Our shelter page 2

  Pouring west wall, this wall is 12" thick for 6' to the door and 6" thick with rebar tied into existing concrete 6" wall. Didn't trust existing wall alone; especially being the high exposure wall. We also had to pour another 2'  wide of foundation 3' deep to support this wall.

  Five foot level of west wall; south wall completed and stucco'd with beach sand, lime and cement.

  Last pour on west wall.

  Stuccoing west wall in preps to paint. Yes, you can still see the level lines through the stucco but for where we live , it's good enough and matches everybody elses house finish work so it fits.

  Welding up angle iron door frame; hope we made the hole in the wall the right size.

  Last of the paintwork on west wall.

  Finished addition sides; roof to work on next.

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