ppm for this product. This product is more effective at killing microbes than any other type of colloidal silver I know of!! It is used to kill the deadliest bacteria on earth and the cancer microbe is a bacteria!!

This product comes in different size bottles. It is recommended to buy 10 of the 8 ounce bottles. You will be taking 1.5 bottles (of the 8 ounce bottles) a day on the days you take the full OCC. You are recommended to take the OCC on three consecutive days and there are build-up days. If you buy 10 bottles, you hopefully will have a little left over for future needs (e.g. the flu).

(Note: There are other brands of colloidal silver which may be as potent, or even more potent, than ASAP Plus. The reason I recommend ASAP Plus is because its safety at the doses in this protocol are very well established as being safe (i.e. 24 tablespoons or 12 ounces a day!!). In other words, if you have a preferred brand of colloidal silver DO NOT USE IT UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN IT IS SAFE AT THE DOSES USED IN THIS PROTOCOL!!)


A Vendor

There are very few vendors of ASAP Plus 22 ppm colloidal silver. You are welcome to use any vendor you want but I personally use this vendor because they provide very good service:
Vendor of "ASAP Plus" (10 bottles)



3) Silver Nitrate

Silver nitrate is actually put directly into the DMSO and mixed with the DMSO before the DMSO is put on the skin. This is so the DMSO will bind to the silver particles and drag them inside of the cancer cells.

It is very important to NOT take more silver nitrate than is stipulated in this article, which is EXACTLY 2 drops mixed in with the DMSO. This is 8,000 ppm silver and is very potent. If you accidentally get 3 or 4 drops out of the bottle, go ahead and use it, but skip the silver nitrate the next time you take the DMSO.

No more than 48 drops a day of silver nitrate should be taken, and it should ONLY be taken at these doses when the full OCC is taken and 24 tablespoons of DMSO are used.

Like colloidal silver, silver nitrate kills microbes. In fact, it is the substance used by medical doctors on newborn infants to protect their eyes from infection when they are born.

As mentioned, the silver nitrate is mixed directly into the DMSO. Whether they bind together or not (which they probably do) is not important. Even if they do not bind together the DMSO will get the silver nitrate inside the cancer cells.


A Vendor

The vendor of silver nitrate calls his product: "Silver Concentrate." The only vendor I know of is Essense of Life (the spelling is correct).

Once in the Essense of Life website, click on the "MINERALS" link (just below the main banner).
Then click the "Silver Concentrate" link. Buy TWO bottles.

Here is the website:
Essense of Life (Minerals / Silver Concentrate)



4) Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS or sodium chlorite)

MMS is a brand of sodium chlorite, which should not be confused with sodium chloride, which is common table salt.

Sodium chlorite has been used in alternative medicine for several decades to prevent the cold and flu. Normally, sodium chlorite products are 5% or 6% sodium chlorite. However, MMS is 28% sodium chlorite because it is designed to be mixed with citric acid in order to be "activated."

However, this protocol does not mix MMS with citric acid because that would make it harder for the DMSO to penetrate the skin. Having said that, the newer versions of MMS can come with 50% citric acid, so far less water is needed than with the 10% citric acid. If someone familiar with chlorine dioxide whats to "activate" the MMS with 50% citric acid (one drop of MMS to one drop of 50% citric acid), I would like to know how well it is absorbed through the skin when mixed with the DMSO. If it absorbs well, it would be more potent than using MMS!!

MMS kills microbes without being activated, so using MMS will be very effective in this protocol.

My own experiments have indicated that MMS does bind to DMSO, thus the DMSO will "carry" the MMS inside the cancer cells. That is why the MMS is mixed with the DMSO before the DMSO is taken.


A Vendor

I would recommend buying at least two bottles of MMS.

To buy MMS here are two different vendor product lines. You will NOT be using the citric acid that may come with the MMS (see above note):
H2O Air Water America
Global Light Network

There are many other vendors of MMS if you wish to use Google.


5) Protandim

Many people take antioxidants every day. Protandim is more than one million times more effective at getting rid of free radicals than anti-oxidants!! This has been scientifically proven over and over again. This is why Protandim was originally used to treat the pain caused by chemotherapy. But a strange thing happened when it was treating the pain of cancer - it cured the cancer!!

How is it possible that Protandim can be such a potent anti-oxidant?

