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This was originally written so my classmates of '62 would know what has occurred in my life. 
But now serves other purposes as well so others can know my history.

Graduation from Central Kitsap High School , Silverdale, WA 1962 
(Olympic College in 1964 and Central Washington State University in 1967)

Oct 21,1998 when I married my current wife from Russia. 
I had to go a long ways for this one but it was worth it, still on the honeymoon.


Spring 2005 with Irina and the Cubster where we lived in Mexico about a 
half hour outside Guadalajara.

April 2006 at our favorite beach - see 

May 2007 at the Guadalajara zoo.

Summer 2007 with our 78 CJ-5 jeep near a mountain top off the Duckabush in the Olympics.

2007 Ber and Irina

Spring 2008

2011 Up on the Hamma Hamma


Feb 2014

Nov 2018

My Story
It certainly doesn't seem like 57 years has passed but I guess it certainly has.   
I hope most of you have led a more controlled life than I have.   My life has been a whirlwind of changes. After graduation in 1962 I attended Olympic College for two years majoring in Education and in 1964 transferred to Central Washington State College; as it was called back then.  Little did I know what carefree days those were and how I should have treasured them more.  I majored in both Math and Physics.  I had three jobs most of the time going to Central Washington State College, two to support my 1957 Chevy and one to support school and everything else.  I say that in jest, but I swear it was the honest truth. My parents didn't have the money to send me to school , but back then things were cheap.  I could work all summer on a wheat farm in Eastern Washington and pay for all of that year's tuition and books.   So at college all I really had to come up with was living expenses.  I graduated mid year in 1966 and was hired by the Seattle school district to substitute teach there for the rest of the year at full pay and then come back the following year.  By the time it came time to go, there was an actual opening.  Little did I know what I was walking into.   After a perfectly controlled student teaching situation in Yakima, I walked into a set of classes in March that had gone through seven teachers that year.   I felt like Custer at the Little Big Horn.   I remember taking the biggest kid I could find, who also had the biggest mouth on him,  in the 8th grade class and slamming him up against the wall and telling him how the bear shits in the woods.   You could never get away with that today.   I never did get that wild bunch of Indians under total control in those three months but when they came back the following fall everything was cool.  Kids really grow on you.

I worked at Keyport Naval Torpedo Station the next summer and was offered a fulltime position as a Mathematician which paid more than teaching; so I  took it.  But as fall approached I was getting restless and tired of mapping out torpedoes running through the water  so I put my name into a teacher's hiring agency just for kicks.   School had already started so I figured there wasn't much prospect of getting on as a teacher somewhere.    Then on a Friday afternoon this Superintendent  called from Hartline, WA, a podunk town in Eastern WA with a population of 200 at best and said he needed a teacher and heard from the principal down the road I was available. I asked him ; "What do I teach?"   He said," All the math and science from grades 7 through 12 - seven  different preparations a day; plus drive school bus night and morning."  I asked him; " What about a house".  He said," I got you one; only $50/month."  "What's pay, I asked?"  "Excellent, he says - $6500/year."   I laughed and said;" When do you need me ?" Obviously the love of teaching still had priority over money at that point in time.   Money still doesn't have a priority in my life today; God provides, we're happy , and have enough to share with others. He said, "Yesterday."   I said, " I'm on my way".     While my Keyport supervisor watched in astonishment;  I cleaned out my desk and put all my stuff in a box and told him "Hasta luego".  I then went home, loaded my '68 Chevelle that I had purchased while teaching in Seattle and headed for Eastern WA.

The teaching job there was great.  Class size was 7 to 9; virtually no discipline problems - full parental support; in fact one of the kids made me a great paddle I used on Jana , my daughter from Russia, once in a while when she was in her difficult 15-17 year old range.  It took a major offense to get the paddle hack but she earned it once while. Today she's 28 and just had a baby. I see the "kid" who made the paddle for me in Davenport all the time where we now live, he is now a bus driver for Davenport School system. I currently drive for Reardan, just down the road and meet with him occasionally when we both have to bus kids to away games. When you have low class size like that , it is amazing what can be taught; many went off to college and got straight A's.   A small school like that has a very tight rapport. And, you work your butt off. I drove school bus, coached girls basketball (we went to state championships two years in a row), coached the girls rock band, played in the boys rock band, played townteam basketball - it was a full schedule.   I also met my first wife, Pauline,  there,  and got married in Nov 1969.   My father also passed away in 1968 so we decided to move back to the farm in Silverdale where I was raised at the end of the year as it was really rundown then and mom bought a place in Bremerton.  I didn't figure  I would have a hard time getting a teaching job back home as my credentials were really good.  But it didn't happen. Levys were failing, money was tight, and there were just no openings in the math and physics area.

