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The following is a very interesting report by  cultures outside of the Planet X media flow that are also having visions from  elders regarding a major upheavel of earth next spring.

Report on the 11:11 Star Knowledge Gathering, Colorado Springs,
CO, Nov. 08-10, 2002  By  Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

When I heard of Golden Eagle (Standing Elk's newest lifestage
name) convening a Star Knowledge Conference at Colorado Springs
Colorado, it was clear to me what some of the purpose was to be.
Colorado Springs is home to five military installations, all of
which have a role in plans to conduct space war against Star
Visitor incoming vessels. These installations are: Cheyenne
Mountain Air Force Station, Fort Carson Army Base, Peterson Air
Force Base, Shriever Air Force Base, and the Air Force's secret
Military Astronaut Academy.

Cheyenne Mountain AFS is home to NORAD, the North American
Aerospace Command. Deep inside a hardened, H-bomb-proof mini-city
within Cheyenne Mountain, the Air Force (aided secretly by NASA
and National Security Agency staff) tracks incoming and outgoing
traffic in near-space around Earth. Publicly, their mission
describes watching for and keeping track of Russian or any other
incoming ICBM missiles. Covertly, their mission extends to
monitoring IADs (Identified Alien Craft) and other "bogeys" which
enter, leave, or orbit Earth's atmosphere.

Fort Carson is, in addition to its announced role as home of the
10th Army Mountain Division, also the headquarters of the National
Reconnaissance Organization (NRO2). This organization is not to be
confused with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO1), whose job
it is to track satellites orbiting the Earth (for potentially
targeting purposes.) Rather, NRO2 is the agency which fields
"Pounce" Teams to rapidly deploy to any downed UFO, capture the
vehicle and its crew, remove everything to a secure military site,
and sanitize the landing spot and silence any witnesses. NRO2 also
is involved in intervening with and intimidating witnesses to
close UFO encounters.

Peterson Air Force Base is an additional operations center for the
North American Aerospace Command, the U.S. military branch which
defends Earth's airspace from incoming threats. It is rapidly
growing, with major new construction.

Schriever (formerly Falcon) Air Force Base is headquarters for the
U.S. [Warfare] Space Command, and the 50th Space Wing. What's
that? You thought U.S. Air Force operated only planes that can
operate in the atmosphere? The Space Command operates spacecraft,
"to conduct combat operations through, from, in and to space."
Further, Schriever coordinates the secret Military Space Station,
long orbiting, as well as the hunter-killer Star Wars satellites
with killer laser, particle-beam, electromagnetic pulse, and
tactical nuke weaponry. Over the headquarters doorway is their
motto: "Masters of Space". Just as the conventional Air Force has
the doctrine of not just "air superiority" but "air supremacy",
(as exemplified in Gulf War I), so also the arrogant goal of the
Space Command is "space supremacy". (As if.) A Congressional aide
who was allowed inside told me that Schriever AFB has inscribed
inside another motto, "To win the next war, which will be fought
in space." Schriever AFB is also undergoing tremendous
construction growth. The U.S. Space Command is preparing for space
war. With the Soviet threat evaporated, who is going to attack us
from space? That's right; they're preparing to achieve "space
supremacy" over incoming Star Visitor craft, which reactionary
generals fear are "evil alien invaders".

Besides the familiar regular Air Force Academy at the northern
edge of Colorado Springs, there is an additional secret Military
Astronaut Academy, sequestered within the mountain immediately
adjacent to the regular Academy. A former staffer told me that an
elevator in the regular Academy's Library, if you had the proper
security-clearance swipe-card, would go down many stories to the
underground entranceway to the secret Military Astronaut Academy.
Its military astronaut graduates have been deployed to Vandenberg
and Beale Air Force Bases, where under cover of darkness they
depart in antigravity warcraft for space operations.