Anti-oxidants generally get rid of free radicals one-to-one, meaning one molecule of an anti-oxidant neutralizes one molecule of a free radical.

But Protandim works in an entirely different way. Protandim activates (i.e. "turns on") an enzyme in the body: Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). This enzyme is a scavenger of free radicals and ONE SOD enzyme can neutralize up to one-million free radicals EVERY SECOND for up to 13 days!!!

Dr. Joe McCord, PhD, who discovered the SOD enzyme, also discovered the formula for Protandim. Protandim includes several totally natural products which collectively turn on the three types of SOD enzymes.

Protandim is highly recommended for patients who have had chemotherapy and/or radiation. It helps neutralize the side-effects and damage of chemotherapy and radiation. Many people who have used alternative cancer treatments have died of their cancer without a single cancer cell in their body!! They died because of the long-term affects of chemotherapy or radiation!!

However, Protandim can help cancer patients in other ways as well.

Protandim is designed to get inside of cancer cells. We know this because the key SOD enzyme which creates the most danger to humans is inside of cells in the mitochondria. In other words, Protandim gets inside of cancer cells in order to activate the SOD enzyme which is inside of the cancer cells.

Because Protandim activates this SOD we know Protandim gets inside of cancer cells by itself!!

Thus, Protandim has an amazing potential to not only revert cancer cells into normal cells, but also to neutralize many of the affects of chemotherapy and radiation!!

Protandim contains:
1) Milk Thistle Extract seed,
2) Bacopa Extract aerial part,
3) Ashwagandha root,
4) Green Tea Extract leaf,
5) Tumeric Extract rhizone

As already mentioned, cancer is known to be caused by a microbe. It is actually a highly pleomorphic bacteria (e.g. probably Helicobacter Pylori or H. pylori) which resides inside of cancer cells.

ALL 5 of the ingredients in Protamdim are known to be anti-bacterial!!

Tumeric is specifically mentioned as being able to kill the specific bacteria known to cause cancer. If you want to take extra tumeric as part of this protocol, feel free to do so.

In addition, when the SOD enzyme is activated both oxygen and hydrogen peroxide are released inside the cancer cell (for those SOD enzymes which are inside the cancer cells). These two items also are known to kill microbes!!

The dose for those who are using this product as an anti-oxidant is 2 pills a day. However, since a cancer patient is using this product primarily to kill microbes, a cancer patient will be taking up to 12 pills a day during the OCC. Normally, not considering the OCC, cancer patients should take 5-6 pills a day (which costs about $5 or $6 a day) because they are using Protandim for a totally different reason than it is normally used (it is normally used as an anti-aging supplement).

As mentioned, for the OCC the patient will be taking 12 Protandim a day on the days the full OCC is being taken. Since this is an herbal protocol this dose is well within safe levels.

Important Note About Protandim

Protandim is a pill. Cancer patients who have had a lot of chemotherapy, or have colon cancer or have stomach cancer should CRUSH the Protandim pill before taking it. This is so that the pill will be properly digested.

A Vendor

Protandim used to be sold through health food stores but they did such a poor job of selling it that it is now sold exclusively through multi-level marketing. However, it is NOT necessary to try to sell Protandim in order to purchase it.

It is only necessary for a cancer patient to buy 3 bottles of Protandim for the OCC, but it would be wise to continue taking Protandim long after the OCC so you may want to set your account up to get 3-6 bottles a month (this would amount to taking 3-6 pills a day).

Here is a link to more information and a vendor of Protandim (each bottle is 30 pills):
Protandim Vendor

Chapter 4: The Build-Up to the OCC

Herxheimer's Reaction

There are actually several reasons for the build-up (i.e. the gradual increase in doses until you get to the full OCC doses). First, to get used to using the products, especially the DMSO.

A second reason for the build-up is Herxheimer's Reaction, which is normally just called "Herx." All of the five items in this protocol can kill microbes in the bloodstream. Thus, any of them can create Herx.

Herx is caused by toxins being released from massive numbers of dead microbes. Herx has been known about for more than a hundred years!! It is a common symptom of treatments which kill large numbers of microbes.

While the target of killing microbes is inside the cancer cells, in the trip to find the cancer cells the microbe-killing substances will kill many microbes in the bloodstream. This is where the Herx will come from.

Actually, killing microbes in the bloodstream is a critical part of the build-up because if you get rid of these microbes the microbe-killing substances will have a better chance to get all the way to the cancer cells during the full protocol.