I started selling campground memberships at Ocean Shores; what a struggle, but we had to eat.   Then I got a job with Prudential Life Insurance which taught me quickly that what was in the best interest of the consumer was not in the best interest of my pocketbook. Morals prevented me from pursuing selling any more insurance.  Then some dude in the shipyard named John Aberle found out I was a teacher and brought me into a program that was really quite rewarding financially and stimulating academically at least until politics got in the way ten years later.  I was a nuclear radiological control health physicist and even though my job was teaching and specifying radiological controls for the workers doing the overhaul and refueling of the submarines; I got to go to all the engineering classes on how the nuclear power plant works as well as learn how the workers did the job physically to be able to specify proper protection for them.   In ten years I learned many trades worth of work and much about fluid flow systems, valves, electronic control systems; it was tremendous education.  But at the ten year point I was stagnating.  I had quit growing. Someone could ask me a question and I would robotically spit out the answer before they had completed the question.  My next step was a GS-13 sit behind the desk and control people position and I didn't want to do that. Plus politics had infiltrated the ship rebuilding business to the degree that one could no longer do what was right; he had to do what was politically astute.  Morally I just couldn't go along with that program any longer.

About 1974 Pauline, my first wife  and I had our first boy, Billy, and in 1976 our second son Benjamin.   They each exhibited quite different personalities. Billy took after my easy going mom, and Ben took after his mother.  That's a long story that I won't go into.   Billy is now a hydraulics mechanic living in Davenport, WA and heads up the Davenport school system's transportation system with his wife Gill, son Bodie, and daughter Brooke.  Benjamin completed his mission  for the Mormons in Colorado; and now lives in Colorado with his wife Jennifer and works at a John Deere tractor parts place as the head mechanic there (no, I'm not Mormon, he did that all on his own-we have considerable theological differences).  Both have turned out well. Ben also learned to fly but never got a job flying yet.

 Pauline and I had a very happy first five years - did a lot of backpacking, camping, and played a lot before we got serious on working on the farm, but once the kids came and we took out a mortgage to work on the place, life changed ; I no longer existed in her life and in 1979 we decided to part company.  She remarried several years later; had two more kids and divorced 14 years later into that marriage. Her second husband even felt more estranged than I did. Pauline was a good woman; I loved her very much, and she was a great mother.   But as a wife she had different priorities, a husband not being one of them.  She didn't married a third time.  She had a love for motorcycles and was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident around 2014. That was a difficult funeral to go to as after all those years of child support and custody issues we were finally becoming friends again. Me, I finally got it right third time around in 1998. 

Anyway - continuing on. So one day, while eating lunch at the shipyard, browsing through a Popular Science magazine I came across an article that dealt with chimney sweeping of all things.  It fascinated me and I explored the possibilities and discovered no one was doing it and there was need.  So I ordered an August West sweep outfit and started sweeping chimneys part time.  Then one day this guy shows up at my doorstep with a Timberline stove in the back of his pickup who made stoves in a shop in Seattle and asks me if I wanted to sell woodstoves. Why not?  So I was the county's first Timberline woodstove dealer.   Well, the woodstove boom was just starting and pretty soon I was working 18 hours a day between the two jobs and had to make a decision.  So I quit the shipyard to everyone's astonishment to clean chimneys and sell/install woodstoves of all things as Homestead Heating Inc.   The first three years were great.   In 1979 I sold 324 Timberline stoves alone working virtually alone.  Probably had something to do with my divorce, huh?   But the stove business was like a roller coaster; market saturation, new products to keep up with, new emissions regulations to deal with, certifications, licensing; the governmental bureaucracy just had to keep their little fingers at the juggler. In 1979 there were 5000 woodstove manufacturers nationwide; by 1998 this had been reduced to 32.  In the 24 years I ran Homestead Heating I saw at least 30 shops come and go and I had learned how to do everything from furnace installations, solar panel installations, all types of masonry work (which really comes in handy) , boilers, radiant floor heating systems; in fact virtually anything that had to do with heating.  I was considered the west coast guru on boilers although I'm sure there were other good boiler people out there too.  My background and ten years in the shipyard nuclear business made the heating business easy for me, technologically speaking. 

