Exorcism and Deliverance
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I have decided to document  my experiences in spiritual warfare on this page.
For some reason it appears I have been chosen to possibly minister in this particular arena. We don't always know what Yahweh is going to send our way; we just need to be willing to handle the tasks assigned
, just as our angels are assigned to protect us while we carry those out. 

Barbara's case - 46 evil spirits removed
Three months ago a woman in our development saw our ten commandments sign out front and started coming to church; we hold church in our house every Sabbath. I am not a pastor although I do present sermons and Irina presents power point presentations on Revelation and other Biblical subjects.   On her second visit during service I was discussing what the Bible says about spiritual involvment with seeking mediums, channelers, divination, etc. Her son admitted to playing with a ouija board. And he went into depth about what he asked it and what it spelled out to him. It was during that session that Barbara's demons gave their first display. A demon surfaced in mid service. It was close up, violent,  and in your face. It left no doubt with everyone present that the devil exists. She spoke in tongues, eyes rolled back in her head and she became very violent requiring several men to hold her down. She spoke blasphemously with much anger and hatred.  The demon said he was going to kill her, and us too and he had come to destroy our church. Well, we did lose some members over that one. It was too real for them. For the next three months we studied everything we could find on spiritual warfare, deliverance and exorcisms. We had attempted several exorcisms on her, could speak with the demon, but could not get it to leave her. A priest even let me into his private forum on exorcism which was only for priests to gather information and ideas. I promised him not to discuss conflicting theological doctrinal issues I have with the Catholic church. I told him we have to be on the same page doing spiritual warfare.  I ordered several books on the subject; Bob Larson's "Larsons Book on Spiritual Warfare" and "Remarkable Healings" by Shakuntala MD - both excellent with different approaches were the best of all of them. The internet is loaded with videos and advice on exorcism. We attempted several more exorcisms, were able to speak with the demons again, but couldn't seem to get rid of them. We learned about generational curses from Bob Larson's book Shock Talk. These can go back 14 generations or more, minimum 4 generations, and are easy to get rid of by simply denouncing them. We made up a page for her to read to do this. She got through the second sentence, stood up, threw the papers across the room and yelled,"I have had enough of this" - and the battle began, but after two hours we didn't get rid of the demon(s). We recorded that one on video tape. It is an eye opener. Our next studies took us into forgiveness issues. If you don't forgive others, how can God forgive you?  We discovered lots of forgiveness issues in her family with her brother, her sisters, her aunt as well as her mother. None of them believed Barbara's problems were related to demons. They felt she was mentally ill and schizophrenic. Irina and I were the only ones who were convinced it was demonic possession and not mental illness that was the root of these issues.
We finally had to show the tape to her family members to get them to get into forgiveness. They did, and Barbara's mother died in her arms (she had cancer) with all issues resolved. These issues went back to age 6 and she is now 50 years old. One more hurdle was removed. We even fasted on one occasion because the Bible says some demons will not be removed without fasting, but that didn't work.  

After three months we finally met with success. Jesus cast out 45 demons from her, including the gatekeeper Rushta. Rushta named off all of them; all strange names, five to seven letters per name.  I should have audio taped the whole thing. It was the most amazing experience of my whole life. I spoke with the gatekeeper for almost two solid hours. He said he was either 360 or 3600 years old (don't remember which) and has killed 6 persons before Barbara, making each of them commit suicide. I asked him when he entered her and under what conditions. She was 6 years old and wasn't loved by her mother; at least that was her perception.  We suspected that based upon the forgiveness issues we had gone through  with her. He said 12 demons entered then and he named them all. The balance came in at a later age,36, when she was committing so much adultery. He named all of them too. I must have asked all the right questions and made the right commands (with angelic messages inside my head  giving me the cues). I must have had the full angelic force behind me. AFTER the gatekeeper released the other 44 demons I discussed hell with him and the different aspects of hell; the fun place, the tower, the pits, and what Satan would do to him by not completing his mission. He talked about hell and agreed it exists today, has occupants that are being tortured, tormented and burned; is receiving new occupants everyday , and that hell will be annihilated in the lake of fire at the end of the millenium; Rev 20:14 supports this also.   He talked about all the promises Satan had offered him and how he delivered on none of them. He talked about how cunning and deceitful Satan is. He talked about how Satan would punish him for not killing this woman. Per the technique in the book Healing Miracles, I offered him to change horses and come join us in service to Yahweh instead of sending him to the pit.   He had had enough experience with Satan's lies, he knew what the end was going to be, and he took the offer. He was commanded to go speak with God and ask forgiveness for what he had done. He was a fallen angel. He stated many things that this woman would have had absolutely no knowledge of. Rushta, the gatekeeper, after accepting our offer to join God's angels had us pray for him, at length, both me in English and Irina in Russian. We did so and shortly afterwards he stated he had just met with God and had been accepted back. We were stunned when he asked us to do that. We were stunned that with such violence and brutal speech from him in other sessions that he would just be willing to hang it up.   Now Bob Larson's book Larsons book of Spiritual Warfare, claimed he had never had a demon want to cross over, but the other book we have been studying, Remarkable Healings by Shakuntala, MD claimed several instances of getting the demon to leave the person by offering him servitude on the good angels side. The priest whose exorcism forum I have accessed emailed me back  that indeed, "We have had the same experience as you. It seems to be that there are fallen angels that are not truly demons, but fallen angels, because they did not reject God entirely. Therefore they can go back to God.  And yes, every possessed person has a gatekeeper demon; a demon (most of time not a powerful one) who keeps the door open for the rest of the demons. This is why it is so dangerous for astral voyagers, reiki, mind travel, people who try to project themselves into the future, etc, as they open the person to demonic possession. But all this information has to be very confidential; most  Christians will never understand why certain fallen angels can turn back to God."

