About the Zetas - a little insight

Nancy and the Zetas recently blew their cover by posting pics on their site with NASA identification trailers still attached.  This means the zetatalk site is likely a NASA/CIA disinformation site designed to mix a lot of good information with bogus coordinates on where to look for X. Doesn't mean you shouldn't read the information on the site as it paints a pretty good picture of what is to transpire; but go to my letters page at www.detailshere.com/letters.htm  for the most accurate information on when and where this planet is coming in from. 

The opinions expressed at www.zetatalk.com  are solely those of the Zeta Reticulans, and are not necessarily the opinions of their emissary, Nancy, or any other party. ZetaTalk is a  report of the Zeta opinions, and anyone taking exception to these opinions should take it up with the Zetas. They can be reached by giving The Call and are under the jurisdiction of the Council of Worlds.  Nancy  can be reached by e-mail at ZetaTalk@ZetaTalk.com.


Also see my comments about zetatalk at the link "Info from ZetaTalk" on my page at www.detailshere.com/niburu.htm  and you may find my page at www.detailshere.com/alienstuff.htm   interesting as well.


To give you some better insight into who the Zetas really are; the following was received from my friend ,who is very knowledgeable regarding the  Niburu event, when I asked him to tell me more about the Zetas. I asked after I realized from studying the Zeta site that all the information provided could not have come from sources here on earth. His opinion is that the information the Zetas provide us on www.zetatalk.com is accurate; but he says this because the information is backed up by many other sources. 

"The zetas are MOST DEFINITELY NOT NANCY. They feed her info.  Nancy is wholly incapable of coming up with the material she does. She has nowhere near the social skills to begin to complement the level of material she is generating. 95% of the zeta material in regards to Planet X can be found elsewhere. It's the 5% that comes only through her from the zetas that is most intriguing.

The zetas took the ability to experience emotion and sex out of their DNA long ago. They now view that as a mistake. They did it because they were so war like and wanted it all to stop. They say they benefit them knowing us as much as we benefit from them. They have almost a 300 IQ and communicate telepathically. They are warning the few that will listen about Planet X coming even they know very few will heed the warning. The government knows they are absolutely correct in this regard and have been heeding the warning for quite sometime after they checked PX out the best they could with probes, observatories, hubble, satellites etc..

In the aftertimes there will be select communities that will have both aliens/zetas/hybrids and humans in them. These will have a level of technology that the wealthiest don't even have today. Zetas have produced a hybrid human/zeta that only worked when they got human kids to give them love. This was the missing ingredient that finally led away from so many failures until the successes started. These hybrids will live for hundreds of years, have the IQ of zetas, experience emotions like humans, are able to eat (zetas don't they soak in a solution and absorb nutrients through their skin ) have sex, never gain weight, are hairless, and telepathic. This would definitely be a being to consider reincarnating into if you lose your body, the next leap in evolution.

Zetas say they live in 4th dimension and have to lower their vibration to communicate with us. They also say we will be going to the 4th dimension in a few years. It will be very much like 3rd dimension except somewhat lighter, easier, and there's a greater connection between living beings in this dimension. In the transition one does not need die to get to 4D, the whole earth is supposedly slated to go to 4D at the same time as the surface beings, animals etc.."

From Ber - My wife, as well as others, feel the Zeta's are offspring descendents or hybrids produced from  the fallen angels and live inside our hollow earth and don't come from outer space at all. Many feel the Zeta's, or "greys" are very real as there are many sitings, but are more of a threat to mankind here than a help.  Wonder when we will know the real truth of the issue?

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