"Herx" can make a patient feel very ill if a person builds-up too quickly. However, this is a temporary discomfort, but it can freak a cancer patient out especially if they get "brain fog."

Because any of the products in this protocol can create Herx, if you feel the symptoms of Herxheimer's Reaction, either do not increase any doses of any of the products in this protocol or reduce doses and build-up more slowly. In other words, if you have Herx you need to build up more slowly and may even need to back-off of the doses.

Herxheimer’s Reaction (also known as Jarisch-Herxheimer) typically has one or more of these symptoms:
1) Flu like symptoms (e.g. aches and pains),
2) Diarrhea (almost always happens),
3) A general sick feeling (can be severe),
4) Headaches and/or temporary brain fog

"Brain fog" basically means your brain (i.e. your thought process) feels different. It is the result of toxins in the bloodstream (the toxins come from dead microbes) interferring with the chemical and electrical signals in the brain. It is absolutely not dangerous (using the products in this protocol), but it can scare a person who does not know what is going on in the bloodstream.

While Herx appears to be a bad thing, in fact Herx is a very good thing because it means the treatment is working and massive numbers of microbes are being killed!! However, you obviously want to do everything possible to avoid too much Herx!!

The main method to prevent Herx is to "build up," meaning to gradually increase the doses in the treatment. Herx, if you get it, will go away because microbes killed in the first day are no longer available to be killed on the second day, and so on. Their toxins will be flushed out of the body before the end of the build-up.

Another way to minimize Herx is to drink plenty of water during the times the products are being taken. It is recommended to drink 32 ounces during the time frame between when the products are being taken and within two hours after finishing taking the products. This will help dilute the toxins released by the dead microbes and help flush them out of the system.

Do NOT drink distilled water because drinking too much distilled water can flush needed minerals out of the body (e.g. potassium). Use spring water or purified water!!

If you feel very weak, faint or feel like you are going to collapse, most likely your liver has been overburdened with processing the toxins and debris from dead microbes. If your liver cannot keep up, it can create weakness. This can be a very serious problem requiring a complete stop in taking all products until your strength returns and then make sure you build-up more slowly next time.

Also, a person should eat some food on the days of the build-up, but the foods should be the foods allowed below in the "Cancer Diet" section.

Also, a person who has an ozonator (such as used in the Bob Beck Protocol) can create ozonated water by bubbling the water for 10 minutes. This is an excellent way to prevent Herx because this type of water will help oxidize the toxins and kill microbes. This can be taken during or after the products in the protocol and can replace some of the purified water quota.

It is NOT recommended to use a water ionizer during this protocol. The theory behind this statement is far beyond the scope of this article. If you can't avoid ionized water because it is built into your water system, go ahead and use it.

Thus, there are several ways to minimize the Herxheimer Reaction.

One final comment about Herx. Herxheimer's may occur on any day of the treatment.

The build-up protocols are normally done after dinner because of the DMSO. DMSO can cause severe bad breath and severe body odor. If you cannot do the protocol after dinner, figure out some way to solve this problem.

Also, the morning after the OCC or build-up, you may still have severe body odor!!


The "Cancer Diet" For The OCC

The OCC is a 3 day protocol, plus the build-up days where you learn to get used to the protocol. The "cancer diet" consists of the things you are allowed to eat and that you are forbidden to eat during the build-up and the OCC.

I am not going to provide a list of forbidden foods or acceptable foods, that will just generate a lot of emails. All I will do is say to AVOID ALL sugar, ALL dairy products, ALL meat, ALL processed flour, ALL alcohol and anything else that is not healthy.

Basically, eat whole foods (e.g. whole fruits, vegetables and nuts), herbs and pure juices. Purple grapes are especially good during this protocol because they contain molecules that safely kill cancer cells.

There are two exceptions to the above rules: ZERO GARLIC is allowed - period. ZERO PEANUTS are allowed - period!! No exceptions!!

(Note: You can take flaxseed oil and cottage cheese if you are taking the Budwig Diet at the same time as the OCC)

Now let us talk specifically about the build-up.



The Build-Up

As already mentioned, the "build-up" is designed to help you get used to using the products in the protocol AND it is designed to help clean the blood of microbes and get over the Herx hump.

The build-up is designed to last six days, however, if you experience Herx it may take 10 days. Or you may not want to miss too much work, or you may already be familiar with working with DMSO, so the build-up may only last 2 or 3 days.