Along the way I met my second wife, Louanne around 1983.  I had lived with several gals up to that point in time but they never could fill Pauline's shoes and it just took a long time to get over her.   I actually sold out with Louanne; did a "settle for" you might say.  I lived with her four years before I married her and knew I shouldn't have married her then but figured it was the right thing to do.   Any of you been there and done that; or am I the only dummy?  We did not have a bad relationship, we enjoyed each other's company, did a lot of things together, but I have a hard time telling you what's it's like to live with a split personality.  Much of the time she was fun to be with and then she could turn witch hazel in an instant and be the nastiest person you would ever want to deal with.  She had a son named Shane who was a pretty good kid but we were never close like a father and son should be.   Anyway to make a long story short; the Jeckyl - Hyde personality caught up with her; she had an affair with her best girlfriend's boyfriend and we parted company in 1993.   She remarried an older guy and now lives near Yelm I think.   I still communicate with her occasionally via email but keep my distance for sure.

Along about 1997 I decided to take Homestead Heating to the internet; learned how to build my own website and everything, but in the process got sidetracked on all the little bizopps and scams out there  to make money with. In 1997 I discovered that I had earned $113k on the net, and lost $90k at the same time on things that didn't work.   It was then I decided to work the net seriously and created   which covers a lot of ground.  Besides making money which exceeded Homestead Heating income; I found my third wife, Irina,  on the net; in Russia of all places. I also cover health issues and Bible evangelism on the net. And I do deliverance and exorcisms believe it or not. 
Spiritual warfare is for real.  See for that story.

After my second divorce I decided it was time to quit playing "settle for"  and shop for a Mrs. Right.  After my second divorce in 1993 I was back to "whoever came into my life and was convenient" and I could see that just wasn't getting me anywhere.  At least my heart was free and by 1998 I was ready again to find a mate  for life.  In searching the net I  was fascinated by all the women from Russia that wanted to come to the US.   There were thousands.   I then ran into two guys who had retrieved Russian wives and were doing quite well with them.   It seemed there was a different mindset involved and me being the Aries adventurer that I am decided to give it a go.   I came across Irina's picture about January 1998. There are lots of beautiful Russian women on the net but she had the "I'm a nice person " look about her.  After coming back to her pic for three weeks in a row I decided to buy her address and write her a letter; which I did - a nine pager both sides, legal paper and a bunch of pics.  I figured that was the end of that.  Then on my birthday in March, all these funny symbols showed up on my computer and it was her.  Her dad had a computer.   We emailed back and forth for almost three months and then I decided to fly there and meet her.  It was at this point in time I realized that Yahweh (God) is really for real and so are his angel helpers. The story of divine intervention and what transpired from that point can be found at , along with some pics of everyone.   I flew back in October and married her in Russia which was the quickest way to get her back here on an immigration visa, and she was able to fly here with the two kids, Aleks 13 and Jana 8, on Nov 22nd, 1998. 

It certainly changed my commitment  to the Father Almighty, Yahweh and his son Yahshua.  In fact a good chunk of my website is now devoted to saving others at  and bible evidence at   which covers the discovery of Noah's Ark, the Ark of the Covenant which has also been found, the Red Sea Crossing, the Shroud of Turin, many sets of bible lessons and much more. I also wrote a book which I have posted at but am in process of toning it down.

 Irina turned out to be a super wife - this is now our 21st year together. A nicer person I could never ask for. It is love as love should be. I got two more kids with this marriage, Aleks, 34 now, who got straight A's in school , graduated in computer engineering  through University of Phoenix and doesn't have clue about what real life is all about - but is learning fast; and Janina, a very personable 28 year old now whose jaws never stop . Both are married. Aleks has a 3 year old son named Saul with his wife Bety and they live in Phoenix. Jana married Adrian and they have custody of his two kids Hailey 7, and Atticus 8, and just had a baby of their own, Coralina, and they live in El Paso.