Rushta said God accepted his offer to denounce Satan and cross back over. He described God's angels. Said they had wings, all of them. He said I was under full protection and that God loved me a lot and he (Rushta) couldn't touch me, even with all the threats he had made to me over the past several months. In fact as an evil spirit he was extremely jealous of my position with Yahweh and the amount of love I had for others and that he wanted to kill me too but couldn't because of the enormous protection I had. He hated how we brought this woman back to God and that God forgave her and that I had ruined his kill.  He also stated that he would be with me always because God had assigned him to be one of my protectors. I thought that was interesting. 

I will never undergo another exorcism without a tape recorder. There was so much to learn from it. Rushta said my faith this time was different from the other times. He sensed unsuredness in the other attempts, which is why he never left. He said this time my faith had full confidence and the angels that were around us were just too powerful to overcome.  What an experience. Only time will tell if we were being deceived or not. I think this was the first night the woman really gave God her full heart also. She almost committed suicide just before we got there but a song she was playing seemed to talk to her as if God was talking to her. She played us the tune. How appropriate it was. It WAS a song about God talking to her.  It bought the time needed for us to get there and complete the mission. 

We started out with a confessional type prayer, humbling ourselves before God , letting Him know we were sinners, that we repented of our sins, that we were no one special but we were in fact His servants, claiming only to be the instrument He was going to work through that night. All the glory is His.

Then we went into a protection prayer for us, our family and the woman  and her family too. Then we went into revoking of any generational curses she may have had. Last time we did that the demon surfaced and became quite violent but didn't this time. I had her repeat back to me everything we had covered on the sheets we had prepared.  Then I looked her in the eye and asked to speak with the gatekeeper. It was still Barbara speaking then and asked what I meant by gatekeeper. I defined the gatekeeper as the specific evil spirit who lets demons into her and out of her. It was then that Rushta surfaced and claimed he was the gatekeeper. I didn't yell at him but was matter of fact and frank with everything spoken. Later on when he stated he had released the other 44 demons, I asked  him to give me a sign that he had released them; the woman made the sign of the cross on herself.  In the end I asked him when he was leaving. He said now, and then the woman's personality came back to the front. She had a different demeanor than when we started. She was happy. She felt they were gone. 