Each case is different, but here is the standard build-up.


The Build-Up - Day One

The Day 1 buildup will last three hours. Products will be taken each hour. In other words, products will be taken three different times on the first day.

A starting time of 6:00 PM is given (i.e. 1800), but you can actually start it at any time you want.

At 6:00 PM, 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM
1) Mix 1 drop of silver nitrate into one TEAspoon of DMSO,
2) Mix 5 drops of MMS into the same one TEAspoon of DMSO,
3) Mix the DMSO up and rub the DMSO mixture on your skin (e.g. your arm) and spread it as thin as you can,
4) Then take one TEAspoon of ASAP Plus (you can put it in a few ounces of water if you wish),
5) Then take one Protandim (crush if needed)

Note: each time you rub DMSO on your skin try to move the location around as much as possible. For example, you can use your arms the first time, your legs the second time, your chest or stomach or your back the third time. In other words, do not put DMSO on the same part of the body two times in a row if you can avoid it.

Do NOT use DMSO on your neck or head, even if you have brain cancer!! Always spread it as thin as possible.


The Build-Up - Day Two

Same as Day One



The Build-Up - Day Three

The Day 3 buildup will last four hours. Products will be taken each hour. In other words, products will be taken four different times on the third day.

At 6:00 PM, 7:00 PM, 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM
1) Mix 1 drop of silver nitrate into two TEAspoons of DMSO,
2) Mix 10 drops of MMS into the same two TEAspoons of DMSO,
3) Mix the DMSO up and rub the DMSO mixture on your skin (e.g. your arm) and spread it as thin as you can,
4) Then take two TEAspoons of ASAP Plus (you can put it in a few ounces of water if you wish),
5) Then take one Protandim (crush if needed)


The Build-Up - Day Four

Same as Day Three



The Build-Up - Day Five

The Day 5 buildup will last two and one-half hours. Products will be taken each half-hour. In other words, products will be taken six different times on the fifth day.

At 6:00 PM, 6:30 PM, 7:00 PM, 7:30 PM, 8:00 PM and 8:30 PM
1) Mix 2 drops of silver nitrate into one TABLEspoon of DMSO,
2) Mix 15 drops of MMS into the same one TABLEspoon of DMSO,
3) Mix the DMSO up and rub the DMSO mixture on your skin (e.g. your arm) and spread it as thin as you can. You may need to use more than one location to spread it around,
4) Then take one TABLEspoon of ASAP Plus (you can put it in a few ounces of water if you wish),
5) Then take 1 Protandim (crush if needed)


The Build-Up - Day Six

At 6:00 PM, 6:30 PM, 7:00 PM, 7:30 PM, 8:00 PM and 8:30 PM
1) Mix 2 drops of silver nitrate into one TABLEspoon of DMSO,
2) Mix 20 drops of MMS into the same one TABLEspoon of DMSO,
3) Mix the DMSO up and rub the DMSO mixture on your skin (e.g. your arm) and spread it as thin as you can. You may need to use more than one location to spread it around,
4) Then take one TABLEspoon of ASAP Plus (you can put it in a few ounces of water if you wish),
5) Then take 1 Protandim ONLY at 6:00 PM, 7:00 PM, and 8:00 PM (crush if needed)


Other Comments

If you do not feel comforable and ready for a 12 hour treatment at slightly higher doses (e.g. you are still experiencing some Herx) feel free to build up over another few days. The next chapter is the full OCC. The full OCC is recommended to be taken three times on three consecutive days.

Chapter 5: The OCC Protocol

The OCC should be taken three times on consecutive days, if possible. Just do the best you can.

Note that Protandim is only taken once an hour in this protocol!!

The Overnight Cure For Cancer Protocol

Starting at 8:00 AM and each half-hour for 12 consecutive hours (e.g. 8:00 AM, 8:30 AM, 9:00 AM, 9:30 AM, etc.):

1) Mix 2 drops of silver nitrate into one TABLEspoon of DMSO,

2) Mix 25 drops of MMS into the same one TABLEspoon of DMSO,

3) Mix the DMSO up and rub the DMSO mixture on your skin (e.g. your arm) and spread it as thin as you can. You may need to use more than one location to spread it around,

4) Then take one TABLEspoon of ASAP Plus (you can put it in a few ounces of water if you wish),

5a) Then, at the "top of the hour" (e.g. 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:00 AM, etc.) Take 1 Protandim (crush if needed)

5b) At the "bottom of the hour" (e.g. 8:30 AM, 9:30 AM, 10:30 AM, etc.) do NOT Take a Protandim

Let me clarify the Protandim doses. You will be taking exactly one Protandim pill ONCE an hour, not once every half-hour like the other parts of the protocol!!