It is no wonder then that Golden Eagle, Keeper of the Dakota Star
Altar and Lakota traditional knowledge of Star Visitors contacts,
was directed by Spirit to gather the next Star Knowledge
Conference at Colorado Springs. Golden Eagle told me that he was
doing major ceremony there to buffer the deadly karma and hostile
energy directed towards the Star Nations. In addition to several
prayer ceremonies during the conference, Golden Eagle and other
Native American spirituality practitioners adjourned after the
Conference to a location to the west of Cheyenne Mountain for a
week of prayer, fasting, sweat lodges, and pipe ceremony. Further,
Golden Eagle promised that he would return to Colorado Springs
next Memorial Day Weekend (May 24-25, 2003) "to seal and complete
the prayer and energy" generated during the first Gathering, for
the purposes of blunting the murderous plans against the Star
Visitors.( He also plans to convene a Star Knowledge Gathering in
Chicago, possibly later this year (2002)). The energy from the
Dakota Sioux prayer ceremonies led by Golden Eagle was very
strong. I have felt blessings (which I'll keep private) since
returning from this Gathering.

Because I spent a goodly portion of the weekend conferring with
speakers and other key figures outside the lecture hall, and
because I spent a good portion of Friday afternoon and Saturday
afternoon doing reconnaissance of the five Space War military
installations around Colorado Springs, I cannot present a complete
or comprehensive report on what every Speaker said. Here are some
partial summaries.

Rod BearCloud Berry spoke Saturday evening about his work with
children. He utilizes a kind of Native American-base hanblaceya
(vision quest ) ceremony to ritually prepare coming-of-age youths
for individual spiritual growth and knowledge, and for clarity
about their life work and adult path.

Wise elder Grandmother Jean Holmes spoke about the upcoming Earth
Changes as predicted in Native prophecy. She feels that major
upheaval is in store next year (2003). She privately told me about
hostile forces operating over the Gathering, shrouded by the dark
clouds overhead.

Grandmother Chandra, a 19-year-old intuitive challenged by
muscular dystrophy, answered many questions from the audience.
About upcoming times of tribulation, her advice was, "Pray, pray,
pray. It is possible to avert the full fury of impending events."

I spoke about the Star Kids and Star Seeds, their characteristics
and how to recognize if one is a Star Kid/Seed, the workshops I've
done with them, and hopes for the future of the Star Kid Project.

I also shared the four predictions about next May, 2003's
upheavals, as told by Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Native teacher Nestor
NightOwl, John Kimmey, and psychic Marian MacNeil's Star Visitor
guide, Neuman. (See "Excerpt" below.)

Golden Eagle's brother, Sherwyn Zephier spoke of the importance of
maintaining a spiritual point-of-reference in dealing with the
tumultuous times ahead.

Golden Eagle echoed this theme. He concluded the Garthering by
leading all the participants in a traditional Snake Dance, to shed
the "skin" of old ways of thinking and being, and put on the new
"skin" (of Fifth World consciousness and spiritual outlook).

After the official closing, the Native grandmothers directed that
Golden Eagle do a special Pipe Ceremony. He did so, with many
gathered around in a circle. There was extensive prayer in Dakota
(Sioux). Since I only know a few words of Dakota, I could not
follow much of what he was praying about. But I'd imagine that the
trigger-happy generals at the U.S. Space [War] Command may have
received some inspiration from the heavens to reconsider more
carefully their strategic planning.

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


Excerpt concerning four predictions of May, 2003 upheaval

"While in the Islands, I contacted my Native American
shaman friend, Nestor Night Owl. He was anxious to talk because he
had gotten a very strong vision about next May being a time of
great upheaval. I compared notes with him, sharing what Dr. Leo
Sprinkle's Guides had told him about next May and the upheaval,
physical or socio-political, that would occur then.
Nestor then went on to report a conversation he had with John
Kimmey, the only Euro-American to have been extensively taught
inner secrets and prophecies by the Hopi traditional Elders.
Nestor shared that John, too had gotten the sense that next Spring
will be a time of great upheaval. (And I know that Marian
MacNeil's Star Visitor guide, Neuman, also stated that next May
would be a very dark and challenging time for the people of
Earth.) Thus, multiple indicators point to that period as a time
to hold ourselves in appropriate readiness. As a spiritual
teacher, Nestor made the point that the most important thing is to
keep in the light, hold one's integrity, operate with spiritual
vision, and trust in and follow Spirit's guidance."
- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


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