E Gold 
Go to  here  for a page I have designed that tells you how to keep from getting hacked at egold.

A depository on the net that keeps your money in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium and allows you to make purchases and receive funds without waiting. This is very important when things come up that need to be funded or sold right away when you don't have ten days to get a western union or bank transfer. 

E Gold is the first electronic currency that is the largest, fastest growing privately issue currency in the world. It's used by ventures all over the globe. E Gold is 100% backed with gold, silver, platinum, or palladium metal. The moment you create an account, anyone in the world who has e-gold can click some to you. Your account enables you to accumulate actual gold, with the flexibility to make payments ranging in value from milligrams to megabucks. It costs nothing to create an account although there are fees for storage and transactions. Once you've created an e-gold account, you obtain e-gold by performing an InExchange from the account manager. (The InExchange transaction locks in your exchange rate). Then send your funds to G&SR via Western Union QuickPay, check, bank wire or money order. Your e-gold will be issued to your account when your funds clear. Other ways to obtain e-gold are to have another account holder "spend" some to you. The e-gold system has been online since 1996. G&SR currently administers the e-gold system. G&SR was founded by Dr. Douglas Jackson, Florida Medical Lic. ME0062574, and Barry Downey, a practicing attorney. Although it is not great there is a small referral fee for bringing people to E Gold to sign up.

E-Gold is home to hackers though. If you keep any larger amounts of cash in e-currency I would strongly suggest NOT keeping it in e-gold even with their SRK technology of passphrase input; I have been hacked using what I consider extreme measures of protection - Trojan 5.5, Spy Sweeper, Window Washer, ZoneAlarm, and SRK passphrase input.  Personally I think they have some insiders feeding outsiders there. Put larger sums into E-Bullion and for $99 take out their cryptocard technology of passphrase input which is bulletproof. NO hackers can get into that system. www.detailshere.com/e-bullion.htm  for info on that e-currency system.

Getting money INTO the system
You can fund your e-gold (or E-Bullion)  account for 2% going through www.goldage.net  

To  get full instructions on how to create your e-gold account, enter it using the SRK passphrase input method for additional security, fund it,  do a "spend" from it, and redeem funds from it ,   go to   here   

To just sign up for an E Gold account and skip my instructions go to :
https://www.e-gold.com/e-gold.asp?cid=115702  and click on "create an account".  Our E Gold ID is 115702.

*** E-gold Account Hacked?  1-800-909-6590 Option 4 number for e-gold
or 1-321-956-1200  option 4   or send an e-mail to ddu@e-gold.com 

But be prepared for a "no action" response. 

New e-gold fees as of Jan 1 2004

"How will the new E-gold fees affect you?"
On January 1st 2004 E-gold is changing or more precisely raising
their fees! What we have investigated for you is by how much.
Firstly, there is no change in the fact that only the receiver is
charged fees, unlike e-bullion where the sender is charged a fixed
transfer fee of $0.25.
Secondly, it makes sense that the new e-gold fees are not defined in
terms of USD, where as previously the maximum fee was 50 cents. The
new maximum spend fee is 0.05 Grams of Gold (AUG), which is equal to
$0.66 at today's exchange rate.
Thirdly, they have introduced minimum spend amount of 0.0004 Grams of
Gold (AUG), equal to about half a cent ($0.0053) at today's exchange
Fourthly and most importantly, is the increased fees for smaller
spends, detailed below:
For spends below the minimum amount and $1.31 the transfer fee is
between 55% and 5%.
For example at today's exchange rates, those systems based upon $0.01
spends, the receiver will be charged an overall fee of 0.313 cents
($0.00313), which is a much increased fee of 31.3% compared to the
original 1% fee ($0.0001)!
For spends between $1.31 and $6.57 the fees are between 5% and 2%.
For example at today's exchange rates, a $5 spend, the receiver will
be charged an overall fee of 0.11 cents ($0.112), which is an increased
fee of 2.24% compared to the original 1% fee ($0.05)!
For spends $6.57 and $13.15 the fees will range between 2% and 1%.
For example at today's exchange rates, a $10 spend, the receiver will
be charged an overall fee of 0.13 cents ($0.132), which is an
increased fee of 1.31% compared to the original 1% fee ($0.10)!
For spends over 1 Gram of Gold (AUG) the rate is 1% or less, equal to
the maximum rate of $0.66 at today's exchange rate.
Advantages: The e-gold payment system should become more responsive
as users will be reluctant to pay charges of up to 55% on spends worth
less than a dollar.
Disadvantages: E-gold becomes a more costly medium to use. E-bullion
becomes a more cost effective alternative for transfers over $25.
Conclusion: A widening gap is appearing between the use of gold-based
and digital-based e-currencies such as Evocash, who charge no fees
for spends and can be currently purchased for very low rates of 1% or

More on , "What is e-gold?"           

E-gold is the first electronic currency that unleashes the potential
of worldwide e-commerce. From USA to Australia, e-gold is the
largest, fastest growing, privately issued currency in the world.