Two days later. The next night she was fine. I was still not convinced she did not also have altered multiple personalities inside her that were protecting her from the demonic possessions. The day after that she wasn't fine.
One more demon appeared we had to get rid of. Barbara was fine in morning, in good spirits, working in her house and everything looked cool. I checked on her first thing. Late in the afternoon, however, she came over and could hardly open her eyes and was only babbling; no real words were being formed. I thought that the demons we had removed the day before had returned, but that was not the case. The demon Jesus exorcised  that day was named Hiry (pronounced hory) , he came to replace Rushta, whom we helped turn into a good angel instead of one of Satan's angels the day before. Rushta was the gatekeeper fallen angel. He sent out the other 44 demons inside Barbaraa the day before after I convinced him to come over to our side.  Hiry was different. Different voice and his English was terrible compared to Rushta's. I asked Hiry where the other 44 demons that were exorcised two days ago went. He said only that they were gone, and he was the only one Satan sent as a replacement to kill Barbara and me. He said Satan was really really angry at both me and Rushta. Rushta was one of his key angels. I asked Hiry where Rushta was today and he said he was standing behind me protecting me just like he had been assigned to do by God yesterday.  And he said there were others. He said I had a lot of protection. I asked Hiry how many other angels were with Rushta behind me. He slowly looked almost 270 degrees around the circle, his expression was almost in awe,  and said there were many. He could not count them. I asked Hiry when he entered Barbaraa. He stated just a short time ago that afternoon. I asked how and why he entered her. He stated because her faith was not yet great enough. I asked what legal right he had to Barbara today. He stated he was assigned to kill her. I told him that was not a legal right and she was no longer fair game; she had come to God, she was one of God's children now and Satan no longer had any claim to her.  Hiry was very beligerant then and became combative, stating Barbara had little faith in God delivering her, and praising Satan and telling me how stupid Rushta was to cross over and become a good angel and work for the Lord.  I then asked Hiry to name me just one promise Satan had made to him that he had kept. He drew a blank. He finally said he was promised things in the future. I then went through all the promises Satan had made and broken to Rushta. I cited many cases of Satan's lies to others; especially those who taught Satanism to others. He promised them part of his kingdom but they ended up with being put in a coffin in the "PlayPlace" in hell and those mortal souls who ended up in hell because of their teachings got to walk around the coffin and push spears into them; ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT long. They changed shifts every few hours so a fresh crew was available to continue the torture. In hell a mortal soul still has all five senses. You will feel the pain. I talked about the cylindrical tower where Satan sends fire up the middle column several times an hour to fry the souls on the makeshift ledges. The tower goes 17 miles high. I went on with these descriptions for about 20 minutes. I used information from the books I have been reading at www.spiritlessons.com about people who have been taken to hell and brought back to tell about it. I then confronted Hiry with the fact he would fail to kill Barbara because she was now a protected child of God and if I sent him back to the pit Satan would become extremely upset with him and punish him even more for failing to do his job. Hiry got scared. He was at a loss for words. His voice changed. He knew everything I had said was correct. I then made him the same offer I did Rushta, cross over and work with the good guys. He feared God would not accept him as he stated many bad things he had done, especially killing people making them commit suicide; that's what these guys do.  I told him my God was a forgiving God, a God of love. I asked Hiry if he wanted Irina and I to pray for him to be able to make the transition. He not only asked us, he begged us to do so. I prayed , Irina prayed and then we asked Hiry to pray to God also.  It was an amazing prayer we listened to; Barbaraa could never have come up with all those ideas and phrases he used; he humbled himself, he repented, he asked forgiveness, he told God he wanted to be one of his soldiers. He told God he was deceived when he joined Satan. I then told Hiry to break from us and go seek God  and come back to tell us if he was accepted back or not. She closed her eyes and then slumped back into the chair. In a couple minutes he returned to announce God had forgiven him and accepted his return.  I then commanded him to block the gateway so no other demons could enter Barbara's body, I had forgotten to do that properly the day before, and to then leave Barbara. He did and Barbara surfaced again; unaware of anything that had just transpired for the past hour or so. How absolutely fascinating. Irina and I could hardly believe what we had just witnessed.

Note: I received a letter from the leader of a group that does deliverance who states that a bad angel coming back over to be a good angel is highly unlikely. I post his letter  here  so you can read his points of why that is.  He feels I am leading the sheep astray and asked for me to either remove that content from this page or give you the chance to read what he has to say, which is what I chose to do. Now in Bob Larson's book "Larsons book of Spiritual Warfare", he claimed he had never had a demon want to cross over, but the other book we had been studying, Remarkable Healings by Shakuntala, MD claimed several instances of getting the demon to leave the person by offering him servitude on the good angels side. The priest whose exorcism forum I have accessed emailed me back  that indeed, "We have had the same experience as you. It seems to be that there are fallen angels that are not truly demons, but fallen angels, because they did not reject God entirely. Therefore they can go back to God.  And yes, every possessed person has a gatekeeper demon; a demon (most of time not a powerful one) who keeps the door open for the rest of the demons. This is why it is so dangerous for astral voyagers, reiki, mind travel, people who try to project themselves into the future, etc, as they open the person to demonic possession. But all this information has to be very confidential; most  Christians will never understand why certain fallen angels can turn back to God."

Barbaraa came back over late the next night, but only to get her gallon of alkaline ionized water we make for her each day. She was still fine at that point in time.  But she brought her oldest son with her then. He kinda started this whole thing 3 months ago when during a church session when I was speaking about how the Bible speaks out against spiritualism, divination, seeking mediums, etc., he admitted to playing with a ouija board.  And he went into depth about what he asked it and what it spelled out to him. It was during that session that Barbara's demons gave their first display.

