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May 18 trip. This was a great trip. They had leveled out a nice area for the kitchen and eating area. (The leveling part is not as easy as it sounds - in just a 12' width there is a 5'+ difference in height). We got the flywheel on the water spring (storage tank installed), an outdoor kitchen set up for the women, and brought in lots of cement and lime for the community center foundation. And we got an agreed upon gameplan for what's next (a temporary covered area to get out of the rain with while the main shelter undergoes construction using the materials that will go in the last section of the community center). We are about ready to start pouring the corner pillars. There is as much as an 8' difference in height between the bottommost pillar and the upper end. The highlight of the trip for me was when a neighboring woman and her two kids paddled in in a canoe for church service Saturday morning.  And she said she didn't just come to visit but to come learn about God. 

Question?  Just how much stuff can you get into and onto a 3/4T pickup?
Answer - LOTS. Besides the 750 liter storage tank and dish hutch (trinchador in Spanish) we even got the kitchen sink, countertop,  and stand I made for it on this load. The inside of the storage tank was loaded too. 

This pickup includes everything AND the kitchen sink

This is the second load for the day. What you don't see is about 1600 pounds of cement and lime under the hutch. It was a slow trip to keep from splashing water onto the hutch and cement sacks but this boat is just remarkable for what it will hold and transport. That hutch is about 7' tall to give you an idea of how long the boat is. That's Dagoberto on the left, Librado in the back right and Alberto waving. Alberto is a quiet one. 

LOading second trip with hutch, kitchen sink and about 1600 pounds of cement and lime

Underway with a heavy load. Underway with a heavy load; going slow.

The new outdoor kitchen with the trinchador on the left to put the dishes 
bowls, cups and plates in and the counter and sink on the right for food preparation and cleanup. I had second thoughts about this, encroaching 
on their tradition of kitchen stuff in boxes and doing the dishes on the 
ground. But as soon as I got the water connected to the sink faucet the 
women stood up and were all over that set up with a "where has this been 
all my life" look. It was definitely worth the effort. 
Outdoor hutch and counter and sink

The sink drains into a bucket of sand and the bucket has holes drilled in the sides of the bottom all the way around so the water can filter out but the food scraps can then be skimmed off the top of the sand and sent to the compost pile.

Sand bucket for sink drain so food scraps can be taken to compost pile.

Food preparation and cleanup is a sharing activity. The rest of the 
women are back at SDA Campamento with the kids.  They will come up 
with the kids when school lets out in June. 

No more washing dishes on the ground

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