As mentioned above, the protocol is exactly the same every half-hour, except that Protandim is only taken once an hour. If you accidentally take Protandim "at the bottom of the hour" (e.g. 10:30 AM) that is not a big deal. However, try to ONLY take 12 Protandim a day so skip a Protandim pill later on if you accidentally take an extra one.

In fact, to avoid taking too many Protandim pills, simply set aside 12 Protandim pills at the beginning of the OCC and do not take any more than these 12 pills!!

Having said all of that, Protandim is a simple herbal product so even if you take more than 12 a day it is not a big deal.



What To Expect From This Treatment

The objective of this treatment is to revert cancer cells into normal cells. If this is what happens, this is what you can expect from this treatment:

First, you may not see any benefit for two or three weeks!! When reverting cancer cells into normal cells it takes 2 or 3 weeks for their metabolism to change and to see any type of increase in energy.

Second, reverting cancer cells into normal cells WILL NOT shrink tumors. If the cancer cells which are inside the tumor are removed by this protocol, the body should eventually get rid of any tumors, but it will not happen quickly.

Third, for the same reasons, the OCC will not get rid of any fibrin. What happens to the fibrin when the cancer is gone is unknown at this time.

Fourth, if you have pain from chemotherapy, definitely continue to take Protandim after the OCC is completed. If you do this the pain of cancer should be significantly reduced within 3 or 4 weeks. If the pain is caused by lactic acid or some other cause, most types of pain will be reduced by the OCC treatment.

However, pain caused by tumors pressing against some other part of the body will not be immediately affected by Protandim or this treatment.

Fifth, the OCC should stop the spread of cancer, but this will not be realized for several weeks. If the person does not have any cancer cells, there is no way for the cancer to continue to spread. This, of course, is more important for fast-spreading cancers.

Sixth, swelling and inflammation should also be reduced by this treatment within a few weeks. However, this will depend on what is causing the swelling and inflammation.

In summary, tumors and fibrin will not immediately be affected by this treatment. These will take the longest time to be affected by this treatment. The reduction of fibrin may be helped by taking proteolytic enzyme supplements, also known as pancreatic enzyme supplements.



How You Can Help Cancer Research!!

This treatment can never be perfected without information from people who have used this treatment. It is this information, and nothing else, which will allow us to fine-tune this treatment for other cancer patients. You become a cancer researcher when you use this treatment. If you do not contact the ICRF, then you are only benefiting yourself, not others, with information that may help them.

Before starting this treatment, or as soon as possible (i.e. do not delay this protocol in order to take this urine test), the cancer patient should take the Navarro Urine test to establish a "baseline" for how well this protocol works.

Then, 6 or 8 weeks AFTER the treatment is finished (after all of your OCCs, whether you use one, two or three OCCs), please take another Navarro urine test. Because the Navarro urine test measures the amount of HCG molecules in your body, even if the cancer is cured, and the cancer cells are removed, the score many not drop as much as it should because it can take several months for the body to flush HCG molecules out of the body, even after the cancer is cured.

What this means is that it is difficult, even using the Navarro, to measure the success of this treatment because there is no way to actually measure how many cancer cells there are in a patient's body without using a P.E.T. scan.

Speaking from experience on many different kinds of cancer treatments, we have seen cancer patients completely cured of their cancer but their Navarro score only dropped to 52. This means the cancer cells are gone, but the protein the urine test is looking for is not completely gone.

Nevertheless, if you wait 6 or 8 weeks after the treatment to measure your HCG it will give us good information and will allow us to work with you to better determine how you are doing and what you should do next.
The Navarro Urine Test


How To Get Free Technical Support and Report Your Findings

To contact the ICRF, whether you have questions or comments or need to tell us you are taking the protocol, free email support is provided. Be sure to include the word "cancer" or "OCC" somewhere in your Subject line so your email is not mistaken for spam (occasionally a valid email will be put in spam by Yahoo). Here is my email address:

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