That son has been following this whole thing; in fact I saw him and Jana hiding behind the woodpile listening to the deliverance of Barbaraa from Hiry. I didn't want any interruptions so we took her out behind the woodpile, pardon the pun. That son is not mentally retarded, but he's not the sharpest tack in the pail either. . He did finish high school with c's and d's but he cannot seem to follow the simplest of work instructions. But he has a good attitude and is a pleasant person to be around.
He sat on the couch last night and said, Mr. Berry, I have something I need to talk about. He went back to his explanations of the experimentations with the ouija board a few months ago and told us about a spirit named Elena who has been contacting him frequently, now almost daily.  She now does not use the ouija board but speaks to him through visions. I got the impression that he didn't feel loved enough at home (the same reason Barbara let the first demons in at age 6) and this condition provided the invite via the ouija board to let the spirit in. He sees her in vision. I talked to him about the frog in the pot scenario; how it doesn't feel the temperature difference when the heat is applied because the water temperature is raised slowly, until it reaches a point the frog has no power to escape and then he dies. Elena may seem to be all love right now but her real purpose is to take his life later on. I have not attempted any deliverance on him yet. The difficulty I am going to have is his unwillingness to let her go. He is obviously enamored with this spirit as it is replacing love he is not receiving from his family. I spoke with  his father, about this also.
Yes, I seem to have jumped from the pot into the fire. I truly have to rely on faith at this point in time in my life. I harbor NO known sin and have to make sure it stays that way. God may forgive what you think you know that is technically incorrect, but He would have a hard time with a person doing something willfully he knew was incorrect. I am more dependant than ever on God's protection now, not just financially, but now I am part of the spiritual battle.  I am sure Satan is laying snares for me. I bumped into a beautiful prostitute on the street one day in Guadalajara, an absolutely stunning woman, offering herself for 200 pesos. I kept walking and didn't even turn my head back around. I considered it temptation at its maximum. Satan will try to cut you down at your weakest entry point. I can't say I hate Satan; I don't hate anybody, but I will remove as many road kill from him that he currently owns due to default as I can before I die. I have claimed two of his warriors now, not counting Barbara whom he had by default.  It's too late to turn back and ignore all this as if it doesn't exist like most churches who sweep spiritual warfare under the carpet.  Churches fire preachers for getting involved in exorcisms. This is not a fascination, it is a commitment. I have always believed in or held as possibility ideas others completely shun. Planet X and who aliens really are is a good example. I believe Yahweh will continue to educate me in the issues of deliverance, bring me to the right sources of information,  and I believe he will continue to use me to free others under Satan's influence if I can remain pure. I believe this is just the beginning; of both working for Yahweh in this endeavor, as well as resisting the temptations Satan will lay before me to thwart that end.

June 8th,2007
I  tried to do an exorcism on an alcoholic named Juan. I had never seen Juan sober on any of my visits to this family (we're talking 5 years worth of visits) when I brought them food. He's 40 years old. He was starting to see elf sized demons all around him. His mom,  asked me to do an exorcism on him to see if he had any demons or not. I tried but couldn't come up with any. Then he told me he reads the Bible everyday and prays every day. I then figured they were knocking on his door but hadn't been able to get in yet. He still belonged to God in spite of his addiction. I then tried the healing thing. I had him read about 15 scriptures where Jesus gives the power of healing to his disciples. Luke 9:1-2, Mathew 10:1, Mathew 10:7-8, Mark 3:5, Mark 6:13, Luke 9:2, Luke 9:5, Luke 10:9, Acts 4:30, 1 Corinthians 12:9, 1Corinthians12:28, and others. Again, the key is not to ask Jesus to do the healing but to invoke the power and authority He has given us as born again Christians and His disciples to do the healing. I commanded in Jesus' name that the addiction be removed and his liver be healed and that he be made healthy again. Whether it worked or not is not as pronounced as with dealing with the demons.  That's pretty cut and dried when they move out. Time will tell. Most all the passages dealing with deliverance also tell us we, as born again Christians, as disciples of Jesus, can heal people. Again what most of us lack is faith that WE can do it, but Jesus gave US HIS authority. We simply have to invoke that authority. He didn't say to ask Him to do it. He told US to invoke the authority in HIS name and do it ourselves as His disciples. It's our job to lay hands on the sick, Mark 16"18, it's His job, abiding in us, to make it happen.I tried to heal him from his addiction to alcohol and get his liver functioning again.  The exorcism attempt scared the heck out of him. Between the doctor telling him he was a dead guy because of his liver problems, and me trying to find the demons responsible for alcoholism, he had a big wake up call. I took him to Guadalajara to buy the prescriptions the doc gave him to help remove the craving for alcohol. I also lectured him on keeping up with his daily Bible reading and daily prayers and that HE had to take part in his own healing by asking God to let him be free of his addiction and I gave him a lot of study guides and materials in Spanish to invoke interest. That was over three weeks ago and he hasn't had a drink since, according to his mom or him, and he has been sober each time we have come now, which really amazes me as he used to get up at 6am each day just to start drinking, and even now has a job. He was puking a lot as his body was trying to adjust. I took him a sack of lemons and told him to squeeze two into a glass of water and drink it at least five to six times a day. Lemons are a liver cleanse and should jump start his liver to get it back in sync. And even though lemons are acidic, the body treats it as if it were an alkaline material going in. Never a dull day here.
In the ensuing three years he has gone back to drinking a couple times, but come back to sobriety also. Presently he is living sober.

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