As of the end of 1st Quarter 2000, there are more than 30,000 e-gold
accounts, and the circulation of e-gold is more than US $4.4
Million, e-silver greater than US $558,925, e-platinum greater than
US $258,000, and e-palladium exceeds US $320,000. The account base
is growing nearly 20% per month. Monthly turnover is between US
$250,000 and US $750,000. e-gold processes more transactions over a
typical month than eCash, CyberCoin, and FirstVirtual ever did in
their entire histories, combined. This information is publicly

E-gold is a monetary (payment) system which enables the use of gold
as money. Gold & Silver Reserve, Inc. administers the system,
serving as bailee for an inventory of gold coins and bars held in
allocated storage by third party custodians. A quantity of e-gold
constitutes title to a precise weight (fine) of this physical gold.
The primary function of the system is to render payments, in gold
(silver, platinum, or palladium), from one customer to another. A
secure, convenient interface - Account Manager - is provided for
customer entry of transaction orders (see Synopsis of e-gold
Transactions). All cleared transactions entail an increment or
decrement of one's e-metal balance. The system calculates exactly
how much metal belongs to each particular customer by adding all
such credits and debits.

To obtain or use e-gold you must create an e-metal Account.

E-gold is 100% backed by gold.

Click Examiner, G&SR's real-time audit utility. Examiner is an
automated query which pulls live data from transaction tables and
inventory records. It displays three tables:

total quantity (weight) of metal in electronic circulation, total
reserves; (fine) weight of physical metal serving as backing, exact
number of pieces of the various specie types comprising reserve. All
metal is held free of lien or encumbrance. G&SR does not mess with
futures contracts or other leveraged derivatives. No physical metal
is listed in Examiner until G&SR has rendered payment for it; cash
purchase for immediate delivery. We are proud of Examiner and
challenge all other issuers of payment media to develop mechanisms
affording similar transparency.

E-gold is highly divisible and the e-gold system features automated
conversion between weight and other accounting units.

Quantities of metal are accounted by weight and purity. With e-gold,
weight units - decimal fractions of (troy) ounces or grams - are the
ultimate units of account. The transactional unit, however, is
discretionary. Transactions using e-metal as money - buying,
selling - are priced using whatever unit of account the parties to
the transaction mutually agree upon. If the price of a good or
service is specified in terms of government currency units, such as
US$, an automated calculation, using G&SR's posted exchange rate,
determines the precise weight of metal which conveys.

A quantity of e-gold cannot be transferred directly from one
customer to another. The payer enters a payment order, which is
effected by G&SR's automated order processing program. An e-gold
payment order differs from bank-issued negotiable instruments, such
as checks or negotiable orders of withdrawal, which become drafts
when endorsed by the recipient. G&SR offers no mechanism for
honoring a draft, that is, no one can draw upon another person's

E-gold is a secure efficient method for transmitting transaction
instructions to the Gold & Silver Reserve. E-gold functions as a
payments system by enabling G&SR to post credits and debits in
database tables for keeping track of exactly how much gold belongs
to whom. Examiner is a real-time audit utility which calculates and
displays total quantity of e-metal in electronic circulation (all
customer accounts combined) vs. total physical reserves held by
G&SR. When you click the 'Examine' button the program automatically
queries the e-metal transaction database as well as current specie
inventory records.

There is no fees for opening an account G&SR only charges fees for
transactions and for storage .

Funding your account means getting metal into it
Simply accept e-metal payment(s) from other e-metal account holders.
Arrange a Direct Bailment (send us metal), or You can exchange
government-issued money for metal, or (Credit Card, PayPal, Money
Orders, Western Union, Wire Transfer through a Market Maker)

The system gives you a preview of all transaction orders prior to
confirmation. Previewing allows you to review applicable Exchange
Rates, calculations, and other order information, to be certain the
details are acceptable to you. Only after previewing are you
presented with an explicitly identified confirming button.

An e-metal Account consists of up to four separate subaccounts;
gold, silver, platinum, palladium. Balance is expressed in troy oz.,
truncated to nearest 0.000001oz , of metal of 100% purity.

To check your balance, click on the Account Manager screen.
To spend e-gold is easy, just press spend , specify which metal you
are paying with, amount can be expressed as weight (rounded to
nearest 0.000001 oz) or in terms of familiar national currencies'
worth, and then enter the recipient's e-metal Account number.

E -gold can spent to any recipient whith a e-metal account with G&SR
and indicates willingness to accept payment in gold (silver,
platinum or palladium).

Where is the gold?
Coined metal is held in the US by a storage contractor who also
fulfills Redemption orders. Larger bullion bars, in the form of
Mocatta Delivery Orders, are held in allocated storage (audited, and
insured by Lloyds of London) in Switzerland.

Who is e-gold?
The e-gold system has been online since 1996. G&SR currently
administers the e-gold system. G&SR was founded by Dr. Douglas
Jackson, Florida Medical Lic. ME0062574, and Barry Downey, a
practicing attorney.