My listserve (over 3500 people now) and contacts on the internet gave me grave concern for our safety in the United States.  Bush was trying to turn America into another third reich; then Obama had his turn..    At first I considered everything I was being fed preposterous. That can't really happen here; 800 concentration camps set up for the deposition of much of the American population, thousands of railroad cars set up with shackles in them to transport people to these places, 3000 black helicopters to pick up people on the red list and blue list.  But it is all documented along with Bush pulling off the WTC caper as a first step in putting this country under martial law to be able to let FEMA pull this all off.  I wish I could say this was a big hoax but it's not.    See my sections at   and  for lots of info on this subject.   Hopefully Nesara will be announced soon and  country goes back to constitutional law under Trump.. See  for that story. Nesaara could be a big hoax too, but I don't think so at this point in time. Also soak in info at  for more unbelieveable stuff. 

Anyway, I decided to get my family out of the country before this all came down.  So we moved to Mexico in 2001.   For good, or so we thought.  The weather is not too hot and not too cold; 70-85 all the time. We were at 5100' so high enough to weather the floods when Nibiru passes by (see for that story) The rainy season occurs from June to Sept  and we got as much rain as back in WA but it came in gully whumpers in late afternoon or late at night and was pretty all during the day. The people were very friendly; no racism like Mexicans are treated back in WA.  Food was cheap, living was cheap.  We gave up a few things, but  made new friends, had the opportunity to teach about Yahweh and get the people out of the dark on the Mary issue; had the chance to help people with our mechanical abilities as well as financially occasionally.  We did a lot of missionary work there although we were not officially missionaries. Visit  for  examples of where we spend some of our time and resources. 

Then as Mexico was being shot up and kidnappings were running rampant due to the drug cartels duking it out for territory we decided to move back to the states; so in 2012 we moved back to the farm in Silverdale I was raised on and in 2016 we moved to Davenport, WA, about 35 miles this side of Spokane to be on higher ground (Davenport is at 2500' elevation) and be closer to my son Bill and his family. The problem with Silverdale is that when one of two events happen; the Cascadia fault creates a richter 9 earthquake with resulting tsunami which will put our farm under water; or Mt Raineer blows, which will landlock the Kitsap Penninsula, things will not be good in Silverdale. Both of these events are long overdue.

Things would be really good if it weren't for the potential of Niburu coming soon. See that story at  Currently we are still making preparations  for this event.  If you don't know about this yet you need to; especially if you live in western WA which will be underwater after the pole shift.  Essentially there is a planet which has 32 different names that comes through our solar system once every 3600 years (last pass was during the exodus from Egypt) and since it is the size of Jupiter and even more dense it exerts a magnetic effect on earth which stops earth's rotation and creates what is called a pole shift.   The north pole will go to Brazil, the south pole to India this passage and along with that comes 200 mph winds, richter 9+ earthquakes, great volcanism, and a meteor firestorm from all the debris Planet X has dragged with it from it's travels through the asteroid belt. As unbelieveable as it sounds, this appears like it is really going to happen ; and it will take out 70-90% of earth's population with this event.   I have this well covered at   for those interested in living. This could well be the opening of the sixth seal of revelation. 

Well, they don't call me crazy Berry for nothing.  If you happen to come across this page I would love to hear from you. You can contact me through email; The internet has made a small world out of a large one. Although retired from the heating business, Social Security and a bus driving job with Reardan keeps us in food and gas until we sell the farm in Silverdale or one of our internet investments finally come through. 

Yahweh has truly blessed us with plenty of work to do and a very moderate  "just right" place in Davenport, WA, to keep us busy. Our place is on the west edge of town and came with 6 lots so we have a lot of garden, orchard, and shop space to work with. Also visit our page at to get to know Him better and read my  book which I am continually revising so as to tone it down a bit, I am a firm believer in accountability, but have posted at  My wife Irina has her own site at which includes a 9 video youtube series on Revelation, another video series on the Nephilim, and her current work on where we are at in the end times regarding 5G, chemtrails, GMOs, vaccinations, transhumanism, and satan messing with our DNA. 

Take care,   
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